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Circumstances surrounding the Dolphins' sale

Early last week Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga and owner-in-waiting Stephen Ross talked about closing the sale of the team.

During that conversation Ross told Huizenga he needed to postpone going forward on the sale for about one week because he had some affairs to attend to out of town and he simply would not be around. Ross also told Huizenga he needed to get his minority investors lined up and ready to go and that would take some fine-tuning, which also required time. Ross, in case you weren't aware, intends to bring a handful of minority investors on board, not the least of which is Huizenga, who will keep a five percent stake in the Dolphins.

Bottom line: Ross told Huizenga to give him a week or so, and then they could get the sale ironed out soon thereafter.

Well, the timing of that signals something should happen with the sale of the Dolphins this week. The timing is right for this week because it meets Huizenga's need to divest of the team before the new presidential administration takes office and tries to push through new tax laws that could hurt Huizenga.

The timing also would be right for Ross for several reasons: Ross is eager to set into motion some team business initiatives he's been working on. He needs to get on board with decision-making powers to move those initiatives forward. Ross also doesn't want people, particularly Huizenga, starting to doubt his word. And Ross needs to give Bill Parcells (assuming Parcells remains with the team) and Jeff Ireland a budget for the opening of free agency in about six weeks.

The point Miami fans should be focused on most is the football budget because 2009 is scheduled to be the NFL's last capped season while 2010 is currently scheduled to be uncapped. Any moves in free agency and the money spent therein must take that fact into account and so the football side needs to have a budget for that.

So this is what you should expect if all is right with the Dolphins and their two-headed ownership: Huizenga and Ross will close the sale either this week or early next week and Ross will get the keys to his $1.1 BILLION team and stadium.

But there is a rub. If the deal doesn't get done within this time period, it may be wise to assume something is amiss. There are rumors circulating some NFL circles that Ross is struggling to get the money to complete the sale.

Credit is tight these days and that, plus the fact Ross is counting on unknown minority investors to come through on their promises is giving some skeptics pause. It doesn't help perception that Ross is prominent among a group of commercial real-estate investors, all rich beyond imagination, who are asking the government for a financial bailout. When a rich person is asking for what amounts to government welfare, it raises questions about that person's liquidity.

The chances that Ross doesn't complete the purchase of the Dolphins seem slim. Forbes Magazine says he's worth $4.5 BILLION and was the 78th richest dude in America in 2008. But stuff happens so this is not a slam dunk. The financial crisis has changed things in America overnight. These are uncertain times.

And so watch for the Dolphins sale this week or early next to close the door on the uncertainty as it pertains to Ross. Or, in the absence of a timely deal, watch for that uncertainty to snowball and threaten an avalanche.


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78th richest "dude" in America...?

Brett Farve just threw another !

Did you like that Adam? I vacillated on using that word. Also considered, "brotha," and "homeboy."

Armondo, you have no idea about the tax consequences of any change this year in the tax code verses last year. Now it’s a guess. Before December 31st it was an known quantity. No one knows if capital gains taxes will be increased in 2009. This is the reason Wayne wanted to sell before January 1st. Ross apparently could not raise the money and therefore the deal will probably be restructured to make sure Wayne ends up with the same amount, after taxes, as he would have if Ross was able to close the deal when he and Wayne intended. Stick to sports.

please dear Lord let the sale fall thru & Parcell stay & hit a home run in the draft & free agency. Ross will use the team $$ to fund/cover his real estate losses & will not give Ireland/Parcells the funds they need in free agency.

Let's just hope Ross isn't a Bud Adams that forces the coaches to make draft choices based on hype ala Vince Young.

Ross' reported net worth is $4.5 billion. With that much money it's sad he'd even want/need minority partners. It's important to mention that he's Jorge Perez's best friend of over 30 years. FYI.

In addition, I don't know why Wayne's so hasty in terms of capital gains taxes. Revised tax laws for individuals apply to the entire calendar year. Whether Obama takes office today, tomorrow or 10 months from now, the revised tax brackets will apply to the entire calendar year 2009. The tax laws for CY 2009 will be finalized in the Fall most likely and will apply to all transactions from 1/1/09 through 12/31/09. So what's the rush? Unless, there's some other reason....

Did Ross get involved with the personel decisions in his previous team ownerships? Is he the kind of owner to say for instance, "Chad Henne is the starter".

by sardines

Please cut the following players:


W. Allen
J. Allen
N. Jones

Thank you!

Sticking to my guns fellas...let the noodle armed guy go :)

...the Marlins' lease of Dolphin Stadium, perhaps?

I hate Ross, he dismantled the Marlins and whatever the hockey teams name is.

