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Is Chad Pennington Miami's championship QB?

Chad Pennington had a wonderful regular-season playing quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. His one playoff outing was terrible.

So where does that leave the Dolphins?

They have a great game manager. A great leader. A fine regular-season quarterback that can surely help them go from 1-15 to 11-6.

But do they have a championship quarterback? Do they have a guy that can help them not just reach the playoffs but win in the playoffs? Do they have the guy who can help them go from 11-6 to something greater and maybe even a Super Bowl?

Coach Tony Sparano believes so. I asked Sparano Monday if Pennington will be his starting quarterback for 2009 or if the player who threw four interceptions against Baltimore must earn the starting job all over again?

Sparano, who preached the need to have competition at every position last preseason, said Pennington is his starter for 2009. So much for the idea of Chad Henne getting a chance.

“There are a lot of issues that go on out there during the course of the ball game that can lead to throwing interceptions, fumbling the ball, giving up sacks," Sparano said. "Normal things when you give up sacks, it’s the line’s fault; well you don’t really know that. It can be the backs, it can be the receivers not running the site adjust, it can be a bunch of different things.

"There are a lot of things that went into why we didn’t play well enough yesterday, particularly on that side of the ball. That quarterback has played very well for us the entire year. I think the guy is just an outstanding player.”

Pennington indeed is an outstanding player. But again, is he a championship quarterback? That question can not be answered with facts. Pennington has not won a championship. And the game against Baltimore showed his flaws.

He threw several passes into double coverage, which I hadn't seen him do most of the season. But of greater concern, he sailed a couple of passes and Ed Reed plucked one of those out of the air and returned it for a touchdown.

I am reminded that in 2000, Jay Fiedler led the Dolphins to the AFC East championship. Much like Pennington, Fiedler was a fine leader, a guy good enough to help a good team win in the regular season. But the Dolphins believed he could also help deliver them to playoff success.

They were wrong then.

Do you think they are right this time with Pennington?


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Put the right people around a QB like Chad P. and yes, he can win a Superbowl. See Trent Dilfer. 'Nuf said. I just hope the new owner doesn't mess with the chemistry. GO PHINS!

Im sorry last pic I mentioned was overthrown (i think Bess was the intended target)

I saw Chad beat SD on the road and put the Jets in positon to beat Pitt on the road in the 04 playoffs. You can win with Chad, you need to have the right pieces in place though around him.

Interceptions are never good, but I believe 3 of them didn't result in points. You can argue the Cobbs fumble in our own territory early 3rd hurt the team as much as any pick. That took a 13-3 game to 20-3 and killed hope coming out of the locker room.

I like Bess and Ginn too, but I would like to see them add a bigger playmaker to the WR corps next year. Even if it's a dependable veteran Chad can lean on.

Bottom line with Chad, if you give him time, and a productive running game, you can win. There was no running game, and he was constantly pressured against the Ravens

Beck is still there. He holds clip boards with Chad H

Its not a matter of being happy or not with Chad Pennington, its about facing reality. We went 11-5 yes but a lot of it was smoke and mirrors, you can only do that so long before Defenses exploit your weakness. The Ravens showed the world how to beat us. Play the Safeties up with the LBs and wait for Chad to float a long pass. With 8 and 9 guys up near the line, nobody can run effectively. There is absolutely no respect for a deep game when defenses play us.

Okay, how much time does Henne have to wait? Look at Flacco & Matt Ryan, then you can say Aaron Rodgers. So how do you know if Henne is our QB of the future. I don't believe in giving Pennington a free ride. Henne could be a future Marino, but not by riding the bench and holding a stat sheet. Competition should not be a problem and will make both Pennington & Henne better QBs in the long run. How many QBs sat for many years and were great, not many, but how many waiting for one season and turn out good. I just say give Henne a chance to compete, and if Pennington outplays him, than I am find, but giving him the job outright is not what I belive should happen. You have competition at every other position what makes QB different.

Pennington is a solid QB and can win in the playoffs but does need to have a big game receiver to help, someone who will go up and fight for the ball and who puts fear in the defense! Without that, he will struggle in the playoffs when the great defenses start to shine!

We can only give him a chance, he gives us the best opportunity to win any given game, so you would to start him next year. I believe he is a great leader and we plug in some of the missing pieces this offseason, Penny will be even better than last year.

