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Bowles' second interview [Updated w/ audio]

Dolphins assistant head coach-secondary Todd Bowles is in Detroit this afternoon for his second interview with the team as it searches for a new head coach.

Although other names such as Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and Minnesota defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier also are getting second interviews, it is fair to believe Bowles is among the group of leading contenders for the job because he is in for a second look. Bowles last week interviewed in Detroit and then Denver.

This article in the Detroit News gives an excellent account of what's happening with the Lions' coaching search.

Although Bowles is not allowed by the Dolphins to speak to the local media, the Detroit Lions put him in a press conference setting today. The audio for the entire press conference is below, courtesy John Niyo of the Detroit News. Technology is grand, ain't it?

In this interview Bowles talks about how Bill Parcells long ago told him he would be a head coach in the NFL. He explains how he'd fix the Detroit QB problem and compares it to the Miami QB situation when he arrived in Miami. He also talks about the importance of getting guys out of the training room and onto the field.

Finally, Bowles said he is scheduled to interview with the St. Louis Rams for their head coaching job later this week, although he says, "This is the only job I want," meaning Detroit. Bowles has also interviewed with Denver.

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