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Cameron Wake signs Miami Dolphins contract

[This entry has been updated as Wake has now officially signed and the Dolphins announced the signing of another player today also.]

The Dolphins thought they had turned over a stone and found a shiny diamond when they brought CFL defensive end Cameron Wake to Miami for a workout last week. Then, after an impressive workout, they sat down to negotiate with the kid and realized other teams were also trying to tap the potential mother lode.

So the Dolphins not only had to outbid eight other interested teams for Wake, they had to give the kid a nice chunk of guaranteed money to land him. But land him they apparently have.

Wake, the CFL's leading sacker the past two seasons, has agreed  and signed a four-year contract with the Dolphins, the team is now confirming. Wake's deal is worth approximately $3.6 million with over $900,000 in guarantees. The contract has incentives clauses that could add about $1 million to the deal.

The Dolphins also just announced the signing of safety Ethan Kilmer, who spent the past three years with the Cincinnati Bengals. Kilmer, 25, is going to have to overcome injury problems to make an impact in Miami as he's been on the injured reserve each of the past two seasons.

In case you haven't heard Wake's tale, this is some background you should read.

The Dolphins have been searching for a pass-rusher so that it's not all about Joey Porter next year. The team also realizes Porter, who led the team with 17.5 sacks last year, will be 32 in March. At 6-3 and 241 pounds, Wake is not a defensive end in the 3-4 set. He is more suited to the strong or weak side linebacker spots in Miami's base defense.

The team can use him as a down end, however, in its four-man rush on obvious passing downs. By the way, the video below shows Wake in the BC Lions locker room, basically jumping to the ceiling and getting himself some lunch money for his trouble.


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Peppers is 29, when is that considered old??? He is an elite player and would make our D so much better. Porter wouldn't have to worry about chip blocks and double teams cause they would go to Peppers. Is that a crime to have TWO great pass rushers?

The two headlines say he's signed; the article body says he "is expected to". Which one?

OK, oops, read the top. Maybe the bottom should be updated.

HUGE SIGNING! This guy stopped watching TV, using a computer, and partying altogether to focus on having the best possible body for a defender.

The Dolphins had to out bid more than a few teams and still got a bargain. You can bet that this gentleman makes an impact next season.

He will earn every dollar and get his contract re-negotiated before it's over - superstar in the making.

I think he is capable of leading this team in sacks, and on the low end he would be one of our special team studs - can't miss prospect!


Nice work Armando! I'm excited to see what Wake can do and it would be a great story if he does well in the NFL. I hope this takes some pressure of Porter and Wake can tear it up. I can't wait for the next offseason move.

Matt Roth isn't very good.




I also think the fins should go after Peppers. There is no reason to belittle the person that brought this up earlier. Our defensive line was AWFUL in passing situations late in the season, and yes I realize we run a 3-4 defense and expect the OLB's to get after the quarterback. BUT, Julius Peppers is a premier player, we have plenty of cap room and this would obviously fill a huge need. Merling and Langford will improve and will be here long term, I understand that, but Vonnie Holliday's main contribution comes in the locker room not on the field and Randy Starks was a HUUUUUUUGE disappointment. If you think signing this guy from the CFL, as promising as it may be, is the answer to our passing rushing problems then thank god you, go phins, are not our vp or gm.

Doesn't Wake have to make the team???

Can this guy play the run?

Will he just be a pass rush specialist?

900K guaranteed money is a low risk proposition to give him an NFL shot. If the stories are correct that other NFL teams were bidding for his services, then you have to think that other GM's saw something in this guy as well. Not that i don't trust Parcells judgment of talent, but...

thank god getpeppers aka shanander your not the vp and gm.you just said merling and langford are going to improve and will be here for the long term.so why sign a almost 30 year old to 25 -30 mil bonus to go along with a 32 year porter 's 20 mil bonus its not smart football management.that' how we got in trouble in the first place and by the looks of the many bloggers they agree.i like peppers ,but get a clue please.

