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No Dolphins of note in Super Bowl is good news

Dolphins vice president for media relations Harvey Greene and I were talking about the two Super Bowl teams here in Tampa, going over their rosters, and we realized for the first time in a while there are no former Dolphins of note playing in the NFL's championship game.

And that is a good thing.

You have no idea how painful it was last year walking among the tables set up for player interviews and seeing so many former Dolphins starters or stars.

Larry Izzo, Sam Madison, Heath Evans, Wes Welker were among the former Dolphins at the Super Bowl last year.

Adewale Ogunleye in Jan. 2007.

Terrell Buckley, Keith Jackson, Keith Byars, and Jeff Dellenbach in years before that.

All were good players, all were obviously valuable enough to help one of the NFL's two best teams reach the Super Bowl. And all had been discarded by Miami.

The only player in this Super Bowl who ever played a regular-season game for Miami is Arizona defensive tackle Bryan Robinson. He played for Miami on the terrible 2004 team but was hardly a staple and hasn't really been missed.

So the fact this year there is not one former Dolphin that is a guy the Dolphins might still wish they had says something about some of the moves the Dolphins made this year. It says Miami did not release or fail to re-sign a player that had so much left in the proverbial tank as to be able to go to a very good team and contribute.

It says the Dolphins, who signed and discarded players at a high rate in 2008, didn't discard anyone of exceedingly high value.

If you research it, you will actually find that Miami released a bunch of guys that failed to catch on with any other team, much less a Super Bowl team. That list included Anthony Alabi, Boomer Grigsby, Joe Toledo, Drew Mormino and others.

Sure, some Miami discards caught on with other teams. That happens all the time. But the fact none caught on with a team good enough to make the Super Bow, l and the fact none is starting on a Super Bowl team, is a good sign.

It shows once again that this personnel department didn't make as many mistakes of those running the Dolphins in the past. 


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Armando, good point but not 100% accurate.

Kelly Poppinga is on the Cards and we released him during pre-season in 2008.

What about the defensive tackle for Arizona his last name is Robinson wasn't he a former dolphin?

Luis is right. Brian Robinson was a DT for the Dolphins in 2003 and 04 I believe.

Plus we drafted Anquin Boldin, oh wait, that was Eddie Moore.

Never mind.

Luis, thanks for reminding me about Robinson. I have added him to the post.

What about the ones who should have been with the Dolphins like Bolden but weren't due to the sheer incompetency of past regimes? Those don't count?

teddy and randy are very happy for there impending release into the wild..

That is one very obvious post. The trifecta has done a great job of assessing personel and not keeping too many slugs.

It is not surprising that most of the other players did not come from Dolphin stock from previous regimes. We have sucked (until last year) at drafting and free agent picks (cpep keeps coming to mind) Who the heck can you release that is any good. There have been others. You may see JT or Zack at the big game next year.

hey tinshaker,he said dolphins of note ,idiot.The guy was here for a cup of coffee during training camp,moron.Why don't you make fun at armando to his face,Instead of doing it while hiding out on the sun-sentinel blog.


Have you ever made a blog post where you ripped a co-worker and then complained about your job, a job in which you get to speak with NFL players and coaches?

Maybe we can have a player from one of the super bowl teams:karlos dansby would look good in dolphins colors.

mr know it all, Armando changed a few words after it was pointed out to him that there were a couple of players moved around. Believe it or not, the 4 hours in between my comment and your tirade had stuff happen during it!

I have given Armando plenty of shite to his face btw, but this time I was just pointing something out. I did say "GOOD POINT, ARMANDO".

Is that not enough to quench your thirst for pure Salguero-love?

I wonder if you can do a post some time about a somewhat related issue. Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas (both of whom I love by the way) left this team voluntarily to go to a "winning" team. Neither of their new respective teams made the playoffs, while ours did. Interesting twist of fate - I'm sure the irony is not lost on either of them.

Zach did not choose to leave the Fins he was cut. JT was traded for good value. He said he would play out his contract if not traded. Rob, you are fishing for negative info about great former Dolphins.


How do you do it? How do you post almost every day? In case you missed it, I melted down on the Sun-Sentinel blog today and threw my partner under the bus. Had to edit the stuff I wrote out and now I'm in bigtime trouble. Any openings at the herald? Maybe I can replace Darlington who sucks.


