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Breaking down the chance of a Boldin trade

I'm not going to describe the ugly scene because a picture is worth a thousand words and, frankly, I don't want to overload the Internet with so many words as it might break or something. So check out Arizona receiver Anquan Boldin going after offensive coordinator Todd Haley on the sideline during Sunday's NFC Championship game.

Those eight seconds of boiling rage from Boldin came after months of simmering dissatisfaction the receiver felt while playing well for the Cardinals. Boldin, productive, competitive, and headed to the Super Bowl, is unhappy because he believes the Cardinals reneged on a promise to give him a new contract.

So his goals are to help his team win the Super Bowl and then force his team to trade him.

Boldin's agent, Miami-based Drew Rosenhaus, asked the Cardinals to trade the player on several occasions since July. I know Rosenhaus will make things seem more urgent this offseason -- turning a request into something of a demand.

So Boldin is hoping the Tampa Super Bowl is the first of many he plays in his native Florida this year. That's because Boldin badly wants a new contract, badly wants out of Arizona, and would prefer to play in Florida -- preferably with Miami, and possibly with Tampa or Jacksonville.

So we know Anquan Boldin would welcome the chance to become a Miami Dolphin. But is a trade plausible?

The chances are against it. I would say the chances are about one in ten ... thousand.

I believe the Cardinals might be tempted to move Boldin this offseason for the sake of removing an unhappy player from the locker room. Boldin has been productive and, video above notwithstanding, he is not usually a problem child. But Arizona has one of the two best receivers in the NFL in Larry Fitzgerald, another 1,000-yard receiver in Steve Breaston, and the chance to upgrade further in the coming draft if need be.

So the Cardinals would practically have to consider trading Boldin for a first-round pick and other considerations in the coming draft. The team will deny any desire to trade a core player such as Boldin because it sets a bad example that players can get out if they pout. But in truth, considering a trade that returns multiple draft picks makes business sense for the Cardinals.

And Boldin is probably worth multiple picks if you're talking about a late first rounder and possibly a late second-day pick. Remember Wes Welker has brought New England a nice return on their investment of a second- and seventh-round picks. Some GM needing to upgrade a receiver corps will consider it. Some GM out there would likely be willing to do it.

But is that GM's name Jeff Ireland? I seriously doubt it.

Big Tuna Bill Parcells and Tuna Helper Ireland seem convinced they can more effectively upgrade the Dolphins the more traditional way -- through the draft and free agency. Yes, they made several significant trades to upgrade the team last year, but did you see the picks they were willing to give up in those deals?

They gave up a fourth-rounder for Akin Ayodele and Anthony Fasano. They gave up a sixth-rounder for Jason Ferguson. First day picks? Not in their DNA. 

I grant you, Boldin is not typical bait dangling on the trade line. He is 28, which means he's just about entering his prime. He is a No. 1 receiver, as he has four seasons with at least 1,000 yards or more to his credit, including 2003 before Fitzgerald wason his team. And, although not rocket fast, Boldin is the prototype of what Parcells would love in a pass-catcher: He is 6-1 and 218 pounds of chiseled granite that punishes the secondary with yards after catch as well as good blocking downfield.

From a production standpoint, Boldin would be perfect in Miami.

But here are the problems -- and there are plenty:

1. The Dolphins are trying to be in the business of collecting draft picks, not shipping them elsewhere. They have nine picks in the coming draft, including three in the first two rounds.

2. The sideline outburst in which Boldin ripped into Haley, even as the coach was trying to direct Arizona's game-winning drive, was terrible form. It made Boldin seem more selfish than competitive.

3. The fact Boldin wants out of Arizona only because he wants a new deal has to worry Miami or anyone else considering him. Boldin has two seasons remaining on his current deal, which he signed after the 2005 season. Were the Dolphins to make the trade and give Boldin a new deal, what guarantee would they have that two years from now, the player wouldn't want to start from scratch all over again?

So what we have is a player who will do all he can this offseason to escape a Super Bowl team. He will do all he can to get home to Florida first, but really, get any place that gives him a new contract. We have a local agent who can be very persuasive. And we have a rare talent and production level that is tempting because the draft might not offer an equivalent.

We also have a Super Bowl team that likely would listen to trade offers to rid itself of a disgruntled player while also getting a chance to add valuable draft picks.

And we have a big-play starved Miami offense that could seriously use the upgrade.

It all adds up nicely on paper.

But this deal wouldn't be made on paper. And, considering all the factors involved, I doubt it would be made at all. 


