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Is Chad Pennington Miami's championship QB?

Chad Pennington had a wonderful regular-season playing quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. His one playoff outing was terrible.

So where does that leave the Dolphins?

They have a great game manager. A great leader. A fine regular-season quarterback that can surely help them go from 1-15 to 11-6.

But do they have a championship quarterback? Do they have a guy that can help them not just reach the playoffs but win in the playoffs? Do they have the guy who can help them go from 11-6 to something greater and maybe even a Super Bowl?

Coach Tony Sparano believes so. I asked Sparano Monday if Pennington will be his starting quarterback for 2009 or if the player who threw four interceptions against Baltimore must earn the starting job all over again?

Sparano, who preached the need to have competition at every position last preseason, said Pennington is his starter for 2009. So much for the idea of Chad Henne getting a chance.

“There are a lot of issues that go on out there during the course of the ball game that can lead to throwing interceptions, fumbling the ball, giving up sacks," Sparano said. "Normal things when you give up sacks, it’s the line’s fault; well you don’t really know that. It can be the backs, it can be the receivers not running the site adjust, it can be a bunch of different things.

"There are a lot of things that went into why we didn’t play well enough yesterday, particularly on that side of the ball. That quarterback has played very well for us the entire year. I think the guy is just an outstanding player.”

Pennington indeed is an outstanding player. But again, is he a championship quarterback? That question can not be answered with facts. Pennington has not won a championship. And the game against Baltimore showed his flaws.

He threw several passes into double coverage, which I hadn't seen him do most of the season. But of greater concern, he sailed a couple of passes and Ed Reed plucked one of those out of the air and returned it for a touchdown.

I am reminded that in 2000, Jay Fiedler led the Dolphins to the AFC East championship. Much like Pennington, Fiedler was a fine leader, a guy good enough to help a good team win in the regular season. But the Dolphins believed he could also help deliver them to playoff success.

They were wrong then.

Do you think they are right this time with Pennington?


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after the incredible season chad put together, i dont think he deserves to be thrown in the dog house like this. every quarterback has bad days. and every defense will have good days. thats the NFL, and thats why football is great. people forget that only 25 of these dolphins were on the team last year. this ravens defense has been playing together for what seems like FOREVER. it was an offense with 17 games experience together against a defense with 8 years together. it was a team loss, not a chad pennington loss

All I can say is, I wish we would get a QB who can throw the ball with some zip and actually make opposing defenses account for deep passes. They know Pennington has a weak arm.

As tough as it is to imagine Chad Pennington's floaters in any Super Bowl, it is difficult to imagine his leadership of this team and his computability with Sporano to be matched. Sometimes that is just as important for the kind of team we have right now. Should Pennington be given a carte blanche until his arm literally falls off? Absolutely not, but I truly believe Chad will give us our best chance until the time (hopefully) when Henne's talent starts to speak volumes. Did Joe Flacco do anything special in that game? His QB rating was 50 something! But he was never sacked and had the time to make the few necessary throws. If our line protects Chad and we move the ball with Ricky and Ronnie we don't turn the ball over 5 times and give ourselves a chance. I think it will become apparent to our smart front office when Chad isn't getting it done for us and who knows, God forbid, Chad's injury bug comes back and Henne naturally wiggles his way in anyway and shines. Things work themselves out when we have coaches that know what they are doing finally.

Who knows atleast he gives us the chance with inferior talent to get us to the playoffs..with the talent around him and that defense he faced even peyton manning would have lost and stunk it up..i dont want henne in until 2010 when our roster is sb ready and he has earned it..mando u cant blame chad p alone for that loss no running game 2 much pressure and wr never open

Pennington is no Jay Fiedler, but he may not be the QB by the time this team is ready to really make some noise (2010, in my opinion).

The important thing is that this regime is planning for the future and the day that Pennington is no longer effective. Unlike what happened when with Jay, when the moron in charge couldn't see that Jay was a stopgap at best and refused chance after chance to either bring in an upgrade (Green, Johnson) or a rookie worth developing (Brees) and instead brought in the likes of Ray Lucas so he wouldn't "create a controversy".

I think that Pennington as the starter in 2009 is as it should be. He's earned that. If he falters, Henne should be ready. Henne is being developed the right way. Just look at Philip Rivers. He sat for two full seasons, but now, in his 5th (and 3rd as starter) he already has 3 playoff wins under his belt and he is arguably the best QB in the NFL right now.

