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Dolphins season ends with 27-9 playoff loss

It is over -- meaning this game and the season.

The Baltimore Ravens have defeated the Miami Dolphins 27-9 today and that loss in the wild card round of the playoffs sends the Dolphins home for the postseason.

The Dolphins finish 11-6 this season.

So it was a terrible day. But it was a very good year.

Let me know if the disappointment of the day in any way clouds the sunshine and warmth you've felt for 9 of the past 10 games before today.

Let me know what you think the Dolphin must accomplish this offseason ... Receiver ... more Olinemen ... NT?

And let me know whether you are seriously concerned that Bill Parcells will leave if and when Wayne Huizenga completes his sale of the Dolphins.

Come smart. Come strong.


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what happened to our tight ends today ?

you didnt keep the pats out...they kept themselves out....if brady wasnt hurt you woulda been done lastt week....

i think that we should consider trading joey porter. his value is high and hes getting older. we need some young all around LB's. i think we could get something good for him. we need picks

"what happened to our tight ends today ?"

Just like every miami team...they suck


mR742 are you high? why would the rebuild again? this team is young and accomplished so much. im telling you. 2-3 years from now were going to be in the superbowl. even if parcells leaves he has brought in the type of people thats gona help this fanchise continue to make strides. i also wana give a thank you to Chad penny. without this guy we would have had 5 wins tops!! we need a big physical reciever and nose tackle. were in good shape

Our worst weaknesses were on display today.

We have gotten away with a poor pass rush for too many weeks. We definitely need good pass-rushing D-linemen. Considering our awful pass-rushing, I think our DBs are fantastic. The year didn't start out that way, so this is by far our best group and should remain in place next season.

Secondly, we need one or two big receivers who can go after the ball. Although I'm not happy with Ginn's play, I'd like to see him on the same team with another, bigger receiver to compliment his speed.

Thirdly, yes, we could still stand some improvement on the O-line. But I think their play today was an abberation, not the norm. Let's face it, the Ravens are a great defense, and they were playing at their best level.

I am happy with our situation at QB, RB, and TE. I'm neutral on our LB play. Porter and Roth make some big plays, but they both blow containment a few times each game.

I cannot see Parcels leaving the Dolphins. If he were strictly an EVP, then he might leave for another challenge. However, Parcels' is a football man, involved with the Xs an Os, and he has a good relationship, obviously, with Sparano. There's really not a team out there shopping that can offer Parcels what he has here (complete control).

Cant believe no one is mentioning Porters name not being called in a game for 3-4 weeks, he has been a non facotr. No one ever said this was a super bowl team at any part of the year. Yes Pennington had his worst game as a Phin, but who doesnt against the Ravens Defense. That defense is special and we are not yet. All we need is a more physical O-line, more pass rush and a big fast reciever to compliment the offense. Great season overall. Congrats to the Phins and all the real fans. See you next year.

DOLPHINS BLOW - Press the caps lock button down you idiot. Done it, well done. Please now to proced typing in an educated fashion.

And yes the Dolphins might have blowed today. But about 20 teams blow more than us at the moment, and i bet your team is one of them !!!

Yeh, we have some bottom feeders in this fan base. Why don't you pinheads who think money is the only motivator in life go ahead and get ready for your night shift at the 7-11.

On to Parcells: I'm calling you out, Bill. You have just started your mission, and done a heck of a job. I know you don't want the ignominy of a Saban and a Petrino bailing before the job is finished. Finish the job. Its the honorable thing to do.

Miami Dolphins. Honor always.

This is the importance of position to me that will fill the Dolphins weaknesses.
We need a big ugly monster nose tackle. Sign one from free agency.
We need another big offensive lineman. jake can't do it all by himself. Draft a center
We need a beast of a middle linbacker.
I like Crowder but I think we could upgrade. Draft or free agent.
We could use some secondary help.
Our guys played well enough but one more fast guy would help.
We need another receiver. Although this is glaringly obvious it could be other positions causing the Wideout headaches. I believe we need to sign one.
We will need a rb soon. Our guys are going to get another year older.
Our defense and offense are going to have to get a touch more complicated. Maybe some slight adjustments.
The reason that I say all of this is:
It starts with size in the middle of the line on both sides of the ball. Stop the run and force the pass. We need to protect the qb but we most importantly have to set up runs and it always starts at center.
Our recievers are covered because they ain't running the routes. They don't have time because we can't run.
There is some room to the cap. I think that we can fill the void.
The trifecta knows and will do the right thing.
One last thing. The team was a lot of fun this year. It was fun to watch and to cheer for. Next year new challenges and new players should take us to the next step.