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Wait a second there HP in PA. What about graham's report is so outstanding? Does he quote Bill Parcells? Does he quote Todd Haley saying Boldin is a piece of crap? All he does is speculate that Haley would tell Parcells what he thinks of Boldin ... Does it occur to any of you schmoes that Haley works for Ken Whisenhunt and if the Cardinals view it in their interest to trade Boldin, Haley will say whatever his bosses tell him to say?

One more thing: Salguero posted his blog before graham posted his. So it wouldn't surprise me if graham read this blog and posted his own to react to a newsworthy article.

hey foy he didn't say we gave up 1st day picks for them.he was asking "first day picks?"and "not in there dna" about the tuna and ireland giving 1st dar draft choices in general.a 4rth round pick is not a 1st day pick.

the highest draft pick they traded was a 4rth and they got fasano and ayudele 2 starters.


good job mando i actually liked this post...proved some good points. i dont see miami picking up boldin unless something crazy goes through tunas mind



"phares" ? DID YOU GO TO SCHOOL?

just read miami and crowder are far, far ,apart.good-bye crowder.

the tuna wins pro football weekly executive of the year


I know he didnt say we gave up first day picks for them go phins the way he worded it sounded like we should have given up more is what I was saying.I was just pointing out that he said "did you see the picks we were willing to give up for these two players" just made it sound like it wasn't enough.

it is not easy to rebuild a football .that is why all you people can talk and talk for ever but the truth be told you have no clue what goes into building a team except go phins who knows abou that.
by monaliza

Yeah I guess Crowders demands are to high lmao what has this kid done in his 4 years besides being hurt most of the time he is only 25 but if he is asking 4-5 mill a year naaah Crowders not a playmaker big deal he had 113 tackles well Bell had 100 as well.I know linebackers that do it all like Ray Lewis are rare but for this guy to turn down 3 mill a year lmao let some other team over pay for this guy.

thanks momalizzzzzzzzzzza,we have been agreeing alot lately,except when you bust on my boy chad henne and trying to trade him.but your just being a ball-buster,


To me, the Dolphins are a lot like the Philadelphia Eagles in the sense that they have a quarterback who can play, but lack a big recieving weapon. Camarillo is the best the Dolphins have, and he is a really good reciever. Bess has shown those same qualities. Ginn might be better fitted as a slot reciver where he speed could benefit him greatly. But, they need someone who can be a gamebreaker. A TO without the T and O, or a T.J. Housyourmama without the lagging question of age. Maybe Boldin is the answer, but Larry Fitzgerald would be the better guy from that team. I have my reservations about Boldin. I think the Dolphins may have to look to the draft for the game changer. Or go another year with a healthy Camarillo and Ginn.

What is the point of bringing this up if its not going to happen? Omar is better...

Boldin to Miami= not a chance!

This is one you have to think over real careful. No matter how you cut the Dolphins have a 99% chance of losing in this deal if they trade draft picks.
Here is why, you now have a guy on the roster that can outrun our current qb's passes. Then you have to put your rookie qb in. That might not work, either. So, you have a fast guy who can catch who is basically going to be used as a reverse guy because we can't get him the ball. You have traded away two of your 4 top picks. In 2 years after the team takes a few steps backwards he moves on and we have nothing. Do we remember Culpepper and the top picks we have been giving away for the past 15 years for guys that produced little or nothing.
If he comes to you in FA or a great trade deal, say a second rounder, fine but don't trade away draft picks for anyone.

Boldin is awesome. However, first you trade away picks and THEN, pay out big bucks? Not so fast my friends. Nothing more than a 4th rounder for him and there's no way AZ is going to do that! So, let's stay on course and draft big fat guys for the OL and DL, and fast QB chasers.

its official ross is the new majority owner of the dolphins reported by espn.

I think this year is gonna be alot like the Tuna's first year in Dallas where that team overacheived and made the playoffs but regressed the following year. If we had the pieces in place, like a solid offensive line that could open up huge running lanes, and protect Pennnington for more then 3 step drops I would say trade for Boldin and try and make a deeper run in the playoffs. But until we have a dominant Offensive and Defensive line the luxury of a playmaking WR can be put on the back burner.