Come on, everyone knows Miami has alot
of other needs to get this team SuperBowl
level. Why would you mess with the QB who
helps everyone else on offense learn and
become better ? Henne is learning tons sitting and waiting. I don't see the problem here ?

Armando, any news about the draft yet? opinions, pick numbers, targeted players??

I think for now the question is really irrelevant. This Dolphins regime clearly thinks Chad Henne will one day be a stud (obvioulsy, only time will tell whether he meets those expectations). Pennington will be given the reigns next year (which he clearly deserves). If he proves he is a championship caliber QB (with a more talented roster next year), then he stays as the starter beyond next year. If not, Chad Henne will be the guy in 2010, and Pennington walks (next year his contract is up).

Well... it didn't take long for the QB ability doubting to begin!
We went from a great season, to stories about front office instability, and questioning Chad Pennington's ability to lead this team.
Losing attitudes look for blame. Winning attitudes build on what got you to the point of feeling good about what you have.

What I am trying to say (see above), is that the Dolphins regime believes they have that championship QB on the roster already (in either Penningotn or Henne). So they dont need to go out and get another QB. Thats why this question is not relevant on a practical level.

Are you kidding me? We had the best QB that the NFL has ever seen in Dan Marino. 1 guy alone can not win a game, especially in the playoffs. We saw it time and time again in the 80's and 90's. Yes it was nice to have Marino throwing the ball, but did he play D? I didnt see #13 covering recievers or tackling running backs who killed us over those years. Chad had constant pressure all day!! no dissing the O line, but they got killed by the blitz's and 1 on 1, simply stated they were overmatched. Once they took the run away, the passing game became easy for them to defend. I think its unfair to pennington that we ask if he is a championship QB. Although hs window is getting smaller, he is in my opinion a championship caliber QB, just ask his teamates.

I still believe one of the best things to come out of this season is that Chad Henne only threw 12 regular season passes. I think it really helps a young QB develop if he sits on the bench for a couple of years (Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco are the very rare exceptions).
Aaron Rodgers (3 years) and Phillip Rivers (2) both sat and I think it really helped their careers.

Two Words... Trent Dilfer.

One more year for ol St. Pennington.....
He has earned it , keep grooming Henne.
At least we are better than the Jets !
Where can I buy an Anquan Boldin dolphin jersey?

Good point but remember the Super Bowl Ravens of that year had arguably THE best defense of all time. Don't need much more than that, but obviously tough to repeat.

I saw Ross speak to a newspaper writer from another city before the game ! That means Miami might actually get someone who knows football to write for the local rags !!! I think this is true as Parcells hasn't come out and denied it.

I woudl stick with Pennington untill he loses it. Hennee is learning from him how to prepare for games and is getting stonger and better in practice every week.

For the Draft............... I def think we need (not in this order but within first 2 rounds) Guard/Tackle a Corner/Safety and a DL WR yes, but id liek to see how Bess and Camraillo develop. We know Ginn could catch the ball and at TE Fasano deserves another year as does Martin

I saw Ross speaking to a woman who was not his wife before the game. Uh oh, looks like a divorce is coming. Parcells wouldn't comment, so it must be true.

Pennington is definately our starter last year. He's way better than Fiedler. Smarter, takes care of the ball way better. Chad just had a bad game, but I actually put that on the O Line more than I do on Chad. True he made some uncharacteristic throws, but I'm definately looking foward to seeing Chad rebound next year. He's such a competitor. Chad Henne is the future because he has such a rocket arm but Pennington is the present. Henne has to be learning a lot being able to understudy under a QB like Pennington. One day, Henne will surpass Pennington, but that won't be for another year or two.

WR = Hakeem Nicks...please tell me you would NOT be thrilled to see him as your #1 WR....i think only Bess is a "lock" at WR, Ginn is not a Tuna kinda WR, nor did Tuna draft him and his family...Ginn would be fine in a slot role, but we have no WR that really requires that special attention you need...nor do we have a NT that does that on the other side of the ball....as was showed on sun....

you doubters are all morons. even if i had the rocket arm of doom, who the f~~k am I meant to throw it to, Wilford??? Ginn???? give me some f@~king options and i'll win you some f@~king games.

wow Chad...is that really you...

