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Breaking down the chance of a Boldin trade

I'm not going to describe the ugly scene because a picture is worth a thousand words and, frankly, I don't want to overload the Internet with so many words as it might break or something. So check out Arizona receiver Anquan Boldin going after offensive coordinator Todd Haley on the sideline during Sunday's NFC Championship game.

Those eight seconds of boiling rage from Boldin came after months of simmering dissatisfaction the receiver felt while playing well for the Cardinals. Boldin, productive, competitive, and headed to the Super Bowl, is unhappy because he believes the Cardinals reneged on a promise to give him a new contract.

So his goals are to help his team win the Super Bowl and then force his team to trade him.

Boldin's agent, Miami-based Drew Rosenhaus, asked the Cardinals to trade the player on several occasions since July. I know Rosenhaus will make things seem more urgent this offseason -- turning a request into something of a demand.

So Boldin is hoping the Tampa Super Bowl is the first of many he plays in his native Florida this year. That's because Boldin badly wants a new contract, badly wants out of Arizona, and would prefer to play in Florida -- preferably with Miami, and possibly with Tampa or Jacksonville.

So we know Anquan Boldin would welcome the chance to become a Miami Dolphin. But is a trade plausible?

The chances are against it. I would say the chances are about one in ten ... thousand.

I believe the Cardinals might be tempted to move Boldin this offseason for the sake of removing an unhappy player from the locker room. Boldin has been productive and, video above notwithstanding, he is not usually a problem child. But Arizona has one of the two best receivers in the NFL in Larry Fitzgerald, another 1,000-yard receiver in Steve Breaston, and the chance to upgrade further in the coming draft if need be.

So the Cardinals would practically have to consider trading Boldin for a first-round pick and other considerations in the coming draft. The team will deny any desire to trade a core player such as Boldin because it sets a bad example that players can get out if they pout. But in truth, considering a trade that returns multiple draft picks makes business sense for the Cardinals.

And Boldin is probably worth multiple picks if you're talking about a late first rounder and possibly a late second-day pick. Remember Wes Welker has brought New England a nice return on their investment of a second- and seventh-round picks. Some GM needing to upgrade a receiver corps will consider it. Some GM out there would likely be willing to do it.

But is that GM's name Jeff Ireland? I seriously doubt it.

Big Tuna Bill Parcells and Tuna Helper Ireland seem convinced they can more effectively upgrade the Dolphins the more traditional way -- through the draft and free agency. Yes, they made several significant trades to upgrade the team last year, but did you see the picks they were willing to give up in those deals?

They gave up a fourth-rounder for Akin Ayodele and Anthony Fasano. They gave up a sixth-rounder for Jason Ferguson. First day picks? Not in their DNA. 

I grant you, Boldin is not typical bait dangling on the trade line. He is 28, which means he's just about entering his prime. He is a No. 1 receiver, as he has four seasons with at least 1,000 yards or more to his credit, including 2003 before Fitzgerald wason his team. And, although not rocket fast, Boldin is the prototype of what Parcells would love in a pass-catcher: He is 6-1 and 218 pounds of chiseled granite that punishes the secondary with yards after catch as well as good blocking downfield.

From a production standpoint, Boldin would be perfect in Miami.

But here are the problems -- and there are plenty:

1. The Dolphins are trying to be in the business of collecting draft picks, not shipping them elsewhere. They have nine picks in the coming draft, including three in the first two rounds.

2. The sideline outburst in which Boldin ripped into Haley, even as the coach was trying to direct Arizona's game-winning drive, was terrible form. It made Boldin seem more selfish than competitive.

3. The fact Boldin wants out of Arizona only because he wants a new deal has to worry Miami or anyone else considering him. Boldin has two seasons remaining on his current deal, which he signed after the 2005 season. Were the Dolphins to make the trade and give Boldin a new deal, what guarantee would they have that two years from now, the player wouldn't want to start from scratch all over again?

So what we have is a player who will do all he can this offseason to escape a Super Bowl team. He will do all he can to get home to Florida first, but really, get any place that gives him a new contract. We have a local agent who can be very persuasive. And we have a rare talent and production level that is tempting because the draft might not offer an equivalent.

We also have a Super Bowl team that likely would listen to trade offers to rid itself of a disgruntled player while also getting a chance to add valuable draft picks.

And we have a big-play starved Miami offense that could seriously use the upgrade.

It all adds up nicely on paper.

But this deal wouldn't be made on paper. And, considering all the factors involved, I doubt it would be made at all. 


