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Dolphins soon to chase their own free agents

If you read my column in Tuesday's Miami Herald you understand after reading the first paragraph of the story that Bill Parcells isn't one for wasting time.

He met with owner Wayne Huizenga Monday, one day after Miami's season ended, to outline things he wants to do in free agency. One reason Parcells needed to tell Huizenga about his plans is he wants to re-sign some, if not all, of Miami's soon-to-be free agents.

And to do that you need approval from Huizenga because it is, after all, the owner's money.

So as early as Tuesday, the Dolphins began contacting the agents of their targeted unrestricted free agents and making what they believe to be good offers in order to sign them before the beginning of free agency gives those players the opportunity to test the open market.

The Dolphins are wise to try to re-sign their key free agents because they cannot take steps backward on the talent front if they are to improve for next year.

So which players are we talking about?

Cornerback Andre' Goodman.

Strong safety Yeremiah Bell.

Free safety Renaldo Hill.

Inside linebacker Channing Crowder.

Right offensive tackle Vernon Carey.

Miami has others but these are the more important ones. All these players, with the exception of Goodman and Hill, were disturbed the Dolphins didn't extend them to new deals during the season. Now they are 45 days or so from going on the open market. That means getting their John Hancocks now will take hard work.

And the Dolphins are apparently on the job. So which player should be the priority? Well, as Tony Sparano said, you cannot get enough offensive linemen and cornerbacks.

To me, the Dolphins would do well to ink Goodman and lock up Carey. I realize both have issues. I realize both had moments this year when they didn't play well. But Goodman's moments came early in the season and from about the fifth game on, he was nails with his coverage. He led the team in interceptions.

Carey struggled with his pass blocking at times. But the Dolphins were primarily a right-handed running team in 2008, I think, because Carey was their best run-blocker much of the season. Finding a tackle is not always easy. Why let one walk when he's on campus?

It could be argued the Dolphins could do major damage by chasing Carolina's Jordan Gross in free agency but I don't see that happening. The Dolphins could re-sign Carey and address the right guard spot or center spot with about the same money it would take to sign Gross. Plus Gross played at left tackle in 2009 so he's going to want LT money rather than RT money.

So Carey is an important piece to keep, in my opinion.

Yeremiah Bell will also be re-signed if the Dolphins have their way. He's athletic, he's explosive, he's got a great work ethic, and his teammates like him. His agent Drew Rosenhaus isn't going to take a bargain contract now that YB has proven he can stay healthy and entire season. But Rosenhaus does have a history of working with the Dolphins.

Hill and Crowder will also get new offers. But I wouldn't be surprised if one of them doesn't come back for 2008 and I would be less surprised if Crowder is that one. Simply, an inside linebacker can be found in the draft. And Crowder wants a big payday. He is valuable, but the concern here is he might be more valuable to another team than to Miami.

All of this pre-free agency thinking is important to the Dolphins because they have a vision for 2009. And what might that be, you ask? Simple: Improve enough to win a playoff game.

"My vision on where this team is headed would be to win one of those ballgames like we were in [Sunday]," coach Tony Sparano said. "If we put ourselves back in that position, and to win one of those ball games like we were in [Sunday], to be better prepared, to be bigger, to be stronger, to be faster and all of those things when we arrive at that point next time.

"I think, when you come in here and you’re a new staff, the players don’t know your expectations, they’re not aware of what you’re looking for and all of a sudden now, they really are aware of what this thing is all about and they do know our expectations and how we expect to get to where we’re going to be. They do know that we won’t rest until we get this thing right one way or the other. I think that there’s a little bit clearer picture, or an awful lot clearer picture for them when they do come back. For us, we’ve just won our division, we won 11 ballgames and now you’ve got to say to yourself, ‘You set your sights on being better than that.’  You have a bar up there, you’ve got to try to go after that thing."


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I really hope they sign Bell. It's unbelievable how many big plays the guy makes. Obviously he's not Ed Reed, but he's the best safety the Dolphins have had since Brock Marion. He's just a playmaker.

