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Is Chad Pennington Miami's championship QB?

Chad Pennington had a wonderful regular-season playing quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. His one playoff outing was terrible.

So where does that leave the Dolphins?

They have a great game manager. A great leader. A fine regular-season quarterback that can surely help them go from 1-15 to 11-6.

But do they have a championship quarterback? Do they have a guy that can help them not just reach the playoffs but win in the playoffs? Do they have the guy who can help them go from 11-6 to something greater and maybe even a Super Bowl?

Coach Tony Sparano believes so. I asked Sparano Monday if Pennington will be his starting quarterback for 2009 or if the player who threw four interceptions against Baltimore must earn the starting job all over again?

Sparano, who preached the need to have competition at every position last preseason, said Pennington is his starter for 2009. So much for the idea of Chad Henne getting a chance.

“There are a lot of issues that go on out there during the course of the ball game that can lead to throwing interceptions, fumbling the ball, giving up sacks," Sparano said. "Normal things when you give up sacks, it’s the line’s fault; well you don’t really know that. It can be the backs, it can be the receivers not running the site adjust, it can be a bunch of different things.

"There are a lot of things that went into why we didn’t play well enough yesterday, particularly on that side of the ball. That quarterback has played very well for us the entire year. I think the guy is just an outstanding player.”

Pennington indeed is an outstanding player. But again, is he a championship quarterback? That question can not be answered with facts. Pennington has not won a championship. And the game against Baltimore showed his flaws.

He threw several passes into double coverage, which I hadn't seen him do most of the season. But of greater concern, he sailed a couple of passes and Ed Reed plucked one of those out of the air and returned it for a touchdown.

I am reminded that in 2000, Jay Fiedler led the Dolphins to the AFC East championship. Much like Pennington, Fiedler was a fine leader, a guy good enough to help a good team win in the regular season. But the Dolphins believed he could also help deliver them to playoff success.

They were wrong then.

Do you think they are right this time with Pennington?


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But look at all of those hits huh? No wonder this is the most popular blog at the Herald. People either love the controversy that gets printed and want to bitch about things that are RUMORED to happen or people are coming in here pissed about the content (me). Mando I have to say, at least you know what in the hell you're doing when it comes to getting fans to read and contribute. You are a master button pusher.

Dude, come up whats up with the hate you put on Chad Pennington! He had one bad Game this season! Guess what...SH!T happens! I think Pennington has earned the right to be the Starter for the Dolphins in 2009. He is fantastic leader, and an even better mentor to both Henne and Beck. Mando you were such a supporter of Pennington this season and after 1 bad game you throw him into the DOGHOUSE and are ready to sit him down, because of one bad game. You know Mando, I get the feeling your not even really a Dolphins Football Fan at all... What are you a closet Jets fan? Your last 2 blog posts the one bout Peterson and this one makes me really wonder if you really like the dolphins, and your just covering them because you have too.

Pennington, I honestly believe he did the best he could w/what he had to play with this past sunday against the ravens. Miami's revamped and very young offense, just didn't have the experience needed to take on a Seasoned Ravens Defense whom have had at least 4 or 5 maybe even more years to play together. The offense had training camp, preseason, and 17 regular season games to jell. I think they did a great job this season. 2009, I see Pennington taking us back to the Post-Season and advancing us to the Divisional rounds to maybe even the AFC Championship game.


fiedler sucked., wanstadt couldnt coach,nick satan is a whore,and cam (cant wib)camron...well he sucked too, miami better hope the tuna stay for at least 1 more year or else its back to the cellar for the gallant fin fans...

You are an Idiot! Really!
We finally get a QB who can manage the offense and win games and you want to right him off or start some kind of controversy that doesn't even matter at this point. Getting to the Superbowl is a stepping process and we just took one big step (thanks alot to Chad). in the next one to two years the team needs to improve it's talent base via the draft and free agency. We win and lose as a team and Chad is a team player. Improve the team and you improve our chances (which look's a Hell of alot better then they did last year.)

Have some patience and if Chad continues to lose big games in the future then you can ask this question. Until then shut-up and find something else to right about! (Like what are our needs for 2009 and who should we add to this 2009-2010 playoff-Super bowl contenting team).

This will play itself out the way we expect (at least I hope so).
Drafting Henne in the 2nd round should not be overlooked, regardless of Pennington not being here at that time.
2008 was only Pennington's second season of starting all 16 games. He will likely go down again. Even if he doesn't, he is the type of QB that needs a SUPERIOR defense and running game to win big games against top opponents. We saw that the Ravens were not the Chiefs. Henne should be the man sooner than later, and I think it might just happen without a controversey. If not, why was he drafted in the 2nd round. He'll either beat Pennington out in preseason, or get the job via injury.

I have to agree with Mitch and some others who rightfully assert that this loss was not only Penny's fault; to get to the next level, the Fins need to solidify the O-Line and bring in a true #1 wide-out. Not only will Penny's stats improve, but the RB's will also improve. By the way, isn't it great to be having this conversation?

Yes, lets bring back Cleo Lemon, Beck, Green or even The joke of a QB from the Eagles. They had good ZIP on the ball. We have a QB that does not lose the game and still makes big plays (Jets). We have had to watch other Dolphin QB's turn the ball over EVERY game and always complained. Now we have one that keeps us in every game but still complain. He will be a much better QB with a quality Defense and a good, consistant running game.

Chad needs a GOOD WR that can catch anything, there is no doubt about his leadership ability but when you don't have the personel to help you can't be a champion!!! We also nees some secondary help, BAD!!! long ball is killing the Fins & last need is pass rush!!!

Ravens were the toughest defense he faced all year. After a season filled with weak defensive opponents and an easy schedule, it must've been pretty frightening for him out there.

Sometimes QBs like Pennington can win it all, if the rest of the team is outstanding. Remember Dilfer and some others? But he definitely picked the wrong game to play his worst game. That said, we were still on the verge of a great comeback if not for the Ginn muff on the end around.

If you are going to compare Jay Fiedler and Chad Pennington, then let's also compare the talent on both teams. The 2000 Dolphins were carried by their defense, where this year's team was carried by ball control and a qb that doesn't turnover the ball. They lost because they couldn't match up with the best defense in the league. I would suspect that the Ravens D may have many local beat writers across the country questioning whether their qb is championship worthy. QB is the least of this teams worries. They need better DBs, depth along the d-line, and more weapons on offense.

If Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer can win Super Bowls, I think Chad Pennington can be there too.

I don't think Pennington can take over a game when it's needed. He's mistake free but he's not clutch, he can't perform that game winning drive.

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