C.Henne has potential, but why not groom him some more under one of the smartest vetern QBs in the league.

If we can get some value for John Beck that would be great, get some more picks for this years draft, like trading him to Dallas, they need a solid backup QB. 2nd rounder would be gravy, but im not sure we can get tht.

Here is list of nice to happen:
Free Agency:
1) T.J. Houshyomamma
2) Lito Sheppard

1) ILB
2) NT
3) CB
4) OL
5) WR
6) DE

I can't even begin to read half these posts...If anyone was surprised by Penny's meltdown they must have been fooled by the (padded) stats...Penny, while a great leader, is a terrible QB...It's pretty difficult to throw picks when 80% of your throws are to the flats (although Suggs picked one of those off the first meeting) I vividly remember several dropped INTs this year from opposing defenses. I recall Martin, Fasano, and Ginn all coming back and making adjustments to catch his fluttering passes...Almost al his long passes were the result of trick plays and or all YAC. Penny also locks onto his receiver and never even attempts to look defenders off...I think the only reason he isn't picked off more is cause the defense isn't expecting the ball to float so long...with all that said, it's definitely the intangibles that make him a good leader and hopefully he'll go down midway through next season and one of the youngsters can take what they've learned and become the future...

ted(hands of stone) ginns stats this year 56 recpt. 790 yds, 8 dropped pass. 9 fall downs while pretending to catch a ball, 18 side line trips after catching ball to aviod a hit... his 2 seasons with the fish 90 catch, 1218 yds and 4 tds wow impressive #s at that pace he'll cath jerry rice by 2054 season..... cut this hack and his clipboad holding daddy...

Look at Matt Cassel, Dave. He may be a system QB but guess what he sat and sat. Never competed with Tom Brady...or anybody for that matter since High school lol. He is lighting it up. And you don't think CP has earned his ride this year? He gave US a Great Ride, Dude.( he and the team) Well, I think he earned his ride. Certainly wasn't free.

This year was outstanding compared to last year so we are on the right track and that is comforting but we've a LONG WAY to go.

Baltimore ran it down our throats in the first meeting and did it once again even when we did have Ferguson the entire game so that excuse didn't hold water now did it?

We couldn't run the ball in the first meeting and we couldn't Sun. and to be honest,if not for Sparanos desperation for a run game and a spark, the "Wildcat" wouldn't have been inserted but our run game has been laughable ALL YEAR when you consider who our RB's are.

On the OL,IT ALL STARTS with your Center and our Center,Satele,was thrown around like a efn rag doll on a consistent basis ALL YEAR LONG and while his shortcomings can be hiden against mediocre teams they cant be when you play good to great Defenses because you cant get help then and YOU have to be responsible for YOURSELF and not rely on getting help.

Our lines have a long way to go and PIS will get us the much needed trench help we so desperately need in the upcoming draft and through FA but to blame or question Chad's ability is beyond laughable.

Baltimore won a SB with Trent efn Dilfer for Gods sake ppl. and that alone should prove that a GREAT OL,a GOOD RB,decent WR's,a GREAT Defensive front,a decent Secondary and ANY QB can win the SB and since we have a VERY GOOD QB and 2 GREAT RB's we will be a force to be reckoned with when we get bigger and meaner in the trenches and you can bet the farm that that will be the main emphasis in the upcoming year.

Pennington will be the starter until he goes down or his game decreases considerably. Chad Henne was the back up quaterback last season. He was ready to play, but lacked experience. In 2009 he will be better prepared, but as Pennington shows that he can still play, Henne will have a bit more time to absorb more game knowledge and leadership skills. In no time, # 7 will be the face of a better franchise. Be patient, let him soak it all in. He'll be ready. Don't you worry about it.

If I recall correctly, Flacco did not have to run all over the place, nor get flushed, pushed, run over, mauled, ect. Before saying CP, cannot punch his way out of a paper bag, give him a line that: Peyton & Eli, Roethlisberger, Brady, & Kurt Warner, all had. I will be the first to admit he does not have the same arm as the rest. However, he is one of the smartest to play the game, and I think that means something. But first give him the same resources as the above mentioned before casting such a judgment.

