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Dolphins-Ravens tied 3-3 going to 2nd quarter

If the young Dolphins are suffering from playoff jitters, they're not showing it.

The Dolphins converted a Baltimore Ravens fumble into a 3-0 advantage when the offense moved the ball pretty well on its first series.

The Ravens, no slouches they, answered with a field goal of their own.

The second quarter will show which of the two teams, if either, can break this tie.

Join me in the comments section and we'll check it out on the live blog together.


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The heat is getting to him.

come on. we needed 7 yards. why would you throw that? makes no sense. they better get a TD here

The Ravens fans are making more noise than the ENTIRE Stadium, pathetic!

Body language in the huddle not so good...

That's why we needed the TD early. It's over if we don't do anything here. OVER

molest the middle of field passing

Henne time

O line suck, D line suck

come on o line

The O-Line really let us down today.

I have great hands. And I run the 40 in 4.2 ... months.

armand tell me something good anything...

We win by not turning the ball over, this is bad.

Simms is 1000% correct, the receivers aren't giving him anything to throw to.... No one is running around to come back to him. The O-line isn't holding their blocks.

Any word on Bess returning?

Must keepthis game close going into the second half. Ginn is not the man to go to in any occasion, he cant be relied upon. Chad will make most of the short stuff, but on those bombs the ball sails on him.

Looks like the Fins are feeling sorry for themselves.

just get to the half 10-3, take it. this is exactly what the ravens thrive on, trying to do too much deep in your own end.

o-line not blocking
missed tackles
bad play calling
10 passes and only two to WRs none to TE
no pass rush
thank god we got the home field advantage

Let me at 'em....I know I can help this team!!!!!

the worst part is everyone called this i am keeping the faith but they are sure making it difficult

Wait, U tellin me they only had 3 WRs active???? Not lookin 2 good

Long blew his block there! The entire Offense needs to pick it up! Our D has been pretty fired up today but the O looks flat!!!

We look lost out their on offense! We need halftime already.

Men against boys at the moment.

Run, run, punt, get into the lockeroom.

This looks pathetic people. Well at least we made the playoffs. Chad will be tentative the rest of the game, we can't run the ball, our receivers are all backups.

The Dolphins did indeed activate only 3 WR today. Wilford was not active. The Dolphins only have 4 WR on the roster.

Parcells-is whos your momma a Dolphin yet-we only need 4 receivers for next year


Go down there at halftime and rip the O and new one!

4.2 months...lol

Now we will see the character that sparano has talked about. Chad is making the rookie mistakes not Flacco. Please dont throw deep to Ginn again.

bess is back!

ANOTHER Hook pass pattern

I heard Wilford had a good week of practicing and is improving every week!

Bess sighting.

Bess is back!

The INT was a massive blitz - five man overload off the right hand side.

Here we go playing possum and try to run out the clock. Go for the first down, this is the playoffs.

Are our Linemen invisible?

their pass rush looks like a jail break
we gotta do the same on D

I actually think the Dolphins have a better chance of scoring on defense than on offense right now.

Why are we trying to create scoring opportunities for the Ravens? Run the ball and make them use the last timeout.

We can't allow any points here.

lets get our own defensive TD here.


They have no field position Mando.

I guess Chad is tired of getting hit... O line needs to step it up!

stop the run cause thats whats coming lets get a turnover guys belive.

this is sad. cant give up any points here.

I agree intercept + score

They are getting so out coached and manueverd.

we see cobbs on the first drive and now he is gone just dink and dunk down the field


He had a year and a half to pass. We are getting no pressure

Terrible playcalling there - that's 30 seconds extra for the Ravens.

I'd take 13-3 at the moment.

flacco has alllllldayyyyy

my god why do they NOT call holding on Balt
it is so obviuos

NO energy in this stadium right now.

They need to start believing in themselves again or it's over

Dolphins offense is PATHETIC. They can barely eek out positive yards. Dan Henning better come up with something quick or this is going to be a VERY LONG AND PAINFUL day.

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