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Dolphins soon to chase their own free agents

If you read my column in Tuesday's Miami Herald you understand after reading the first paragraph of the story that Bill Parcells isn't one for wasting time.

He met with owner Wayne Huizenga Monday, one day after Miami's season ended, to outline things he wants to do in free agency. One reason Parcells needed to tell Huizenga about his plans is he wants to re-sign some, if not all, of Miami's soon-to-be free agents.

And to do that you need approval from Huizenga because it is, after all, the owner's money.

So as early as Tuesday, the Dolphins began contacting the agents of their targeted unrestricted free agents and making what they believe to be good offers in order to sign them before the beginning of free agency gives those players the opportunity to test the open market.

The Dolphins are wise to try to re-sign their key free agents because they cannot take steps backward on the talent front if they are to improve for next year.

So which players are we talking about?

Cornerback Andre' Goodman.

Strong safety Yeremiah Bell.

Free safety Renaldo Hill.

Inside linebacker Channing Crowder.

Right offensive tackle Vernon Carey.

Miami has others but these are the more important ones. All these players, with the exception of Goodman and Hill, were disturbed the Dolphins didn't extend them to new deals during the season. Now they are 45 days or so from going on the open market. That means getting their John Hancocks now will take hard work.

And the Dolphins are apparently on the job. So which player should be the priority? Well, as Tony Sparano said, you cannot get enough offensive linemen and cornerbacks.

To me, the Dolphins would do well to ink Goodman and lock up Carey. I realize both have issues. I realize both had moments this year when they didn't play well. But Goodman's moments came early in the season and from about the fifth game on, he was nails with his coverage. He led the team in interceptions.

Carey struggled with his pass blocking at times. But the Dolphins were primarily a right-handed running team in 2008, I think, because Carey was their best run-blocker much of the season. Finding a tackle is not always easy. Why let one walk when he's on campus?

It could be argued the Dolphins could do major damage by chasing Carolina's Jordan Gross in free agency but I don't see that happening. The Dolphins could re-sign Carey and address the right guard spot or center spot with about the same money it would take to sign Gross. Plus Gross played at left tackle in 2009 so he's going to want LT money rather than RT money.

So Carey is an important piece to keep, in my opinion.

Yeremiah Bell will also be re-signed if the Dolphins have their way. He's athletic, he's explosive, he's got a great work ethic, and his teammates like him. His agent Drew Rosenhaus isn't going to take a bargain contract now that YB has proven he can stay healthy and entire season. But Rosenhaus does have a history of working with the Dolphins.

Hill and Crowder will also get new offers. But I wouldn't be surprised if one of them doesn't come back for 2008 and I would be less surprised if Crowder is that one. Simply, an inside linebacker can be found in the draft. And Crowder wants a big payday. He is valuable, but the concern here is he might be more valuable to another team than to Miami.

All of this pre-free agency thinking is important to the Dolphins because they have a vision for 2009. And what might that be, you ask? Simple: Improve enough to win a playoff game.

"My vision on where this team is headed would be to win one of those ballgames like we were in [Sunday]," coach Tony Sparano said. "If we put ourselves back in that position, and to win one of those ball games like we were in [Sunday], to be better prepared, to be bigger, to be stronger, to be faster and all of those things when we arrive at that point next time.

"I think, when you come in here and you’re a new staff, the players don’t know your expectations, they’re not aware of what you’re looking for and all of a sudden now, they really are aware of what this thing is all about and they do know our expectations and how we expect to get to where we’re going to be. They do know that we won’t rest until we get this thing right one way or the other. I think that there’s a little bit clearer picture, or an awful lot clearer picture for them when they do come back. For us, we’ve just won our division, we won 11 ballgames and now you’ve got to say to yourself, ‘You set your sights on being better than that.’  You have a bar up there, you’ve got to try to go after that thing."


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Hill is GARBAGE!!
Re-sign YB,Goodie and Carey. Crowder is a good player but there are a bevy of linebackers in the draft and I'm sure the tuna has his pick ready. Hopefully taylor mays falls to us cause he is a beast. Pair him up with YB and were set in the secondary. And if hanesworth leaves the titans give him enough money to buy the dolphins!

We Need To Draft And Sign New Qp This Season In Case Chad.H Will Be Interception Machine.Also Need To Draft And Sign New RB To Protect Fins From Going To The Cellar .
Posted By Sherk.P

Depending on how much these players want plays an important factor. However, i do believe in keeping talented players. That being said, i believe Carey, Bell, and Goodman are the ones we should keep.