He is the most accurate passer in the game. He has the stats to back that up. Remember Shula had a power running game in the early 70's then changed game plans when he drafted Marino. He even stated not a lot of coaches would have changed their coaching style for a player. So with CP, lets go with his strengths, not his weakness’. However, I’m not saying CP is Marino, but that is an example. Although, CP is very good Pro Player, and lets give him the same opportunity, meaning an OL, and DL to work with and lets see what happens.

Also, I wanted to mention one of the CB’s for the Ravens said it’s not too hard to make picks with the DL playing the way it did on Sunday. That’s not an exact quote, but something to that extent.

hi, marcus

When I first heard that we were going to get Chad Pennington back in August, I was like NO MFing WAY!!! Part of that instant reasoning was contributed to my hatred of the Jets and anyone who has played for them.

However, I thought Pennington got the serious shaft from the Jets and I watched every single game this season to fully evaluate Chad. Obviously I love the move that brought him to Miami. He doesn't have a cannon for an arm...that's common knowledge, but when he needed to get the ball downfield, he did it. I'll admit, the passes to the sidelines were downright scary...yeah, they float, but I think Chad knows he doesn't have a bullet arm and he doesn't take unnecessary chances.

Look, the Ravens defense made a lot of QBs look silly this season. The one thing they were able to do to us on Sunday was take away our TEs. Did Fasano even have a catch? The TEs were the bread and butter of our passing attack, but they were invisible on Sunday. Instead, all we had were Ginn & Bess to throw to.

What we need, and this is were Camarillo was sorely missed, was a possession WR that could get open underneath and take what the Ravens were giving us all day. The pass rush was so fierce that the TEs had to stay in and block and the INTs were a result of trying to make something happen out of nothing.

I don't fault Pennington at all for our loss. Ed Reed has been doing what he does for years.

Also, if Ted Ginn doesn't fumble that end around, he either scores or gets very close and it could have been a different ball game had we gotten a score there.

Anyway, my $.02

If you continue to improve the team around him in the offseason/draft, the Dolphins will be better.

Chad and the entire offense had a bad game. But it was only 1 bad game against one of the best defenses in the entire NFL. No reason to over react and change the QB. It wasn't like the Ravens all of a sudden provided the blueprint to beat Chad, teams know how to play Chad by now. Chad's weak arm was still good enough to get past 11 teams this year, and every team knew his strength's and weaknesses.

Maybe the Ravens D was just too good

Pennington is a better QB than Fiedler and I think you can win a championship with him if you have a super talented team around him, but the days of a team having superior talent to the rest of the NFL are gone. Pennington has limitations and they are based on his lack of arm strength. The Ravens game plan was geared towards that fact, they clogged up the underneath routs and basically dared the Dolphins to throw the ball deep. A good example of Pennington's lack of arm was on the deep throw to Ginn that Reed intercepted. If you take a look at the play Ginn was actually open, if Pennington throws the ball to the outside towards the sideline it doesn't get intercepted and if Ginn wouldn't have tripped that could have been a completion. However because of his lack of Arm to push the ball down field he loses accuracy, that pass was at his limit and you can see he just threw it up as far as he could and the ball floated on him towards the middle of the field which allowed Reed to make the pick. You can also see it on the deep outs, the ball takes forever to get there and a lot of the time on Sunday it was high. I equate Pennington to a soft throwing pitcher in baseball, during the regular season they win games for you but during the postseason they get rocked. So no I don't think that we can win a championship with Pennington.

Just a quick comment on Cassell who I saw mentioned. Cassell had Moss, Welker and one of the greatest coaches of this era this year. You cannot point to Cassell's success as an argument for starting Henne.

Too bad he was franchised, he was destined to be one of the biggest offseason busts by some team unlucky enough to sign him.

C'mon Mando,
"Pennington has not won a championship. And the game against Baltimore showed his flaws." what flaws? the fact that he cant throw the ball fifty yards in the air? we knew that. the fact he cant put it on the numbers with five LB's rumbling toward him like a purple monster? who can? tom brady? nope! he didnt do it last year when the giants blitz him all day. atleast not all game anyway (lol).
it all starts in the trenches Mando, you should know that by now, really. all year chad had time to throw, sunday he didnt have time to blink, let alone throw the dam ball. IMO
but what do i know, youre the one that has been covering football for 20 years.

