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Dolphins sold and Parcells is staying -- for now

The Dolphins are expected to announce the completion of their sale from current owner Wayne Huizenga to new owner Stephen Ross later this afternoon.

That is a potential paradigm shift for the franchise Huizenga has steered since 1994. And that matters to you only if you are a ticket-buyer or if you're concerned about what the ownership change might mean to the future of football czar Bill Parcells.

Parcells, reached in Mobile, Ala. where he is scouting players in advance of the Senior Bowl, was not aware the sale had gone through Tuesday afternoon. "I didn't know that," he said."Good. That's good."

And that is where the conversation pretty much ended.

Parcells declined to discuss his future with the Dolphins and declined to discuss the specifics of a clause in his contract that allows him to walk away from the Dolphins and be paid his entire salary if the team changes ownership.

So that was a dead end.

But on this day of change for the Dolphins, other sources within the organization have been willing to give a glance into what Parcells is likely to do.

And they say he is going  to stay ...

... unless he gets a reason not to stay.

One source close to Parcells says the man charged and credited with turning the Dolphins around has a "a developing relationship" with new owner Ross. And that relationship needs to develop more.

While Parcells is acting like, and saying he is staying with the Dolphins, he wants to be certain that new ownership understands him. More importantly, he wants to make sure new ownership understands the NFL business is not like the commercial real estate development business in which Ross made his fortune.

Things happen overnight in the NFL. Unexpectedly. And Parcells wants to have the freedom and wherewithal to react to keep the Dolphins competitive. One example I was given was the acquisition of quarterback Chad Pennington late last preseason.

To make the move, the Dolphins had to come up with an unbudgetted $4 million to pay Pennington a bonus. Huizenga approved the check with little delay. Parcells wants to make certain Ross would understand the need to move quickly in such instances and be able to tap resources in a similar manner.

He is not completely certain of that yet.

Parcells, I am told, wants to stay with the Dolphins and, indeed, is planning to do just that. That is one reason he is in Mobile to begin with.

But there is a small loophole that cannot be ignored.

So Parcells is staying 100 percent ... unless something changes. And then that percentage goes out the window.


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Parcells better stay or the Phins are lost.

Ross better not mess up what we got going on here...

the only thing im gonna hate about this is that dolphin stadium will be named a gayy company name :(

If parcells wanted to leave he wouldn't waste his time in mobile scouting prospects. Mando have you seen fs louis delmas out of western michigan? He's a good friend of mine and I think he would be an upgrade over hill. He would be a great pick-up if he fell to us in the 2nd round.

dolphins stadium name is guaranteed to change to like walmart stadium or something stupid like that ... thats prob the only thing ill hate about this sale...

Ross needs to stay out of Parcells hair and let him do his job.

lets post about that loseing dolphin stadium name to walmart stadium or yahoo.com stadium or google stadium. :(

I'm confident Ross knows what he has in Parcells and knows the value of what Parcells can do to a team. I know Ross knows this because even people who don't follow football for one sunday knows this. I just hope Ross isn't the type of person who will let his ego get in the way of what could be a very healthy and very prosperous relationship. Both for he and Parcells and for the Dolphins organization and the fans.

thats why ross is looking for help in purchasing the stadium the other company helping will get rights to the name im sure .. I miss joe robbie..

I hope Ross gets a federal bailout...that would make everyone feel good.

This will be a classic case of "be careful what you wish for". I have read the comments on these blogs for a couple of years and always wondered why fans were crying for a change in ownership. Granted, Wayne made some mistakes along the way but was always willing to pay whatever contracts for coaches and players necessary to bring in a winner. He was also willing to keep a hands off approach that lured someone like Parcells. Teams that have frugal owners (Bills, Bengals) or overbearing ones (Raiders, Cowboys)have a tough time being competitive or luring the top talent for either players and coaches. Again, we shall see. Be careful what you wish for Miami fans, you might just get it.

Omar is better...

Omar sucks. I'm so confused. Not to mention stupid.

Ross just needs to keep his mouth shut, enjoy life for owning a NFL Franchise, and be happy that he has a person on his staff (Parcells) with arguably the highest football IQ. This is not the real estate business, just sit back and collect cash while Parcells gets things rolling. Who else could you possible bring in that will do a better job than Parcells.

Parcell in mobile doesn't mean his staying, it means he's marketing himself to use it to get a better (more money) contract from Ross, he'll stay with more money.

About Ross, he delayed the purchase to get help from the goverment, if people don't know he has twice the money that Hueizenga has (literally) so that won't be a problem

Congratulations Ross! Now, give Bill his $12 million and resign him to another 3 year contract. He's earned it and you better not mess this thing up!!!

Ross--make him stay; do whatever it takes; please please please; my mental helath & well-being depends wholly on Parcells staying!!!

I thought this guy was in trouble. Deferred 1/3rd of the payments? What does he think, real estate is about to go up 33%? Wayne must really want out of this. I'd love to see the paperwork on this one.

ESPN is saying Parcell is not going to be in the Dolphins future. This sucks!!!!



"the only thing im gonna hate about this is that dolphin stadium will be named a gayy company name " We'll see...not many Companies spending big money these days for naming rights. Could it be worst than what we've already had since Joe Robbie??

BTW- jets fn suck.


minority owners ready to dress as players if no one will sign w/fins for few bucks;
by jet fan w/brain

If Ross is looking for a government bailout and needed additional investors to purchase the team, it sounds like his finances aren't great. He sounds like the kind of owner that will not give Parcells an unlimited budget. This is especially bad considering that the CBA will be eliminating the salary cap. The George Steinbrenners will be able to buy all the talent while the Stephen Rosses won't.

Not that this will help the paranoid, but here's an article from ESPN with comments from Ross himself:


What will be will be and it looks like Ross knows what he has in Parcells. Stay positive, Dolfans.

You want him to leave don't you.

That way you can post some more "the sky is falling!",glooooom despair and agony on us BULLCHIT!

You have some skills..why you don't use them is beyond me.

OMG..you REALLY DO want him to leave.

Brian C ..You are very smart to note that .I agree with you.
by.fin fan

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