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Health seems fine for Sparano, Dolphins

The Dolphins' fitness this offseason seems to be pretty good, according to coach Tony Sparano, who on Saturday spent some time talking about his and his players' health issues.

Sparano confirmed he spent some time in a hospital two weeks ago before going to the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala. He denied rumors the visit was caused by an irregular heartbeat.

"To be honest with you, for me, it was one those routine and get checked up kind of things," Sparano said. "They said I'm healthy as a cow. Or horse.

"I feel great. I feel really good. I'm going to take a break this week on Thursday."

Sparano looked fine, with plenty of color and energy, so there is no reason to think he's not well. As to the players, Sparano seemed upbeat, even saying rookie guard Donald Thomas will be healthy enough to take part in the offseason conditioning program.

"Players are getting healthy," he said. "They're doing a nice job right now. Some of the guys that were injured that need to rehab are in that rehab phase. It's too early to tell with someof them right now. We just finished this thing. Thankfully, other than the obvious injuries, the Camarillo's and the Smiley's, Donald Thomas is really doing pretty well right now. Other than those injuries there really was nothing that came at the end of the year that was significant."

I asked if Thomas, who suffered a foot injury in the regular-season opener and missed the rest of the season, would be inthe offseason program that begins in March. "Oh, Ibelieve so," Sparano said. "I can't put my finger on that yet. But I would say so. He's doing pretty well."

As to the health of Miami's roster, Sparano agrees with football czar Bill Parcells that the Dolphins have much improvement to do. Parcells said Friday the Dolphins need "more firepower."

"I'm not going to identify specific areas, but there are several areas we need to get better in," Sparano said. "Quite honestly, when you're a young team like us, we can get better in a lot of areas out there."

The interesting thing about the Dolphins is that they could easily improve next year and not have that improvement show dramatically in the won-loss record based on the fact the schedule seems tougher for 2009 than it was in 2008.

"It's not something I've sat there and really thought about," Sparano said. "I know we need some pieces to continue to get better and I think that was the plan when we came here. We knew we weren't going to solve everything in year one. We were fortunate to have a little bit of success but we will have a tougher road this yearwhen you look at the schedule.

"That's hard to tell because every year, I don't think people expected some of the teams we played this year not to be ... When you look at this whole thing down the road, I don't know where this whole thing will take us. It's our job to make the sure the team is better and is as well prepared as we can we get out there."


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Great news alround. Parcells is staying, team is healthy and the present organization is seeing some holes to fill. Good stuff. Unlike previous seasons when the head shed stated that they had to get to work these guys are going to accomplish something.

first yea boyeeee

I think that was a point that Parcells made on NFL.com yesterday- that the Dolphins could improve as a team and have a worse win/loss record from this year. It's a brutal schedule next year. I think we will get better. I don't know if we'll have 11 wins next year, But I'll understand as long as we continue building to become elite within a few years.

Ah I was but this new website makes you preview it oh well good stuff to know. Sparano and co. scouting the senior bowl. I like the fact they talked to Ramses Barden and Georgia's big guy. They would add another solid target and different look in our system... I read the post bout A Boldin, and I totally agree. The one problem I have with it is he is in the Super Bowl and were talking about an offseason move. What I agree most with about your article is that it would be out of the norm and I would add that it would be more norm if they went with a big name Defensive player instead. Landing Haynesworth or Asomugha would be huge!

We need a pass rush!

Hey that great news good job Mando.Can't wait to see what we do this off season. Hope we can gat a bigger line to help open big holes for ronnie brown.War to the dolphins winning more gams next year.

Tony looks like he can stand to lose about 15 or 20 pounds. I would not be surprised he had irregular heartbeat.