Pennington has proven over and over again that he is a team leader.It takes more than one person on a team to make the team championship caliber. Chad has done his job all year and has sparked a 1-15 team to the AFC division championship. How much can one man do. The final game with the Ravens was an absolute disaster on both sides of the ball. Yes, Pennington threw four interceptions, but how much time did his offensive line give him to throw. The Dolphins as a team have alot of flaws to work on in the off season, but definately Chad Pennington should be the QB in the 2009 season. You know Chad will be vigorously working on his game and so should every player on that team.

So...it appears that this years draft will, AGAIN consist of primarily linemen...Doesn't that put us a year behind the power curve?

You can't bash Chad. After the year he had and what he did for this team there is no reason to bash him. Is he flawed? -yes. Can he win a championship? -yes. Will he? -who knows. The offensive line needs to improve. Chad was under constant pressure all day, never got a chance to set his feet and this led him to uncharacteristically throw into double coverage. Chad has to take some of the blame for that but so does the O-line and the lack of a running game. To place all the blame on Chad is ridiculous. It was a team effort why we lost and we were only here in the playoffs because of Chad.

After a quick glance at the schedule, I noticed Peyton was the only QB to really light it up against the Ravens.

Romo, Collins, Eli, Mcnabb, Big Ben didn't exactly light it up against the Ravens D. I believe McNabb got himself benched for his performance.

Give credit where credit is due, Raven's have an excellent Defense. Especially when matched up against a largely young an inexperienced O.

Pennington can be that QB if we finally shore up the line and get 2 more WRs but Henne better be progressing because does anyone really thing that Pennington will get through another season without missing a game or two. Personally I still believe Henne will end up being our qb of the future, and our future is where the championship lies.

Derek, if you also looked further you would see I said he may be a system QB. In defense of the argument to let CH sit for now. But he still has to get the ball to the receivers dude, just because you have a great receiver doesn't mean your QB is instantly great. That kid played well in that system. We had Wes Welker too, did that ever get us 11 wins.

In my opinion there is no such thing as a Championship Quarterback. Look at past Super Bowl winners, not every team won because of there Quarterback. Was Trent Dilfer a Championship QB? How about Brad Johnson? Was Dan Marino not an elite QB who lacked a supporting cast? Chad should have this position locked up, he played an outstanding season but he pressed to much against Baltimore. This is a silly question to ask and along with being uneasy about Parcells, I think this guy likes to get fans riled up so that he can say I told you so.

Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl. 'nuff said.

Here is another one then. Carson Palmer sat his first year, does not have a HOF coach. Has a talented (but clown) receiver, A quiet/hardworking/blue collar reciever, and a criminal who they cut just resigned receiver. He did great initially after waiting under Kitna for a year.

Hey I not saying Pennington is not our leader and a good game manageable QB. But can you guys really tell me that he is a Championship QB. If someone right now offered to trade Pennington for Flacco or Matt Ryan would you do it? Forget about the age difference right now. You have two QBs with very strong arms that can make all the throws. Can Henne be like Matt or Joe? All I am saying is have an open competition between Beck, Henne, and Pennington. I believe the other QBs should have a chance to compete. I know we need other pieces to compete for a championship like Offensive line, Defensive line, Linebackers, young DBs, and a tall stud WRs.






Championship QB-Is someone who will give you a chance to win the big game. If you have a stack defensive team then great but we don't, but look at Baltimore last year with no QB and now look at them. A QB is the most important player on the team, Defense wins championship, but look at the teams this year. Who got new QB and how did they do. Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco examples on how QBs can make a huge difference with a team. Chad Pennington with our team, I am not saying we can't win with Pennington, but no way do I say he has no competition and how does Henne & Beck feel about that. I say trade Beck and get a draft pick and have open competition next year with Pennington & Henne and best man wins.

How about posing this question..was Dan Marino,the GREATEST QB OF ALL TIME mind you, Miami's "Championship QB"?

Are you a trust fund baby and pay the Herald to allow you to write about the Dolphins?

I still think Pennington is one of the better QB's in "getting the ball to the WR" as his completion percentage indicates year in and year out.

It just boggles my mind how people want to oust a guy who was one of the driving forces behind 1-15 to 11-5 turnound, won comeback player of the year, and was in the running for MVP. All b/c he had 1 bad game against a superior unit (Ravens D). He threw two picks to a hall of famer, he does not deserve a pass for that, but at the same time I do not feel like we lost to an inferior team.