Channing is gone. He just not that good. I thought Pascaloni kind of let one slip at a press conference. After raving about how good Crowder was, he said that you have to cut Channing some slack because it's his first year playing the position. This Dolphins staff won't say negative things about a player in the press. That's about as telling as a statement as your going to get. Crowder is easily replaceable - especially with his bum knee.

Hill's gone as well. He's just a body. That missed tackle on McGahee in the Baltimore game was just tough to watch.

I could go either way on Carey. He's a good player, but not irreplaceable if his demands are too high.

I have no idea who the free agents from other teams are this year. Hopefully, we'll snag a few good ones.

One thing you fail to mention, the franchise tag. I could see it used on either Bell or Carey, so they have some incentive to get a deal done if they want a bonus.

i would love for miami to go after Terrel Suggs to help out JP and maybe T.J. Houzmanzada or however you spell it ha! but not sure on carey maybe Gross is the better way to go either way i see us signing 1 big free agent then some more no names like last year. bill P and crew always know how to get talent at a bargain price.

i would love for miami to go after Terrel Suggs to help out JP and maybe T.J. Houzmanzada or however you spell it ha! but not sure on carey maybe Gross is the better way to go either way i see us signing 1 big free agent then some more no names like last year. bill P and crew always know how to get talent at a bargain price.

i would love for miami to go after Terrel Suggs to help out JP and maybe T.J. Houzmanzada or however you spell it ha! but not sure on carey maybe Gross is the better way to go either way i see us signing 1 big free agent then some more no names like last year. bill P and crew always know how to get talent at a bargain price.

i would love for miami to go after Terrel Suggs to help out JP and maybe T.J. Houzmanzada or however you spell it ha! but not sure on carey maybe Gross is the better way to go either way i see us signing 1 big free agent then some more no names like last year. bill P and crew always know how to get talent at a bargain price.

None of those guys is worth the franchise tag, but lets resign them all apart from Crowder and Hill and then get after Julius Peppers, Terrel Suggs and T.J. Houzmanzada.....

Sign Bell, the rest will want far more than they're worth.....

I say we resign Bell, Carey, and Goodman. Pass on all the big name FA's...we just drafted/signed 3 starters this past offseason. We need to throw $$ at a big time WR to open up things for our RB's. Plain and simple!!

I want a big nose tackle that can play behind the line of scrimage. next, we'll take t.j. who'syamama. after that we need depth on the oline especially if joey thomas and smily aren't ready to go. in the draft we need to find good cheap depth/stater quality at free safety and line backer. oh yea.....suggs or vilma would be nice also.

Please sign chad.p for extra 8 years. by 33333

the cellar is back next season. by 3333

please resign crowder!!! he keeps the whole team loose with his personality and he always makes tackles unlike many of his team mates. he has over 400 tackles in 4 years. how many did joey porter have????

please sign chad.henne for extra 10 years .he is a nice guy untile he has his own nice little 4 interceptions.posted by la pizza luca

bell--yes ++
goodman--yes +
carey---yes but last game
hill-- eh +
channing-- eh

mashed potatato+butter+salt+cream+mustard=cellar
posted by logig

Goody played great for most of the season. Sign he and Bell ASAP. BTW- jets will always suck hind tit.

please sign every one for 10 years .come on asap.
posted by expert

let us sign T.O if you want tuna to leave without getting paid.
posted logig

They have to sign Carey and Bell. Goodman would be nice also, but he is over 30 now and I believe they need to get younger and more athletic at CB. Crowder is a tough one. I know he stayed healthy most of the year, but I just have a bad feeling they give him a ton of money and he's not going to play half the season because of injury. Hill did a "nice" job at safety and probably saved the season because of his steadiness at that position. But we need more of a playmaker and a force. PAY YOUR OWN players who are in their prime. You don't have to worry about a bidding war with another team like you would if you chased someone else in free agency.

Got to let Crowder and especially Hill go. Both are average at best. In fact I don't even think Hill is average.

