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Dolphins-Ravens tied 3-3 going to 2nd quarter

If the young Dolphins are suffering from playoff jitters, they're not showing it.

The Dolphins converted a Baltimore Ravens fumble into a 3-0 advantage when the offense moved the ball pretty well on its first series.

The Ravens, no slouches they, answered with a field goal of their own.

The second quarter will show which of the two teams, if either, can break this tie.

Join me in the comments section and we'll check it out on the live blog together.


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Is the crowd a factor at ALL?

We're getting outcoached so far. Sparano and Henning gotta step it up

just hope they stop missing their tackles, otherwise we will be in for a bad surprise. Go Fins!!!

Come on Hayden, you know you want to say it..."This team knows no prosperity"

Mike, the crowd is quiet when the Dolphins are on defense. Crazy. And bad.

Good hit by Crowder. Looked like Porter was held, tho.

Paul Pasqualoni needs to step it up, too.

great pursit by crowder

lets go defense

that was our chance

HOW did we miss him

They have not had any prosperity have they?

I will tell you what is a joke is the defensive adjustments.

That play shows the trouble of losing Randy Starks. Rod Wright, who had not played all season had Flacco dead to rights and just missed him. Starks doesn't miss him.

lets go flaco me la pelas


Joey, go to afterburners!

Bring it defense

How is Todd Bowles up for consideration for head coaching jobs in the NFL?

3rd and 10 and they get the first down. The same thing happened to the colts last night. How did they do?

the crowd needs to make a lot of noise all day....false start penalities would only help

time for another turnover

You are soooo lucky.
you dont have to listen to the drivel comming out of Simms mouth.

I'd say getting this far, winning several awards, and winning the DIVISION is pretty damned prosperous!

defense is suspect
playcalling sucks

its over folks. see you next year.

The score is freakin tied.

Difference in stats is NEGLIBLE at this point.

We are NOT being outcoached.

You GOTTA believe.

they stopped running cam faggron is passing not a great idea i guess he wants flacco to settle down in hostile enviorment hopefully these guys can pic one of his passes the rush is slowly coming

I'd take a shot deep and get the 8th man out of the box.

I believe!!!

I love Joe Flacco. Almost as much as I love Brett Favre.

What exactly is Simms saying?

3rd and 10 we should be confident, but yet they feel like it's 3rd and 2 ... not good.

Allen is giving a HUGE cushion

The looked like the first time the Ravens used the unbalanced line this game.

its all bout baltimore from his mouth

here we go

The best way to enjoy this is to be realistic, remember the season has been an absolute success and treat anything else as a bonus. Still, saying that, why do I have still butterflies?

OK. Another 3rd down. Let's do it THIS TIME!

Yeremiah Bell had that in his sights for an INT if Ayodele doesn't knock it down.

FINALLY a decent commewnt from Simms

How the hell did he miss it?

we need to get bess and ricky involved on the next drive.
1. the quick hit to the sideline with bess
2. more throws to the rb's out of the backfield like cobbs.

Vonnie Holliday playing great today!!! Great so far!

ok get ginn a big return

I liked what i saw this quarter on D. They converted one big play out of 6. Not bad.

Good, finally some pressure

Simms is doing fine.

Dolphins are doing fine.

Games are a marathon.

Some of you "Fans" are just unreal.

And he did it by splitting a double team.

that was close

Simms isn't dissing the Dolphins, but he isn't showing them love either. Last week against the Jets he out and out rooted for the Jets. I think he has been fair so.

flac is rattled holiday found his b itch on the oline i can smell it flacco 1-7 belive u bandwaggoners belive

good pressure...now we need good running attack to tire out this balt. defense

Veterans stepping up in playoffs, good to see.

Offense needs to hold the ball for 5 mins here

Amen Matt!!!

can anyone tell if they are guarding over the top to ginn and how they r using ed reed?

i think on 3rd and longs we should take a shot on a deep slant to ginn, it's like a punt anyway.

come on O give the D some rest and score some points

overall i think we have done great
3-3 tied
both in red zone,
d not letting big pass plays,
mcgahee non factor
we need to get, fasano, bess, ginn and martin

I am with you Sonny Crockett. I feel the same way. The Fins are terrible on 3rd down.

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