The man took the team from 1-15 to 11-5, and was being touted by ESPN analysts and others as a potential MVP candidate. How can anyone justify taking the position of Chad P not being a championship caliber quarterback? I don't get it. The man can lead, he can make enough throws - look at his season stats! Sparano and management just need to continue with the plan, deepen the roster, and find some more offensive weapons!

The man took the team from 1-15 to 11-5, and was being touted by ESPN analysts and others as a potential MVP candidate. How can anyone justify taking the position of Chad P not being a championship caliber quarterback? I don't get it. The man can lead, he can make enough throws - look at his season stats! Sparano and management just need to continue with the plan, deepen the roster, and find some more offensive weapons!

Until Miami come up with a defense much like the Ravens and a over powering running game, Pennington is not the man. He did great in the regular season. But playoffs is a different story and the whole purpose of making the playoffs is to compete for the SuperBowl. Pennington dose not have the ability to carry a team in the playoffs on his own which was proven in the Ravens game. If he has the Defense and the running game to compliment him I would say yes he can win a SuperBowl. In my opinion I thought Miami's defense played well enough but they gave up on the running game way to quickly.

Mando, you raised an interesting - but flawed question. No team can survive in the playoff if they're dependent on one man to do it all. Placing the burden on Chad to win it all is unrealistic. Favre collapsed in the end. Manning couldn't overcome the Chargers. To win in the post season, you need a powerful running and receiving corp to complement your QB. Look at the Pats, the Giants and the Cowboys of the 90s.

I think many things about this, firstly Chad P was outstanding this season for us and did a great job in getting us to the playoffs however past seasons have proven at the Jets that he has struggled when he gets into the playoffs, this may be coincidence who knows.
Chad P deserves to be the starter next year however his inability to make the deep throws still limits this offense although WR has to be a major priority this offseason, only Bess and Camarillo, maybe London look any good, Ted Ginn makes me puke, yeah he may be fast but this kid has no heart, is inconsistant, wont take a hit, need I go on.
Finally back to Chad P , he will be our starter in 2009 but I think Henne's time is coming, our schedule is far stronger next season and our limited offense may find Henne starting sooner rather than later, I really believe this guy could be something special, bud Chad P deserves his place for now!

One more thing, I like many did not like the idea of having a former Jet here but Chad Pennington has been outstanding and I for one am glad he's here, I would be the first to apologise to him and I also feel that when Henne's time does arrive, Chad P will support him and continue to tutor him cos he has shown me and the rest of us that he has one thing Brett Favre hasn't got and that is class, job well done this year Chad!!

our o-line lost the battle on sunday,and in the same breath, our d-line lost the battle too, so who took the brunt of the result, pennington.

the o-line lost it's battle on sunday,result is no threatning run game,and all the offensive production was set on penningtons shoulders.no one stepped up to help pennington.ginn no going to the ball on passes ,but waiting for the ball to come to him,that is not the sign of a big time reciever.

the d-line couldn't stop a 3rd down,couldn't stop the run,let baltimore gain confidence as the game went on,so pennington had to play from behind all day.never had a chance to get the crowd into the game.

no one was successful in their job on sunday, so the blame can't be put on pennington.

even the coaching staff was bad.henning called a terrible game.his play calling did no scare baltimore.he lined them up and tried to play smash mouth run into baltimore's front WALL of a line. that was plating into baltimore's strength.If i come up to a wall I try to go around it not beat my head against it and beat a hole through it.on the goal line when we were there once, 3rd down we tried to run straight into that wall.It would of taken a cannon to blow a hole through that mass of bodies.the play calling came up with nothing to get baltimores deff. off their game.they just sat back and let ronnie or ricky get a couple yards on 1st.and a few on 2nd and came after us on third and 5 or6, putting pennington back their knowing the train is coming.henning did nothing to help pennington to avoid the train coming.made pennington to force things to happen and they did,but for the other team.

pennington not the blame for a total team break down.he carried the team on his back and this game broke it.

another thought, put pennington in falcco's position and falcco in chad's position and tell me what would of been the out come.
my opinion is falcco wouldn't have made a first down,let alone put up at least 9 points on the board.

I agree with the last post. The O-line really lost the game against the Ravens. We're obviously still rebuilding and this loss showed us that. Our guys played with tons of heart and that got us to 11-5. Chad was a big part of that. Henne could be the guy, but I say give him another year on the bench learning from Pennington. He earned that spot. Let Henne take it from him when he can. It won't be next year...

