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Is Chad Pennington Miami's championship QB?

Chad Pennington had a wonderful regular-season playing quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. His one playoff outing was terrible.

So where does that leave the Dolphins?

They have a great game manager. A great leader. A fine regular-season quarterback that can surely help them go from 1-15 to 11-6.

But do they have a championship quarterback? Do they have a guy that can help them not just reach the playoffs but win in the playoffs? Do they have the guy who can help them go from 11-6 to something greater and maybe even a Super Bowl?

Coach Tony Sparano believes so. I asked Sparano Monday if Pennington will be his starting quarterback for 2009 or if the player who threw four interceptions against Baltimore must earn the starting job all over again?

Sparano, who preached the need to have competition at every position last preseason, said Pennington is his starter for 2009. So much for the idea of Chad Henne getting a chance.

“There are a lot of issues that go on out there during the course of the ball game that can lead to throwing interceptions, fumbling the ball, giving up sacks," Sparano said. "Normal things when you give up sacks, it’s the line’s fault; well you don’t really know that. It can be the backs, it can be the receivers not running the site adjust, it can be a bunch of different things.

"There are a lot of things that went into why we didn’t play well enough yesterday, particularly on that side of the ball. That quarterback has played very well for us the entire year. I think the guy is just an outstanding player.”

Pennington indeed is an outstanding player. But again, is he a championship quarterback? That question can not be answered with facts. Pennington has not won a championship. And the game against Baltimore showed his flaws.

He threw several passes into double coverage, which I hadn't seen him do most of the season. But of greater concern, he sailed a couple of passes and Ed Reed plucked one of those out of the air and returned it for a touchdown.

I am reminded that in 2000, Jay Fiedler led the Dolphins to the AFC East championship. Much like Pennington, Fiedler was a fine leader, a guy good enough to help a good team win in the regular season. But the Dolphins believed he could also help deliver them to playoff success.

They were wrong then.

Do you think they are right this time with Pennington?


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I think this started out as a simple question and could have been simply answered with a yes or no. So I don't think Armando was (God I can't beilieve Im defending you) trying to throw Chad under the bus. Problem is some "fans" are and that's where it has gotten off course and ugly. Its moot though: Chad is staying and starting, Ginn is staying...everyone calm down.

Mr. Bungle, Pennington has never really had success in the playoffs in nine years. there is a nine year sample size that tells you he isn't a playoff quarterback.

Delhomme's arm is much stronger than Pennington's. Rex Grossman was a fluke on a great team, the same with Dilfer. Tom Brady, Donovan McNabb and the Mannings have dominated the playoffs the past few years, those guys are championship quarterbacks.

Pennington has stonger arm delhomme it is very clear and looks he has bigger feet too.also he has stronger arm than mcnabb.posted by raven fan and jet fan

It's still the offensive line, you God d@mned b@stards. Give me a good starting 5 on that line and then add some depth to boot, and by God I will run through my opponent like crap through a goose. I will destroy him. I will then have protection for arial assaults as well.

this is typical salguero..........exageration.....how in the in world can you pose a question like this ?? Baltimore has shown us why we are not elite: we don't have an effective pass-rush, we have average ILBs (sometimes they pick wrong lanes and generally react too late), a below average OL (Ndukwe is a benchwarmer, Alleman needs a lot of work, carey was very disappointing) and a non-existent go-to-guy WR.......there are way too many things to fix, maybe what prevent us from being a "superbowl" team is not a single player, maybe.

p.s. what has made us a superbowl contender ?? reaching the playoffs ??

armando is the best sport writer in florida.by jet fan

Here we go again. Two days removed from the biggest turn around in franchise history, tied for the biggest turn around in nfl history, tied with the Giants for fewest turnovers in nfl history , and with the QB in question having the best year of his career with a make shift o-line and no #1 WR and we find something negative to talk about. First talking about Parcells leaving the day after our awesome season and now today with the negative crap about Chad Pennington. Not only that but calling the coach out for saying there would be an open competition as if people should be mad at the perceived injustice of Tony daring to lie to people. Are you f**ing kidding me with this nonsense?!

