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Dolphins season ends with 27-9 playoff loss

It is over -- meaning this game and the season.

The Baltimore Ravens have defeated the Miami Dolphins 27-9 today and that loss in the wild card round of the playoffs sends the Dolphins home for the postseason.

The Dolphins finish 11-6 this season.

So it was a terrible day. But it was a very good year.

Let me know if the disappointment of the day in any way clouds the sunshine and warmth you've felt for 9 of the past 10 games before today.

Let me know what you think the Dolphin must accomplish this offseason ... Receiver ... more Olinemen ... NT?

And let me know whether you are seriously concerned that Bill Parcells will leave if and when Wayne Huizenga completes his sale of the Dolphins.

Come smart. Come strong.


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Pennington's been great this season for the Phins and it hurts to admit but this game shows exactly why Chad cannot handle deep balls with accuracy nor consistency. Little dink and dunk here and there will get you only so far (ie. 1st Rd. in PO). In a QB-stacked draft, we should draft Sanchez and have him compete with Henne. You've seen Chad's ceiling this season - this is as far as he could take us. And we really need a play-making WR - Man, watching Ginn is painful.


We play the AFC South and the NFC South next year.

And we play Pittsburgh and San Diego.

5-11 season next year.

The way the FISH last will affect them for years to come. Your 2nd runner up Cannot throw 4 INTs and Ted Jr Fumble No excuse


Pennington makes decent plays, but he needs to be upright to do it. Vernon Carey really stunk out there today.

I think we trade Pennington for a second rounder to a team like Det

Cut Beck, draft another QB in the second or third, get another RB deep in the draft like 4th or 5th round. Use the first pick on a quality DB the second on a LB.

Clean house again and get rid of all the garb time players like Jones, number 56 w/e he is, Joey Haynos, London, Torbor, etc and replace them with upgrades...

If I was Ross I would extend Parcels on the condition tat he get TJ + a rookie receiver, pass rusher, replace Ronnie + Ginn. It was a terrible effort for a fine season-but we cannot do it with mirrors next year

I'm glad we made the playoffs, and I thought the defense played really well this game. You can't give a team 5 turnovers and expect to win. We had plenty of chances and just let it all collapse. I don't know if Chad was rattled or not, but he just didn't make good reads today.

im concerned at how far away we seem again. that was a terrible display. great season so much fun felt good to watch football again. (until today) we were exposed and we need a lot of help next year. it still looks like a 3 year project. the good news is one of those seasons has passed so we are closer.

the better team won today. the ravens dominated the line of scrimmage. we couldn't run and when we'd pass pennington had a defender in his face the entire day. flacco had all day to complete his passes.
i doubt parcells will leave after just one year. he'll be back and hopefully the dolphins will come back stronger.
the dolphins must get better in the secondary and on the O and D lines. a little help in the WR department would help too.

Ted Ginn isnt the one that fumbled, that would be Cobbs

Get rid of Ginn, Draft some defense and recievers. Hire some Special Teamers out of FA, and Pay Parcells what he needs to stay.

It always sucks to lose, but lets not forget how fantastic this season was!

they need to get bigger, D-line and O-line.

pennington is the worst type of quarterback to play against the Ravens. You cant leave the ball in the air for that long. Ed Reed will kill you

There is no one else to blame for this loss then Pennington...

He threw 4 Ints, one for a TD and two that stopped TD/FG's

More depth on OL
More size and strenght on DL.
Shut down corners.
Big WR
We got our QB....
Henne will be the starter in 09.
Chad was great. Great Season.
We were due for this fall today but
it doesn't take anything away from the year.
They were the Div Champs....opps ARE the division champs. No matter what anyone says about todays game. Cassel and Brady sat home watching the game as did Favre and the Jets. Manning the MVP is now home watching too. We have to build on what we learned this season and csrry it over. Its just a shame Cam won more games against us in this stadium than he did in 16 tries for us lastd year.
Great season.
Miami has the core of a solid team, we just need to build on it.

Great season, shame it had to end with a blowout. One thing that puzzled me throughout the year though - Ronnie Brown being under-utilized imo. He is our best offensive player and yet only plays about 1/2 a game. Makes no sense. He played with a lot of heart today, and deserves better. If I were his agent I'd be looking to get him traded to a team that would appreciate him more.

