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Dolphins fire line coach Maser; hire replacement

The Miami Dolphins are confirming they have fired offensive line coach Mike Maser. Giants assistant offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo has been offered the position and accepted but there are details about his contract still being worked out.

That puts to bed the speculation coach Tony Sparano would take over as the team's offensive line coach.

Sparano will announce DeGuglielmo's hiring if and when the contract details are resolved. The new coach is expected to bring to Miami a tough approach to offensive line play, one that more closely fits what Sparano wants.

Maser was hired on January 18, 2008 after 34 years of coaching experience and 13 as an offensive line coach in the NFL. Maser came to Miami after working with offensive coordinator Dan Henning at the the Carolina Panthers and with Sparano himself with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Maser was Jacksonville's OL coach in 2002 when Sparano coached the tight ends.

The Miami offensive line was a good-news, bad-news story this season. While offensive tackles Jake Long and Vernon Carey either met or exceed the expectations of Bill Parcells and Sparano in various categories, the interior of the line was troubled throughout the season.

Center Samson Satele seemed to regress after a good rookie season. And both guard spots were a weak point after injuries befell starters Justin Smiley and Donald Thomas. Another disappointment for the offensive line was the development -- or lack thereof -- of rookie guard Shawn Murphy. Murphy was the team's fourth-round draft pick but was inactive every game this season despite a need for upgrade at his position.

The Dolphins gave no reason for Maser's firing, but Sparano was clearly not happy with the performance of his guards throughout the season.

It is not known if any other Dolphins assistant is in danger of losing his job, although keeping the remainder of the staff doesn't mean there won't be further changes. Assistant head coach Todd Bowles is a head coach candidate in Detroit and is scheduled to interview in St. Louis. Defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni has been tied to speculation he might be interviewed for the head job in Kansas City.


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what's the skinny, Mando? The line's inability to generate a running game up the middle? Chad's poor protection in the Balto game? The regression of Satele?? Whazzup. we wanna know.

excellent decision, especially after how the pooor performance displayed against the ravens and in previous games this year. we need someone that can coach this o-line in both the running and passing game and not just the pass protection

Excellent reporting as always, my man. So who is in line to replace Maser if not Sparano.

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! You are making us look bad, Armando Salguro.

Gotta go catch up now.

I guess good enough isn't good enough on this team. Poor guy didn't have much to work with at two of his positions down the stretch. Satele is really the only reliable guy that underperformed.

p.s.---most definitely do not want to see Sparano take that job too. HC is tough enough; find a good asst. & let him have at it, & let Tony keep to the big picture.

This regime has stressed accountability since they got to Miami.

Players under-performing where released the following Monday or Tuesday.

Should we be surprised that a coach that guided an under-performing interior line be released???

I think not.

Good move. Make coaches accountable too. Let it be known... if you are a weak link, no matter who you are, you will be replaced. Nice job trifecta.

After the way the OL got biach slapped by the Ravens, someone had to pay a price. I would be suprised if Andy Alehouse and Ike NBuckwheat are back next season.

Screw them.

this is the first firing result from the playoff defeat.this is a conformation that tuna want's results and commitment from every body 100 percent . this is tuna pro football team now not a show biz team.ravens any one.
posted by mona liza

if tuna can fire coaches that mean simply no change of ownership will happen.it is amazing every assistant on that team wants to be a head coach aftre only one oky season.these are the coaches they get fired fast as getting hired .bowles after one good season thinks he is tuna in the making.....new england coach was assistant for 12 years.bowles any one.


They should make Samson Satele a player-coach because he certainly didn't earn his money as a player last year

Maybe special teams coach is next!

Re ST--they improved as the year went on, which is coaching; o-line regressed; but I wouldn't be shocked if Bonamedsgo goes.

you get fired you were not good enough to use the talent tuna gave you but if you do not have talnet TUNA still will fire you.it is easy to tuna .ask
new england .he kept firing people unlil they became what they todoy.if any assistant coach thinks that after one or tow good season he achived some thing he get's fired .
posted by 46578uyre345671209867645445

Wasn't the running game better last year with players deemed not good enough to play for the current regime?

i think sparano is going to go with the asst. line coach up with the Giants. DeGugliannosomethingorother. I think Sparano wanted the "old hat" to make sure Big Jake got off on the correct foot and that he'll go with a younger guy that Sparano himself can kinda groom. As all the coaches mentioned thoughout the season, not only was the roster built in a old teach young, but the coaches repeatedly said it was like old teach young for them....just a guess.


Mark Sanchez just declared for the draft.

Talk about a scutinized coaching position. You got to take over Sparano's area of specialty. Then, you got to work with some less than stellar talent. That would have been a tough job to keep.

Excellent reporting as always, my man. So who is in line to replace Maser if not Sparano.

Posted by: Willi Chirino | January 14, 2009 at 04:54 PM

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! You are making us look bad, Armando Salguro.

Gotta go catch up now.

Posted by: Omar Kooky and Harvey Fiawhatever | January 14, 2009 at 04:55 PM

Are you guys serious, this is his job to report this, hell ESPN broke it several hours earlier so he wasnt spreading anything new.

Mando is digging up dirt, the others are looking ahead as we all should be.

Go Dolphins!!!


I wonder what the O-Line is thinking now? (Except Jake)

Look for the Dolphins to hire Dave DeGuglielmo, who's been working for the Giants. A former University of South Carolina line coach under Lou Holtz, and he worked crosstown from Sparano at BC when Sparano was at Boston U.

altough i support the decision, i cannot help myself but to feel bad for the Mike, i mean look at what he had to work with at the end...

