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Cameron Wake signs Miami Dolphins contract

[This entry has been updated as Wake has now officially signed and the Dolphins announced the signing of another player today also.]

The Dolphins thought they had turned over a stone and found a shiny diamond when they brought CFL defensive end Cameron Wake to Miami for a workout last week. Then, after an impressive workout, they sat down to negotiate with the kid and realized other teams were also trying to tap the potential mother lode.

So the Dolphins not only had to outbid eight other interested teams for Wake, they had to give the kid a nice chunk of guaranteed money to land him. But land him they apparently have.

Wake, the CFL's leading sacker the past two seasons, has agreed  and signed a four-year contract with the Dolphins, the team is now confirming. Wake's deal is worth approximately $3.6 million with over $900,000 in guarantees. The contract has incentives clauses that could add about $1 million to the deal.

The Dolphins also just announced the signing of safety Ethan Kilmer, who spent the past three years with the Cincinnati Bengals. Kilmer, 25, is going to have to overcome injury problems to make an impact in Miami as he's been on the injured reserve each of the past two seasons.

In case you haven't heard Wake's tale, this is some background you should read.

The Dolphins have been searching for a pass-rusher so that it's not all about Joey Porter next year. The team also realizes Porter, who led the team with 17.5 sacks last year, will be 32 in March. At 6-3 and 241 pounds, Wake is not a defensive end in the 3-4 set. He is more suited to the strong or weak side linebacker spots in Miami's base defense.

The team can use him as a down end, however, in its four-man rush on obvious passing downs. By the way, the video below shows Wake in the BC Lions locker room, basically jumping to the ceiling and getting himself some lunch money for his trouble.


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Wow, I don't think I've ever been first before. So, FIRST!

This is good news. I get the feeling Matt Roth's days as a strongside linebacker are over.And I get the feeling, as you said Mando, Charley Anderson is outta here.

Darnnet or was that Dragnet, I wanted to be first, and I'm not.

Mando, can you make another new blog, and maybe I can be first.........

and once again my goat stinker is on fire!

Darn it! Or was that Dragnet?? I wanted to be first, and I am not!! Mando, can you please type another new blog, so that I can be first?

I want julius peppers!
Good find by parcells and co. But peppers wants out of carolina and he wants to play in a 3-4. I say go after him hard!


Wake actually weights 260 lbs.

Donovan comin back home at last. Dat boy almost done it, I so proudof him. Now what all this talk bout Cameron Wake? Yea Cam Cameron done left last year and left a 1-15 Wake like Mama's speedboat down Biscayne Bay. Or is you talkin 'bout the Wake we had after Cameron's funeral last year? Come to think of it Troy Polamalu done danced at Cameron's Wake tonight. He called a piss poor offensive game in Mam's opinion.

I know dis be crazy, but Mama kinda touchy about anyone called Cameron comin round here again.

Aww shux, I just kiddin ... bring dat boy in here and get some Campbell's® Chunky™ Steak & Potato Soup in his cold Canadian bones. Welcome to the big leagues boy and go knock the crap outta Tom Brady, Flacco, Cutler, Big Ben, Rivers and Manning next year. The AFC is by far the best QB conference in decades and rather than tryin to compete with Penne and Henne we need to be ourselves and be the next wave and new thing which is a fierce defense that knocks qbs on dey @sses.

Why not move Matt Roth to ILB? It makes perfect sense.

Being from vancouver where Cam Wake Played (B.C.Lions)I believe the Fins made a great move in getting Him.His motor never stops.He DOMINATED games up here.I know the CFL is not the NFL but he is for real!!

this assure's miami won't go after j,peppers and throwing crazy money at 1 player ,when we have many needs.langford,starks,holliday and merling,who you would be taking playing time and stunting his growth,are enough at de in the 3-4.the more pass rush has got to come from the other olb spot.this could be a steal ,james harrison? good thing shanader is not mia vp or gm'

this is a lot of ,money to spend ,

Hmmm...does this change our draft outlook? Maybe OLB is now a less likely position to be addressed. Corner/MLB/NT anyone? Maybe James Laurinaitis falls to us and our linebacking corps begins to take shape.

cameron wake has said he has put on 15 more pounds at around 260 along with being 6-3 and running 4.55,long arms and 45" inch vertical.plus non stop motor .he could be a steal,its like a 3rd 2nd round pick

a lot of money? 4yrs 4.9 mil which only around 1mil his signing bonus ,guaranteed. that's low risk high reward.


