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Dolphins-Ravens tied 3-3 going to 2nd quarter

If the young Dolphins are suffering from playoff jitters, they're not showing it.

The Dolphins converted a Baltimore Ravens fumble into a 3-0 advantage when the offense moved the ball pretty well on its first series.

The Ravens, no slouches they, answered with a field goal of their own.

The second quarter will show which of the two teams, if either, can break this tie.

Join me in the comments section and we'll check it out on the live blog together.


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How can you not love Bess?


bess needs a little love...i love this kid

Bess should've got ROY consideration, he's been clutch.

now the wildcat!!

first down yes

How can you not love Ricky?

When he's sober, anyway?

You cannot run laterally against the Ravens. Why do they insist on it?

nice block haynos

could suggs be any uglier

they GOT to spread their d out

WTF was that

This D is too quick for screens.

Ricky has to show a little more urgency than that or he'll get his head knocked off.

Oh no, the sky is falling

yikes! lets stay awaY FROM THE SCREENS.

face mask on cobbs

How can you not love Cobbs?

Hayden, FYI, the Giants beat the Ravens running wide in a 3-wide set!

third and short. Lou Polite time.

Has Ginn been on the field, haven't seen him yet.

wheres the face mask call

f all this fasano say it with me guys fasano


HOw can you not love Polite?


Polite - 1st down...

why didn't we run that play on the goaline?

This is good playcalling - short swing passes to the backs will make for an effective alternative running game. Cobbs could have a big game.

freaking crowd is dead!!! they just picked up a 3 down GET LOUD!

Can Simms and Nantz make anymore excuses for Hochuli and his crew? The NFL is amazing how they gloss over their shortcomings.

Polite is doing it every time, so next time down on their 1, give him the ball!

Fasano has to take the block upfield instead of so wide. He didn't block anyone.


Well there is the mistake

Well, Penny had some heat on that INT!


Pennington came off the field asking, "what happened?'

That's the last thing we needed, not good.

at least cam cameron likes ginn and his family

that better be the only one

way too much pressure on chad that drive. Ugh.

can't give the ball away like that chad!

Seriously, did you guys read his lips ... That is exactly what he said.

that hurts!!!

we need more pressure on Flacco
out turn for a TO and return for TD

Throw it away, Chad...

damnit well at least it happend now he will be more careful later on lets go d get this one back we get ball after halftime trust me guys flac will have an interception too.

defense is suspect
playcalling sucks
chad INTs

its over folks. see you next year.

i guess that explains why they haven't been throwing to Ginn.

Good to see you leaving now LOL.

defensive score needed

Cam is going to go down town here. Watch.

he was open and he overthrew it. Chad's fault

what happened is the ball went right through ginns hands

Ginn was open, too.

Yep, two handoffs.

Downtown indeed.

ginn was open, chad got rushed and missed him.

c'mion chad , damn u had ginn!

A first round draft pick doesn't care if the ball is overthrown.

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