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First of series: Rating the 2004-2006 drafts

[This is the first of a series of articles analyzing Miami's drafts and personnel acquisitions. The series will run through the end of the week. Next: Grading Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells.]

During the hard times, which I guess was anytime after 1995 and before 2008, much was written about how the Dolphins got little or no help from their drafts.

Remember the sobering statistics about the 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 drafts? The Dolphins have a grand total of one player -- Yeremiah Bell -- from those drafts helping the cause now. Those drafts, in part, were blamed for the franchise's steep decline prior to this season.

One could not really measure or rate the 2004, 2005 and 2006 drafts because, to be fair, the results don't come in fully on a draft until each class has at least three seasons to prove itself. Well, three seasons or more have passed for the 2004-2006 classes as well. And outside of 2005, the results are not good.

Today the Dolphins have one player on the roster drafted in 2004. In other words, of the class that saw Vince Wilfork, Steven Jackson, Chris Snee, and Bob Sanders picked after Miami selected in the first round, there remains one player on the Miami roster -- first round pick Vernon Carey.

And Carey is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent next month unless he signs a new contract.

So the 2004 draft class that included such memorable acquisitions as Tony Bua and shrewd moves such as the trading away of a fourth-round pick to Minnesota to move up one spot in the first round, the Dolphins got one player with lasting value.

No wonder Miami had a new coach and a new personnel administration by 2005. And that new coach and general manager, Nick Saban, had his finest hour in 2005. He won more games (9) in 2005 than in his other season (6). And his 2005 draft was successful.

The Dolphins plucked three starters with lasting value, including one Pro Bowl player, out of the 2005 draft. Pro Bowl running back Ronnie Brown was picked in the first round, starting outside linebacker Matt Roth was picked in the second round, and starting inside linebacker Channing Crowder was picked in the third round. The Dolphins even got a little mileage out of fourth-round selection Travis Daniels.

In rating the 2005 draft a success, one must also remember Saban salvaged a pretty bad situation. He wasn't supposed to have a second-round pick because previous GM Rick Spielman had traded to Philadelphia for A.J. Feeley. But Saban got a second-rounder back when he traded away Patrick Surtain. Saban also didn't have Miami's own third-round pick based on the Lamar Gordon panic move trade from the year before, and didn't have a sixth-round pick in the David Boston fiasco trade -- again, left to him by Dave Wannstedt and Spielman.

So one must say Saban did well in his 2005 draft, considering what he had to work with.

2006? Not so much.

The players drafted in 2006 have now finished their third NFL season. And they are now proven to be unspectacular in most cases, and labeled as busts in other cases.

The 2006 draft brought Miami Joe Toledo in the fourth round. The guy was cut by Miami last January, picked up by San Francisco, and true to form, did not play in a regular-season game. The second round pick was forfeited to Minnesota in the trade for Daunte Culpepper. You know how that worked out.

Miami had no fifth-round selection because it invested that pick during the supplemental draft on one Manny Wright. Wright's best game in Miami was his crying game, which you can see below in the video. Anyway, three years and six tackles later, Wright was out of the league in 2008.

Fred Evans, picked with the first of three seventh-round selections, showed promise but was cut when he threw up in a Miami Beach taxi cab and was arrested for public intoxication and allegedly assaulting the driver. Seriously, I don't have the imagination to make this stuff up. Evans played this season as a backup with the Minnesota Vikings.

And that brings us to the two remaining players still on the Miami roster from that 2006 draft: First-rounder Jason Allen and 7b pick Rodrique Wright.

Wright has been something of a non-factor. He started nine games in 2007 when injuries devastated the team. He didn't play in any regular-season games this season, as he was inactive every weekend.

But the guy was a seventh-round pick -- the second of Miami's three seventh-rounders. It's understandable when someone picked that late doesn't contribute. At least the guy has shown enough promise to be on the roster so the coaches can work with him.

Jason Allen is another story. After this, his third season in the league, he is officially a bust.