All I'll say is be careful what you wish for by starting Henne. He needs time and the team takes a step back based on inexperience alone.

I see nothing wrong with riding it out with Chad for another year or two, as long as the team can upgrade around him.

I live in NY so I've seen alot of Chad's games. In just my opinion, I think Chad is talented enough to win.

There are some QB's still alive in the playoffs that I wouldn't take over Chad if I needed to win 1 game tomorrow.

Sometimes you just have to give credit where credit is due when it comes to Ed Reed and what he did to Chad Pennington.

He won the chess match, against a great chess player. That's all there is to it. Usually it's a QB manipulating the safety with his eyes...but Ed Reed manipulated Chad Pennington with his hips and his gait. On the deep ball interception, Chad was right in his explanation. He floated it toward the middle on the basis of thinking Ed Reed had bit on the middle cross by Brandon London. The cornerback had outside coverage on Ted Ginn (corners never lie), and Chad thought he could leave it high and toward the hash where Ted could split the two defenders, with Ed Reed having bit on the shallow cross and being a couple of steps behind the action.

The unfortunate thing is...Ed Reed did not actually bite on the shallow cross. He just flashed his hips square to Chad for a brief fraction of a second to make it look like he did, but he was running down the deep pattern to Ginn the whole time.

And on Reed's second interception, the Dolphins had double slants over the middle with single man cover on each one, the safeties were giving a cover two look, and Ed Reed came over from the opposite zone of his cover two to make the play on the ball by reading Chad's eyes the whole way. He even looked like he timed it well so that he wouldn't flash into Pennington's view until it was too late. I think Pennington would tell you that in a 10-10 ball game, Reed doesn't make that big of a gamble coming out of his zone like that in robber, reading the QB's eyes. I think he might have anyway, at that point Ed Reed just had Chad Pennington read like a book and when he knew, he knew.

The first interception Chad threw had nothing to do with arm strength he just overthrew Ginn as Ginn was doing a good job coming back to a quarterback in trouble.

This third interception, yeah that was just plain old forcing it into double coverage and Chad wishes he had that decision back. That one was just a dumb decision forced by a 3rd & 8 from a 13-3 ball game.

I had this debate with a friend and non dolphin fan.

Do the Dolphins win that game Sunday with Marino at QB? I'm not so sure they do given the skill at WR, the youth of the O line, and no running game.

Brian C: Do you think before you write? Dan Marino? Really? That's where you're going with this?

Marino was a champion on bad teams. Without him the 1990 Dolphins that won 12 games would have won 6 games. The team that went to the AFC title game would have won 7 or 8 games. Dan Marino didn't win championships because his defense failed him time and time and time again. Get a clue, man!

And yeah, I'm a trust fund baby. I pay the Herald just so I can deal with comments like yours. It's wonderful.

Are you kidding me? Fiedler did NOT put up Pennington numbers in 2000. Pennington's interceptions in the Wild Card game were a combination of things - poor line blocking, receivers not getting open, running backs not picking up blitzes...
I wouldn't worry about Henne. This is the first time in a long time Pennington has played a full season. Henne will play in due time. For now, let her learn behind a great leader...

You guys are a unch of whining idiots. You should be glad we even made the playoffs. Win or No win this was a fabulous season. The truth is our guys over-performed - meaning they did better tnan they should have with the talent they had. The fact is these guys came together as a team and worked as a team which is the primary reason for their success. The success of the team is a testament to the quality of the coaching they received. We have in place a staff that from top to bottom has proven they can get the job done. If they did this good with the talent we had this year imagine how good they can do when we add more talent and depth to this team. our success this year will also garner more interest from good players who want to join our team instead of those who avoided us because we had a losing team. I'll bet Taylor wouldn't have left this team if he knew we would do this good. I also think Ted Ginn has proven himself this year as a developing top tier talent in the NFL. Dolphins woul dbe foolish to ditch him now. He would end up being another star player that we let go. The same goes for Pennington. Fiedler never threw any where near the yards Chad P. did this year. He never match the completion percentage either. Chad has proven he could be an elilte QB in this league. Marino wouldn't have been able to do much against the Ravens with the way our line blocked either. But I still wouldn't blame it all on the line. The Ravens just performed like a playoff team and we didn't. Period. You guys need to realize the phenominal progress we made this year and be exited for our future instead of being critical about a lost playoff game.