I love YB and Goodman in the secondary. I think Goodman plays like Madison when he was young. He takes chances and can make big plays. He does get burned sometimes, but that is expected when you play so close. We still need one more CB though.

Carey I guess I would like to keep. It's hard to truly grade a offensive tackle from the TV.

I'm not sure why we will go after a Center though. I think we already have that position locked.

This off-season we must address WR, MLB, DE, Secondary, and OLine Depth.

All of this really depends on who is out there.
You don't say off with the king's head unless you have another another one to replace it. If the draft or FA doesn't have prospects at the positions you are looking to upgrade, then you sign them to high dollar one or two yr deals if their agents will take it. Its a bigger cap hit than a longer term deal, but not for long. Also there is usually no signing bonus (which are pro-rated over the life of the contract)on such deals since you are paying a higher premium anyway on a short term deal.

Crowder = small LB = not Parcells type = Gone.

The rest? I'll wait and see, just like Parcells will wait for Ireland will come back to him with his draft board and start targeting talent, needs and role players.
Speaking of that, look for LOTS of role players to be drafted on defense this year as Miami has LOTS of holes there.

Bottom line the growth of this team must continue. Last year was good, but you want the playoffs to be a regular thing and winning part of the culture and a result of work ethic so that its not a surprise to the pundits, and least of all to your own players.

Bell is the best of the bunch. They need to sign bell.

Here is my order


86 crowder, mando, what was he saying to the jets locker room while going in at halftime during the game against the jets???

I think Bell, Carey, Goodman, and Hill will stay. Miami will look to upgrade the safety position but Hill is still a good special teams player and I don't see him getting a better contract elsewhere. Crowder wants a big pay day and I think will only come back to the Dolphins after going through the FA process.

Make sure you are listening. NO, NO and a bigger No for TJ. Housh. Why do you want to spend money on a 32 year old Possession receiver??? We have two that are much younger and cheaper in Bess and Camerillo. IF you would get a WR it would need to be a big burner which there are really none in free agency. Luckily, the fans don't make the decisions and we finally have a management team in place who doesn't sign aging stars to a young team.

Keep Carey, Goody, Bell. I can take or leave Hill and Crowder. Vilma is nothing special hence Jets letting him go to saints. Suggs...classless...After what he did and was trying to do to Ronnie at the bottom of that pile Sunday. Don't want anything to do with him. That was disgusting...you don't try to intentionally hurt people in defenseless positions...coward.

Look at the size, speed and ferociousness of Baltimore's linebackers and then look at the Dolphins. We got a long way to go........

you,ll better make sure you get the tuna on board for next season...e mail your new owner, i dought he will respond to the peons , but give it a shot. what could it hurt???

HP, its because people don't realize/know TJ IS a possession receiver.

keep Goodman, Bell and Carey. Goodman and Bell played at a high level in the second half of the season. Carey wasn't great, but he's decent and he can play at least 3 positions on the line. I just wouldn't overpay for him.
Hill seems to have just as many bad plays as good. same with Crowder; too many negative plays for the money he's looking for.

Crowder is a great player but not a great fit in a 3-4. Akin is a better fit because of height and size. size helps cuz they can bat down balls and are bigger in coverage. Channing is just a better fit on another team. Hill is a good player and could start for the lions and few other bad teams but not any championship teams. I like the guy as a solid backup to give depth. Goodman is tough and I hope he stays. however we need depth and youth a 2 yr deal would be smart at most and pickup talent in the draft at cb. Carey and Bell are irreplaceable. We need to rebuild and it starts with the stars we have already. Carey will keep improving he is still young and fresh at RT I believe he will gain from a solid RG.

They absolutely need to resign Bell and Goodman, those guys make plays. I'd really like to see them resign Crowder, but I agree that he might not get the money he's looking for from the Dolphins and ILB is a much easier position to fill in the middle of the draft than say, pass rush.

This leaves Hill and Carey, who can both take a hike for all I care. Hill might be the guy who was making the calls in the secondary and getting everyone lined up properly, but the fact is that the guy can't tackle worth a damn. If you count the number of times when the Dolphins allowed a big play after contact, chances are that Hill blew a tackle somewhere in there.