There's no way you can let todays game riun the amazing season the phins have had this year.


WIDE RECEIVER....free agent Anquan Boldin pay him the big bucks get him in here, and draft Crabtree if he's coming out no matter what

Also we need a shut down corner/safety badly

And we need to keep Parcells here.

Ginn has to have that handoff. If we convert that, we had a real chance.

Like most miami teams lolphins suck

I dont get how come Ricky didnt get very many touches. He lit that dude up on the 1st down run.

This game makes me think that we are much further away then I thought. I'm starting to believe those who said our season was a bit of a fluke thanks to a very very very favorable schedule.

Unfortunately, we wont have the luxury of playing against the 2 worst divisions next year.

I predict only a 6-10 finish in 2009. We have a LOONG ways to go to be a playoff contender.

Ginn cost us the game, plain and simple.

He wasn't even looking on the deep pass from Pennington that got pick-6'd. He's always had route-running issues and this is more evidence of his ineptness.

He fumbled what looked like an easy touchdown on that reverse. There was NO ONE in front of him. I don't care if Pennington let it go early, he never looked at the ball which shows a lack of focus, which has been a common problem with him.

Don't even get me started on how he falls down to avoid contact 90% of the time.

If Wayne cares about this team, he will maintain ownership for 2 more years, keeping Bill here to complete the reconstruction.

1st what a great year. Although today was hard to watch its been a good year overall. We dont need to draft another QB. Henne will continue to learn under Pennington for 1 more year. He has a ricket arm. What we need is a DB and big time WR like Crabtree. Not saying well move up to get him but that type of player. The o line will continue to improve. Although the schedule next year is is difficult I still see 9-7 or 10-6. Most would consider that going backwards but strength of schedule really mens it will be a improvements.

You know Parcells is moving on, why wouldnt he? 9 million dollars to walk away.

He will go resurect another team.

Wayne hired Bill to increase the value of the team. The playoffs were just gravy. Now they both can walk away.

Is it broke? no, Ireland and Coach S are a major step above what was in place last year.

Parcells is a rental, he did it in a year.......

As an English fan, who flies over to Dolphin Stadium 2 or 3 times a year, i can't believe the amount of negative comments on here! Sure, we got outplayed today, Chad had a mind-freeze during the middle-third of the game - but what a season. AFC East champs from 1-15 last season? That sort of thing is unthinkable in the sports we play over here.
Yes, we don't have all of the personal in yet - we have a team largely forged of undrafted free-agents and trades, and we got beaten by pure physicality today - but they will add 2 or 3 more better players at least next season and what a great building block this season has been. Imagine being a Cowboy fan for example!

Yes it'll be a tough schedule - but we'll be tougher too - it should be a good time and we'll compete again.

I loved this season, what a great 18 weeks, thank you Mando for your excellent coverage, and thanks mainly to Coach Sparano and the Dolphins for 18 weeks of fantastic courage, entertainment and drama.


I'd like to apologize for my recent tirade. While it's true that you do suck, Armando, you are in no way responsible for the Dolphins' loss. I'm sorry.

I think we need another pass rusher OR LB first. Then O line is the next priority.. After that id say WR and CB

It sucks. But we won 11 games this year. We beat the hated Jets and kept the patriots home. We got into the playoffs. What a Ride! Can't take away any of the pride and joy this season. When I wore my scrub cap with pride all year last year, people thought I was crazy. This year people always commented on how devoted and loyal I was and gave me weekly compliments on the squad. No fair weather in this fan. I hope Bill parcells stay, don't understand why he would leave other than next year being much different schedule wise so if he leaves and we do worse because of the strength of schedule he still looks like a genius and people associate him with the turnaround. If you notice none of the sports analyst still say this year is because of the coach. They still usually say Bill Parcells. Still he has given us a GM and coach and maybe not being under his shadow will give them some of the credit they deserve. Grats to a great year TRUEFINFANS!!!