Dickwad Dilfer won a superbowl. Marino didn't. You need a running game. A real tough defense and ball control. Can Pennington run that kind of offense? I bet he can all the way to the top. His release point was off last week because he had to move his feet and throw with his arm. Not enough time. His receiving corps lacks experience as well his offensive line.
I think we expect too much right now from this team. I totally trust Sparano. Lets see what happens in this years draft.
I think that we have a tough road next year but with a decent draft and a couple of good fa's we are going to win again.

Assuming Ross is going to give Peterson a top position: To invite and parade him along the sidelines in front of the Parcels regime and the fans, with Peterson referring to the team as "we" and without any notice is a totally classless act. What a disgraceful insult to "The Trio" as well as the rest of us after finally getting this train on track. That had to have been done on purpose and therefore shows Ross to be, well ...classless. Not to mention putting favors for friends ahead of the good of the team. Consider the fact that he must not care about Peterson's credentials who totally stunk up the place in KC. Remember how that jerk made us sweat so hard for a "nothing special" Trent Green trade?? That should give us a window into the mindset of that pompous ass! This guy Ross already seems like a real $$$ellout, lacking scruples. But the jury is still out.

Man, some of these posts are funny as hell. If the Dolphins upgrade the O line (for run block purposes) and get a legit #1 WR across from Bess and Camarillo, Pennington can take us far. With Ricky and Ronnie, the Dolphins should have the running attack from hell. Instead, they had to go with the Wildcat to get Ronnie any kind of space. Get Henne some snaps in '09, but Pennington is the starter without a doubt. He deserves FULL loyalty at this point, because he saved the organization from the chaos that would have ensued after another losing season.

Simply put, give Chad a defense and running game similar to the Ravens, and he can be the guy. If 9 for 23 (or whatever he was) Flacco can do it, so can Pennington. The guy got us to the PO for the first time in what feels like an eternity, cut him some slack...

Pennington is a great guy, a great leader, an outstanding guy to have on your team but he isnt a great QB. He had more 100 yard games (5) than 300 yard games (2). He is a gmae manager not a game breaker. The problem with our team is that our game breakers, Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams and Ted Ginn cannot be effective while Chad is the QB. Ronnie and Ricky continually face 8 and 9 man fronts, Ginn cant run any deep routes because Pennington cant get the ball to him on those, and thats where he does his damage. So just by being the QB, while he is a great manager, he handcuffs the offense and limits what we can do. Its not an attack on Chad, its just a statement of fact. If we want to be dink and dunk, thats fine but you have to at least have the ability to go long to back off those safeties for the run game to work and then sell the play action. Right now, Ronnie gets 10 carries a game and Ted is a decoy.


We have a running game like Baltimore. What we dont have is a QB who defenses fear and thus back their safeties and CBs out of the box. When Ronnie or Ricky get the ball, the Safeties are playing up with the line backers, in essence a 4 - 5 defense! When you have 9 guys there for the run stop and 5 OL to block, a TE and sometimes a full back, thats 7 against 8 and 9 defenders on every run we make. Thats not good.

You will never win when you float passes against top quality defenses.

Its that plain and simple

seem to me some are not happy w/ chad.p after 11-5.how fast they forgot last year record of almost 0-16 .i say wait until you do better because next year games going to be much harder not as this year lucky 11-5.so get ready for record of 6-9 at best experts .QB is the hardest to fill in a team.by alfrado

He deserves another shot. Watch out next season
he should be something special.

i do not think that he is going to be some special beacause that mean fins will go further in play off.you must be dreaming .what happened this year is the best you can do w.chad.p of 11-5.next year brady is back baby and your games on the road will be very hard to win total of 3 games .stop dreaming.by .............alfrado

Pennington was simply trying to make something out of nothing. The running game wasn't there. His wide receivers did not get open. Miami needs a great 6' 6" big and strong wide receiver. How can you expect a Suber Bowl run with an offensive package that consists of three running backs, two tight ends and one wide receiver 80% of the time.

At one point they were down by seven. Chad had thrown for two ints already. They decided to not force anything on 3rd and 17. So they hand it to Patrick Cobbs and he fumbles in Miami's 30 yard line.

It just wasn't there day. These things happen. Anyone ever play Madden 09? LOL.

Miami had a great run this year that no one expected. A big part of this years success is due to Chad Pennington.

Lets face it. Henne would not have done any better with Ginn, Bess, and London.