If Trent Dilfer can win a Super Bowl... I think we will be fine. I understand the need not to compare, but Dilfer had an amazing offense and Shannon (the mouth) Sharpe.

Pennington can get us there, I have more faith in him than Fiedler. I am not convinced the Fins would have won 11 games with that #9 behind center.

Why even hold a competition for someone who performed so well?? When was Dan Marino in a QB competition? Look around the NFL and tell me how many competitions are held for proven players not just at QB? Why cant you compare Chad to Trent? Or any other QB's...my point is that there is no such thing as a Championship QB, there are only championship TEAMS.

Chad's the best quarterback the Dolphins have fielded since Marino.

Is he good enough to win a Super Bowl for the Dolphins?

That's a moot point.

1) By the time the Dolphins have acquired the additional personnel to improve their team sufficiently to contend for a Super Bowl, Chad I likely will have abdicated the throne to Chad II.

2) And even if Chad I is still the quarterback, the question is academic: Pennington is certainly a superior quarterback to Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer, Doug Williams, Mark Rypien, and Jeff Hostedtler, and perhaps, even, dare I say, Bob Griese.

Far more important than wringing their hands about Pennington's arm, the team needs to begin by improving their offensive line and wide receiving corps, their defensive front seven, and their secondary. Before then, Fins' quarterback is the least of their problems.

Chad can take us to the Super Bowl but he needs better players around him. No, he does not have a strong arm but neither did Trent Dilfer when he won with Baltimore. Miami played with average WR's and a young o-line this year. I love Camarillo and Bess but we need to get a guy that can get open deep and take over the game. That guy was supposed to be Ginn, but he does not have it. I hope Miami sticks with Chad until he proves he cannot do it anymore, this will just give Chad Part 2 (Henne) more time to learn.


fiedler su cked., wanstadt couldnt coach,nick satan is a wh@re,and cam (cant wib)camron...well he sucked too, miami better hope the tuna stay for at least 1 more year or else its back to the cellar for the gallant fin fans...

that should say cam(cant win)camron..


It better be a cellar with drainage for all the tears that will be shed...

I agree the line had issues against the Ravens as well as the receivers not always adjusting to the blitz but I don’t think we can take the blame off of Pennington. He played a terrible game and was easily rattled. Against a team like the Ravens ball security is paramount and Chad simply lost his composure. Now that said, I think we got as far as we could with the limited talent overall on this team. My hat goes off to coach Sparano for getting the absolute most of the players he had to work with. He’s an excellent coach but he will need some game breakers to get to the next level and unfortunately Pennington will not get him there.

In the larger picture, the thing that amazed me about Pennington’s season was that he was able to stay healthy. I can’t remember the last time he played an entire season for the Jets. So I think this QB thing will take care of itself as early as next season when Pennington (and I don’t wish ill on the guy) goes down with some injury. Henne will get his opportunity and there will not be some ugly QB controversy. If Henne proves up to the task then Pennington will have to back him up until he decides to leave.

To answer the real question, I do not believe Pennington is the guy who will take us to the Promised Land but I think he is a great teacher and a great guy to have around with the young team. Henne is the future and nature will take it’s course so there is no need to press the issue.



can i ======order food to go in cellar


absolutly, and we deliever.... join the dark side guys....avoid the cellar and come on and join the winning team up here in boston..


just ask wes welker,sammy morris, josh beckett, mike lowell, there all up here , you too can watch champ. play in three different sports....


no wine allowed only beer.........tony

Chad does not deserve to be lumped together with Jat Fiedler, even if he isn't a championship QB. He has proven to be much more consistent than Fiedler ever was and is a very good QB, he is not a great QB, that is reality. Fiedler was a mediocre QB with a top defense who often bailed him out.

Hogwash. If you can win in the regular season you can win in the post-season.
Pennington almost won the MVP for the league. He is a great QB and one game is no place for hasty judgements. Judge him on his overall year. There are plenty of teams who have won Super Bowls with much worse at QB. Thank the football heavens for having Pennington as a Dolphin. Nuff said.

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