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I like Boldin but don't like trading high draft picks for a WR. You can always get a good WR in the draft - as long as u take the right ones.

Mando, just as point of fact, at 28 Boldin isn't entering his prime, he's in it. This is when he's supposed to shine bright and produce. Three years from now, when he's on the wrong side of 30, GMs are going to look at him and say "is he a sound investment?"

But I completely agree that there's no way in hell that the Dolphins make a trade for him.

If you can get a playmaker like that, do it. You can theoretically get them in the draft, who knows. If Parcells drafts a receiver in the first round we will all be thrilled if he turns into a player like Boldin.

LOVE Boldin - except this Past Sunday - but the guy hasn't played a full season in 3 yrs!! Add to that his TO tactics and he's too risky for multiple picks..

I don't want to see a first and second round pick go to diva receiver. I want a Vince Wilfork type D-lineman and another guard or tackle or pass rusher. Receiver can definitely wait

28 is too old for some dolfans too consider boldin. Peppers is 29 lol. If 'Zona wants a 1st and a 4th then I say do it.the 'cards really don't need him, they got two other thousand yard WR's.

Right on Frank. It may make sense right now, as he's a beast... but in 3-4 years, when the Dolphins are in smack in the middle of a legitimate championship run(s), Boldin will be on the downside.

I'd rather see us draft the NEXT Boldin, so in 2-3-4 years, he's hitting his stride.

No way Ireland makes this trade, unless Arizona gives him away.

This is not the Cowboys, its the Dolphins. Dont trade the farm like Jerry Jones for one high profile player.

In Boldins defense: he played with a broken face this season. He could have spent the time on IR but he played - with a broken face - and produced.

I say take Kenny Britt with our late second round pick. The boy can hit hard and catch.
If La Familia (Pacells, Ireland, Sparano) take boldin it will be a deal that works in their favor you can bet.
(Tuna Helper) come on Armando show some respect.
The guy way out paces you in salary. What does that make you (Tuna *%*#).
Go Phins!!!

1000% better chance we trade the 1st round pick for multiple picks this year and next instead of to another team for a player

Glad to see so many people thinking straight here. The way to build a winner is to find your own Boldin, not pay premium prices to acquire someone else's. besides, once he gets the contract he wants, what motivation will he have to perform at the high levels. Paying big money for free agents doesn't make sense for this team right now. No point paying a premium to have a satisfied and possibly soon unmotivated player on your team.

Armando, it never fails that the first thing I do when I turn on my computer is come to this blog and you deliver!

I've been asking myself why all the love for Boldin? Everywhere I go, my friends are talking like this trade would be great for Miami. I appreciate that you make a logical, unemotional case for doing what is right, instead of doing what rick speilmen might have done, which is trade all our picks for him now after passing him up in 2003.

Maybe Miami could trade Eddie Moore, Jamar Fletcher and their Round 2 pick for BOLDIN........btw-Thanks WANNY !!!!

I love to have a player like Boldin on the team but if it only include players in the package (puttin Ginn and another player), but if you're going to trade why not putting a package incluiding Ginn and a couple of players for someone like Andre Johnson?

Manual, your an idiot. Would have you traded Marino in his prime for a guy like Bubby Brister and some other players? So why in the heck would Houston trade one of the top 3 WR in the league who is still in his mid 20's?


When building a team from the inside out like the Dolphins are doing, using two draft picks including a 1st and 2nd for a WR is not wise. Sure Boldin would help us and give us a true #1 WR, but until the OL is improved so the running game is better and the protection for the QB is better, this deal doesn't make sense for the Dolphins in 09.

Steve Breaston had an impressive rookie year, but remember he was the 3rd WR benefitting from the big two. Having Kurt Warner as the QB didn't hurt either.

I say no trades. Let's sign free agents and draft.

I cannot believe my eyes as I read these comments. Where are all the idiots wanting the Dolphins to trade for Boldin and Brett Favre and Chad Johnson?

Oh yeah, they're on my blog. I suck.

I agree with Boldin being a bad locker room guy, but I disagree that you can get a WR in the draft late. Let's be honest, who have the Dolphins drafted as a WR that panned out? Our best WR on the team was an undrafted free agent in Davon Bess.

When it comes to talent on the WR side of things Miami needs to open up the check book, because they need someone now. Not a project for a few years. Also, look how small are top 3 guys are. Ginn, Bess, and Camarillo; all small guys. We need a big physical ready to go guy.

No team ever won the Super Bowl through free agency. I don't even need to argue it. You tell me. Just name me one.