No worries....we have Teddy Ginn!

hey i say sign boldin if we have a chance! let's see give away our 1st round pick for boldin hell yeah i say do it! ok we draft WR in the 1st round who are we going to get percey harvin at best i don't think we even get him! so more like hakeem nicks brandon lefell 2 guys that i never even herd of! lol they are on the scouts top 32 on espn i never herd of them so that means more likley or not they suck and ain't going to add up to more then a 3tier WR in the NFL! maybe at best a #2 WR after 2-3 years! um hello we already have them we need a #1 we got ginn he is a #1 but more inbetween a #1 and a #2 right now because we got nobody helping him on the other side! so we need another #1 boldin does that! and i rather get a primetime player that is awsome that we already know and in his prime at 28 with my 1st rd pick this year then draft a guy with my 1st rd pick that don't even make the starting wr corps and ends up being another devon bess or camrillo! i'm sorry rather have the boldin! don't get me wrong camrillo and bess are great but they are a #3 wr not a #1 even a #2 in my book!


im surprised no phins fans mentioned the fact that we could have drafted Boldin but instead a bunch of knuckleheads took linebacker Eddie Moore in the second round instead. I hate bringing up the bonehead drafts of our past but that one ranks way up there, the trifecta has righted the ship and they will find a stud receiver in their own way but it wont be Boldin

we def need Boldin. He honestly has a good 6 or 7 years left in him and if we lock him up for that time period I shouldnt have to tell you people what he will bring to our offense. You've seen the stats and what he has been able to do on the field and has no off the field issues. We can build our young receiver corps around him...............come on TED GINN AND ANQUAN BOLDIN YOU PEOPLE ARE NUTS IF YOU WOULDNT WANT HIM! and the altercation that just happened with his offensive cord. thats what you get when you pull an ALL-STAR caliber player like that off the field. They are very competive and all he wanted was a simple answer and I personally would have wanted one to if I was in his same shoes same stage. Thats it dol-fans not hating on anyone but be smart go BOLDIN!!!!!!

hey dolfan man and rob,you also gave me a headache,thank god you guys are not the phins vp and gm.not only did he have at it with the o.c during a game winning nfc champ. game boldon took of out the back door.leaving his teammates during the locker room celebration.you want to give up high draft picks and big money to a me me me guy,no no no

In an ideal world you'd trade away 2 players who aren't 'Parcells-type' players (Ginn & Satele) that would fit in well with another team (Cardinals!) for a Parcells-type player who obviously wants to return to Florida (Boldin!). BUT, it's not an ideal world! If it was Madden '09 on PS3 I'd do it in a flash, even throwing in an extra pick - gotta love Boldin's toughness...

Big diff between boldin and the other problem child recievers. I would take him in a new york minute. That said I would offer up only a second rounder, and possibly crowder or another fringe player. If they don't bite then no biggie.

Menace - you're back.. How bout dem Jets!!! Maybe we can trade Ted (hands of stone) Ginn, who by the way will be the next Jerry Rice, for Brett Farve - the savior.. Oh wait, Brett doesn't know if he has the passion to play again next year, he'll get back to Jet fans on that one..

Seriously, the 3rd place Jets and their fans should take a little vacation from football and enjoy the offseason, which is the only season you're not going to be losing for a very long time. LOL -

Are you kidding me?

Trade for Boldin?

You guys need to leave roster decisions to the coaches (Parcells/Ireland.

Do you remember that we went 11-5 with no name recievers (Ginn is dead to me).

Draft a reciever with the 2nd pick in the 2nd round. Draft two guards with the 1st round pick and with the 1st pick in the 2nd round.

We need depth on our line before we need to be trading for recievers.


Just the fact that no one knows his salary demands is enough for me to stay away from Boldin. Add in the fact that parting with draft picks would be necessary to land him makes this a no brainer. DON’T ACQUIRE BOLDIN. Miami’s top 4 WRs are extremely young and will be much improved next year so this is not a pressing need. Keep the draft picks and upgrade the talent level on defense

Anquan Boldin wants a Fitzgerald deal, 4 years 40 mil 20 guaranteed. Parcells will not co-sign that. Let see a disgruntled receiver and his agnet Drew Rosenhaus: Parcells done seen that movie,ain't going back.

I do a 2nd rd pick this year and next and a 5th rounder for Boldin this offseason but not a first round pick it is too high and valuable

1st round receivers are a crap shoot. Man I hope they don't trade away picks 4 boldin

Boldin in the type of player you need to help you win now if you are on the verge... Our playoff appearance notwithstanding, I dont think the "Leadership 3" will have that mindset.

I wouldnt be surprised if they look at it. Again, look at how smart "L3" were last year in draft trades.

If it happens, it will be on draft day. I think they let the post season play out, see how bitchy the whole situation gets.. and maybe Arizona then take the approach of... feck it anyway, lets just take a 2nd for him and move on.. in which case, does it become a viable option for Miami.

