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Is Ginn over Quinn the pick you make today?

Got on an American Airlines flight out of Miami to Tampa Monday afternoon, as I am spending the next seven days of my life covering my 18th Super Bowl.

So who was on the same flight?

Brady Quinn ...

The Cleveland Browns quarterback ...

... The guy who should have been the Dolphins quarterback after the 2007 draft.

Aside from the fact Quinn was flying coach and that seemed odd to me -- he's a millionaire -- I got to thinking how things would be different today if Randy Mueller and Cam Cameron had picked Quinn and not Ted Ginn Jr. in April of 2007.

Had that happened, it is possible 1-15 might never have happened. It is also likely 11-6 might never have happened because I believe Quinn might have played better than John Beck did in 2007 and then-owner Wayne Huizenga might have been less likely to pull the plug on Cameron and Co. after one season -- thus ensuring 2008 would not have been the success it was.

But forget what the pick meant to fate for a second. Consider the pick as it was, straight up, and tell me if you would make the same choice today given the same set of circumstances. If you are sitting with 15 minutes on the draft day clock and have both Brady Quinn and Ted Ginn Jr. on the board, knowing what you know today about both players, which do you pick?

Do you pick Quinn, a quarterback who might become a good player down the road but has not gotten that far down the road yet? Or do you pick Ginn, a receiver who might become a good player down the road but hasn't gotten that far down the road yet?

So far, Ginn has been the more productive player. His stats show a player who nearly doubled his output from 2007 to 2008. But we all know he has a long, long, long way to go before he becomes a legitimate No. 1 NFL receiver. 

Quinn's stats show he has proven absolutely nothing in two seasons with Cleveland. He's started only three games and then got hurt after throwing two touchdown passes and two interceptions last season. He has a long, long, long way to go before showing his a starting-caliber NFL quarterback.

But to be fair Ginn has gotten far more opportunities than Quinn. And to be fair, Quinn didn't look like the moment was bigger than him when he got in games last year. He looked comfortable and able to lead.

So would you make the same decision as the Dolphins did knowing what you know today about these guys? It is a question I have been pondering ... and now I leave it to you to ponder.


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I'd take ginn again. Quinn is a loser

I'd say Quinn. Simply put, Miami is still looking for a number one receiver. I don't think we would be looking for a number 1 QB with Quinn at the helm.

Quinn would have been a no brainer. Ginn was absolutely not worth the #9 overall pick. Pure and simple. In all honesty, hind sight being 20/20, Patrick Willis would've have been a better pick than either of them. But, Ginn is a smallish wide receiver who was drafted primarily because he can return punts and kicks (Cameron's draft day assessment, not mine). Now, Bess is our punt return guy, and it looks like Patrick Cobbs will be our kick off return guy. I'm not even sure if Bess may not turn out to be the more productive wide out. Ginn may turn out to a decent player, but Quinn was the safer and more obvious choice. That said, it led to Cameron and Mueller getting fired and Bill Parcells being hired, so it was a good thing long term.


Pass on both - Knowing what we know now -

How about Patrick Willis, or Dwayne Bowe, or even Anthony Gonzalez - All would be a bigger part of the team we have today...

I would without a doubt pick Quinn over Ginn. Ginn is not a great WR; picking him at #9 was irresponsible! You don't pick the 20th best player with your #9 pick.

Quinn hasn't done anything either guys. I dont understand what the deal is, we got a good rookie QB waiting in the helm. Chad is a much better QB then Quinn is right now, its a no brainer we made the right decision.

Quinn couldn't beat out Derek Anderson...
Go back to last season, when the Fins had to win...
The 4th down catch against Oakland
The touchdown run against KC
The TD catch against the Jets
The TD catch in double coverage against the Seahawks...
...and Quinn is not a Parcells guy!

If quinn is a complete bust which seems very possible, I would rather have a #2 receiver like ginn that can at least contribute than a QB like Quinn who might never do anything for the browns other than show up in Under Armour ads. I say Ginn because you know for a fact at the very least he is a decent #2 receiver. As much as I love Chad, it would be interesting to see what Ginn could do if someone could throw him the deep ball. He has shown great hands and speed but no one can get him the ball. I get the feeling Chad Henne will be able to get that ball to him in a few years.

Ginn is not a number 1 RECIEVER.

