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Bowles' second interview [Updated w/ audio]

Dolphins assistant head coach-secondary Todd Bowles is in Detroit this afternoon for his second interview with the team as it searches for a new head coach.

Although other names such as Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and Minnesota defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier also are getting second interviews, it is fair to believe Bowles is among the group of leading contenders for the job because he is in for a second look. Bowles last week interviewed in Detroit and then Denver.

This article in the Detroit News gives an excellent account of what's happening with the Lions' coaching search.

Although Bowles is not allowed by the Dolphins to speak to the local media, the Detroit Lions put him in a press conference setting today. The audio for the entire press conference is below, courtesy John Niyo of the Detroit News. Technology is grand, ain't it?

In this interview Bowles talks about how Bill Parcells long ago told him he would be a head coach in the NFL. He explains how he'd fix the Detroit QB problem and compares it to the Miami QB situation when he arrived in Miami. He also talks about the importance of getting guys out of the training room and onto the field.

Finally, Bowles said he is scheduled to interview with the St. Louis Rams for their head coaching job later this week, although he says, "This is the only job I want," meaning Detroit. Bowles has also interviewed with Denver.

Blog note: Check the first of my series on Dolphins draft and personnel posts that can be found earlier on this blog in case you missed it. It includes a video! Wow! Video!


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Any word or rumors on Henning's status? I believe I read it here previously that he was considering retirement after this season, and and hinted David Lee might be a front runner to replace him if so. Thanks and keep up the good work

Outstanding job, Mando. You are the only reporter not asleep at the switch on the Dolphins Assistant Head Coach interview everywhere in the NFL.

You are so kicking our butts. Stop it. Please?

hey willi if get off of your many yachts from your own island and out of your 3 mansions you will see the bowles story's are also on sun sentinal .com.espn.com,nfl.com etc.

Hey go phin yourself: I don't have my own island, although I'm working on that you schlub. As for this story being on other websites, can you tell time? Time is money you turd and Mando put this story up a good 90 minutes before the sentinal put their story up. As for NFL.com and espn.com, I really don't have time to troll every website like you. Maybe if you got to work instead of doing that, you might make something of yourself. Dolt.

i know you have all those fortune 500 company's

also you said you were your own boss thats how you were able to be on this blog all day.so you should have time to go on the other sites ,boss

Cool. I hope all goes well for Bowles...even though I'd rather the coaching staff stay intact for at least two seasons.

Odd, how this guy is getting so many interviews.............must be very black, a mean good coach......

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Remember detroit got 4 draft picks from dallas for Roy Williams.
My expectation if Bowles is hired:
- Draft Crabtree 1st overall
- Trade 20th pick to dolphs for Henne
- Spend next 8 draft picks on linemen and defenders
- Sign one of the B'more premiere defensive free agents
- release/trade anyone that's made the pro bowl other than Megatron
- release/trade anyone that visited the training room last season

Good choice Bowles no where to go but up.

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This just in; Pee Wee Herman was seen hanging out with Ross at Dolphins stadium with a Dolphin pin on his jacket. When asked where they were going for lunch he said "WE may be going to TGI Fridays". That leads me to believe that Ross no longer believes that Bill Parcells is the man for the job and he will be hiring Pee Wee as the new VP. Makes sense doesn't it.

hey john i know u are but what am i

Man what if Armondo reported real news or articles like this


mr742: I admit I was naive enough to go the story you posted on your comment. It's some lame speculation about who the dolphins might sign in free agency without any sort of news, insight or attribution.

You want more of what you call news in an article? I have some for you right here:

Nobody knows what the Dolphins are going to do in free agency because only a handful of people know and I doubt they are telling anyone. Armando doesn't know. Harvey firestien doesn't know. Omar Kelly doesn't know. Edgar Thompson doesn't know. and Barry Jackoff doesn't know.

If they knew they would say they know. Barry Jackoff speculated and tries to pass it off as news. And that is more insulting to me than not writing anything, which is what the other guys are doing.

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