I would like to se the Phins go after Jason Brown or the center for the 49ers then add Willie Cohen and also draft two tough linemen.
One in the second and one in the fourth.
Sign Sean Jones from Cleveland who was njured this year but has great skill and potential as well as size at safety.
I do not agree with signing any 8 to 10 million a year type players. One injury and all your cap is tied up. Get really good guys in the 3 to 6 range and more of them.
I would consider Bart Scott but he may be to pricey. Karlos D will be to expensive. Torbor needed a year to learn the 4/3. Draft a safety, corner, and middle linebacker in 1,2, and 3 with OL in 2 and 4. Get extra receivers, corners linebackers, and safeties with the rest of the picks. Get Ngata next year in free agency or get your nose next year. Cohen is a tough guy and may be ok if Solia fails but I think he will be ok.
Brandon London is going to be good and Towber is really the most athletic and gifted of all the receivers. I do think we would consider a back like Chris Johnson as anyone who watched the Titans can see what an elusive back can do for the team.

Question to anyone. If Beck ( I think he is a good player) could be traded to Detroit for out late second round pick for their early secnd round pick would we do it and do you think Detroit would do it. It would allow them to get better in a hurry since they could use the two firsts, our late second,and two thirds on possibly 5 starters. Beck has two years of solid training and would rank up with all the top quaerterbacks in this draft. For us he will end up on the bench for the next two years and then try to just move on. Moving up 17 spots in the second round could be great for us and great for them. Thoughts? Will he get a fair shot here in this town?


I like the fact they are talking to Barden.
Where did you hear that.
he has a nose for the endzone.
50 touch downs in college.
We need a number 1 recier Either TJ whosyur daddy or the draft.

shop at my hardware store where there's plenty of tool's, and i'am the biggest tool of them all..

Mark, I've heard some news that Beck is trying to be sold to Dallas. I think this would be the place he'd go to, most likely. That's the Dolphins' first shopping option for him, but Dallas can still say no (I'm under the impression they might just take him after going 1-2 without Romo last season). Regardless, Beck is on the table.

I'm watching the college allstar skill comp and Hakeem Nicks and Ramses Barden look great. they are studs at WR and will be available in the 2nd round... Dolphinaddict Armando put it in the article about not passing up a Boldin trade. said Coach was talkin to them after the Senior Bowl. I hope we pick him up. 6'6 with great hands and strength reminds me of Colston

So Sparano didn't want to say what the Dolphins need? OK, let me tell you the big secret: They need PLAYMAKERS! WRs, sacking LBs, intercepting CBs! You can't go 75 yards in 12 plays every time. You need a big play every once in a while and the Dolphins don't have that.

Sorry to tell the world, Tony.

There are some good WRs in the 2nd rd , but I would feel more comfortable with a vetran. First rd should be BPA and I don't mean Bill Parcells.

Need to concentrate on running the ball and stopping the run.
After that, all else will fall into place.
We have a great tandem in Ronnie and Ricky.
To waste their talent would be a shame.

I take comfort that Parcells, Sparano, and Ireland (PSI) would both understand and address this critical need.

1st round mack or under
trade satele he isnt worth shit hes always getting manhandled i.e. the dude from NE
2ndA kenny britt
2ndb clay Matthews
3rd david veikune from hawaii saw him at the senior bowl hes really good
4-7 linebackers secondary d-line o line

what do you think?

Does anyone else just feel good that the Dolphins finally have a solid foundation? For once, an off season of filling holes, not starting over!!

wow!!! willi chirino just enlighted everyone in the dolphin world including the vp,gm and even the dolphin coach himself,on what we need.thanks for taking time out from your 3 fortune 500 companies to tell what we don't know, lol.what a revelation !!!

No one will give up a #2 for Beck. However, Detroit might be willing to give up a #2 For Browns DA.