Quinn is not a number 1 QB.

I would have took Quinn. My nickname for Ginn has been "waste of a draftpick" and I hope every game that he will force me to give up that nickname but after 2 years I still waiting.


No Ted Ginn may not have been a number nine pick but teams weren't beating down the doors to get Brady Quinn either. At the time of the draft the fins were a team in shambles. Mueller was terrible and Cam was definatly not the right type of guy to turn the team around. There draft picks show there lack of evaluating. At that time addressing the weakness in the secondary or the lines would have been the way to go. Looking back today Quinn definatly hasn't been impressive. In his starts he was a dinker and dunker and did't throw the ball with much confidence. On the other hand Ginn has had his moments of showing greatness. The catch he made in the back of the endzone double covered on the long throw from Penny was one of the best catches all year. He improved and will continue to improve. So maybe we wouldn't have gone 1-15 if we made a different pick then but today we are much better of than what we may have been. Henne will have a far better career than Brady Quinn so things worked out the way they were suppose to. Dolphin Nation We believe

I'd take Ginn. I think that Ginn will increase in productivity once a QB with serious arm strength takes the helm. Pennington is great, but Ginn strength is to get vertical...fast. He is not and never wasbeen a middle of the field guy. He can get open on long posts and fly patterns, but until he becomes a better route runner, he will not be a 5 + catch-per-game guy like Bess will be. Cam and Mueller misjudged Beck's poise and as a result, they didn't get the right QB. Henne's got a big arm and once he is starting, you will see more of Ginn. The truth is, neither Ginn or Quinn should have gone at #9.

I am fine with the pick of Ginn, but that said, given what we know about John Beck now (that he is a girlie girl on the field, and will flame it within 1-2 years), might lean toward taking Quinn now.

I had worked that night before and had to work the night of the draft. I set my alarm and watched my beloved dolphins. I had never been so disappointed as a fan than at that moment. However, mom alway told me everything happens for a reason. That regime is gone and we have true football people running the show. My wish list for this year are more lineman, preferably on the O side.

If these were my only choices at #9; I'd try to trade down.

You Dolphins fans are really something. How could any of you look back and say Quinn would have been the better choice? Quinn was grossly overrated before the draft. Most people know that now, but he is apparently still overrated by Dolphins fans.

Ginn is a playmaker. He had two rushing TD's last year with only 5 rushing attempts. How many WR's have you ever seen do that?? Also, it usually takes at least 3 years for a WR to master the position in the NFL. Ginn's year 2 stats compare well with some of the best WR's of all time. He will be even better next year. But what makes Ginn's performance even more impressive is that he has put up good numbers as a deep threat with a QB that can't throw the deep ball. Give us Ginn (or the Colts or the Saints or the Cowboys, etc etc) and he would have had 1000 yards and 7 TD's this year GUARANTEED!!

Also, without Ginn as a deep threat, Bess and Camarillo would have much less room to roam on the short routes.

Yup, you Phins fans have it all figured out. Here's hoping you boo Ginn right out of town. He would look great in a Patriots uniform.

In a complete vacuum between the two players and not anyone else passed over afterwards, easily Ginn was the right paick after all especially considering the Dolphins ended up with Henne the next year who is every bit the prospect Quinn is, if not better.

I am sick of this Ginn bashing. Truth is, most WRs take time to develop and he is still in the developing phase. Fast forward to a year from now after Ginn posts over 1,000 yards and 9 TDs. I bet there won't be any Ginn bashing then. Truth is the kid made several plays that won us football games including that insane TD catch in complete coverage in the cold against the Jets where he caught the ball by the bottom end. That is some sick hands folks that can't be taught and he also has sick speed. Put it this way, he is every bit the player (if not better) than Percy Harvin is this year. Maybe Ginn will never be Steve Smith (maybe he will) but he will never be Troy Williamson either so back off!!!

That's right Pats fan! At least someone with half a brain writes in here. I love the 'Phins but obviously we have a lot of stupid fans.

the obvious answer is you take Willis, but given a choice between the two... Ginn. In a heartbeat.