A lot of fans love Crowder (maybe his personality), but as a player, he has not lived up to his hype. If we wants big money, then let someone else pay for him. We need a solid ILB anyways.

We definately need major upgrades to our secondary, so i believe Renaldo Hill wont be back, unless Miami offers him an affordable contract. I cant wait to see what pans out,

TJ Houshmanazilly is a must, perfect fit for our team. I do not see Miami trading for Lito Sheppard or Anquan Boldin. But Lito would be a nice pick up.

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Nnamdi Asomugha is a free agent this year. I like Hill, but I get to watch Asomugha play every week and that guy would be a huge upgrade.

Okay but you have to do everything because I'm tired.

McLovin, you made sense until you to to the TJ Housh "must" comment. I guess you missed my comment earlier so here it is again. Make sure you are listening. NO, NO and a bigger No for TJ. Housh. Why do you want to spend money on a 32 year old Possession receiver??? We have two that are much younger and cheaper in Bess and Camerillo. IF you would get a WR it would need to be a big burner which there are really none in free agency. Luckily, the fans don't make the decisions and we finally have a management team in place who doesn't sign aging stars to a young team.

P uta

first off, heard your interview w/the guys from the Sirius NFL Radio Show "The Opening Drive" at about 920am this morning. Not bad. You had some good points for sure.

Now, bout the 5 major free agents...

Crowder: I have to agree with you...he wants that big payday and i dont think that theyll give him the kind of money he wants and he'll move on to another team.

Bell...he is a must to resign. Team leader for tackles @ 120 for the season. He isnt afraid to scrafice himself for the team. Sure he isnt super productive when it comes to INT's but he is effective elsewhere. He can force fumbles, and he isnt afraid to go after a QB on the Strong Side Safety Blitz! He is also the captain of the Secondary.

Hill...Sparano likes HIM! Sparano will have them do everything possible to retain him. If you remember Sparano made the comment that our Secondary got better after Hill was reinstated to the Secondary Starting Lineup which is very true. So I see Hill and the Dolphins coming to an agreement about money somewhere in the middle.

Goodman...he really impressed me this year. His coverage skills got so much better then they were in the last couple of seasons. Because of his improvement in his coverage was wasn't getting burned as much and getting called for big yardage Pass Interference penalties like had been in previous seasons. And to lead the team w/ 5 INT's...I see the Dolphins resigning him as well.

Carey...hes probably hoping for a big payday as well. He did ok @ RT, but in a couple of games he gave up on a couple blocks that allowed penetration to get to either Pennington or to Brown and Williams to be hit for losses. During the Ravens game he gave up on his block after just giving the DE 1 shove and then that person got to Pennington and sacked him. If he wants to stay in Miami he needs to finish his blocks and pancake his opponent instead of just buddy blocking. But he knows the offense already and would better then having to teach someone new the offense.

2009 season cant get here fast enough! GO PHINS!

Nnamdi Asomughawill be franchised if not signed, same thing with T. Suggs. If we lose Crowder the player to focus on would be Bart Scott. He will not be signed since they need to sign Suggs and Ray Lewis. He is a little older than I would like (29) but is explosive, plays with a lot of heart and has played in the 3-4 for a few years.

Yeah if we wanted a big time receiver we should have went for Roy Williams, not someone with one foopt in the NFL grave...Remember Chris Carter...He played what, 4 snaps before being placed on IR...

CharlestonSCPhinsFan.......Are You Writing A Book Keep It Short Expert.

Your right Marc, we should have given up a 1st, 3rd, and 2nd rounder the following year for a player who did nothing once Dallas got him. You would think you would have learned that you don't build a consistent winner trading away high draft picks. If you trade them, you give up a 4th rounder for a starting LB & TE or a 6th rounder for a stout NT. Remember how well Culpepper, Feely, Lamar Gordon, etc. did for us?

read the last comment he made at the end it is weird. plus I remember him saying after the Texans loss " Their TE gets paid more" while talking about his salary. and making an excuse about Owen Daniels offensive day. it was pathetic


Inside linebacker Channing Crowder is good!, but he needs get more money, Dolphins have to give it him

I wasn't aware the 'boys gave up that much...In the same breath I think that trading picks for good palyers isn't necessarily a crime...We just seem to screw the pooch OFTEN...@ would take Chambers back in a heartbeat...I'm sure R Williams will be tremendous nex year. He came in late to a new offense and has to battle with TO (give me the ball) and Witten...