Barden should be taken in the 2nd round. Trade Beck. Get Jason Brown and Barne Scott and strength the center of both units..

hey i am so glad that we are out of the rebuilding mode. now instead of cutting cuys and trading guys like crazy we are actually going into next season knowning what we have and are going to resign the guys that make our team the best and also make our salary cap not a bust but also sign the guys that make our team a winner and also still have plenty of money to still and go out there and sign a big time free agent or 2. then go into the draft with all of our draft picks and also an extra one in day 2 with a 2nd round that is actually better then our 2nd round pick. also it's good to also have the same coach offensive cordinator and deffensive cordinator and also same QB at the helm. and if pennington is beat out at the postion atleast we know it's a guy that has been our #2 QB for 1 year with alot of potential. so now we have alot to build on for next year and the QB'S will play better ronnie wil play alot better also comming back from serious injury from 07 so 2 years back from that is awsome also and ted ginn's 3rd year at WR his break out year and he also knows the system on offense since it's the same and not be different by having another coach or cordinator comming in. because his first 2 years were like rookie seasons since he had a different play book 2 years in a row. even know our scheldule is 10 times harder i say we win the division again and also go 12-4 next year and make a serious run at the 2010 superbowl in miami next year! to be the first team to ever play at home in the superbowl. what everybody think?

hey i say we need to try and make a trade for aquan boldin give up a 2nd round pick for him but not a first. then we need to go out there and sign free agent CB, Nnamdi Asomugha. if we landed just them 2 guys Asomugha, and boldin for a 2nd rd pick that would be awsome. because then we don't have to resign goodman and we have will allen and asomugha at corner which is awsome. and then we work on resigning bell at saftey we have a pretty solid deffense. we also go out there and draft james luranitits at MLB to replace channing crowder. also sign julius peppers at DE. then our deffense would have 2 guys that could have 35+ sacks between them in a season porter and peppers and have 2 great corners and good saftey so our deffense would be set. and then on offense with the trade of boldin between him and ginn with camrillo and bess that is an awsome 3-4 wide wide reciver set. bcause we got 2 #1 in boldin and ginn and two #2's in camrillo and bess playing 3rd and 4th string wide outs. plus brown and ricky running the ball. then resign vernon carey and also sign a out right nasty center to replace satele and our line will be just out right awsome with long,smiley,thomas,and carey and what ever center which there are 2 big nasty centers that are awsome free agents right now can't think of there names but we ned to get 1 of them and our line can be one of the best in the league. plus we got 2 great TE'S in fasano and martin. plus pennington and henne at the helm at QB. so our offense will also start to scare people also. hope this all happens! peppers,Asomugha,boldin,carey,bell,lurantits,and a big nasty center are the key pieces to having a superbowl title and a ring for all the dolphins for the 2010 superbowl. and a
14-2 season for 2009! so listen to me parcells because sign these guys and u will be a champion in south florida!!!! who is with me i know i'm right dang i'm so smart!

first ,dfin006 who's barne scott? is he related to barne rubble?Second,rob florida,"what everybody think" ? everbody think you shouldtake some grammar lessons and and maybe shorten your post instead of writing a book of" and" and "and" .you gave me a headache.

Hey rob florida,are you on crack?

or rob florida ,maybe some crystel meth?

Yeah Rob , then trade for Brady and convince the Chargers that Merriman is done.
Then send Pennington to CLE for Lebron James, he can play TE ! LoL

Yeah Rob then trade for Brady and convince the Chargers that Merriman is done.
Then send Pennington to CLE for Lebron James , he can play TE ! LoL
We could re-unite Penny wit Man-genius !........Man the Jets are awesome !

rob florida...what lucid and well thought out points you have made. I'm pretty sure everyone else on this board will think your post is a carnival of stupidity but I see the true genius of your words. You, my friend, are a thinker.

i cant remember as a dolphins fan when i felt more confident in the direction of the team.


mr bungle needs t.p. "for his jobless azzz" bung-hole. also bevis says ari -28 pitt-24 in the upset.

Rob, you are forgetting one thing. The salary cap. There is no way that this team at this point in time can make all the moves you suggest. The Dolphins may be our #1 team, but they are not the only team. There will be bidding wars for players like Peppers and Bolden (Assuming they actually did make the open market). Parcells is much too smart for that. Not gonna happen. If they sign one big name FA I would be slightly surprised. Any more and I would be shocked.

Only teams that are a player or two away can afford the strategy you suggest, ie; the Patriots of a few years ago. We are simply not yet in that position. Too many holes to fill. You do that long term by acquiring draft selections, not by trading them away.

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