Great effort by the team this season. It turned out to be one of the most enjoyable seasons I can remember. Its too bad that todays game didnt go our way but we were in it right until the 4th qtr, cant give up the ball 5-6 times and expect to win.

Thanks 2008 Dolphins for restoring my hope. And what fun to end the Patriots run of titles and force them from 17-1 to missing the playoffs all in one season. The aftermath of the Jets crash land has been more entertaining than a TV sitcom, their franchise will continue to wander aimlessly while the Dolphins have one helluva coach in Tony Sparano.

On to the future...

Parcells senses a good situation in Miami and stays on, an enticing tidbit would be Miami hosting the Pro Bowl and Superbowl in 2 years. It would be his goal to have his team playing a first ever home team Super Bowl.

There is plenty of room for improvement this offseason. My priority would be an upgrade at WR with a seasoned veteran such as TJ Housh from the Bengals. Ted Ginn will sink or swim next season, he is in no way a #1 receiver and with the play and development of Davone Bess would make Ginn my WR bubble player. (keep Brandon London and Greg Camarillo) If Ginn could fetch a 3rd round pick, or trade and allow a 1st round trade up I would take it!

Offensive Line depth, injuries hurt the weak side this year down the stretch. Get a starter and ugrade depth.

QB - Pennington did a heck of a job and has won me over as a fan. I would have him under a 3 year contract and let him know he would be immediately hired as an assistant coordinator/QB coach. Henne has a great role model to learn from until his time to play comes. Beck can stay at #3 unless he can fetch a draft pick, any old draft pick.

Defensive line - draft for depth, Ferguson and Holliday cant play forever so look for eventual replacements.

Linebacker - offer Crowder $10m a 3 year contract or let him walk. Solid, yes. Top ten at his position? Not yet.... Get a free agent vet and draft LB high.

Secondary, sign Goodman but not to crazy money, 3 year deal only. Draft depth but look for a shutdown corner, upgrade over Will Allen.

Draft wise the team should be in pretty good shape, the Taylor pick mid 2nd round will be a nice bonus or allow the team something for trade bait if they want to move up in the 1st.

Next years schedule looks pretty tough and the team might not be able to repeat but they will finish respectable and be in a good draft position to make that 3rd year push for the home Super Bowl.

Cincinnati Ohio via Western NY
Dolphins fan since 72

What do you guys think about the QB situation? Is this all Pennington can offer? Does he have another level? Early posts indicated that if there should be change at the position, they should look to the draft. I personally think that if there's change, you look to Henne (this was also an option in earlier posts)? Or do you stick with Pennington? With the way I'm feeling right now, I'm saying I want to see Henne at the helm. Maybe that's just disappointment speaking, but I want to know how you guys feel.

"MrBaltimore, you live in that horrible city what are you so happy about you turd!"

Baltimore is a way better city than miami

Mr.Baltimore, so you like wasting time here arguing with Dolphins fans instead of celebrating with Ravens fans? Or do you just not have any friends?

Either way, feel free to hang here. You'll probably only recieve name calling and distain, but whatever.

Oh, I just thought of another thing regarding Parcells...

We have a pretty good draft situation and a lot of cap space available. He's not going anywhere.

It depends what they think of Satele and Carey.
Does Donald Thomas and Jason Smiley come back totally healthy and ready to go? If they like all of the above they may only need OT depth because the back ups (not Nduke) at gaurd seemed to play pretty well.

They need Camarillo to come back healthy and draft a Fitzgerald or Boldin type WR.

The need multiple picks (high) at CB, and S.

I'd trade Joey Porter now while his value is high and then replace him in FA or the draft.

MLB could need an upgrade.

Do they trade John Beck this summer? If they can get a 2nd rounder for him I think so, then they'll need a 3rd string.

Probably grab another NT. Will they keep or trade Holliday with Merling developing?

So they seem set at QB, RB, FB, mostly on OL and DL.

Need at least 2 (if not 3) new starters at DB. For sure 1 S and one CB.

1 OLB to replace Porter.
1 MLB to start.
Depth as needed at LB.

Potentially 1 NT to develope.

Developmental QB if Beck is traded.

1 big/fast WR to start. With Ginn, Bess, and Camirillo, and London that should be a good corps.

OT is they decide not to keep Carey unless Thomas can slide over.

1 starting center if they decide that is not the spart for Satele (who would garner a high pick back).

Getting much closer. They had a very impressive year and played pretty darn well against Baltimore. Just seems like they lacked playoff experience.