Allen is an enigma to me. He has size (6-1, 200 pounds). He is fast and quick enough to play. He always seems to be around the football, as evidenced by his three interceptions in 2007 when he started nine games.

But something just fails to click every time he gets an opportunity. And he's had plenty of those. In his rookie season the Dolphins tried him at safety, where he didn't seem to understand Saban's complex system, and at cornerback, where he didn't seem to understand Saban's complex system.

When Saban left, new coach Cam Cameron kept Allen at safety and wanted him to compete there. Except Allen couldn't compete. He was overmatched by the skill and experience of players such as Cameron Worrell. Cameron Worrell!

It wasn't until the Dolphins suffered injuries to Worrell and Bell and Renaldo Hill and a couple of other guys, that Allen got his shot. And Allen played OK during that opportunity, considering he was basically playing for the first time.

So we all hoped for better in 2008. And initially things looked better. Allen was basically handed the starting free safety job in training camp which no one questioned because he's a freaking first-round pick! But Allen's grasp on the job was fleeting.

Chris Crocker passed him. Renaldo Hill, coming back from knee reconstruction, passed him. Even when Crocker was cut, Allen still couldn't get ahead of guys like Courtney Bryant or Tyrone Culver in the deep secondary.

So the Dolphins moved him to cornerback, where he started in Miami's nickel package for ... five minutes.  And then Randy Moss burned him and it was over for him. Allen was removed from the nickel defense and was passed by Nathan Jones and then Joey Thomas.

Allen was playing only on special teams when the season ended.

So to recap: Saban didn't know what to do with Allen so he benched him. Cam Cameron tried him at two different spots but didn't trust him until half the team got injured and a couple of fans refused to come out of the stands to play safety. Then, handed a starting free safety job this season, Allen handed it back. Then he lost his position, then was moved to a new position and handed a new job in the nickel package. Then he handed that back as street free agents passed him on the depth chart.

Initially, I believed Allen was getting a bum deal.

Then I thought he was just unlucky. I'm now convinced he cannot be very good when three coaching staffs have basically relegated him to special teams duty.

There is a word that defines a first-round pick who plays only special teams in Year Three of his career: Bust.

And that makes the 2006 Dolphins draft every bit a bust as some of the others.


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Jason Allen should feel like a massive tool. When you hold out like he did as a rookie...you better be freakin good.

Cama - You are correct! Your comments will and should be deleted but not for what you said but more for your complete disregard of the English language....

Mando makes some great point in reference to trading away high picks for players that are no longer here like a 2nd for Feely & Culpepper, 3rd for L. Gordon, as well as giving up a 4th rounder to move up. People, take note of this. I don't know how many hundreds of blog entries have stupid comments for things like giving up high draft picks for older players or to move up in the draft. One of my favorite (not really)is the statement by some people "Maybe we can give up a couple of picks to move up and take Crabtree" what idiots, some people will never learn. Build a strong team by AQUIRING picks and stocking your O & D - lines

Dear MONALIZZZZZZZZZZZZA, I can appreciate you attempt at trying to read, write and speak a new languague since my parents were from another country and learned the language rather than insist we make everything in both english and spanish. But while learning to write in english you should also learn to turn your caps lock off, it is over on the far left of your keyboard. Thanks

Can we please stop re-visiting our horrible drafts from 2000-2006... we know they sucked.

The new regime is in place, and we had a nice infusion of rookies into the starting line-up this year.

Let it go. Fail forward fast already.

Armando, I know its a minor point, but I have to disagree about when the hard times started. The Jimmy Johnson years featured some very good drafts for this team--Dolphin icons such as Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, Sam Madison, Patrick Surtain, came out of those drafts. I'll admit there was 3 Yatil Greens for every 1 Zach Thomas, but you're not going to hit a homer with every pick. In terms of bad drafting and the hard times, I think it started with Wannstedt taking Jamar Fletcher when Drew Brees was still on the board in 2000 and then following that gem up the very next year with Eddie Moore while Anquan Boldin was still sitting around. Wannstedt's choices were mind boggling. He made Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller look like geniuses in comparison.