And while Carey might be the best run blocker out there, I'd say that has something to do with the fact that Satele is a horrendous pass blocker and Ndukwe is Just a Guy. All I can see is fat guy who struggles in pass pro and doesn't move the pile like a Jeff Otah or Dave Stewart.

in order of importance:
Yeremiah Bell
Vernon Carey
Andre Goodman
Channing Crowder
Renaldo Hill

Crowder is toast. He was in the wrong gap so many times Sunday, it drove me nuts. His instincts SUCK. He's the reason we got run on when we did.

I say we draft an ILB like AJ Hawk. He started for the packers the first year and has been a tackling machine ever since.

I noticed that you didn't mention Matt Roth on this list. Makes sense as Roth looked like a fish out of water at OLB this year. Kudos to him for giving it his all, but he's clearly a strong-sde DE in a 4-3 defense. I expect to see him sign with Chicago where he'll be a much better fit.

Have I mentioned that Crowder SUCKS!

HP in PA, thank you for finally talking some sense into these folks. I would go one further to say that with Pennington at QB we are gonna run the offense very much like this year with short ball control type plays which means a WR isn't really as big a priority as people might think. Say what you will about our WRs, but Chad put up 3600 yards with them... I will take that every year as long as we get 1800 yards from our RBs combined. Also, WRs are found in the draft at later rounds all the time and we can get someone who may be raw but can be grown into Henne's guy once his time comes.

If Parcells says you have to go then you have to go, point blank.

My allegiance is to Parcells and his decisions.

This year I will not get caught up in feeling sorry for anyone when it comes to the Dolphins.

Armando, you're one of the few who thinks Carey was our best run blocker. Jake Long graded out as not only the Dolphins best run blocker, but one of the best in the league. Carey had a sub par season both pass and run blocking. I'm sure the revolving door at RG didn't help, but Carey didn't have the kind of season that should get him a big pay day.

A lot of people here don't seem to like Crowder even though he does a lot for our defense and we're better with him than without him. Be careful what you wish for. Big LBs who call the defense and can run and tackle aren't easy to find.

Goodman deserves a raise and we should re-sign him. He really elevated his game down the stretch.

Bell also deserves a pay day but how much? He's a good tackler and he's always around the ball but he only has one career interception.

If Hill will sign for a modest amount it would be good to bring him back but we need to bring in some youth at safety.

Crowder and Ayodele are the same size.

Matt Roth is not a free agent and how is he clearly a 4-3 strong side DE when that's what he played for us his first 3 seasons and he really didn't get any better. In fact he looked overmatched and undersized. He adapted to the OLB position this year and was a strength against the run and did a decent job getting after the passer. Roth brutalized TEs all season.


I think except for Carey your right on it, but I think a problem with money.

We have to consider free agency and draft options and the Dolphins need. And I agree with the comments that none of them deserves the tag money.

Crowder is gone, like you said, he wants too much money and he's being complaining about it all season instead of focusing on playing, and we all now Parcell hate those things.

Bell, Hill and Goodman are all good players, even none of them is a pro-bowler or close, so if they agree to a good contract (not cheap, neither too much) they'll be back to fight for a starting spot.

Carey, that depend on the options, I'd love to have Gross but I don't think he hit the market. So it came down probably to the second reoun of the draft for his replacement.

Bell, Crowder, Carey in that order.
Let the rest walk. I really don't care how well Goody played the last 10 wks it's the previous 3 yrs I'm woried about and he's 30. Hill is terrible

Mr. Bungle, I would love to see those actual grades you talk about. I didn't know they are public knowledge. Can you share the grades of all 7 linemen, please.

Crowder has been complaining about money all season instead of focusing on playing? Really? I never heard him bitching about money and he did have over 100 tackles.

Are you kidding ? Have you forgotten 2007 ? These players suck. None are worth keeping. It's time to get back to cleaning house, we couldn't do all of it in one year.Time to clean up more of Saban and Cam's mess, not give these players a big payday.