But look at all of those hits huh? No wonder this is the most popular blog at the Herald. People either love the rumors that get printed and want to complain about things that are RUMORED to happen or people are coming in here mad about the content (me). Mando I have to say, at least you know what in the hell you're doing when it comes to getting fans to read and contribute. You are a master button pusher.

I will patiently await the article about how the Dolphins ruined Daunte Culpeppers carreer.

armando write sport with lot of love fin fans....by.jet fan

Everyone should just get off Pennington's back. The guy helped win 11 games for us this year and set a record for least turnovers. We got beat by a better defense and defensive line that was able to pressure Chad. People need to remember we were 1-15 last year and were expected to win maybe 4 games this year. Let's stand behind these guys and hope the trifecta stays after huizenga sells to ross-who already appears to be a moron. Miami Fans in FLA and all over the country should just buy this team and have a board of directors for personnel decisions. These owners are complete $ hungry, power hungry idiots. Meanwhile, the fans get F**ked. Ross buy the team and but the F**K out you idiot. Next, the fins will be moving to another state b/c sales are down and Ross only sees $ signs. Someone ought to convince Marino, Shula and Parcells to buy this team and get rid of these business men who could care less about the fans and only want to feed their own egos b/c they have the $ to buy the team. F**K Ross and Huizenga. Shula and Joe Robbie built this team. Be gone, imposters! Pennington for President! Sparano and Tuna are the best! Also, keep the loser in KC- we have suffered enough with wannabe GMs, coaches, etc. Fins Superbowl Champs next year! Henne sit tight, your turn is coming- keep learning from Penny and do it right! GO FINS!

NYScott, you can make as many excuses for Penny as you want, but Marino didn't always have the best protection OR a certified "#1" WR...In fact, I'd say Ginn would be a true #1 wide out with the right QB...

Here's a good list of the "Most Mobile QB's of all time", and who's #7....DAN! With some awesome clips...Maybe Penny should watch too


I think drsamii at 4:18 has the best comment on the entire blog -- which is a huge upset, I know -- but nonetheless true.

And now drsamii, it's a lovefest between you and I.

I'm truly hurt by that Mandy...I put a lot of thought and effort into my replies throughout my workday on my Treo!

All I got to say is Chad Henne may be better than Flacco and Ryan. I think Pennington should stay but leave the open competition at QB. Armando, Have you watched Chad Henne's senior Bowl game? He played CHAMPIONSHIP level. Michigan was a far superior team with Henne in college than BC or Delaware could dream at being and his level of play, since starting his freshman year, steadily improved. I ask myself the same question what if this happens again next year and if CP flops playoff time, will it be another year Chad Henne wastes on the bench? LEAVE THE COMPETITION OPEN FOR QB

I guess that update promise was just a myth...Oh well, it can wait until work tomorrow...

Arm Strength has F***in everything to do with being a playoff contender let alone super bowl.His arm stregth also limits Ginns production! Ginn has speed that scares even the greatest of DBs but ginn can only run as far as his quarterback can throw and thats the truth and everyone hating on ginn needs to shut the f*@#. Plus arm strength also ties into the running game. Do you think if pennington can launch the ball down the field to ginn that defenses would be stacking the box to take away our run game? EXACTLY

IF TRENT DILFER can when a Super Bowl then of course Penny can. Trent cant carry Penny's jock in a suitcase....nuff said.

Just said, that where are the WR?

Look our depth, do you think Ted Gin, Devon Bess, Camarillo are a real deal for a championship. Remember that this team lacks of big plays. Just TE and RB are the playmakers. We need WR at the offense and OL for more depth.

INT for me are no protection and lack or capable wr´s.

Putting aside the fact that I believe Henne should start next year, I am concerned that Sparano would so quickly make a comment about who is starting at any position for the 2009 season. Isn't this the coach who stressed competition at EVERY position and the player that performs best starts? Seems contradictory to me. I hope that his fondness for Pennington isn't a detriment to this team next year, especially with the schedule they have. There definitely should be an open competition at QB next fall, and I hope that Sparano at least enters training camp with an open mind.