Oh it wasn't him ? Just getting ready for the stupid comments to go along with the stupid
gossipy column.

I don't like this one bit. If the Dolphins are being sold to a guy that doesn't have the funds available to buy the house, what makes anyone think that he will spend to get the best available furniture to make sure the house reaches it's potential?

I know Wayne made that comment about selling before a possible increase in capital gains taxes but does anyone watch the news? Doesn't look like any taxes will be increased anytime soon. There are no tax increases in any of the economic packages being talked about. Doesn't mean some form of tax increase won't happen during this administration but continuing to mention that nugget about selling before the new administration takes office is disingenuine; regardless of what Wayne said.

Good stuff here, Mando. We suck.

Armando, "brotha," and "homeboy."? When did Ross become a black dude?

As for the tax situation, it all depends on wether or not it's retroactive. No new tax plan is in place right now and there is usually a transition period where it changes incrementally, not overnight.

Waive Langford, Long, Henne, Brown, Cobbs, Merling. Sign Pacman, Burress, both Vick brothers, Ocho Cinco.

I hope Ross doesn't make the sale. The more I hear about this guy, the less I like him. Wayne is a good owner who will supply the money and let Parcells & Co. do what they need to do. Ross is starting to look pretty shady.

I hope Ross doesn't have the money to do this. If he is piching pennies already then when the salary cap goes away we're screwed as he won't have the money to get good players.

Owners don't spend thier own money to produce a product in any industry, they spend thier customer's money in advance by borrowing it.
That's like saying George Steinbrenner buys world series titles.
The owners don't buy anything - they sell.
The fans buy.

Armando, where does that sale value rank among other teams' sales?

I've got about $4 in change in my truck. Would that help you out Mr. Ross??

I take that to mean that it will be record.

And I try to discourage my wife from buying professional football teams.

i got 5 on it.

Can't we just get Jerry Jones to buy the team? I want a guy who loves the team, not a guy who loves money and from these signs, he's the latter. Oh well, as long as he sticks to the finances and leaves ALL the football to Parcells and Co., then I'm a happy man.

Just a question? doe's MR H. have to sell, if he keeps the team ,won't he make more in a future sale,with a playoff this year and who knows what lays ahead in the future on a resume????

Jerry Jones is doing a great job with the Cowboys isn't he? He ruined what Jimmy Johnson built and now he's ruining what Parcells built. He's not a GM but he thinks he is.

It ain't done until the cheque is paid. Considering the current real estate market and this guy being a "real estate mogul" , do we believe that he is still worth 4.5 billion. Maybe 40 million. The Phins are a buy for someone who has extra cash. Like a toy for Jerry Jones. And if I am buying a 250 million dollar toy (or whatever they are worth) I don't need a week to think about it or find more investors. Alarm bells should be sounded. This deal is starting to smell phishy.

Mr Bungle.... I couldn't agree with you more. Jerry Jones is in line to be the next Al Davis.


If, for whatever reason, the sale falls through, will Wayne hold onto the team for the forseeable future? Do you have any sense he is uncomfortable with Ross' lack of communication with Parcells? If nothing else, Huizenga has always been conscientious of business relationships.

Why doesn't Parcells use the "escape clause" in the contract, take his 8 million then interview with Ross for the same job he had? I wonder if there is anything that says he can't be re-hired if he leaves....

Jerry Jones did help deliver his team three championships in the '90's to make them the best team of that decade. I consider him one of the best owners in the league and although he doesn't always make the best decisions, his number one priority is to make the Dallas Cowboys a competitive team each year. And he's always active in his pursuit, for better or for worse. There's no denying he loves his team, maybe more than he does his own kids. That's more than 3/4 of the league owners can and it's certainly more than Wayne H. can say, and more than Ross can say considering he's looking for smaller investors to take the load off his 5.4 billion dollar self. The Dolphins (or any sports franchise) deserve to have an owner who loves the team, not the income the team can produce.

Pat, Jimmy Johnson built those teams with a great Herschel Walker trade and drafts. Parcells built the bulk of the team they have now. Jones is willing to pay for a winner but he's not a great GM mind.

isint the escape clause the name of the santa claus movie 3 or something lol staring bill parcells.

How can the 78th richest dude actually ask the government for money? When will average people have the government look out for their interests? One day we will wake up...

I just do not want this guy as the owner of the Fins.

ross = debt-empire = house of cards.
don't forget the german guy who was way richer than ross and had his debt-empire come unraveled so that the german guy jumped in front of a train (i would have taken a ski holiday). ross had debt up to his eyeballs before the problems started. i put the chances of a deal being finalized at 50% at most.


Don't listen to anything we idiots say about who to keep and who to let go. You've got Parcells. You're either smart enough to keep him and let him do his job, or you're not.