Just read your Boldin article. Good stuff.

I have always thought the Dolphins would be wise to atleast pick up the phone to see what the Cardinals want for Boldin. My only concern is that the price tag is going to be extremely high.

Look what the Cowboys gave up for Roy Williams, who has nowhere near the talent that Boldin does. Would you still want the Tuna to pull the trigger if it cost the Dolphins a 1st, 3rd, and 7th round pick (or whatever the Cowboys gave up for Roy)? To be honest, I think that is too much.

All in all I think Boldin is a stud and I would love for him to be a Dolphin. I just don't see the Tuna paying market price for a WR like Boldin.

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No,mando Must Have Deleted It.

NO cuban, it's on the other blog.

Oh Well does anyone really read m@@c's blogging any way?

Hopefully next rather than talk about no notable dolphins being in the Super Bowl we can talk about THE Miami Dolphins being in the big game. That sure would float my boat :) good post though Mando.

Looking forward to April 25th!

You mean Manny Wright didn't make it to a Super Bowl team??

I hear Omar does closed caption writing for Shannon Sharpe at CBS on the side.

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>JT was traded for good value. He said he would play out his contract if not traded.

"He said". Nice press release read is all... He moved on voluntarily when he choose TV over the team. You are right about Zack though.

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I find it strange that a civilized, (presumably) relevant, non-imflammatory post that I contributed to this blog was removed after it originally posted. While I maintain a modest sense of self and know that I am but one of many who respond in kind to the topics of the day, I invested much thought into what I wrote and thus am disapointed. In past postings I was often paid in kind by be able to read the often insightful, usually humorous, and almost always entertaining posts of others. However, censorship, be it blind, mistaken, or intentional, is not something I feel is warranted. Nor shall I subject myself to it. I respectfully take my readership elsewhere. Good day.

way to make up an article. this is really interesting I think I'll e-mail it to everyone... oh wait, another suckguero opinion piece. Why don't you write another article about the Ginn vs Quinn debate, you haven't dragged that through the mud yet... oh wait. I know, I know you should write another article about JT wanting out of the dolphins, or Parcells opting out... oh wait

That Guy, Its worse than freaking China over here.

Who was that guy?

Anyways, here's the problem with your analysis Mando: given the hateful salary cap in today's NFL, it's inevitable that teams will be forced to release players of quality for the simple reason that a team with an abundance of good players can't afford to keep them all. The fact that the Dolphins haven't released any good players the last few years only points to how bereft of talent they were.

Wasn't Patrick Surtain released 4 or 5 years ago simply to keep the Dolphins under the salary cap? I HATED that because he was one of the best cornerbacks in the league. I really dislike that about the NFL - the forced inability to hold onto good players.

Anyways, I keep watching the "Sea of Hands" videos on Youtube (the Dolphins' heartbreaking loss to the Raiders in the 1974 Divisional Playoff), and it still breaks my heart. That was the first Dolphins game that ever broke my heart. I remember as as boy being so intimidated by those nasty Raiders helmets, and those life preserver things that all their players seemed to wear. And the Oakland Alameida fans were so loud and nasty that I couldn't help but wonder how the Dolphins could EVER win.

So I woke up in a cold sweat, and my wife comforted me. First she stroked me lovingly, and then with passion. Then our bodies became one and then I really didn't care about the Dolphins losing to the Raiders because nothing is more important than marital bliss.

Tonight I intend to have a night terror about the "Epic in Miami."

Yo Nathaniel, Surtain was traded to Kansas City for a 2nd round draft pick becuz they couldn't work out a new contract...I myself was upset about that one...they should have traded Madison who was older and kept Surtain who was younger and at the peak of his career...but w/e the past is the past

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When there are 53 Dolphins on the roster for the Super Bowl then THAT is the time to talk about Dolphins players in the Super Bowl.

Incredibly lame column.

Salguero is such a fraud.

Go dig up something worth reading.

Miami drafted Eddie Moore, but in defence, Moore was a playmaker in college he knocked several RB and WR out when he hit them. Then last night I read someone knocked him out in a nightclub while he was with the Dolphins. What ever happened to that guy?

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