Unfortunate for him, but we have to keep improving. We will playing with some tough teams next year and this is an important job. How can guys get in the backfield before the o line reacts to the snap? Makes no sense to me. I know that the defenses are very fast but the o line knows the snap count and upcoming cadence. If they can read what we are doing we are shot before we play.

Tuna... David Lee... The U

JMO... Several have said David would make a great hire as OC for the U and I believe it... David, if you're reading this, consider the possibilities and the future that Miami offers. We are without question, on the verge of planting a big U on the BCS Championship Series label within 2/3 years. We have outstanding players and new recruits coming in for 09 that will blow the doors off the hinges in 10 and 11 and 12. Jacory, and current crew are awaiting a OC that has a vision to seek only greatness, as second best just won't cut it!

You've been under Tuna's tutelage since the Dallas days and he brought you here because he believes in you... and after reading your bio, I understand!

If it's not too late... please talk to "The Man" for his direction and reconsider your stance.

You are exactly what the U needs... A leader with a designed path to greatness who knows Offense and can coach up a QB in waiting.

And we are exactly what you need... A team that will catapult you to a HC position in the NFL.

A Canes/Dolphin fan!

Nice work Mando. Please update us as soon as your hear anything regarding Henning's future with the team.

Palm beach post just reported that mike deguglielmo is our new o-line coach niiiiice.

My bad go phins I didnt refresh the page so I didnt see your post but good work.

I have no idea whether Mike Maser should have been fired, but wasn't depth on the O-Line one of the key concerns going into the season? Then we lose one starting guard in game one and then the other guard -- maybe our best O-lineman -- goes down as well.

Doesn't seem surprising that the middle of the line wasn't up to snuff at the end of the season.

Now if Masser is being blamed for not getting it together after the injuries or failing to develop Murphy properly...that's a different story.

Anyhow...Long, Smiley and from all reports Thomas are keepers. Carey is too as long as the price is right (but the draft is Tackle heavy). If they don't think Satele is for the long-term as a starter, bring in the center from the Ravens.

Then let the new O-Line coach go to work.

Maybe Wilford can play guard. Who's "accountable" for that signing?

For all the great moves the team made this year,I still can't understand them allowing Houck to walk away.Also, Bonamego(Special Teams) must go!

I'm not surprised after the very very poor performance this year once smiley went down the line went to shambles also very sad about donald thomas getting injured and Murphy busting.... we need OL help. bad hopefully that redskin pick will put us in position to pick up the best guard in the draft

I agree. Hudson Houck was really saught after last year and I was glad we got him. I don't recall how our running game was last year though. ST coach was on the hot seat but after we got him a few players he could use, things got turned around. Also kicking, FG and punting are a big part of ST and we were great in that area.

Omar is better...

This is great news all around. I think we had a better run blocking last year than this year and would attribute to Hudson Houcke's coaching ability. This was most disappointing unit this year considering they looked very promising in pre-season and O-Line was sparanos forte prior to head coaching. You gotta love the fact that these guys don't waste any time. They make fast decisive moves.

Why is everyone asking who will replace Maser? Armando mentioned who it was, Dave DeGuglielmo.

The good news is that they grabbed the guy from the Super Bowl winning team. Sure to have an upgraded line next season. Can't argue with this move.

Excellent reporting as always, my man. So who is in line to replace Maser if not Sparano.

Posted by: Willi Chirino | January 14, 2009 at 04:54 PM

007 or whoever you are, so no one asked who is replacing Maser?

food: not sure what this has to do with football
movie: not sure about this one either
WR Mark Clayton AND Chris Chambers (Mr T.O. without the drama)Satele regressed due to poor OL coaching, they had a decent OL to start with, did decent in the first 5 games then started to regress, cant put all the blame on the players, All i can say is, noone, including me, expected the dolphins to go 11-5 this year considering the 1-15 season a year ago, i am happy they made it to where they were, and with the Tuna there, i am confident that they will only get better, especially when they get some decent coaching behind that OL

I'd say OJ McDuffie, Gadsen, Chambers, Welker, in that order. I don't remember much of the Marks bros, as I was born in 78.

mando how about deleting the foul language from post at 6:30 pm while your at it.

Got it. Please sign in with a name like everyone else if you want your posts to stay on the blog. I appreciate you being on here, but can you talk football every once in a while and LOGIN!

Mando you still there? And who is this Omar?

mando i was talking about football and about how sparano did not agree with some of maser tactics with the players ,when i got attacked, but .you still deleted it.oh well its late good night


Great idea in hiring this guy to help with the O-Line. Now, let's make SURE we do not lose Pasqualoni for the sake of consistency. We all know what happened in the past as we went through coordinators like Turner and Capers every other year. Lets keep our guys and systems in place!

I am sick & tired of folks saying Ginn has no toughness...in the first Buffalo game (or whichver was his standout game) he took several TOUGH hits yet held on to the ball and popped up after every one. I know because I have zero Dolphins coverage here, just DirecTV's Sunday Ticket, so I record the games (er, victories only) and watch and watch the games over and over again. DirecTV also offers a half-hour "Shortcuts" version of each game that has every play, just cuts out the stuff in-between. I have them all and will review to find the exact game he was "the man" in.

That game featured some BRUTAL hits over the middle and Ginn held on to every one. Granted if given the choice he will head for the sidelines but that does not reduce his toughness in that game.

I remember Chris Chambers taking that hard shot up the middle against Denver so long ago, he was never the same, so cut the Ginnster some slack. NO, he's not #9 material, but he IS the best we have.

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