I'm optimistic. Super Bowl in 2011.

Breaking news!
According to sources, it is believed that Mark Cuban is interested in buying the Miami Dolphins football team if the current deal does not go thru.
After failing to buy the Chicago Cubs last year, he said he's moved on and looking forward to own a NFL team.

Does anybody know if Ross tied up any of his money in the Ponzi scheme run by Bernard Madoff? Lots of wealthy people are suddenly having money problems as a result. And is Ross a "paper" billionaire with no liquid assets?

Government offices don't throw money into rich people only for being charming. Stephen Ross is a rich guy that gives work for lots of employees, family heads most of them. So he's asking government help in order to keep his current payroll untouched, allowing those families to keep up their current life style, solidifying the rest of the economy.
But Ross must show his commitment for that cause and that should be stopping him to make collateral movements, like NFL team's acquisitions.
After all papers are filled for the government assistance, and he has proved his current finances are solid enough to continue with the required help, he can work in other projects like our beloved Dolphins' sale.
Unlike other options, Stephen Ross has lots of properties to support this sale, and even some of those are frozen as warranties in exchange for the government support, he's working with the rest of his tools, so he asked for just some days to finish the transaction. That sounds pretty normal in business world to me.

ross is a charlatan & a parvenu

Northern Light, we all know from common sense and historical record what liberal democrats do with taxes, they raise them. So, Mando does know what is going to happen, just as Wayne does, which is why with no heirs wanting ownership in the team, Wayne should sell it now.

For as much heat as Wayne got at least he was filthy rich and seemed like he would spend $ and not interfere....Although we have stayed below the cap most years. We know what we have with Wayne. I think it's the fear of the unknown here. Ross seems like a douche to me. I'd love to be closing on a new house and getting welware at the same time...only in America

Welcome to The Socialist Republic of America. To bad we can't get everyone together and boycott paying income tax this year, and see what those traitors in Congress and the White House would do. They all would be tapping there toe in the men's room.


I'm glad to read something intelligent. I'm going to repit it.


Don't listen to anything we idiots say about who to keep and who to let go. You've got Parcells. You're either smart enough to keep him and let him do his job, or you're not.

ARRRGGHH...taxes...reality...financial crisis....must...go...elsewhere...for football...news...can't...breathe...now...

Upset wins by the Philadelphia and Arizona this past weekend ultimately might benefit the Miami Dolphins in April.

The Eagles-Cardinals NFL title game matchup moved the Dolphins up to the No. 25 spot in the 2009 draft.

The loser of Super Bowl XLIII will receive the No. 31 selection during the draft’s first round on April 25. Since the 9-7 Cardinals and 9-6-1 Eagles have worse regular-season records than the 11-5 Dolphins, Miami moves up from the No. 26 spot.

Entering the playoffs, Arizona was in the No. 21 spot, and Philadelphia No. 23. Sunday’s loser will remain in its projected slot.

How much could one spot mean for the Dolphins?

Since the 1970 merger, Miami has selected a player in the No. 25 spot four times, coming up with defensive tackle Mike Kadish (1972), safety Louis Oliver (1989) wide receiver O.J. McDuffie (1993) and offensive tackle Billy Milner (1995). Twice, the Dolphins have had the No. 26 pick, grabbing defensive tackle Don Reese (26) and cornerback Jamar Fletcher (2001).

McDuffie, the fourth-leading receiver in franchise history, and Oliver, who had 19 picks in his first stint (1989-93) with Miami, are the clearly best of the group.

But McDuffie was selected a spot ahead of defensive tackle Dana Stubblefield, who was one of the league’s best interior linemen until injuries set in after his fifth season. Oliver, who played six of eight seasons with the Dolphins, went a pick ahead of ex-UM fullback Cleveland Gary, who rushed for 1,125 yards with the Rams in 1992, but was out of the NFL two seasons later.

Reese, who started 18 games in 1975-76 before cocaine use derailed his career, went a spot before offensive linemen Steve Riley, who played 138 games in 11 seasons for the Vikings. Fletcher, who has played with five teams in eight seasons, was a spot behind wide receiver Freddie Mitchell.

As an Eagles WR, Mitchell, who is out of the league, famously called out the Patriots secondary before a Super Bowl XXXIX loss.

Kadish ended up playing 127 games in nine seasons for the Bills, but Milner played just 30 games in four NFL seasons.

The difference between Nos. 25 and 26 has been mixed since 1970.

For you hardcore NFL history fans, here’s a rundown …

The team picking a spot higher walked away with a better player several times: MLB Jon Beason over OLB Anthony Spencer (2007), WR Santonio Holmes over DT John McCargo (2006), DE Chris Hovan over DE Erik Flowers (2000), NT Ted Washingon over DB Henry Jones (1991), and WR Stanley Morgan over WR Randy Burke (1977).

