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Dolphins-Ravens tied 3-3 going to 2nd quarter

If the young Dolphins are suffering from playoff jitters, they're not showing it.

The Dolphins converted a Baltimore Ravens fumble into a 3-0 advantage when the offense moved the ball pretty well on its first series.

The Ravens, no slouches they, answered with a field goal of their own.

The second quarter will show which of the two teams, if either, can break this tie.

Join me in the comments section and we'll check it out on the live blog together.


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really Armando? scoring on defense? flacco has a cafe cubano waiting for his receivers

they love the QB draw on short downs

Are you friggin telling me that Baltimore does not have any illegal contact calls on defense?

So Joe Flacco drags Matt Roth for two yards? What is wrong with that picture?

Well played Matt Roth.

Chim up guys - look at the field position we've had to work with. This game isn't dead.

Yeah Wilford should have been activated. 3 WR's in a playoff game is not good enough. This means 1 injury and we are screwed. Chad has to shake out of this funk. Come on Dolphins.

no way that was a catch

come on 40 yard throw

That's an arm...

Looked out of bounds from where I am though...

review yes
that can't be a catch

That is a catch.

This is gonna be 17-3 before the half.

Where are our INTS. This is a rookie QB we should be taking at least a couple of Flacco today.

I take it back.

hoculi we need ur f ups here not a catch.

I'm about to puke! Sham Cam is taking our coaches to school... Need a Sack/INT/Fumble Rec here... Something!!!!

I simply do not understand why the Ravens make the Dolphins look like they have not made ANY progress since last year.

defnse stand up

Why did we stop blitzing this turd?

What a buzz kill this game has been.


Great catch and throw.

I simply do not understand why the Ravens make the Dolphins look like they have not made ANY progress since last year.

we lost this game in the trenches. Linemen killed us.

It's a catch

cbgb: It was meant more as a statement of the Miami offense than the defense. Irony?

i belive

come on get loud crowd

WE HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO pressure flacco if we want to win this game in the second half, where are the damn CB blitzes.

We are totally being out-played! This team is not ready to compete yet but I still love what they did this year!

No pressure on Flacco, no protection for Pennington and terrible playcalling. Let's GO!!!

This will be the biggest buzz kill of a playoff game or one of the greatest turn arounds in Fin History.

You can see the holding in the replay. Flaco would have been sacked.

I'm suddenly having flashbacks of past playoff BEATDOWNS on the Phins. Totally inept offense, defense quickly faltering.

Good season guys...we still have a ways to go before we can make any sort of playoff run. This playoff appearance was a COMPLETE FLUKE and the result of a PATHETICALLY-WEAK SCHEDULE.

this is frustrating. they better get it together at halftime

Expenct the Birds to take a shot at the EZ here...

We have had zero breaks so far. The missed opportuntiy in the first half is coming back right now. Turnover please.

Hey, think about it...if they had better clock management they'd be out of timeouts.


The defensive backs can't cover the receivers for 8, 9 secs because the d line can't pressure the qb

thats it, blitz him every damn throw, how simple is this..!!!

How is that not a delay penalty?

That was a safety and cornerback blitz. Only way Miami gets pressure on Flacco.

wow delays of game dont apply to the ravens awswome

I meant not ready to compete with the top teams on this stage yet.


It's just like the last playoff game we played in (which i went to). We get a huge turnover and can't convert to a TD. And then we lay an egg and have injuries.

FINALLY some pressure

We need to punch these guys in the gut to stop them from holding.


block that kick-why can't we ever?

Wilford? Henning? play-calling? not when the guys up front are bein whooped every play. not when the ravens play harder...their o-line makes every pass play a joke with their protection...in the big picture, miami is close...but they are missing some very key pieces to be able to compete for 60min with teams like baltimore, tennessee, pittsburgh, giants...especially, speed power and talent on the 1st 2 levels of the D and on the Oline

13-3. I don't see where we are going to get 10 points in the second half.

well down by 10 against the raven D no problem. not a good day for chad to have his worst game


their Offense has only scored 6 pts
critical mistake on our part puts us
behind, we are holding their o
we need to step up

Bad vibe from the first drive..should have tried to punch it in on both plays. Establish a toughness right off the bat! Sparano has been doing that all year. don't change what got you here. Try two runs, then kick the f.g.!

If they would have put the offense in the sack for the half and regrouped we would be tied or at most down 3...

Coaching blew it.

Mike Smith should have won.

Notice how Flaco looks very average when rushed! Fins need to find some creative ways to rush him into bad decisions in the second half if they want to have a chance at winning this game...

apparantly Cobbs touching it twice in the first half is enough and our TE's have been marginalized. Where is the seam pass? Where are the quick hits?

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