Totally agree with you, Beerphin about the Senior Bowl and Henne's four years at Michigan. I was raised on Michigan football and he is one of the best to come out of Ann Arbor.

Easy answer to this question: He can be. Trent Dilfer--TRENT DILFER!!!-- won a Super Bowl. So did Brad Johnson. How? Running game and great defense.

Also remember we only had 3 WRs on the field for a lot of that game. It was gonna be hard enough anyway, but 3 wide-outs--and middling wide outs to boot-- against the Ravens was the death knell. When Ginn gets double covered you know thins are dire. Pennington had good WR in NY when he was having success. Santa Moss, Coles and Chrebet. Those 3--while not superstars by any means-- piss all over what he had this year. This team has to draft an impact WR. When was the last time? OJ Mcduffie? Even he was a glorified posession guy. Randall Hill...Yatil Green...ugh.

We need WR badly. Ginn improved a lot and maybe he will blossom next year, at least as a solid #2. Both lines need upgraded, and we need a real presence in the secondary. Impact players at almost every area accept RB and QB.

That being said, you have to see what Henne can do soon. Chad has to start out as the guy next year, but give him just one more year to get us further. If he can't, it's Henne time (and we pray he is the man).

Regardless whether Pennington didn't have time to throw or the running game wasn't working. He made so many bad decisions in the game. His passes we're sailing all over the place , he was locking on his primary receiver and wasn't reading the defense. His turnovers cost them the game period. If he just takes the sack or throws the ball away it's a completely different game. Joe Flacco wasn't getting much done and neither was their running game. They had numerous three and outs. I'm seeing way too many people giving Chad a pass and that's bull. I hate to say it but I think Chad was scared in that game and he played like it. The Dolphins don't need a QB who's going to cower under the pressure of a defense, He had happy feet all day and that also led to bad mechanics in his throwing motion.Many are quick to blame a Tedd Ginn or Ronnie Brown when they screw up. Well here you have a veteran QB who royally screwed up and there's nothing anyone can say about it that will change that. Hopefully there is an open competetion next year for that starting QB spot. Also, Chad missed open receivers all game long. I've looked at the game a couple of times now and it's undeniable...checkit out

that being said they do need to upgrade both of the lines. Mainly the o line. They were too much of a finesse team. They need to get stronger at the point of attack and impose their will on other teams offensively. The dolpins we're basically a passing team at the end of the year. With the two horses we have in the backfield we should definately concetrate on the o line and one more thing. Can the coaching staff please stop treating Ronnie and Ricky as equals? Ronnie is clearly a superior back and should get the majority of the carries somewhere aroung twenty at least. Running backs need to get into the flow of the game and that's impossible when you're in a couple of plays and out the next three.

I want to thank all of the little,bitter, angry, hater, spiteful people for the inspiration...LOL. Ahhh, don't worry Marc you'll get your acknowledgment one day. Thanks Mando, what's my prize, LOL.

BTW, none of that 'little, bitter, etc was directed at you Marc...I actually like some of your points. I know how sometimes people read things incorrectly. Man, has Mando ever handed out a best post acknowledgment before? Is that a Dolphin Record?!! LOL

ik some people still believe that Ted Ginn is a bust. i dont believe that, but thats not the point. We need to draft a BIG, possesion receiver. Given his draft value and potential, Brian Robiske out of Ohio State could end up being a 2nd round steal. he made some AWESOME catches in the Fiesta bowl last night. and that would leave us with the option to pick up some DL/LB/DB help in the first round

Pennington is safe. I cant believe people are throwing him under the bus this soon. I agree with many posters that the team is limited at WR with the main culprit being the Ted Ginn Jr family, cut all of them! Give him to Arizona just for the chance to talk to AQ and bring a real WR here.

Management should also be lining Pennington up for an assistant coordinator/QB coach slot when the time comes.

Faith people, faith.