DAVE W ruined this team , and Saban was not the talent evaluator he thinks he is.
But Dave and Rick ruined and wasted our D talent FOR YEARS.

-Ronnie Brown had a pro bowl season even though he only got between 15-18 carries a game. I think the interior of the offensive line will be improved next year, and he will have another pro bowl year. When he gets to the second level, it's over, because he outruns the linebackers and runs over everyone in the secondary.

-I know he doesnt make a ton of big plays, but Crowder has to be re-signed. He plays hard every snap, he's young, and the Dolphins dont have anyone to replace him.

Monalizza--- Get a grip and learn some English. It's painful for all of us who want to read the comments.

Steve, I feel your pain. And that's the reason I'm deleting the comments from this one person who doesn't sign in and doesn't contribute to the conversation but rather tries to hijack the blog.

Not to mention that wannstache's reasoning for picking jamar fletcher was something like "with peyton manning in your division you can't have enough good cornerbacks." ha. it's bad enough that you are letting other teams run your personnel decisions and an even bigger slap in the face that indy left the afc east in 2002. man, what a joke wanny was. it is unbelievable to me that someone that dumb could be given the keys to an nfl franchise. imagine the look on andy reid's face when he picked up the phone and heard this idiot offer him a second round pick for aj feeley. that trade probably took all of 1 second for philly to 0k.

I don't think there is anything wrong with making a selection based on how the competition in your division stacks up. Houston selected Mario Williams as a way of trying to pressure Manning more. There is no way or predicting that they would have left the division in 2002. I agree, however, selecting Jamar Fletcher in the first round when we have Madison and Surtain in the primes and a big need on offense as a mess. Now they did make up for it selecting Chambers in the 2nd round. It is a shame they passed on Brees, having those two with a defense in their prime could have really changed how they next few years played out.

Ah yes, Manny Wright. What a scene that was.

Wonder how Nick would have done with Ireland as his GM.

Nick was a lying jerk, but the guy can coach.


1) Jimmy Johnson had some good drafts and rebuilt the defense and running game and left
the dolphins under the cap prime for a playoff run. So don't criticize JJ.
2) You should judge the drafts not by how many of those players are still on the dolphins roster, but by how many of those players are still in the NFL. Releasing Fred Evans, a real find for a 7th rounder, was among many dumb CC moves. And players have been traded.

Spilled milk, dude. I am not defending these previous coaches but how can you really tell what is going to happen after the draft. The guy was crying. After the coach raised his voice. Not something you expect out of a guy that plays football.
Allen is just not good. Saban figured he could play, You said he has the tools but he ends up being a bit. Cut him.
AS for the rest, we didn't really get any selections to go for it. The building blocks were destroyed because our draft was small to trade for players to win the sb. We were too small to win it all.

Yes, the Wanstach drafts were deplorable. I was worried about him coming on board when I saw what he did when drafting in Chicago. When he was there, he traded a first round pick for a washed up Rick Mirer. That an a variety of other horrible personell picks got him his first pink slip. If only Jimmy had learned that and not just been blindly loyal to a buddy.

Some guys are great coordinators but don't make good head coaches. Some guys are great coordinators but don't make good personell guys. Wanny all of those.

Jimmy missed more than he hit but when he hit, he hit big in Miami. I just wish he'd been able to capture the magic he had in his Dallas picks. But again, he had more misses there than hits too. For every Emmitt and Erik Williams, there would be five guys that wouldn't make the roster on opening day. It's the nature of the game.

One of the keys to Johnson's Cowboy success was his ability to find talent in places besides the draft. He was able to land a Jay Novacek as a free agent (Plan B in those days), to trade for a Tony Casillas, and the stellar trade for Charles Haley which seemed to put that team over the top.