Ginn ovwer Quinn, BUT Patrick Willis over both.

that's not the question to ask. the real question is would you rather have Quinn and a 2nd round pick. because we wouldn't have picked henne if we had Quinn. actually, we wouldn't have picked beck in that year's draft either, so we would have had 2 other 2nd round players.

also, i bet that cam and randy would pick quinn again as well. the reason they picked ginn is because they were high on beck. but knowing what they know now, (i.e. that beck isn't an nfl qb), even they wouldn't argue that you don't need a top QB to win.

i think quinn will be a star. give him some time. he has only started 3 nfl games and he played on a very bad team.

ginn on the other hand, has had 2 full seasons. he has lost his return duties (i.e. a key reason Cam drafted him) and still struggles with his route running. they both have the same reason, he is a long strider. he is not good in short spaces. players who make it in this league are great at short spaces. long striders get jammed too much, unless you have the body of a TO, which Ginn will never have. on a good team Ginn is a 3rd reciever, and will never be more than that. his body type and quick twitch in short spaces will limit him from becoming more.

None of Camorons picks are usefull. Ginn is terrible value for 9th overall. Quinn may still be the really deal, in Cleveland he had shown a lot of promise. Ginn, Satele, Beck, Booker, the fat guy from the warriors and Bryan, will all be gone from the team by 2010. Cameron and Mueller almost put this team back light years. Quinn may have given Cameron another year but that would have been it. Henne looks to be better than Quinn, however it is a bit early to call that one, however Ginn over Quinn, NEVER !!

I'm still stuck on passing up Randy Moss...:)


If I had that pick as a do-over i wouldnt pick either. I would've picked patrick willis who went the pick right after Ginn to the Niners. But if I had to pick from the two, it wouldve been Ginn.

This question is just as stupid as the pick was. Quinn on the board and you take a receiver who is too small and has a broken foot. I think it is obvious. Especially considering Miami's QB situation at the time.


Sense written by a Pats Fan - I always knew that there had to be one out there who could. Thank you.

No way at that time with our qb situation I would say yes but as of today nope.


This is a false dilemma. Ginn was not first round material and neither was Quinn. Ginn is a coward and you can’t teach toughness. Time to move in another direction.

Now that's funny - calling someone a coward while hiding behind a pseudo name on the Internet.

With the clarity of hindsight the pick of Ginn will turn out better for the phins than the selection of Quinn. I wanted Quinn at the time and he still may turn out to be a legitimate big time QB. However, if we drafted Quinn the success of this last season would never have happened. There is no way with a 2nd year Quinn at the helm would this team have made the transformation that it did. We would not have signed Pennington, we would not have drafted Henne. Both of these moves have been essential for the Dolphins success. They both have brought stability to the QB position which Miami has lacked for years. It is one of the best QB situations in the league with a veteran playing at a high level and young prospect learning and not being rushed into the fire.
In regards to Ginn, he has yet to show he was worth a #9 pick. However, he has steadily improved and is becoming an impact player. He has shown playmaking ability he just needs to do it consistently. There is no doubt that Ginn will be a signficant component of this team but he may never be a true #1 reciever.


i thought the reasoning for not taking quinn was fine...understandable....thinking that in truth he was not that much better than john beck (obviously thats going to be proven wrong), but drafting ginn i will never understand. drafting a special teams returner and an undersized unproven reciever?!? ginn never made sense to me....and i still believe he is the dolphins most expendable reciever, trade wise

i would of traded the pick for additional free agents. i would of signed deion sanders, so you would have a shutdown on defense and buy time. then pick up more offensive players to build upon. tim brown would have made a great temporary WR till the young ones pan out.

"most expendable receiver, trade wise"? What does that mean? If you think he is the most expendable then you either have no concept of the value of a deep threat or you have no concept of how to use the word "expendable" in a sentence. Now if you are saying that he is the most tradeable that is obvious. Many teams would love to have Ginn, and what we would get for Ginn in a trade is much more than we would get for Camarillo or Bess.

I would have taken Quinn. QBs are the foundation of any great franchise. You have to find a good to great QB to have success in the NFL.

Man willis wouldve been a GREAT pick mando. Wouldn't be thinking too much about crowder leaving lol. But I would rather have ginn cause I absolutly LOVE the henne pick from Tuna. Henne looks like he'll be the better QB than quinn. Henne to Ginn...we are gonna hear that TD call for a long time when 7 gets in!

