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Dolphins-Ravens tied 3-3 going to 2nd quarter

If the young Dolphins are suffering from playoff jitters, they're not showing it.

The Dolphins converted a Baltimore Ravens fumble into a 3-0 advantage when the offense moved the ball pretty well on its first series.

The Ravens, no slouches they, answered with a field goal of their own.

The second quarter will show which of the two teams, if either, can break this tie.

Join me in the comments section and we'll check it out on the live blog together.


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WAYYYYY Downtown.

that was sooooo abvious.

Ravens doing their own wildcat. Stuffed!


Very unimpressive.

Pretty weak playcalling by BAL there. Looked like Herm Edwards

he tried that last time

That's the way to stop them from capitalizing on the TO

do they call that the copycat or the wildcat

Bullsh*t spot.

Nice Cam Cameron kills his own drive!

KMA Ravens!!! LOL trying to Wildcat the Wildcatters!

Fake...Hold your water.

need a big return here from Ginn!

no harm no foul miamis ball again lets do this

who didn't know troy smith was gonna run. what a dumb play call.

Every day is a holiday at holiday national park-welcome to the everglades

Damn, that's a LONG field...

Was BAL trying not to score there and just pin us down close. That was pretty WEAK by Cam.

we got this but be expecting troy smith to pass it deep later on in the game this was just to test the waters bank on this

we need a 94 yd drive for 6 min 55 sec TD Time

Davone Bess is injured. Thumb. questionable to return.

Time for a six minute drive to score 3-7 points, then get the ball back to start the 2nd half.

Did he get injured on the punt Armando? or before?

nice long drive and go into halftime 6-3 and get the ball back after the half.

need to get fasano and marting involved in the game. Lets go Fins!!!

weve ran 17 plays to trher 24

Noooooo on Bess.

Sloppy, sloppy game so far on our part.

WHAT? Bess injured his hand on the tackle?

Need London to step up here, bess is hurt folks...

Is Bess injured?

The Bess injury obviously means London must step up.

Bess hurt...not good. Give us info Mando.

bess hurt his finger on theat interception tackle and is the locker room
we only dressed 3 WR

What do mean sloppy???

The game is TIED against a team EVERYONE says should kill us.

Terrible job by Parcells and the administration only dressing 3 WR's. Brutal.

live video stream?

losing bess hurts

That's a late Christmas gift getting us out of our own endzone.

CBS just replayed the hit on Penny on the INT. Might explain his comment when he got to the sideline. Big hit - worth keeping an eye on.

now they know we have to run more with Bess out. Not good.

They're going to stack the box like crazy now.

We can't run the ball for crap

Bess was hurt in the last offensive series before this one.

Everyone's favorite Pro Bowl RB Ronnie Brown is running nice and soft.

Fasano needs to make that block there!

Polite time

come on Roniie you've been falling down like tissue paper al season-there are a lot of free agents ou there

Once again POLITE!

Lousaka AGAIN!

Love that Polite!

I'm Fine with milking most of the clock here. Just no mistakes!


Polite converts again. Good job.

Fasano needs to step up.

Take out the horizontal runs from playbook already! come on!

It's always proper to be Polite-especially on 1st downs

are they gun shy not to pass since the INT?

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