Chad is on a totally different intellectual level from Jay Fiedler. And last week's game was against a totally superior defense. But it was a pretty miserable game this week, and Henne REALLY deserves a fair shot in camp.

Give me a good run blocking offensive line. Thats what Flacco had. He completed 2 passes in the 2nd half. His WRs are Mason (whose 90) and a pretender named clayton who couldnt catch a cold. Penington pressed cuz he knew we couldn't run the ball

And for the latest on the Carl Peterson issue, there's a new article on ESPN:


After being dismayed when the Dolphins missed out on Brady Quinn and again with Joe Flacco, at least getting Pennington seemed like a good move that paid off by turning the franchise around. But, as the loss to New England showed, we need our own quarterback of the future. If Dallas, New England and Baltimore can do it, why can't we?

David you said, "Chad is on a totally different intellectual level from Jay Fiedler."

Please re-state that. That makes no sense, I think an Ivy League educated Fiedler is WAY smarter than Chad Pennington from humble Marshall...

Give Chad another year. He got us to the promised land. He deserves another shot at winning more than one playoff game.

Can't throw the deep ball to our speedsters(GINN & Bess).

Can't escape when plays break down.

Can we all accept he's the same QB we all mocked when he was dinking and dunking for the JETS.

Henne needs to be given an equal shot at the starting job. Otherwise this will simply be another in a long line of Miami coaches being affraid to lose their job by playing it safe with our QB's.

Penny can't beat stud D's like baltimore and he can't keep pace with offensive teams like Indy.

Dan was blessed to have a very good OL and a decent Defense when he came in and an even better one throughout his many years Armando so YES..Dan IS where I'm going with this!

When Dan was asked about Beck last year he said "Hey,I came into a really great situation so you cant compare his lack of success and my success on my ability alone!" and NO he didnt have the R&R express but he was afforded time to survey the field even against the top tier Defenses.

MOST ppl. do remember how ALL WORLD Brady and the shoein Pats looked last year while playing from his backside but was he called out or questioned about his abilites based on simply being outmatched?

Had Pennington had all day,3 seconds would've sufficed,to throw and he had the same results I might fall for your attempt to sow discord and have the "Start Henne NOW!" chants amped up but even though he doesnt possess a great arm,he does provide leadership and experience that is indeed priceless because the phenom we know as Larry Fitzgerald said of Kurt Warner "I didn't even know how to be a good WR until Kurt taught me!"...THIS coming from the likes of a LF should put to rest the questions about whether Penni should remain our QB for the next year or so but it won't because of the "casual viewer's" as Don Shula called them who can watch the players on the field and tell you the score and what this player did or that one did but never REALLY see the game.

We've all seen what capable QB's,even rookies,can do with a good supporting cast time and time again so why even pose your question about the QB position when the supporting cast is several good CORE players away from where it needs to be to even use words like "Championship" in the same sentence as the Dolphins?

I would ask you if you thought before you wrote but the answer to that question is quite obvious but considering you've been at this as many years as you have one would think that Armando and "casual viewer" would never be used in the same breath but sometimes you seem clueless Armando..you really do!

U take away the wildcat and our soft schedule and Pennington is the QB of a 6-10 team at best.

Here we go again.....lets try to add enough talent around the QB so that the fact that no defense will respect his arm, will matter.

U Homers were the same idiots that thought Jay Fielder was gonna take us to the SB one day.

I'll take this team seriously again when Henne is announced as the starter.......until then all Sparano and company are doing is stunting the rebuilding process of this team.

Penny did a nice job helping the staff re-establish a winning culture and helping to implement their system. Now it's time for him to hold a clip board and help get the Henne era started.