Pass rushers, pass rushers, pass rushers

Doesn't seem fair that Cam can come back here and make us try to beat his defense when he is responsible for drafting "the Ginn family".

it was an amazing season. i cant be that upset. most of you sound like retards. all we need is a playmaker reciever and another cb with a good draft class and were set baby. i hope henne pushes for the job. why do alot of dolfans just suck?

start thinking draft,

1RD DT need to get stronger inside!
2RD ILB need a play maker!
2RD FS Hill is not the long term answer.
3RD CB Need to get better!!!
4RD WR need a big target to go along with Ginn.
5RD RT Need to get deeper
7RD G or C Could always use more interior help/size.

UFA's, LB, TE, S, G,QB/WR...

PARCELLS is as good as gone. Let's see...he can stay and manage the Dolphins for 4 years and earn himself $12 million bucks. Or he can walk away now and get $12 milion instantly without doing a damn thing. Better yet, he can walk with that $12 million from the Dolphins and then go manage ANOTHER team and bank millions more! Gee, what would you rather do?

Baltimore will beat the titans... Just sayin

pennington stunk. too many turnovers. the better team won.

Draft/Offseason Priorities:

1. Attempt to trade up to get DL or LB
2. Sign a free agent WR like Boldin or Houshmanzadeh
3. Consider trading Pennington since his value will never be higher. Lions would consider it.
4. Still need another OL - we didn't run the ball very well all year; add another Jake Long caliber lineman and we should be able to run effectively

BTW - I read the article about Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas...any chance either would want to come back to Miami now????

Wow, wonder how much the dolphins got paid to throw this game. Four interceptions when he threw only 7 all year, come on. He was throwing balls to places he hadn't thrown all season, almost looked like he was throwing it to the Ravens. For enough money, he probably was. Also, I don't know who voted on coach of the year, but taking a team from 1 win and getting them to win the division beats anything Atlanta coach did.

Chad killed us today, as much as he saved us all season...
Where was Henne when the 4th pick occurred...you, me and the entire country knew we had to throw it in the 2nd half...might as well had a cannon arm in there...
Bottom line: Better story than team all year - showed in the playoffs...
Sad yet still proud...

We went up against the supossed second best defence in the league, yes we lost. But what a ride this season has been. Im wish we had won, but I knew coming into this game that we are a few key players short of great. We need a big play WR, some OL help (our run blocking stinks) Ginn makes some plays, but he is not consistant, and seems to allways be afraid of getting hit. Im pleased with the season, Im proud of the team, better things are coming..Parcells will stay.

PHX PHIN FAN - good post! I agree totally!

The better team did win. Many Dolphin players wouldn't even be able to start for the Ravens squad. They just have better talent across the board.

Miami has gotten by with smart, mistake free ball. Miami was maxing out with sub-par talent across the board. This is what good coaching does, it takes weak talent and makes it look good. Add a couple year's worth of drafts and see what good coaching can do with quality talent.

We need upgrades at DT, LB, CB, OLx2 and WRx2. We need at least one stud and one quality backup at each of those positions I just named. We have a solid foundation in place and this team understands how role players fit the overall scheme. Now we need more foundation pieces and one or two stars. Ronnie could be that with another year removed from injury. Jake Long has been great for a first year guy. Pennington can hold the fort for another year while Henne gains maturity and seasoning. Merling and Langston seem like very promising prospects.

In all, I'm astounded by what the Dolphins have done. Anyone thinking to the contrary simply doesn't understand this game enough. Sure, you should feel the sense of loss after today's contest, I'm hurt by it too. But the truth is, they did way more than anybody could possibly have imagined. Be proud about that and keep it in perspective. 1-15 to 11-5 is as good as it gets, period.

Next year starts tomorrow for scouting, draft prep and free agency. Let's trust our three headed monster to take another step forward. Kudos Miami, you restored the pride to Dolphin fans everywhere!

this was a great year, and who cannot be excited about the future knowing that parcells, ireland, and sparano will have another year to draft players and acquire free agents who now may consider coming to miami to play.its nice not having half your draft picks being traded away before the draft with dumb deals that don't pan out, we have april to look forward to. in the meantime send earnest wilford packing immediately.

You cant blame Pennington, some of those INT's were just great defence. He was pressured the almost the entire game, and our receivers never seem to get open. Without Chad we would not be here talking about this game. We were up against a better team, plain and simple.

Cant understand the negativity.