Willi Chirino, there are scouts who grade player performances and if you search for it you shall find them. KC Joyner is one of them.

So the players that just went 11-5 suck? That makes sense.

I've been saying all season that Crowder's going to walk. He's a solid young player, but he's not a playmaker and I'm willing to be he prices himself out of Miami's range.

wow Mr. Bungle you are right. My bad. I thought Crowder was 5'11 for some reason. Its weird he looked undersized to me. I think 6'2 is fine. I rescind my former comment on Crowder. One thing that still bothers me is that he opened his mouth about money and contracts in the middle of the season. He seemed to think he wasn't going to be playing here. and after that Texan loss I really felt he sounded malicious about not getting paid. unprofessional. He should count all his blessings especially during this economic crisis. He sounded like a selfish idiot.

Yes, those players that the story is about. And maybe you need to go back and look and some of our win's this year, and what these players did in those games. Our secondary was wide open, no one in the middle, remember the Texans game ? And Chad is the reason we are 11-5, and with no receivers.

Hope Bell, Goodman and Hill remain.
Carey wasn't solid all season long but i hardly see a better FA (except Gross), if he goes we're gonna draft a high pick on a RT.
Crowder often plays good but never great, no sacks, no picks, no forced fumbles i hope he'll be reasonable on his payday's request otherwise we can offer a contract to Dansby or pick someone in the draft.
I'd love to sign 2 big FAs between Suggs-Dansby-Atogwe.

Actually Crowder had about 3 FFs although he was only credited for 1. He did surpass 100 tackles his firdt yr as a starter AND his first in the 3-4...In fact, his stats this yr were BETTER than Zachs! He can't do it all, but he was crucial to our success and he's an emotional leader, teammates love him and he's still young...

I see it the same way you do, Mando. Carey is an invaluable lineman who can play both tackle spots at a pretty good level. Goodman was also might impressive as was Bell. I would like to see Crowder back though. he's a good plug and a lot better than Ayodele. However, this regime does not believe in investing in damaged goods and I can see their point.

Mr. Bungle,
Channing Crowder did say things about not getting paid and he mentioned in a coy a way more than once how he is 106th paid ILB in the league. He also stated after that loss to the texans that their linebackers played well and they get paid. they made those big plays maybe cuz they get paid. -this after a 3 yard Qb sneak up the middle for the win. He always produced don't get me wrong and deserves his payday for sure but talking about contractual issues during the reg season to the media is harmful and tactless.

I'd much rather upgrade Ayodoyle and Torbor than Crowder!

I'd much rather upgrade FS (Hill) than Crowder

Id much rather upgrade CB (any) than Crowder...

We have bigger deficiencies

beerphin, I guess you're being sarcastic about Crowder's size. Anyway, do you have an article or a video of Crowder complaining about money? I thought I heard him say he's not going to get into all of that during the season.

He did make a few comments in jest, but who can blame him? He's our STARTER MLB! He's prob making less than Ed Pope...Remember him?

Yes, Mr. Bungle, just as I thought. You don't REALLY have any grades on the OL. You have the grades of some media scout, if that. And you are assuming the Dolphins must share that media scout's opinion.

I agree with Armando that the Dolphins were a right-handed offense in the running game. I don't need a media scout or Armando to tell me that. I watched all the games.

So ask yourself this: If Long was soooo much better at run-blocking and had a better guard playing next to him most of the year, why were the Dolphins running to the right side a majority of the year?

So either the coaching staff doesn't realize the left side is better or your media scout's grades are ridiculous. I believe the Dolphins coaching staff knows what they were doing. And so I believe Carey must have been a pretty good run-blocker in their eyes. Pass blocking? Awful. Run-blocking. Very good.

I think We Saw The Best Of Bell-Goodman And Hill .So Sign Draft Picks To Improve The Team.Notice This Season Fins Had Easy Games.The Cellar Still Has A Huge Chance.
Posted By Alfrado

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