Please with the Ginn ,love. We need to have a reliable tall prototype WR. Trade Ginn for a 3rd rounder and pick up more old Cowboys. I think we shall have two new WR, one from the draft and another from Free agency. RT ILB CB are my next three picks, because Carey, Crowder and probably Lehan are gone next season. I would like to see another RB instead of Ricky there next season. He is very inconsistent and has no real burst left, (Except for the Wildcat 51 yarder against the hapless Seahawks

The dolphins won all year winning the turnover battle and cashing in on them. With teams sitting back and allowing mister dink and dunk (no pass over five yards) Pennington to pick them apart. Bring some heat to him, and he freaks out. You all see what happens when you guys lose the turnover battle, you get your butts handed to you. And thats the REAL DEAL. Dolphins are no more than an average team and you saw that on Sunday. They get to the playoffs and choke every time. Remember the last time the were in the playoffs? J-Ville 62 phins 7. And that one ran Mariino into retirement. What have the phins done since the 17-0 in 72' season? Nathan! Go Steelers

OK GUYS THis is the plan u want a super bowl here is the recipe SIGN RAY LEWIS AND SUGGS now forget about wr'S WHY whats the point of haveing the fastest wr in the nfl if u cant get him the ball deep u need possesion recievers with pennington camarillo bess we have if we had welker we would be in the shade we need a 6'4 decent reciever dosent have to have explosive speed like a walter from houston. And here is the KEY sign micheal vick for special teams AND THE NEW WILD CAT LEADER THAT CAN THROW DEEP and i promise u ladies and gentlemen we will super bowl champions (pending injurys) my spelling is not the best sorry guys .. What do u guys think vick can serve as a possesion wr i belive as well.

i got names of championship quarter backs
jeff hostetler
mark rypien
trent dilfer
nfc champion kerry collins lost to ravens
(not such a strong armed qb)

so pennington compared to these guys is just a healthy wr group away from serious action and a huge beast at center . Healthy smiley and thomas sign carey and my previous recipe ..and when u say miami were talking superbowl.

The guy has one bad game all season and you throw him under the bus and compare him to Fiedler. What a joke.
And Brad, if you are a steelers fan, why are you on this site? You are probably a fair weathered fan who turns on the team when they lose. You just started liking the steelers now that they are winning.

yeah b rad

Chris this site is not only for dolfans is it? If so, nobody told me. You dont want to here the truth and it hurts. Look at what Im saying not what team I like.

settle down b rad we are all entitled to our own opinions.

And also Chris, the Steelers have a very rich tradition of winning. Check em' out on www.pittsburghsteelers.com. This is nothing new to them. Lick your wounds and look forward to next year.

The Dolphins had an easy schedule. They were the least talented team in the playoffs and it showed.

i dont think so i wouldnt be surprised if baltimore beats the titans they smoked collins in the super bowl with the giants.

Having lived in toledo I follow Michigan and OSU. But being born here and an alumni at UM I'm a Cane. anyways I remember watching the arm strength of Henne in college and hoping he would be drafted by the Dolphins his freshman year. He got over his shaky accuracy issues being the starter in the big 12 for four years and Michigan had great success. I was really impressed by his arm strength he gets into a rhythm and throws even harder than Flacco and Ryan. Straight up. There is a reason he played for Michigan and not BC or Delaware. it is class. The dude was upset about being drafted in the second i'm sure also and then watching the success of those two highly touted rooks. go ahead of him gives him something to prove. "The best players will play on sunday" Tony Sparano needs to stick by his word and keep competition at every level and position

All season long, Chad P made everyone around him better than they really were. Not one WR would even start on any other team. Camirillo and Bess I think can be good, but Ginn should be traded. He can't seperate and runs scared, ducks over the middle. But you need a playmaker at that position. The OL was pieced together and actually far exceeded what anyone could expect. That being said, they were not enough to hold up to a 4 man rush by the Ravens. Yes Chad had a bad game, but he had guys on him before he could even drop back. He had to take chances, or the Fins didn't have a chance. We had like 32 yards rushing, so that wasn't an option and couldn't even set up a screen pass.

In 2002 Chad beat Peyton and the Colts like 41 - 0 in the first round of playoffs and the Colts were much more talented than the Fins were this year. Nobody wondered if Peyton was a "Championship QB".

There were a lot of players having an off day Sunday. Where has Porter been for the last 3 games? His stats have dissappeared over that stretch. Flacco stood back there for what seemed minutes and no one near. Several replays showed OL waving at DL running by them as Chad ran for his life.