1. We need more ol, let carey walk for the money he wants. I think sparano could coach up a lesser FA at his postion. Need another starting G with ?? over smilley and thomas injury. Poss draft a c and mover Satele.
2. Penny has hit on numerous deep balls this year. Flacco missed about 9 today and he has a bullet. Chad is fine, today the ol got abused apart from long. Chad was running for his life !!
3. Need more dl. Althouh soliai has made plays we need a young Nt, thats the crucial postion to the 3-4. Also a young pure pass-rusher, even though anderson came on at the end of the season.
4. Wr - See whats avail in Fa, but we need another. The others all have promise but need help.
5. Let crowder walk, good player but not great. I Would only pay him good player money !
6. Re-sign bell, hill and goodman. But draft a cb high and s in the later rounds.

Most importantly i believe in this coaching staff and front office. I know already they are one of the best units in the league. I trust this staff and you should to. Even though the season is over, and today was disapointing. I am proud of the team, and for once i know the future is bright in Miami !!!

I hate South Florida. Was so much fun watching the Dolphins get EMBARASSED. Hope you enjoyed your fluke season, cause you are back in the basement next year. Parcells is gone. Tough schedule. Low draft picks thanks to your fluke season.

Dolphins blow! Ha Ha!

This game was won in the lines. Point in proof was the penetration through the center. We need a bigger line, much like Dallas if we plan to run and use playaction. Also it wouldnt hurt to have a 240lb back who can fall foward for 3-4 yards every down, we were stuffed in short yardage and they had no respect for our run game. Get some bigger o-linemen a big back and re-tool the receivers with free-agency. Chad played with a lot of pressure, and threw the game away to Reed, but the D did do a nice job of keeping us in the game. Had we had a better protection we could have made small but efficient plays to get us in scoring range. Also did you see that ifiot Cam Cameron smiling like he just prooved a point? Well with that defense freaking any offensive coordinator will look good. Cant wait to see Tenesee stomp Flaco.

How much did Wilford get paid for his 2 catches? We should pick up a true playmaker at WR, either in the draft or free agency.


Can you get us a status update on Donald Thomas and Justin Smiley? If Smiley had ligament damage to go with the broken leg, he may not be able to play in 2009. If both those guys are ready to play, our o-line is much improved.

We need another pass rusher, badly. We need an upgrade at ILB, maybe two. We need to resign Goodman and Bell. We need an upgrade at FS.

We need a big target at WR. I don't know why people think Boldin is a free agent, he's not. TJ is too old to give that kind of money too. We'll get one in the draft. Think Kenny Britt from Rutgers.

no way this season is a disappointment, this loss does not take away from what this coaching staff is building and what these players believe.
this is going to be the best off season in a long long time.

Great to see alot of positive post !! Good stuff guys.

Well at least It feels good to know that our front office has a plan and that they know what they are doing in the Draft. It could always be worst like when we had that fool Wanny or that coward nick satan same goes for sham cam and mueller...


Armando, the Doplhins need more offensive weapons --WR's AND RB's-- and much, much better o-line members. Pennington had no time, but let's face it, he's the one who cost the Dolphins the game. I was amazed at how they were still in it after the two picks, then the three picks, even after the four picks they were still in it, but that's where you look. This was a poor, poor game, but a pretty great Defensive game by the Dolphins, under the circumstances. JT would be a nice addition if he wants to come back. Maybe better LB's and D-linemen (considering they couldn't get pressure on Flacco). But overall, you can't discount how the D kept the O in the game for as long as they did. In the end, the o-line and Pennington messed it up. I was so angry at Pennington, I wanted to share my chant with you: Out with Penny, in with Henne! Although, that's probably my frustration, but Pennington's weaknesses were really, really, evident in this game.

"I hate South Florida. Was so much fun watching the Dolphins get EMBARASSED. Hope you enjoyed your fluke season, cause you are back in the basement next year. Parcells is gone. Tough schedule. Low draft picks thanks to your fluke season.

Dolphins blow! Ha Ha!"

Post of the Year

Listen everyone, we should be proud of this team and what they were able to accomplish. We won the AFC East! Who would have thought that after 1-15. Areas of improvment: We do need an O Linemen (a Center), We need a receiver, and a run plugging NT. Parcell is not going anywhere. Stephen Ross will give him 12 Million AND raise his pay. Have faith all. The Superbowl is around the corner for us.

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