Now we've got to hope that our three headed braintrust of Tuna, Ireland and Sporano can conjure some of the same type magic in the next 2 offseasons. I do think we need to make a large effort to retain Carey, Bell and Crowder if the price is right. Carey is better than Todd Wade was several years back and he'd be worth about 5-6m a season. Bell is strong and might get better with a little more seasoning and being a year further away from season ending injuries. Crowder needs to be retained on the cheap with an incentive laden contract. That way, if he performs and improves as a play maker, he gets paid commensurately, if not, we aren't out big dollars.

Allen should of been ridden of last year. It's sad he's the only thing we got out of the 2006 draft, bust.

I just hope if Parcell does stay how him and Sparano are going to work this one out. They already turned around our record around, maybe we cab get some play makers out of this draft. Let's start with stuff receivers and secondary.

By the way, with Pennington in the picture now, I'm hating the Chris Chambers trade even more and more, seeing that he could of been a huge factor for us this year...what was Cam thinking?

Armando, out of all the people who write columns about the dolphins, I believe you are the first to finally call Jason Allen a bust. Why has it taken so long for you pundits to finally tell the truth about this guy?

Anyway, I appreciate you getting it done. All the other guys are asleep at the switch.

I loved the video! And the breakdown was excllent. I don't understand how Rod Wright hasn't done better. He was a monster at Texas but is barely holding on to a roster spot with Miami.

I think he needs a change of scenery.

miamitoby, Crowder can't be signed "on the cheap" with an incentive ladden contract. The guy is a free agent and one of the few young starting ILB in the market. The guy is going to get a big contract from someone. It is going to cost us more than what we paid for Porter which is over $20M guaranteed and $5-6M a year. As for Bell, how much more "seasoning" does a 30 year old safety need?

There's an old saying in my 'hood: Jason Allen sucks!

I think Miamitoby is on drugs. Channing Crowder is about to be a very rich man -- and he doesn't care if the money comes from the Dolphins, the Jets, or wherever. He's going to the highest bidder. If that isn't Miami, c ya, time to draft an ILB.

armando ,thank you very much.I made a request a couple a days ago to get rid of this jet loser monaliza aka cuban menace who comes on this blog and talks nonsense ranging anywhere from bashing penny and the miami dolphins to talking recipes to i have no idea of what he is talking about.he will come on here when your gone because he doesn't have the guts to come on when your on.

Chris Chambers trade = Chad Henne. Hopefully in three years when Chambers is old and slow and Henne is rocketing bombs to Ginn down the sideline we look back and thank Cam.

Chambers did nothing in San Diego this year with a QB that threw for 4,000 yards. Ginn had better numbers with a QB that doesn't even maximize his strengths.

Mando- Loved the article!! - Keep the pressure on the front office and ownership. Can we also get an article on our salary cap situation?

Wannstedt crippled this franchise for years. Same as he did in CHicago. The dude was a decent coach but there is no way he should have been given personnel powers. I find it so odd that he's doing well with Pitt though considering he couldn't come within 500 miles of a decent player in a dozen drafts between Chicago and Miami.

the 2000-2007 drafts left alot to be desired

Armando, clearly the previous drafts sucked but I do think the philosophy or lack there of had something to do with dearth of talent produced through those drafts. It goes back to coaching style and organizational structure in the big picture. Jimmy Johnson used one key indicator when drafting players, production in college. He chose production over 40 times and hence was able to hit on players like Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor. It actually seemed when he went away from that philosophy was when he busted, Yatil Green comes to mind, Green really didn’t perform all that well at The U but had those great measurables.

Wannstumble and Spielbumble had no philosophy and no clue what they looking for in evaluating talent. They were played like fools by the rest of the league because they erroneously believed they were one player away from greatness. They didn’t build a team they tried to add pieces and by doing so they traded away the opportunity to replenish the talent lost by normal attrition and in the end drove the team into the ground. Saban was actually a good coach but he too lacked talent evaluation skills. I always found it interesting that he chose Ronnie Brown in 2005 and one of Ronnie’s great youtube highlight reels was the complete destruction of Jason Allen who he then picked in the first round the following year. It made no sense to me and he was supposed to be a cornerback guru???