We really need to re-sigh all but Crowder. I like Channing but we need a wrecking ball in the middle. Too often i see Crowder standing close to the pile, and not in it! Zach Thomas spoiled us for the better part of a decade. We need to pursue one of the Ravens linebackers too add extra punch too complement JP!

Bart Scott would be an improvement but I don't see the Ravens not Re-signing him.

Bring back Crowder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I live in Baltimore and can tell you it is very unlikely they resign Scott. Most of the anylsts around here think they will sing Suggs to a mega deal since he is only 25 and then franchise Ray Lewis if they can't resign him. They already drafted Scott's replacement in Tavares Gooden last year from the U. Some of us do our research before screaming out things they want or don't want. Important rule of business, don't make a complaint (we need to get rid of Crowder) unless you have a way to solve it (Sign Bart Scott)

Wouldn't it make more sense to add Scott or another LB in addition to Crowder to replace Torbor and or Ayodele? Especially since Crowder is the youngest of the bunch?

Goodman, Bell and Carey should stay. Keep Crowder if "reasonable" price, 3 years,...if not let him walk. Akin OR Anderson...likely gone as well. For Akin & Crowder both being ILB's...Crowder had the better season. Akin's the weaker ILB...get rid of him if getting rid of an ILB.

1) DT/DE (BPA)
2&3) CB/ILB (interchangeable, BPA at pick) w/first 3 picks.

FA...Oline for depth and a WR if possible.

Where the hell did Quentin Moses go off to? Haven't heard a peep about him....

Get a DE (or DT to replace Ferguson if worried about him) to help put pressure on opposite side of Joey. Get another solid CB that can play BETTER then goodman...and our secondary starts to look a LOT better, we missed COUNTLESS sacks by 1/2 a second...1 second...that extra coverage backfield along with a stronger pass rusher would = a LOT more sacks. Beef up the ILB spots and get some more dept on the Oline.

Much better team.....and will have greater chance for success.

My $0.02...which I know is pretty similiar to many others, lol.

Bart Scott & his agent owe it to the Dol-Fans, and to Bart's moral future, to decline any offer from the Ravens, no matter how large. Bart made some very mean tackles Sunday, and the only way for him to atone for those tackles, and to re-gain the ability to be at peace with himself, is for him to maneuver himself into a Miami Dolphins contract. God Bless.

Bart Scott Should Get A Lot Of Money W/New Contract .10 Mil Gurantteed .By Fan

Hey, um, to the person signing as "anti christ:" Dude pick another name because everytime I see that, I cringe. And I've decided I'm not going to cringe anymore. I'm simply going to delete you. You sign on here with other names so use those instead.

I'm sorry if that somehow offends anyone, but I'm not having it on this blog.

YB, Goodman, and Carey should all be re-signed. I would be highly disappointed if YB leaves. I love the way he plays and think he means a LOT to this team.
Renaldo Hill should be let go and replaced. We could do a lot better and get younger at that position.
Crowder is the questionable one. He is young, so IF he stays healthy he will be productive and worth the money. Ayodele and Porter are older so you have to think 2 or 3 years from now...Crowder could still be a valuable piece well into the future. Its important to have some stability at one of those linebacker spots going forward.
Also, I think right now our linebackers are pretty good so why create another whole, another need going into free agency and the draft. We have other areas to upgrade that we should concentrate on.

Armando, I would venture to say that there are many who will back you on making that call. THANK YOU.

As to your original post, how likely are any of these guys to get the Transition tag?

We all love to bring Asomugha, Suggs, Scott, Gross and TJ but I don't think neither half of them hit the FA, all will be franchised or resigned and second, signing all of them will be incredibly expensive and a salary cap killer.

I think they should keep Carey until they find a better option at RT, if they do then they can always move him to G or keep him as more depth to a key position. I would sign Bell because you can't replace an entire secondary in one year, and he's your best safety. I would make an offer to Hill to keep him but maybe not an outrageous offer, keeping some team chemistry or depth would be good, but only if it comes at a reasonable price. Crowder is a good ILB but its hard to replace Zach Thomas, look how long it has taken to replace Marino. If Crowder accepts a reasonable offer rather than chasing a big payday he will stay. Goodman has gotten better all year and is worth keeping but only for average money, he is really a nickel corner, not a starter. I would like Miami to sign all of these players if they don't have to pay too much, and if they find an upgrade of think they can get one when the draft gets closer then trade the player for draft picks, some teams would rather have a proven player than taking a chance on a rookie. Parcells and Sparano do a good job of selecting and developing talent.