How many games do they play in a CFL season?

18 games

Hate to do this but I found an excellent video on Wake on this other website. This guy has a Vernon Gholston physique but he is a star for real! Nice job Fins.


$1 million dollars guaranteed for a CFL player who hasn't played a down in the NFL? Now I know where my Sunday Ticket dollars are going.

That guy is a steal. The CFL is a very fast game. The ball leaves the qbs hands very quick. That is a ton of sacks.
Great job getting this guy. And he is serious. That is another home run by the trifecta.

great signing by the triplets now go out and sign suggs or scott from the baltimore ravens via free agency.

Being from Toronto and following the CFL game for a long time I can tell you all that Wake is the real deal.Our game is fast and needs really quick lineman. He doesn't fit the mold of an nfl lineman do to his lack of size but as a linebacker he will be dynamite. Great pick-up and cheap when compared to a 2nd round pick in which I feel he could of been.

Now bring me Bart Scott and your finest meats and scheeses!!!!!

Great signing. After watching the YouTube videos, I knew this guy was better than an untested draft pick. I have no idea why a college stud can turn into an NFL dud, but a CFL player is less likely to be a bust because they've played against elite second-tier pros. When a guy dominates that group like he did (with that sick number of sacks) he's ready for the big time.

Contrary to the opinions of some on this blog, the Canadian Football League is NOT a "faster" league than the NFL. There is simply the illusion that it is faster because the players are smaller and the field is bigger. (The only exception may be at QB where Black QBs proliferate in the CFL. I don't want to sound politically incorrect on Martin Luther King Day - one of my heroes - but it's not a stretch to say that Black QBs on average are faster than White QBs). The CFL is much more a silly version of the NFL, where chaos is the general rule. You seldom watch a CFL game and are able to discern a definite plan of attack, or at least a plan of attack that actually comes to fruition. It's wide open to an almost ridiculous point - like a pick-up football game. And I'm saying this as one who grew up as a passionate CFL fan.

But getting back to Audrey Hepburn's performance in "The Nun's Story" - I found it maddening when she explained the Catch-22 of striving to do good work, and then upon accomplishing that good work being guilty of the sin of pride. It's very difficult being a nun.

Matt Roth is not going anywhere. This Wake guy hasn't even made the team yet. Calm down people.

Good move by signing this guy. At the very least he will provide competition.

I've heard Peppers named a few times in this blog. Interesting side note to some, I'm from Toronto and was out on Saturday night and guess who I see, Julius Peppers himself. Toronto is a long way from Carolina especially in the dead of winter. Don't know what he was doing here, possibly being courted by nearby Buffalo? I hope not.

And can we finally put a rest to the Boldin pleads? Did you see that @ss complain when Arizona was putting in a 4th quarter drive to punch their ticket to the Super Bowl? No room for a me first player on this team. I'd rather ride it out with Bess, Camarillo, and Ginn - three young receivers who have yet to see their best days and are hungry and put the team first.

Go phins,

Good thing ure not an anyalist cause u wouldve heard that julius peppers wants to play olb in a 3-4 system. If they can put matt roth at olb, I think pep can play there also. He's bigger,stronger,and faster than roth. Do we really know that wake kid will be a real factor next season??? Better have him on your team then to give him an opportunity to go to the patsies or wets!

"Go phins", Wake ran 40-yd dash: 4.65
Bench reps: 20
Vertical: 45.5"
Broad jump: 10' 10"
Shuttle: 4.13
Cone: 7.12

He ran high 4.4's at his Pro day. Get your facts right people and stop regurgitating them. This is like my wife's forwarded email.

It makes perfect sense to me. We need ALL the pass rush help we can get. Maybe that wake kid will be an upgrade over charlie anderson, but he's not julius peppers. 48 hours ago a majority of the people in this blog didn't know the name Cameron Wake. Now that our football team signed him guys wanna call him the next james harrison!! I've been saying for weeks we should back up the brinks truck for albert haynesworth, but If we can make a run at peppers then I say go for it! We need a PLAYMAKER on defense! Let's ask joey porter who he would want on the opposite side of him: Cameron Wake, Matt Roth, or Julius freaking Peppers.