It comes back to philosophy… Shula picked the best player. When Shula busted it was usually because he went against his philosophy and stretched for a position, Billy Milner comes to mind. We seem to be back to that way of thinking. Find quality players and allow the coach to find the best way to utilize their talent instead of bringing in players and forcing them into a rigid system. Don’t squander draft picks trying to fill holes in the rigid system.

Jimmy Johnson- NOT Dave Wannstedt crippled this franchise.

He was the one who gutted Shula's team, that previously was in the AFC Championship game. He was the one who handcuffed Marino in his last days (yes, he was declining, but Elway didn't win until his last days), he was the one who let Troy Vincent go, and he was the one who drafted the likes of John Avery and Yatil Green. And, drum roll please, he was the one who annoited Dave Wannstedt, who failed in Chicago, who brought in his buddy Speilman, who was a cofailure for the Bears.

Yes, JJ did bring in the likes of Surtain, Madison, JT, and Zach, but he neglected- COMPLETELY- the other side of the ball and ran off Marino, McDuffy, Sims, & Webb and then set up the next few years under Wanny for complete failure.

And again, before all you JJ lovers jump in, remember that he NEVER- NOT ONCE- brought us even an AFC EAST Championship.

Hell, even Wannstedt managed one of those.

i think the trifectas first draft will go down as one of the best fins drafts ever.

1. jake long will be a probowler for years

2. phillip merling and kendall langford will solve some of the problems for the d-line.

3. chad henne is the quarterback of the future and is learning under the smartest quarterback in the nfl.

4. davone bess is the guy that every other team in the league wished they drafted in the last round and will be around for a while.

5. donald thomas is supposed to be a stud who the whole coaching staff is in love with and should be a starter in 2009.

that will be six starting players in the next year or two from one draft
If only shawn murphy could get his act together in the offseason and not be a bust in will be 7 starting players from the 08 draft

Patrick.....great comments- one thing to add is that this regime will draft BIG players....this 2009 draft in the early phases will bring OL, LB, and DL/DE.....not necessarily in that order. Skill positions will be added later. I really hope they trade down and get more picks. One thing for sure.......I’d rather have this front office picking 32, than Wannstedt or Saban or Cameron/Mueller picking 1st

this just in:b.favre just threw another int.

1. Jimmy deserves credit for getting good defensive players in his drafts, but he deserves blame for sticking us with Bumstedt. Remember, the Chargers asked him for advice on turning their downtrodden franchise around a year after he resigned here, and he advised them to "hire the best GM you can find, and let him hire your coach". That turned out to be John Butler.
Why didn't he give Wayne that same advice? Because getting his buddy taken care of was more important to Jimmy than giving an honest answer to the man who'd shelled out $10 million to him for the past 4 years, during one of which he was clearly mailing it in.

2. Wanny isn't "doing that well" in Pitt. He took over a team fresh off a BCS Bowl and with returning talent like Tyler Palko, Jeff Otah, and Darelle Revis. And it took him 4 years just to have a season over .500!

3. There was no logic--NONE---for taking Fletcher and Moore where they were taken. Fletcher not only wasn't the best available player, he wasn't even the best available CB, and he didn't fit the system! Sheer idiocy.

Armando, what is the rule of thumb for the maturity curve of rookies? Is it position-dependant? Looking at draft successes and busts, it seems like its more art than science.

"So the 2004 draft class that included such memorable acquisitions as Tony Bua"

Whatever he did on field, you are right cause Tony Bua was memorable...might a missed a good bunch of the time but when he hit things rattled.

Great draft? They passed up Matt Ryan. If Chad Henne (who should be started in 2009) turns out to be as good as Ryan, THEN it will be a great draft. As for strating Henne, we have gotten the very best we could could out of Pennington, and need to move on to Henne if he is as good as people think he is. Even though there is not much reason yet to think so becuase we haven't seen that much of him.