But even more often the No. 26 pick turns out better than No. 25: G Alan Faneca over S Donovin Darius (1998), MLB Ray Lewis over G Jermane Mayberry (1996), QB Jim Harbaugh over RB Terrence Flagler (1987), C Don Mosebar over C Dave Rimington (1983), CB Dave Brown over DE Mark Mullaney (1975), and G Joe DeLamielleure over WR Johnny Rodgers (1973).

I'm with you Mike Johnson, and others. Real estate moguls rank just below injury lawyers and Chicago politicians on the sleaze meter.

There's a troubling wind blowing.

hey i'm so good its scary you moron,this is called plagerism.you copied this word for word from the blog written by edger thompson for the palm beach post.you should be called your such a big thief its scary.

As new owner, lets get T. Owens, Pacman Jones, Mike Vick And his brother and ocho cinco.

And well have great giveaways at the game, like dog day, bring your homeboys to the stadium and he get in at half price.

Goverment cheese will be given out to first 5 thousand peeps... holla...

According to the Wall Street Journal, Ross is seeking bailout money at the same time he is attempting to buy the Dolphins.

Wayne, God love him, promised us he would not take a penny from the government to build an arena for the Panthers, and then did.

Let's face it-these guys have major cojones.

Ross should be a good owner. I believe he is much like Wayne when it comes to the franchise.

I don't think the sale will change too much and if W.H. still has 5% ownership, doesn't that technically mean he hasn't sold the team, thus voiding Bill Parcells' opt out clause? Unless it says, "majority ownership", then he'll still own the team.

Thoughts on the roster:

Keep Chad Pennington 1 more year, then it's Henne time.

Resign Channing Crowder.

Draft Persey Harvey late first round, or another LB like James Laurinaitis, Brian Cushing, or Brandon Spikes.

If the Phins do draft a WR, then look at Suggs, or Bart Scott, even the likely franchised Julius Peppers.

If the Phins draft a LB, then look at Marvin Harrison, or the possibly franchised TJ Houshmandzadeh.

CB is the second most pressing position for 2009 with an aging secondary and some free agents, but the draft class is weak this year and Free Agency might be the only chance of landing an impact corner. Miami should take a look at Raiders CB Nnamdi Asomugha, or Texans CB Dunta Robinson.

In my humble opinion, the Dolphins greatest need is at the WR position, followed closely by the secondary, LB, DL and finally OL.

lets see you want to draft a injury prone ted ginn clone in the 1st round and then maybe sign a criminal,washed up wr in harrison,another wr who is 33.also if peppers and asomugha are franchised you would have to trade at least a 1st and 3rd plus huge money then you want to sign crowder .i know where under the cap,but where are you getting all this money? thank god your not the gm.

will someone please help mr smart gm remove his head from his butt. the fumes are making him think unclearly

In no way did I imply all of those moves were going to happen, but one, or two of them is certainly in the realm of possibilities.

You're comment about me being a GM is awfully flattering considering I didn't know I was ever up for the job.

Houshmandzadeh is a top 10, maybe top 5 NFL receiver and Marvin Harrison, who hasn't been charged, or convicted of anything would be a superb addition to the young crew already in Miami, who are only beginning to learn what it takes to work hard in order to be good.

Harvey is a highly talented WR and may be the fastest athlete on the field come combine time. The Dolphins will be lucky to even sniff his availability at the number 25 pick. He'd also be a great deep threat once Henne takes over at QB. He'd also be a fan favorite being a Gator alumni. Although, this is Miami, so maybe not.

Asomugha was tagged last year, and in all honesty, I don't expect him to be tagged again.

Peppers might be tagged, but since DL is probably second to last on the priority list, I would only applaud his signing if the Dolphins were unable to sign a WR, or CB.

I would have appreciated some feedback from "go phins" on the LB theory, but your comments, appear to be indicative of a "negative nancy" who's only real contribution to these comments are to complain.

I do remember some posts in preseason 2008 applauding the Ernest Wilford signing and lambasting the Chad Pennington signing, but that might be another "go phins" commenter.

Good luck with that.

your mmemory is a bit hazy because i start posting on this blog until a few months ago smart guy.there is a 2 nd witness claiming they saw harrison with a gun so he will be indicted soon.also parcell's does'nt draft wr very high forget percy harvin.i mentioned crowder a to much money.tj is 33 years old if you know anything about parcell's and rebuilding,then then you know tj is not coming.i'm not being negative ,its called being smart.next time get your fact straight.

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