Our guys are smart and wont give more than they need.

It also sends a message to other FA's, drafted rookies and existing players, that the organisation wont over pay for their services.

No one really knows what he is like beyond what we see on the field. What I can say is that a player like that can only improve your team. We tried with Wilford. We will try to find another Wilford sized player. Maybe its Boldin but at what price? If CC went for a 2nd and he was happy here then a disgruntled AB should go for the same. That's what I would give and I would maybe extend his current deal but not change the terms of the remaining years.

it is not easy to be the menace.

bacala is back

Hands of stone Ginn? Does anyone watch the freakin games? Ginn has very good hands. Some people just talk out of their ass.

The Cards may have more motivation that you think Armando to trade him, at a reasonable price. 1) get rid of a disgruntled player, 2) they have their 2nd WR in Breaston, 3) Boldin will be an FA in two years at which time the Cards will receive nothing for him if he leaves, 4) they do not want to match the pay for Fitzgerald at 10 mil, 5) he obviously has some issues with the OC and Wissenhut, which goes to point #1 (as the Edge does too, they can't both be wrong)

So they just might accept a 2nd and late round pick for the guy. At that price i say go for it. The only downside is the big price tag for the guy, but an incentive laden contract could solve that issue.

Remember the last big superstar wide receiver in Arizona that eventually played for the Dolphins? David Boston. After being a pro-bowler in Az, he was out of the league two years later.

I've always been impressed with Boldin's talent. Now I'm also impressed at his mental capacity for the game. Contract? Please. The man is displeased with the team because they lied to him. Yet he's playing incredible ball for them! That's damn impressive. He's not enough of a distraction to keep them out of a Superbowl, and he's producing on the field when thrown to. What's the problem? So he yelled at them. It was bound to happen given the stress he's under with an employer who was dishonest. Given the hits he's taken for that team he should be given tons of flack.

We should sign him if we can, but only give up one first day pick. We'd still have 7 picks for the draft if we traded a 1st and 5th for him. Would that be enough?

Think about how much better it'll be for Henne to come into the game with Boldin, Ginn, and Camarillo, than Ginn, Camarillo, and Bess. Boldin will be more talented than all the rest for at least 2 more years, probably 3. Sounds smart.

Like I said before, we will develop our own recievers.


We spent, sorry, wasted our 9TH OVERALL PICK on Ted Ginn. (a kick/punt returner)

But I have soo much faith in the TRIFECTA, that I know they will continue to do whats best for the team.

The TRIFECTA will continue to amaze us Dolfans for many years and drafts to come.

If they could do what the did with a 1-15 team after 1 draft, imagine what they could do with a couple more.

We will get our reciever and the TRIFECTA WILL MAKE HIM a superstar.


Love to have Boldin why not pursue Antonio Bryant from Tampa for half the price... ???

we should trade a 1st rounder for Boldin. its not like we have the no. 1 pick agian and we need one more receiver like an explosive one to play with ted ginn and anquan boldin would be the perfect fit since he said he wants to play in florida i think we should trade our first rounder this year i think for either Boldin or Julius Peppers but its not like the Dolphins to show sack like that and trade for somebody whos amazingly good but if i were miami i would sign Terrel Suggs if he doesnt get franchised tagged let Crowder walk and get some explosive wide receiver like Boldin Bryant or Husmanzadeh and try to resign Carey,Bell,And goodman and if they still have some money try to get the guy from the rams astogwe but the thing that i see us not doing is getting Suggs since weve already got Cameron Wake which i thought was a pretty good signing

The fact is Bodin is 28 years old and has about four of five good years left in the NFL, it is time to get payed to secure his career. He is on a team that has 3 1000 yard catchers on it and he is just not happy. Miami in the other hand needs his service badly. Now I say give a 2nd round draft pick with a 6th or 7th rounder for him because draft picks are not garanteed productive players. We know what Boldin can do but those draft picks can even be cut by the end of the pre seaon so why not get a player that can produce now after all we do have 3 1rst and 2nd rouners and about 9 other later players so why not trade these guys and go into free agency and pick-up some players to plug some other holes. last year we plugged in a lot of free agents and made some trades and look at us, we made it to he first round of the play-offs plus a 11-5 record. DO THE TRADE, WE NEED MORE OFFENSE, besides that would make our running game beter when teams know that we are a real threat in the outside as well.

Bolding for Samson Satele and a first or a second and third. Would be great for both teams. Boldin would fit perfectly into the wildcat

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