Also, am I the only one who has thought of this? I know if it's crossed my mind, Henning must have thought of it as well.

Wild Cat - If and when a team goes all out blitz when Ronnie is at center why not pass it. We only saw Ronnie throw it three times in the entire year. One went for a touchdown the other was a 12 yard reception and the last one was an incomplete pass that was under thrown.

Maybe when Ronnie throws the ball it's a huge gamble because he can't throw worth a lick. Who knows.

for fins to do better next year you need 1-QB BRADY 'quilty 2-7 foot W.R 3-NEW L.B 4-NEW CORNER.B 5-new offensive coach 6-to be luck as hell. 7-the teams you are playing on the road must be a sleep during games to win at least 3 games to have record at best of 10-6.stop dreaming.postet by alfrado


Quick question. Jon Bon Jovi was on the side lines with Stephen Ross during the Dolphin game as well. He hasn't had a hit single in quite a while. Maybe he's looking into working with the Dolphins next year. Is he also a threat to Bill Parcells?

Please keep us informed.

What a great year for Chad. This one was on the O-line. Flacco had all day back there. What a difference a O-line makes. The same reason our running game was sub par all year. I don't hear anybody crying about Ricky and Ronnie. The same reason the Great Marino couldn't get back to the S bowl. There's 11 guys out there - they all need to be great to win in this league. What a great season. We're on the right track.

I have to admit we had the same question after watching the game. Don't get me wrong I think Chad Pennington did a great job this year. He is a true professional in his job. But the same reason the Jets let him go will also be the reason why we will move Henne into the lineup. Arm strength. When you play against a QB like Marino, Matt Ryan, Flacco, for examples they can get the ball there quicker and less chance for the DB to intercept it or knock it down. Defenses know that Chad will not throw it deep hardly at all. Playing DB in college I would rather face Pennington than a QB with a rocket arm. After the season ends and people really start to evaluate the season they will realize that we had a easy schedule and really never dominated anyone except the one New England game. Every game was tight and if you look at Pennington career that was his M.O. We need a lot at different positions, but keep Pennington and give Henne a look. Did you guys think Ryan & Flacco were going to do so well? Pennington is not Marino and he should have competition next year with Henne. No free rides and if Pennington wins so be it, but I don't like the idea of wasting picks on QBs if you are not going to give them a chance. Two 2nd round picks on QBs-John Beck & Chad Henne.

I really do not care who we had back there for a QB, whether it was Montana, or Marino, CP, had no time, and was running for his life. He's good at moving around but still he was being chased all over the place. We really need to get better up front, and on the DL. So before all the naysayers start coming on out. Look at what’s in front of the QB before making comments.

Yes, they are right...or at least they can be. Seattle FINFAN said it best: Trent Dilfer. Ginn haters need to leave him alone...and he isnt going anywhere so let it go.

Armando, I understand your question and it is a fair one.

I believe Sparano's faith in Pennington is well-placed. In my judgement, Pennington has two qualities which offset the concerns about his ability to attack the deep third of the field.

1) His leadership ability. There isn't a QB in the game better, Peyton Manning included. Trust me on this.

2) His hyper-accurate arm. Marino used to say that there is no defense for the perfect pass.

Pennington tried to do too much against the Ravens D in my view. In my opinion, the only way the Dolphins had a chance to win that game would have been to play Wanny ball...trust your D to get stops against a rookie QB, use your punter to control field position, and let your offense try to win the game in the 4th quarter.

I do not believe Pennington is a championship caliber QB unless we have a 86 Bears or 2000 Ravens type of defense. Simply put, Pennington cannot beat great defenses because of his lack of arm strength. Yes he can make throws all over the field, but not with enough arm. The Ed Reed TAINT, Ginn had a step on both of the defenders but Pennington did not get the ball deep enough. Pennington takes sacks sometimes because he cannot throw the ball unbalanced out of bounds without great risk of an interception. The way to beat the Ravens is to throw deep, which Pennington cannot do. Throwing deep loosens everything up. Running is so difficult because the saftey's do not respect the deep ball.

Look at the QBs who have won Super Bowls lately. Peyton & Eli, Roethlisberger, Brady, & Kurt Warner. Every single one of those QBs have very good arms, arms that can make a throw anywhere on the field.

Big plays drive great offenses and unfortunately, as great as Chad is at what he does, will never be able to command a great offense because of his arm limitations.

