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No Dolphins of note in Super Bowl is good news

Dolphins vice president for media relations Harvey Greene and I were talking about the two Super Bowl teams here in Tampa, going over their rosters, and we realized for the first time in a while there are no former Dolphins of note playing in the NFL's championship game.

And that is a good thing.

You have no idea how painful it was last year walking among the tables set up for player interviews and seeing so many former Dolphins starters or stars.

Larry Izzo, Sam Madison, Heath Evans, Wes Welker were among the former Dolphins at the Super Bowl last year.

Adewale Ogunleye in Jan. 2007.

Terrell Buckley, Keith Jackson, Keith Byars, and Jeff Dellenbach in years before that.

All were good players, all were obviously valuable enough to help one of the NFL's two best teams reach the Super Bowl. And all had been discarded by Miami.

The only player in this Super Bowl who ever played a regular-season game for Miami is Arizona defensive tackle Bryan Robinson. He played for Miami on the terrible 2004 team but was hardly a staple and hasn't really been missed.

So the fact this year there is not one former Dolphin that is a guy the Dolphins might still wish they had says something about some of the moves the Dolphins made this year. It says Miami did not release or fail to re-sign a player that had so much left in the proverbial tank as to be able to go to a very good team and contribute.

It says the Dolphins, who signed and discarded players at a high rate in 2008, didn't discard anyone of exceedingly high value.

If you research it, you will actually find that Miami released a bunch of guys that failed to catch on with any other team, much less a Super Bowl team. That list included Anthony Alabi, Boomer Grigsby, Joe Toledo, Drew Mormino and others.

Sure, some Miami discards caught on with other teams. That happens all the time. But the fact none caught on with a team good enough to make the Super Bow, l and the fact none is starting on a Super Bowl team, is a good sign.

It shows once again that this personnel department didn't make as many mistakes of those running the Dolphins in the past.