Dave Wannstedt and Rick Spielman sent this franchise back to the stone age with their blatant stupidity and lack of talent recognition. The incompetence of these two idiots was mind boggling. Look what these two bufoons did to the Chicago Bears franchise. The true fact was that Rick Spielman should win salesman of the decade for the way he was able to buffalo Wayne. Spielman was the front office version of a Tom Olivadotti.


Dont forget about Derick Hagan when talking about that 06 draft! He was a 3rd round pick and could not even make 5th string this past year as thin as our WR crop wa!

Hmmm, Jason Allen, Tennessee. Eddie Moore, Tennessee. I think that's enough evidence to stay away from that university in the first 5 rounds.


Dead right on points 1 & 2.

Don't forget that Miami could have drafted Drew Brees instead of Jamar Fletcher...and the guy nearly breaks Marino's season yardage record.

Mando, one of the great things about Wayne H. is that when it comes to the Dolphins, he spared no expense to try and win.

How might that change now with a new owner coming in who is reportedly trying to line up investors to help buy the team and who is asking the government for a handout in the form of bailout money?

Are we going to go back to the days of tightwad Joe Robbie when it comes to keeping our top players, especially if next year is uncapped? Or does he have a reputation for spending and doing what it takes to win when he was in the USFL?

Armando, if you back even as far as 1999, which would be 10 years with players heading into their 11th season next season, we don't have much from our drafts from then until 2004. Just Bell and Carey and they're both free agents this year.

Not that we should have a bunch of players still on the team from 99-02 with free agency and some players who didn't pan out, but we have no players from 99-02 and very little as you pointed out from 03-06 with 7. There are still 13 players left from the 07 and 08 drafts but that will likely change this offseason.

So there are 20 players currently on our roster from the 03-08 drafts, an average of 3.3 players per year. Not good! Ricky plays a part in that because we gave up an 02 and 03 1st round pick for him, so we're still getting some value from him. But you're right, it's pretty bad.

Last year's draft was the new start and this year's draft is big. So is free agency. I have faith we'll bring in some quality talent this offseason. Being that we went 11-5 this year and the coaching staff that is in place proved to be very good, we should attract some quality free agents.

Yuck. Thanks for digging up the past, Armando. Reading that was more horrifying than watching Sinbad in Jingle All the Way, or anything for that matter. And the funny thing is that he shares similarities with most of those picks: they suck at what they do.

Gladly though, we know the big Tuna is in charge of the draft board now.

Jeff Ireland plays a bigger role in talent evaluation than he's given credit for.

What about the 2001 draft. We pick 26th & pick Jamar Fletcher & Reggie Wayne goes with pick 30 & Dree Brees with pick 32. Nice Wanny!!!!

Then there is the 2003 draft when in the 2nd round at pick 49 we pick Eddie Moore. & 5 picks later at 54 goes Anquan Boldin. Don't we all miss Wanny!!!!!!

Anybody remember Wanny's draft theory, he would trade a 2nd round pick next year for a 3rd round pick this year. Then he would sit there & talk like he was smart. He was idiot. You get crappy talent in the 3rd round compared to the 2nd, guys have way more talent in the 2nd round & Wanny is like “you get a guy in the 3rd round & you coach him up for a year before this 2nd round guy is even drafted (the next year), therefore the guy you drafted in the 3rd round & coached up is going to be better than the 2nd rounder I traded away for next year.” Seriously, this was what he said numerous times. Anyone remember this?????? He trade away picks in early rounds straight up, seriously. With that philosophy, why not trade your 1st round next year for a 2nd round this year. This is how this guy thought!!!!!! Anyone remember this guy doing this & doing it with a straight face???

Uh, yeah Steve...we remember...sheesh...

Steve, thanks for taking it to the most nauseous level. Can we focus on the 2009 season please? : )

Sorry, I didn't mean to bum you guys out. The topic was past drafts. Plus ther were guys like Armando, that was like "yeah, Wanny, that makes a sense." Just had to point that out

I just about fell off my chair when I saw in Cote's blog that the Dolphins are interested in Pat White -- five days after Armando said he liked Pat White as an option. Are you Cote's source Armando? Is that how it works at the once-mighty Herald? You tell a guy what you think and he acts like it's his information?