LOL Pat thanks for taking your time to reply back

Aee you morons really posting negatively towards Pennington??VERY LAME....THANKS Chad for a great year,looking forward to you being a GREAT leader AGAIN next year..GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!!

I wont say a thing....

Well posters last week asked after this game was over for the Baltimore Fans to come back to the site and face you guys. I am HERE.

Quote last week: Baltimore feeds off of turnovers and we just don't give the ball up, Baltimore can't win.

We didn't ask for the ball .... we just took the damned thing !! Good defenses do that.

You played your soft '08 schedule well but playoff games are not like playing half the season playing the AFC and NFC WEST

Next week we play a real tough team UNLIKE THE PHINS so we better polish up !! We won't be able to play only half a game and win like we did against the Phish.

See you fair weather fans later ....

MrBaltimore go hang yourself already! just make sure you do it in your nasty dirty city you turd! whats there to like about living in a nasty hell hole with a bunch of gorillas? get lost idiot!!!

Here We see an example of a low educated classless fan AKA a dolphins fan

It has been an awsome season. It was tough today, but the team never gave up. The team is still the AFC East Champions, not the Pats, not the Jets, not the Bills. From worst to First is FANtastic. I enjoyed this season, I will proudly wear my Dolphins gear. As far as the offseason question, yes, yes and yes. I still think we need Parcells input this draft and offseason. Thank you Dolphins for making this a great year!

MrBaltimore you sir are a moron! how you like that for class?

Not sure who the bigger idiot is you or cuban menace...

Yes I am being negative toward Chad P as I have been all year...cut that bum...for reference watch the Min/Phi game to see QB's with DECENT arms...

Obviously still a great season despite the loss. Lots of needs to upgrade talent. Next year we get a 1st place schedule, much harder than this year, so without an upgrade on O-line, WR, LB, DB it will be hard to match 11-5. Thanks Tony and Bill and Jeff and all the rest for giving us a FUN season!

Thank you Mr Hialeah for taking your time to reply back

I think this season was a great one. But this playoff game pretty much showed our weaknesses more than the good things. The FIRST thing we need, is to let Henning retire. He is a BAD OC, his playcalling today was horrendous. We need a decent wideout that needs to know how to move down the field, and break into routes that gets them open. We need a RUN BLOCKING offensive line. They have sucked with that all year, and sucked even more today, even with the passrush.

I would not resign Carey. He is not a very good OL. I would not resign Crowder, Bell, or Goodman. Neither one of those players I believe are good enough to give big time money too as there are better players out there that deserve such money. Put Ginn on the inactive list. He is a proven bust as he cant make the efforts to get open so his QB can get him the ball. So we need some better WRs. Get rid of Holliday and Ferguson. We need some front line guys that make sacks, to take pressure and dependability off Porter, and can also stop the run. An improved secondary is a necessity too.

With the first 3 picks we need two pass rushers and a corner!

Cut ties with Vernon Carey and replace him in FA....hopefully Smiley and Donald Thomas will come back healthy!

Also, Thanks Mando. You do a great job. I dont always agree with what you say, but i do respect your opinions. Importantly i appreciate your role as a reporter and what your job entails !!

Thanks again for making this a great blog !!!

big congrats to my dolphins for a great season.

"big congrats to my dolphins for a great season."


1. Focus Draft on LB's and OL
2. Get Donald Thomas and Smiley healthy - but still need to upgrade this area.
3. Need to Upgrade CB position, this will allow us to do more upfront.
4. Really focus on Developing Henne this off season with a view to partial play 2009 to then take over 2010.
5. We need a WR that threatens people to take focus off of Camarillo and Bess.
6. Consider trading Ginn to Baltimore... Cam loved him so much let him have him.. showed very little today in as far as hustle.
7. Dont worry about NT this year, Soliai needs to have a good off season and grow up.
8. Go after Boldin but dont pay too much.
9. Need a rangier FS.
10. Only sign Crowder to a medium size contract and then trade on draft day for a 3rd or 4th and 6th.

All in all, what a great year... too bad it ended like it did..

But consider that we are sorted at
DL - yes even at NT
K/P although need more consistency on Kick offs

that leaves
OL - you must be able to run the ball in this league

Not a bad situation to be in.

Strummer, you are stupid to suggest trading Porter. His sacks and defensive leadership is why this defense did well at all.

parcells unfortunately is as good as gone because who would stay anywhere when you have $9 mill to walk away? It's like winning the lottery.

Dolphins just need to keep adding more pieces - especially to the defense. OLB is the #1 priority. Maybe Jason Taylor? You never know.