Not to pee in the pool or anything, but I'm not sure this is anything to be too excited about at this point. Wake wasn't a big-time prospect coming out of Penn St. (undrafted) and couldn't make an NFL roster. He got a position switch to DE in the CFL and was really effective. We'll see what happens. Everyone should keep in mind a couple of things though. First, you get a lot of pass rush opportunities in the CFL, because it's essentially a throw-every-down league. So his sack numbers might be a bit inflated. Second, the best linemen he played against in the CFL - the very best linemen - might be bottom-of-the-roster NFL players. So it isn't as though he has proven he's a QB-killer against solid NFL backups, much less against top-drawer tackles. I agree that Wake will be an interesting guy to watch in training camp and the preseason. At best, he's likely to be a situational pass rusher in 2009. It's a good signing - low risk, with only $1 million guaranteed. Even if the guy is just a solid special teams player for a few seasons, it's not a bad deal. And if he becomes a guy that can deliver 6-8 sacks per season playing in obvious pass rush situations, it's a great deal. Wake doesn't ever have to start a game for the Dolphins for him to become a very good, high-value roster addition. But let's find out if he can play against NFL talent this time around before we get too excited. I don't think his signing should change a single priority in the draft or free agency. Adding more pass rush talent should remain near the top of the offseason to-do list.

Who tha hell is Cameron Wake?!?!? Give me Julius Peppers and I won't vanish in playoff games.

I agree, Roth will be valuable at some position. This is just a start to a defensive overhaul. Get younger, get bigger, get faster.
Maybe Roth can play inside.

LBing core: Porter and Wake on the outside, Roth will move to the middle (nice run stopper) and get Bart Scott or Suggs in the middle. That is a nice lineup to have.

Peppers would cost a lot of money, and plus we can use that money to fill up some other spots, like: getting Bmore's center and TJ Housh.

We can draft some Def and o lineman, and a quality CB in the draft

wake replaces charlie anderson folks, not roth, merling, lankford or starks.

this is an additive move, not a subtraction

let's see merling & lankford 2nd year and back with a healthy starks, who i thought was a big addition, add wake and we can now work on the secondary & NT spots.

mclovin, i agree, roth probably moves inside which will help fergie take those double teams he is getting


where does this leave crowder?

I'll take Mr. Bungle's approach, which is that of cautious optimism. I am excited to see how he will pan out and I am hoping he can provide some answers on our roster, however, he's got to play 'his' game in the NFL and also make the switch to LB. This can be a bit of a project, although he did play LB in College, which will help speed his development. I'm more concerned right now about ILB and OL.

U guys are really asking a lot from matt roth. Already making a great transition from under-sized DE to TE destroying OLB. Now you wanna make him think more on the field at ILB. He has less responibilites at strong-side OLB. All he has to do is defeat the bolck fom the TE and set the egde on running plays. Bring in peppers to replace roth and now there's good depth every where,OLB and DE! How about a front of Porter Peppers with their hands down at end and have langford and holliday inside on pass situations. And still have everybodys defensive player of the year Cameron Wake come off the ass of peppers or porter!

New Kid,

Just something to keep in mind. I share your cynisism, but remember that James Harrison was cut at least twice by the Steelers before becoming the Defensive POY.

>The CFL is much more a silly version...

Natty Dod, anyone that mentions a Nun, Hepburn, and his 'hero' MLK in one post, is the silly one.

Thank goodness we signed this guy. Now hopefully I can relax and my ED will go away.

So let me get this straight: we out-bid six other teams by offering $3.5mil for 4 years?

This isn't the kiss of death to Matt Roth but I would definately be feeling some heat if I was Charlie Anderson. I invision Wade as a pass rush specalist who comes to bring the heat on 3rd down and long yard situations. Unless we find out in training camp/preseason that Wade can come up and support the run. I definately think that Matt will be experimented with at ILB because of Sparano's belief in "roster flexability".