Bottom line, Chad P is the best thing that has happened to Miami in quite a while and Miami was the best thing that could have happened to Chad P. Ride this for another couple of years and Fins will build a Championship team that expects to win every Sunday.

PS Chad was a finalist for a Rhodes Scholar, so yes he was more intelligent than Fiedler, even if he did come from Marshall.

I wouldn't put too much blame on Pennington for this loss; All this game did for me was point out what we need to focus on in the offseason. Ginn is a great deep threat but not if he's drawing all the coverage. We need a big 6' + receiver. The Ravens pass pressure was intense the whole game, so we need a better interior offensive line. Those guys were after Chad more than any team this year. Not to mention that the Ravens could get 4 or 5 yards up the middle fairly often, but we couldn't get but 1 or 2 yards at the most trying to run the ball up the middle.

As any ex-Jet fan as of Aug. 7 and a Miami fan as of Aug. 8, don't be foolish like that NY team. Chad is a winner both on and off the field.

Until Henning is ready Penn should start the 2009 season. I for one threw Penn under the bus after the game because I was very disappointed with his terrible play. Those mistakes he made sunday he avoided making during the season. Though I do understand if Penn had a better offensive line protecting him, and better receivers, he would not have thrown all those picks, and the Fins would have won that game. Mind you, Fins were still in that game until Ginn dropped the ball on that end-around where he had clear sailing down the sidelines for a touch down. I like where this team is headed. Parcells(if he stays)and Sparano know what this teams needs and will get the players to shore up the weak areas. It all starts with the offensive line. It's imperative that we get much better offensive lineman so we run the ball much better, keeping strong defenses like the Ravens and the Steelers honest, keep them guessing, so Penn can have much better success passing. The Fins have to win in the TRENCHES in order to win playoff games.

This is retarded. CP deserves support from the fans! He had one bad game all season and now people are questioning his ability. Sure the man cant throw a laser, but i can only think of one other QB that matchs his brains, thats P. Manning. Remember we had Marino for like 17 years and he brought us no Superbowl ring, having a big arm QB isn't everything you think it is.

Signing off

If I were Henne I would indeed be frustrated to have my coach say Penny is it for next year. What was the promise to Henne be patient. There were some games this year that he could have been put in as promised. coaching staff is afraid to rock an already at that point rocky boat. Open and equal QB competition or they will lose Henne. Give the wr's a chance to shine and the offense a chance to have better options. penny takes to long and stares down the recievers which 90% of the time are the tight ends and backs. When the ball takes is so slow and takes that long to get there the defense can have a field day just like is did on sun. Penny seems like a nice guy but he isn't that successful look at his record. Give Henne an equal chance. He won't get better sitting on pine. He has the goods. We were lucky this year to win as many games as we did, because many games we tried not to lose instead of playing to win. That's called fear and it won't get us the championships.

Chad Pennington is a stud, case closed.

Did Chad have a bad game? You betcha. Was he to blame? Partially and only a smaller part. The line was non existent, receivers were invisible, running game shut down. No way in hell Pennington was going to be able to carry the entire team.

The whole team got beat like a used mule, period. Pennington deserves to start next year, period.

If we had not been overmatched, then Pennington would have had his usual excellent game. The Giants won the last Superbowl via defensive pressure. Even with merely adequate, not great, protection Pennington has shown himself to be a champion.

Look, "championship quarterbacks" arrive (if they have even basic talent) WHEN they have the surrounding cast to support them. Chad doesn't have that yet, plain and simple.

He is somewhat like John Elway was in the early years, until RB Terrell Davis arrived and the Broncos snatched TWO SBs. Until then, Elway had lost at least three SBs and struggled in the playoffs.

No one is going to tell me, however, that Chad is not as talented as Trent Dilfer - who won the SB (XXXV) with the Ravens in 2001. Dilfer was a mere journeyman QB BUT he had the supporting cast (especially on D) to get the team to the pinnacle. Chad does too -if and when the organization gets the right support cast in place. We have a start, a beginning, but a long way to go!

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