Pennington has to take a bunch of the clame for today's performance. He twice threw to double covered receivers and over threw on another. And Ginn was wide open on one of them. I'm sure the Ravens feel like they were given a gift with a big red bow on it.

Ted Ginn Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mando, great job all season... Can you block idiots like MrBaltimore from this blog? they bring nothing to the table and have zero class...

Once and for all Boldin is NOT a free agent.

And please, keep Carl Peterson away from this franchise. We are just starting to get this Dave Wanstedt and Cam Cameron stink off of us.

sun sentinel is reporting that BP will be back this year. Mando have you heard the same? Their source is Mr. H.

"Mando, great job all season... Can you block idiots like Myself from this blog? I bring nothing to the table and have zero class...

Posted by: shula | January 04, 2009 at 05:00 PM"

Fixed, No need to thank me

Dolphins should trade. Porter, Ginn, Brown, Satele and bring in true tough consistent players. I mention these names because they should have fairly high draft value and god knows we need those picks. Ginn will get a 4th rounder if we are lucky, but Id take a 5th just to get the last of Cameron out of here. Satele is not a strong enough blocker on the run or pass, Brown can be a very soft runner at times and only really lowers the boom on DB's, not DL or LB's. Porter should be gone now on the back of his final big season. At 32, he will find it hard to play like he did for the first 14 games, before disapearing. Porter is still a great player but we need to get younger and fresher.

I'm thinking if that NT from BAMA comes out the Fins will pick him up late in the first RD. We need to get stronger and younger at that spot. I would use the rest of our early picks on ILB, S and WR. Find some O line and CB/OLB help in the later rounds...

First of all you guys are over reacting to the loss today. Yes those turnovers hurt but they were FORCED by that amazing D. They completly smothered our O. I never seen CP so flustered before.

Mando, we need to upgrade at FS. If Taylor Mays comes out we gotta get em. Pair him up with YB and its like having two more LB's on the field. And contrary to what you said on the radio yesterday mando, the dolphins have to back up the brinks truck to bring in albert hanseworth. He can play NT. Chris jenkins played in the 4-3 last season for the panthers and is a pro bowl NT for the wets this season. All in all it was a great season and now I'm looking forward to april


I was at the game and WE HAVE THE WORST FANS IN THE NFL. PLEASE PLEASE next year shut your f'n mouths when we are in the red zone and when the opponenet is in the red zone get your lazy arses outof your seats and scream! Im disgusted. That first drive where we only got 3 points on a 3rd and 1 can be blamed on our own end zone fans as much as the O-line!

I love man!!! my dad hates me! please shoot me!

HAHAHA At that disguise Dolphins fan using my handle

Ted Ginn Jr. has a great family and is a stand up guy.

What a crock

The fans blow, there was no noise, nothing. Lazy ass fans

jj posts "get rid of holliday and ferguson"? I have to leave,the I.Q. level is way tooooooooo low for me.. Until I read these horse shi_ posts,I was PROUD to be a Dolphin Fan.....You people are IGNORANT football fans......GET A LIFE!......GO FINS!

Hey being from Miami, and a true fins fan reading some of the commits made by those who call themself fans give the team a bad rap. Yes they got beaten rather bad today,but how can we just forget the turn around so fast. I did not think at the begaining of this season
that my fins would be division champs. Getting to that point they beat a few very good teams. Today the better team won, and in doing so we now know what areas we need help in this off season.This season made me recall the year that the Cowboys kicked our butt in the fins 1st superbowl. That lost was a wake up call and the fins became a power house. I feel that we are on that road , we will battle next year for a playoff spot and we will do so much better than today..because we just had our wake up call. GOOD JOB FINS thanks for a good season.

JEEZ...a guy in Kansas is a better fan...........nice post William

It was painful to watch this team lose the way they did. They were such great managers of games all season. I don't know Chad tried to force the ball deep so often? All year he took the underneath stuff and kept the chains moving.I hope it was more of the Ravens defense than anything else for all the turnovers.
We are in dire need of a more polished down field threat. As far as the O-line, Satele and Ndukewe were dominated today. Hopefully, Thomas comes back healthy and stronger next season. Solai really showed me something these last few weeks. If he matures and gets a little stronger he can be a beast. The fins need a play-maker in the secondary and one in the line-backing corps, we can't count on Porter to duplicate his season. This team is not far away!



Don't you Baltimore fans have boyfriends to bang after your big victory over such a "pathetic" team?

I've been to Baltimore. Bring a flack jacket.


The Ravens don't even belong to you. Thieves.

Hey, captain all-caps...this is an english speaking site.

Did not know stuttering translated to typing.

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