This is not a big time financial investment...900,000 in guarantees over the life of the 4-year deal is nothing.
Why not take a shot...half the league was interested.

Not only has Wake not made the team but even if he does, I think Roth could be a pretty good ILB.

On another note, did anyone watching the Cards game see the Cards OC and Boldin get into it on the sideline? Maybe Boldin will become an FA or possible trade bate. Armando, what do you think? He would be a decent add to the Fins receiving corp, which I still think will turn into a good unit with or without him.

hey shanader you got to be kidding me.j peppers is 6-6 285.there's no way he's playing olb in the 3-4 he's to big and slow for the olb position in the 3-4.read his comments he said he wants to play de in the 3-4.get your facts straight before you make ant comments.again he wants to much money.like i said thank god your not the vp and gm.you don't even now what position he's going to play

Good signing, but I am more impressed with Adrian Wilson's 69' inch hurdle jump; if all we are looking at is youtube videos.

Go phins,

The guy runs a 4.5 in that 285 lbs. If he ends up playing for the wets or patsies none of us here would like to see him twice. He's an asset in ANY defense and would be an upgrade at ANY position here. And if Tuna signs him you would love the move.

I know this is a little off topic but...

After Boldin and the Cards OC got into it pretty good during the game yesterday, what do you think Boldin's status will be next year?

you have merling ,langford,holliday and starks at de and you have porter ,roth,wake and possibly anderson and a 1st day draft pick at olb and now you want to throw maybe another 25 mil in signing bonus to either position who already are making a ton of money.get a clue.how about using that money on peppers and getting 2 of the foolowing:ilb-bart scott,fs-o.j.atogwe,c-jason brown cb-dunta robinson.

Omar is better...

don't worry about the jets there 10 mil over the cap.and might be looking for a qb to spend thier money on.the pats are going to have to franchise cassell because brady might not play

GREAT JOB ANDY, KEEP TURNING THOSE ROCKS. THIS GUY HAD 39 SACKS IN 2 SEASONS.Got to give him respect.He's gotta be good for at least 12 to 14 in the nfl when teams have to allow for joey too. This guy could be a real game changer. Whats great is they are not breaking the bank while improving the team. Because from what i see this guy is going to be an improvment.You can tell Andy and his staff is not taking any break.They have continued even after day one of the season end to improve this team. Never saw this much activity this soon after season end. I know this franchise is in the right hands an I am one excited DOLPHIN FAN AGAIN.CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT SEASON.

i watched cameron wake and you can say he hasnt made the team all you want he dominated the cfl like joey porter dominated the nfl cameron wake will not only be an nfl player he will start come time and be a star... the guy doesnt watch tv or anything... he works out period.. he almost lost his chance to play football he doesnt wanna mess it up cam wake is fer real

Miami doesn't need to make a mistake in getting Peppers! He is old! I always compared him to JT, however now that age is a factor, it isnt worth the cap space. Wake is a good move, low cap space, great chance to develope him into a stud. If we waste money on any position it needs to be on a LB like Suggs, or a WR like Boldin.

exactly ,chris hadden ,the key not breaking the bank.we have a poster who want's to throw 25-30 mil in signing bonus on 1 guy j.peppers at positions w e have already.we have to many holes at ol,db.ilb,ntand wr.

Looks good. I hope he plays. I think that move for Roth to ILB would work. That means letting Crowder go in the offseason. Armando, how about an update on Donald Thomas. I'd like to know how his rehab is going...plz. ?

Marcus you are a turd. A squishy one at that.

Check this out..

Wake OWNS the second NFL combine highest jump of all time. He's a D-Lineman for God's sake.

In 2005 he had a vertical jump of 45 1/2 inches!

Why did my post of a Julius Peppers in a Toronto night club on Saturday get deleted? Oh well, most of you Peppers' lovers would probably want to know that he was here during the weekend. Maybe he was just here on a social visit but since Buffalo is using Toronto's appeal as a second home for them, there may be something linking him to the Bills. Who knows????

Please, no more Bolding pleads. You see that baby crying that he wasn't the star as Arizona was closing in on the winning score? You think this regime would stand for that and give up two high picks to get him???? Better off staying with team players like Bess, Camarillo, and Ginn who all will do nothing but improve.

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