To me the guys that deserve the money are Goodman and Bell.Lets forget about Hill and put Jason Alan back at saftey.Carey if he comes cheap then of course but if Vernon and Crowder want bigs bucks then they should take a hike.We can sign Gross or another big FA.Draft Cody to beef up our d-line I would love to get Hayesworth but he would cost a ton d-line prob solved and we dont have to give Cody big money.That leaves us with cornerback hmmm dont know if Oak will put the tag on Nashumuga but we can get him,Deltha O'Niel or again hope Vonte Davis falls to us in the draft.Brain Dawkins is another option who can play along with Bell as well.I cant wait until March 1st to see what we do.

David: As you may know the transition tag is very expensive. It comes in at the average of the top 10 paid players at the position in question.

I don't believe any of the players we're talking about are top 10 at their positions or should be paid like it. So I don't think the Dolphins will use the transition tag.

By the way folks, there is a new post on the blog if you're interested. It's a happy post, but I'm sure some will rip it.

Wow Mandy...that's outrageous. You christians are some sensitive fellows!

Keep Carey,,, The O-line needs to have the experience of playing together,,, Yeremiah Bell makes a huge difference in our backfield so keep him too. Keep Goodman at the right price,,,, Crowder is replasable and so is Hill,,,,

It would be far more difficult to REPLASE Crowder than it would be to teach you spelling and grammer...And that's a daunting task...

If they don't resign Crowder, expect them to draft an ILB/MLB. Someone like Brandon Spikes. As for wide receivers, they will probably have to draft a deep threat...Hakeem Nicks might do nicely.

It is going to take some tweaking here and there to get to the next level. I do like all of the secondary guys, so sign them. I liked Crowder last year. This year his ego seems a little larger than his play. Don't pay him too much. If you give him a lot he will become so spoiled you won't be able to talk to him and he will be injured all of the time.
I like Carey. He wasn't glaringly obvious out there which means (if I'm right) means they are doing a great job. I believe that. So sign him. Cut any turd that didn't try during the season.

Crowder is a good outside linebacker. He was a good compliment to Zach Thomas. People on here say its not fair to compare him to Thomas but he wants to get paid like Thomas so he needs to play like him. I guess some Fins Fans are ok with a sub par ILB. If you are to get paid the big bucks then you do not make mistakes like leaving the middle open in the Texans and numerous other games. I was exicited to watch the Ravens LBs play saturday that is what a LB core looks like. Ray Lewis holds his defense together. Besides that biotch move Suggs had on Ronnie. The Tuna, Ireland, and Sparano will fix whats slowing the rest of the team down and will upgrade to a Super Bowl Caliber team.

willi chirino decided to post from his yacht on his own private island ahahahahahahahahahahahahahah what a bullshyter

Willi, not sure if you realize that most teams run to the right because it is the strong side. We also didn't have a lot of success running from our base formation. So when we went to the Wildcat we went with an unbalanced line and Long played outside of Carey on the right side and before Smiley got hurt, he was doing an excellent job of pulling from the left to the right side. We also did run to the left side plenty of times lead by Long's blocking. So maybe you weren't watching as much as you think you were.

As for the grading of linemen that I was talking about, it was reported on Dolphins sites many times that Long graded out very well in a lot of games. Sparano also singled out Kendall Langford and Jake Long as playing very well in the Ravens game. He didn't mention Carey, in fact I didn't hear him single out Vernon all year. He did single out Jake many times.

But I understand, you just agree with anything Armando says anyway so what's the point?

I do not see where ANY of those players are worth a big payday. Where was our pass defense in the last three games where we were not able to get off the field most of the game??? I have seen where Crowder misses a lot of tackles. Carey is NOT that good of an OL. I feel we can get someone better for the money. If this team is desired to be improved, go after the talent that is worthy of the money instead of the players that did not help, in any form, to win that important game to move on to the next level.

That is why the Dolphins have lacked the proper SB talent. They have always kept their current team intact instead of going after big time free agents that are GOOD for a reason.

Plus, Sparano needs to focus on more than just winning ONE of those games. The focus, as it should be for ANY team is to WIN a SB.

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One: sign in with a NAME.
Two: stay away from the gay jokes.
Three: Can you possibly say something about football?

Four: Good point about Willi's joke. It is gone.

The dolphins need to get better at wr, and o-line
first. Then see about the rest.

thank you mando now we can talk football

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