Hey Steve, your picking on a scab, bro. The fact is Mando isn't dealing with the 2000 or 2001 or 2002 or even 2003 drafts here. That's old news.

He's making the call on the drafts we can now look at fairly. Also, the idea of picking a guy in the second round this year and giving up a first rounder next year for him was Jimmy Johnson's strategy and it paid dividends. Patrick Surtain was one such case.

Actually Jimmy ripped off that strategy from Bobby Beathard who used it repeatedly in San Diego. It might be added that Beathard had success with it ONE time: when he nabbed Natrone Means in 1993 using that philosophy.

Beathard kept going back to it in the years that followed, and pick after pick using that philosophy BOMBED. Michael Ricks was taken with a pick (59th) obtained in exchange for SD's 2000 first rounder. This was in 1998, mind you. Beathard had already given away the 1999 first rounder in the Leaf trade.

After he hit once with this "2nd rounder now for first rounder later" philosophy on Means in 1993, he used it almost every year afterward, and every single pick bombed.

Johnson used that ONCE in Miami, in 1998. Bumstedt apparently thought that with Surtain turning out to be a success, he'd use it repeatedly too.

Boy, how well THAT turned out. With picks he traded to Philly and New England those two teams netted Sheldon Brown and Corey Dillon respectively, while we got Morlon Greenwood and Wade Smith.

Here, see for yourself the fruits of that "second rounder now for first rounder later" philosophy that Jimmy caught lightning in a bottle with once (Surtain) and Bumstedt decided to use repeatedly.

Courtesy this article:

See for yourself how well Bobby Beathard did.

The Chargers took the 41st player (wide receiver Bryan Still) in the 1996 draft, giving Tampa Bay the chance to select wide receiver Reidel Anthony with the 16th selection in the first round last year.

Carolina took the Chargers’ No. 1 pick in 1995, the 29th player available, in starting left tackle Blake Brockermeyer, while the Chargers took the 34th player (cornerback Terrance Shaw), the 98th player (linebacker Preston Harrison) and 100th pick (linebacker Chris Cowart). Harrison and Cowart never suited up for a game, while Shaw starts at corner.

A year earlier, Detroit found starting linebacker Reggie Brown (now injured) with the Chargers’ 21st pick in Round 1, cheaply costing them the 51st player (running back Terrell Fletcher) in the 1995 draft.

Hell, even the Means pick was suspect in hindsight, as it ended up being Wayne Gandy, who started for over a decade at LT in the NFL!

Still think it is a viable philosophy? Wanny did a TON of stupid, myopic things, but this might well have been his stupidest. He simply had no sense of what had historically been proven to be the right way of doing things, be it in drafting, developing QB's, or running an organization in general.

MONALIZZZZZZZZZZZA-- Weren't you taken off this blog thread. Go register at the community college today for an English class!

At least when moana uses caps, its easy to spot him and scroll right on by...


Boy these Blogs devolve into a lot of crap! You're comments on the 2004-2006 drafts are right on, and your treatment/evaluation is quite fair. There is no ther way to describe Jason Allen than bust. And the comment that the Dolphin decline came from a decade of poor drafts(and personnel moves) is also correct. There are exceptions, and I think that the rapid descent began after Johnson left, but the failures (Eddie Moore, Jamar Fletcher and let's not forget Don's last 1st rounder....Billy Milner) have been monumental. Those misses set back a franchise to the tune of well.......1-15.

Jason Allen played OK when given the chance to get on the field... He had a couple of interceptions and breakup passes and was around the ball... Is the reason that he hasnt gotten playing time have to do anything with his work ethic in practice??

JJ was NOT a genius in Dallas. the only reason for his success there was 1 thing & 1 thing only and his name was Hershel Walker.

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