I saw ed reed on NFL network saying Pennington stares down his recievers all the time. So reed knew where he was going to throw it to before he actually did. So he had a jump on the ball. This could be the lines fault since penny didn't have time to do anything else.

We need a better line and penny can't get razlled under pressure. He did that game and we lost

How is it a waste, Dave? Henne had a whole year. John Beck had his horrible baptism by fire followed by a year to hopefully learn how to do it right. They had a good teacher this year. Their teacher, however, has had 2 serious injuries and as we know a QB can go down at anytime. Henne is very young and JB is still relatively young. It will be fine

The Lions have 2 first round picks #1 & #20. They'll give us the #20 for Chad Henne.

The problem with Chad is the same as the problem with the running game. The O-line.

1. We don't run the ball well in a base formation because there aren't any holes to run through. That's why we have to resort to the Wildcat. If we could run inside we wouldn't have to rely on, what is really, a low percentage play.

2. If we can run inside Sparano would run inside and wouldn't have to rely on screen passes and trick plays to get the balls in the hands of his playmakers Ricky, Ronnie and Cobb.

3. Even though we had 2 tight ends in most of the game they were there for pass protection and run blocking. They weren't available as targets because of the penetration the Ravens D-line and L-backers were getting every play.

4. Coaching - Going into a playoff game with only 3 WR's dressed seems stupid to me. Especially with the way the Raven's secondary hits. We were lucky Bess was able to come back.
Chad needed every option he could get and he didn't have much.

5. The wideouts we did have out there weren't getting much separation. They weren't coming back to the ball.

So, you're Chad Pennington - You're in a 2-receiver set because that's all we have. The TE's are in for max-protect. The fullback picks up one blitzer. Unfortunately 3 more are leaking through. You have time to make your reads once,
then avoid a sack, scan the field, nobody's open, by this time Ravens are poring through the line like it's Black Friday at Walmart.

Your choices:
1. Dump a pass off to the back. He's not open.
2. Take the sack.
3. Throw the ball away.
4. Force one in there.
5. Run for your life.

How is that Pennington's fault?

I was one of the people who questioned Chad as our quarterback right after the game. Now, after some time to reflect, at least half of the INT's were the fault of the receiver falling down/tripping/being tripped. With a few more players in place, this team could go farther in the port season with Chad. And, as a bonus, he is a very good teacher for the younger Chad.

Armando we need your help here. Please ask the following question at the next press conference: 'Can you talk about the rumor going around that the Dolphins are considering trading Henne to the Lions for one of thier first round picks'.
That should get things rolling.

First off, comparing Fiedler to Pennington is inaccurate. Fiedler was a mediocre at best QB and never carried this team. He was good at just not screwing up the game and allowing the defense to win the game. That's why our defense wilted at the end of those years. Pennington and the offense at times carried this team. He had Pro Bowl stats - Fiedler never did.

Second, talk of a Championship is out of line. When Parcells and Co came, there was a discussion of a three to five year plan and drafting Henne and giving him time to learn. I don't think the braintrus thas deviated from the plan. Pennington will and should be the uncontested starter for at least the first half of season one. If the Dolphins falter, it's time to get Henne in there. If the Dolphins thrive, led by Pennington - then Henne sits. Sitting on the pine and learning from a true pro will only help Henne and make him ready when Pennington's contract expires and Henne is considered to start in 2010. Also, Pennington is injury prone so Henne may get playing time next year by necessity instead of by design.

I think the 'phins will not be a true elite team until 2010 when players like Ginn, Long, Merling, Langford, Bess, and Henne will be ready to be leaders and pushing for Pro Bowls themselves supplemented by whoever they draft this year and next.

Patience my friends, but that being said, I don't expect them to be an awful team next year. 9-10 wins would still be a great success.

How quick we forget, If Brett Ego Favre hadn't gone to the lowly Wets we would have won maybe 4 games, this was one of the most entertaining seasons since maybe 92, and it was all due to CP, I say you keep maturing C.Henne until his time comes, I mean, we don't even know what this kid can do?? he could be great he could suck?? BTW what ever happened 2Beck?

Do not blame those picks on the receivers. Even the one when Ginn got tripped the ball was underthrown and to the inside not outside. The first one was too high across the middle, and one more was a floater and underthrown. Ed just hawked that other one. Come on, I love Chad but he had a bad day.

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