When you done, c'mon over to Mama's house and watch the Soup a Bowl wit a nice Bowl a Soup. Perhaps we'll fill up on the good and have us some some Campbell's® Chunky™ Steak & Potato Soup (it's a good source of lean protein).

I believe we all would love to have Boldin on our team, but the fact is like Mando says, it would be hard to give early picks and a lot of money. We have a bunch of needs on our team and there is a lot of talent out there that we can get in free agency.

Boldin was about to crush his offensive coordinator. You see Whisenhunt didn't want any part of that confrontation. I trust Parcells decisions. I saw him on the coverage for the Senior Bowl on the NFL network, he was talking to Jerry Jones, we may get some more players from Dallas.

Furthermore draft a receiver in the 1st round?
You been playin flag football too long child. We got just ONE really legit long term offensive lineman in Jake. No depth on either line and you dreamin of makin us the next Detroit Lions or Cincy Bengals by loadin up on receivers? Come real and come strong or don't come at all to Mama's house.

I pose the following: Receiver is not as big a hole as everyone thinks it is. I think the trifecta of Camarillo, Ginn, and Bess are not so bad. You could argue all three receivers had breakout seasons(although Ginn did not play well in the last game). Granted, they are not superstars and we should try to upgrade the position but giving up draft picks to do so is not smart because we need to use those picks in other areas. Lets try to find the next Boldin in the draft.

Damn! And to think Wannstache passed up on Boldin to get the immortal... Eddir Moore. I hope you burn in hell Wannstache!!!!

Armando, spot on. No way this goes down given the comp that Arizona will demand and the multiple needs the Dolphins still have that requires draft choices to solve.

Since Tuna didn't want Owens and Owens was handed to him by Jones, I doubt very seriously if he would have any interest in Boldin. Boldin is a good receiver, but he has seriously damaged his future earnings power.

The past drafts the Dolphins have had have nothing to do with future drafts. Parcells and Ireland only have one draft under their belts so saying they can't find a good WR in the draft because we haven't in the past is just silly.

My only concern is Parcells NEVER really addresses the WR spot anywhere he's been. TO was not his trade. Terry Glenn was not his pick.

He thought Phil McConkey was a great receiver for goodness sake! That was fine back in 1986. But today's NFL is about throwing the football and WRs are important.

Why trade for a w.r. when you have ted(hands of stone)ginn and his clipboard holding daddy?

I believe a 1st rounder is worth it, but only with a new contract. WR's are very very tough position to predict. So many are taken and so many fall to the wayside. You have a guy that is proven productive, is exactly what we need a big physical target. If we are even considering using one of top 3 picks on a WR then we might as well make this move. It looks like we aren't breaking the bank for suggs or peppers, or crowder so money saved already. plus anderson and holliday might be gone as well.

I know he is 28, but I believe he is in the jerry rice mold where he will play a long long time in the NFL barring major injury, because he does not rely on his speed to beat people. He is a hines ward i guy that does all the dirty work needed plus do on the great things as well. we now have 4 solid wr's (3 young with one vet). we would be putting together one of the best offenses in the league, with some new depth for sure coming on the OL.

If my memory Is correct about 80% of you pin heads think hes the 2nd coming of jerry rice. hahahaha

You Guys kill me.

Parcells has already shown that he'll trade picks for players. The Dolphins have been terrible at drafting receivers and Boldin wants to play for Miami. This is a no-brainer.

As far as Boldin's behavior, imagine that you were doing great work at your job and a year later they brought in somebody else who did the same thing. Then after you were both producing the company offered the new guy $40 mil and they offered you HALF OF THAT. How long would you stick around?

1st rd. pick ++?


100,000 to 1


In August everybody here wanted us to trade for Boldin.
Boldin is passionate and passion wins.
(See Lebron, Kobe, KG, Tebow).

Idiots, Since when has Boldin been a "bad locker room guy?" NEVER! Does one instance make a guy a criminal?? He was asking to be put into the final drive when O-Cordinator shouted back at him! I wish they could release what Haley said to him (to cause Anquan's blowup).

Miami may be able to dangle their first 2nd round pick (& a 6th Rounder) for Boldin. This guy is only 1000x better than Ginn & Camarillo COMBINED!

Parcell's didn't want T.O. ,Bouldin doesn't have a chance in hell. This guy screaming at a coach in the middle of a championship game.

Bolden = Rice.....be serious. First of all, Rice played into his 40's because he knew when to take a hit and when to duck down or step out of bounds (a quality you bash Ginn for relentlessly). Bolden plays like a wrecking ball which is why he has never played an entire season. If he is complaining about not getting the ball enough in the second best offense in the league what do you think will happen when he goes to the conservative Miami offense?