Finally somebody that understands me! He is the best pass rusher out there as a free agent. All those who are complain how joey porter vanished late in those big games; you think an offense can doulble team porter and peppers?!?!? A move like that would improve our defense immeadiatly.

one guy has agreed so far,and he wants him at de ,lol.remember he had 2 and half sacks last year before his free agent walk year this year.he dogged before getting ready for a big contract.then what happens when he gets the money?

Go phins,

You sure do take dolphins talk seriously! I was not the one that posted as getpeppers, its someone that also thinks we need to upgrade our D with serious talent like peppers. You think he wouldve helped against the ravens when we couldn't get to flacco?

monalizzzzzzzzzzzzza aka cuban once again i'm impressed lol.except for your 2 chad's being gone next year,but you always say that so i ignore it lol by goooooooooooooo phins

you know who else would've helped? bart scott stoping the run,jason brown-c blocking ngata,o,j atogwe-fs making a big play ala ed reed.I would rather have 2 of them for the money for peppers.

Julius Peppers is a top 5 de in the prime of his career. only two de's in the league last year had more sacks- jared allen and john abraham. he also forced 5 fumbles. he is a play maker in the PRIME of his career. 29 is not old. unless he is asking for more than 5 years it makes absolutely no sense to not at least consider signing him. we have plenty of cap room. landing a big money free agent will not hinder our ability to sign other players. and by the way, atogwe is 27 and bart scott is 28 years old. wow that 1 year really makes someone too old to play. but i should know better than to question the scouting ability of some 40 year old living in his parents basement typing 100 messages a day on this blog. nice life go phins.

hey getpeppers your taking to personal you big baby,you sure know a lot about mommy's basement,while your talking to me the same time on the same blog.it's called a sports debate.all i said was i'd rather sign 2 very good players at position of need .than one for big money for a player we don't need now. grow up.

also,if you can't take the heat from your mommy's kitchen in the basement get out.

Is that right, a 4.13 shuttle? And he's 260? That has to be wrong. This guy is like Tarzan mixed with Jesus.

I agree with getpeppers (not the basement dwelling) nothing over 5 years and the deal would be perfect. He's an absolute BEAST and would take our D to another level. Bart scott is a good linebacker. Julius Peppers is an amazing DE. The guy feels like he can take his game to another level in a 3-4 defense. I'd like to see him do that in a dolphins uniform.

shanader,at least you can have a healthy sports debate with you.instead of being a big baby about it.you just said about a hour ago you wanted peppers at olb lol.we have langford.merling.starks.holliday and even lionel dotson.why throw more money at de ,taking playing time away from the young guys.

crowder will be gone soon .
posted by monaliza

what happened to getpeppers? i guess mommy called him to come upstairs from the basement and wash up for dinner.

Dont forget to vote for Sparano for Motorola coach of the year at NFL.com or on the Dolphins website

Living in Canada, I have watched Cam Wake terrorize quarterbacks throughout the past two CFL seasons - he has consistently proven himself to be an unstoppable force with a nose for the ball. This is great signing for the Fins. Fans in Miami have no idea what they're getting - yet.

I'm so proud of the trifecta... Great pick and a cheap one.. not a bad investment ($1m guarantee)... cheap, cheap deal.. hopefully he will get us at least 10-12 sacks and he would be a steal... Great news!!!

Holiday is done at DE so when you think about it all we have is Langford, Roderique Wright and Merling. Starks plays inside on the DL in the 3-4 flanked by Langford and Holiday on passing downs so we're really not set at having a pass rushing DE. I like the Wake signing for putting more pressure on the QB but I also hope he turns in a lot of tackels because we really need some run stuffing LB's.

This guy is an animal with big time athletic ability he is gonna suprise alot of people this season. Does anyone think any of our other linebackers can jump like that or run 4.4 in the 40 ? People shouldnt discount the CFL no its not the NFL but Rickey didnt dominate that league either. this dude did. Great pick up for our team that needs freakish athletes that can be diffrence makers on Sundays... Love this pick...

Got to love some of the comments on this board about the CFL, yes the CFL is faster and being in NFL shape,will get you cut up here. Sorry boys but I would love to see some of the overweight nfl linemen play on the canadian field,it would be a joke. Wake will easily become a starter in the NFL.

nice topic.....keep it up and god bliss

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