Another option, not discussed yet, would be to package a lesser pick and a player for Boldin. It might work?

I love Boldin, but you all know that his agent his behind all of this trade talks, so his client can get a big-time contract.. He's a great WR, but I have this feeling that if comes to Miami, he would have issues with Pennington's arm.

would Arizona take our 2nd rd pick and a 4th rd picks in 2009 and 2010...I would do this but do not trade our #1 pick....GO DOLPHINS

The reason not to get Boldin is becuse we have already made a commitment to not have a vertical passing game.
Remember the staff has committed to Pennington.
You think Boldin is loud when Warner won't throw him the ball, what would happen when Penny can't throw him the ball.


And lastly for those of you talking about 3-4 years down the road - we are 3-4 years down the road from the 04/05 era.
Remember how back then we were building for 3-4 years down the road.
Well here we are, AFC East champs.

Wannstache would trade his entire draft for Boldin, and that's why he's not in the NFL anymore. Groom your own players, don't pay for another's cast offs.

Armando is the best! Omar sucks.

Armando - You point out that Miami got a 2nd and a 7th for Welker, but in the same year the same team only gave a 4th for Randy Moss in his prime. It's not just about the picks; it's about the money. New England took over Moss's contact - A great Cap reduction for the Raiders and a great cap "hit" for the patriots. I think a fair deal for Boldin cosidering his Salary demands would be a 4th round pick. It's like yor giving a 4th and a Pro-Bowler for Boldin, because you could presumably get another Pro-Bowl caliber player in Free agency for the $ you're paying boldin. Conversely, Arizona could sign a PB caliber player for the cap relief they get from unloading Boldin and his contract. Hence,they get a PB caliber player AND a 4th for Boldin

mando,you forgot to mention that while the cardinals were celebrating thier nfc champ.boldon was spotted leaving through the back door .into his car.and out the parking lot.wow what a team guy.me me me me.stay far away from this guy.

shanader,once again you fall for that big name,instead of thinking it over.you want to give up high picks and money like its going out of style lol.the guy just blew up at his oc in the middle of a nfc champ drive,and then as i mentioned before walked out on his teammates during the locker room celebration. me me me =no no no'

I say we trade for Boldin and make him our newest OLB and see if he can get 15 sacks a year. Does he have good swim technique?

You really think that a 2nd and a 6th would do it? Would you trade Jake Long for a 2nd and a 6th? Come on dude!

Terpfinfan: Randy Moss took a pay cut to go to the Patriots. And the rest of your post is way over my head because I didn't realize the Dolphins were offering a Pro Bowl player while giving Arizona a whiff of air.

Maybe the Dolphins can offer five whiffs of air to Detroit for the first overall pick?

Weak -- did it ever occur to you that the reason a trade is never going to happen is Todd Haley is a Parcells guy? Do you think he's going to praise Boldin to him after this weekends display?

mando,did you know boldon slipped out the back door,while his teammates were celebrating the nfc champ.what a guy,what a teammate.

Here are some comments from Tim Graham on ESPN, are real report who gets facts, not just speculation:

"As for Boldin's sideline explosion with Cardinals offensive coordinator Todd Haley, keep this in mind: Whatever Haley really thinks of Boldin already has been absorbed by Dolphins football operations boss Bill Parcells.

Haley considers Parcells his mentor. When Parcells was head coach of the New York Jets, Haley was his wide receivers coach. In Parcells' last two seasons as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Haley was his passing game coordinator (future Dolphins coach Tony Sparano was the running game coordinator).

So Parcells and Haley were forced to cope with diva Terrell Owens together in 2006.

No chance with the issues listed above and the high compensation in picks and dollars does he come to Miami. Thank god!

TerpFinFan, if it so easy then why don't we keep the 4th rounder and sign a pro bowler ourselves?

Drew, my point of this whole blog post is that a trade would not happen for a myriad reasons so what Todd Haley says is irrelevant.

mando.i don't care what anybody says,the guy was screaming at his oc during a game winning ,nfc champ drive and to top it all off,he walks out on his teammates during the celebration.He is a selfish crybaby.no room on this team for him

Mando why would we give up a first day pick for Fasano and Ferg in the first place I know your just pointing out that Bill and Jeff most likely wont trade first day picks anyway were we one of the teams that was going to trade a second rounder for Williams this year.But as for Boldin the asking price would be to high and I sure as hell do not think it will happen.I would gladly swap first rounders and give up a second rounder though.

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