The smartest thim Cam and Co did was pass on Quinn. The dumbest thing they did was pick Ginn. I wanted them to pick that 19 year old kid who played on defense.

This discussion is interesting but you can't really render final judgement on drafted players, especially QBs and WRS, until 3 years have elapsed. I would say that, so far, Ginn is on the path for eventual success while Quinn is not. The "3-Year Rule" for receivers is so prevalent in the NFL it is almost cliched, and Ginn is squarely on track compared to other star receivers who have progressed on it (Reggie Wayne, Steve Smith, and many others). He also has had a number of game changing plays in big games (just go watch the Jets game if you want to hate on Ginn). His YPC is pretty dang good too for a QB who can't throw the ball downfield.

Don't forget, we didn't just draft Ginn - we drafted his whole family! I don't think Brady Q came with that kind of add-in!

Quinn... Simply put, Quinn has more value at #9 than Ginn. Right now you could trade Quinn for a 2nd round pick, but Ginn would hardly command a #4... So, you take a shot at someone developing, and if they don't do it on the timetable you have set, you look at their trade value down the road. Right now, even though Ginn has the better stats, Quinn is worth more.

Is all you got "old news". Beating this non-story to death yet again I see? You're pathetic. Quinn has done NOTHING while we won't see Ginns talent until Henne starts. Plus, Ginn has been mismanaged to a point. One is a playmaker the other a bench warmer. Get with it Mando!

Ginn will be a good WR... but it was and will always be a horrible pick...

But not b/c of Brady Quinn. Quinn is a scrub. I'll take Ginn over Quinn.

We ****ed up by passing on Patrick Willis...

Ginn has shown signs of being a top-10 pick, but unfortunately he needs to do more than show signs. He needs to bring it every game and this - his 3rd season - he has no excuses. For most receivers, this 3rd year is usually their make or break year.

Quinn hasn't even been able to beat out Derek Anderson to win the starting job. (He got the job starting because the team was so bad) He looked decent in spots - I wouldn't say he ever looked good. But if you pick a QB in the top-10, you are betting he is going to have an immediate impact and become a starter for your team. (He has shown none of that) Ginn has at least won the starting job..

If I had it to do over where I had to choose one or the other, we definitely made the right pick. Quinn would have set this franchise back even further and Cam would still not be here. Young QB's need playmakers - or in the case of Flacco - you keep 8 guys in to block and send 2 receivers out into the pattern.

Now if the question is would I have picked someone else in that spot knowing what we know today - probably would have, yes. (Then again, hind-site is 20:20)

Ginn has shown signs of being a top-10 pick, but unfortunately he needs to do more than show signs. He needs to bring it every game and this - his 3rd season - he has no excuses. For most receivers, this 3rd year is usually their make or break year.

Quinn hasn't even been able to beat out Derek Anderson to win the starting job. (He got the job starting because the team was so bad) He looked decent in spots - I wouldn't say he ever looked good. But if you pick a QB in the top-10, you are betting he is going to have an immediate impact and become a starter for your team. (He has shown none of that) Ginn has at least won the starting job..

If I had it to do over where I had to choose one or the other, we definitely made the right pick. Quinn would have set this franchise back even further and Cam would still not be here. Young QB's need playmakers - or in the case of Flacco - you keep 8 guys in to block and send 2 receivers out into the pattern.

Now if the question is would I have picked someone else in that spot knowing what we know today - probably would have, yes. (Then again, hind-site is 20:20)

Ginn, Ginn, Ginn!! Everyone says he's not a #1 yet. However, the guy has one or two more good games he breaks a thousand and you know what happens...everyone says he's the best. He's a downhill runner with a weak armed QB and still manages 800+ yards and a couple big plays on the reverse. Everyone knows year 3 is the best for the development of a receiver. He breaks 1,000 next year and this debate is dead. He doesn't have any more drops statistically than most great receivers. Quin is a douche.

Did you not see the episode of Family Guy where Peter goes back in time and decides to hang out with the Cleveland instead of going on the date with Lois?? When he gets back to the present, he finds that Lois met Quagmire at the dance and ended married to him instead.

Do we want to go back in time and change the draft, only to get back and find that we still have Cameron and Mueller????

No thanks!!!

Cam And randy both suck, cant blame ginn for being # 9 pick,they could have gotten him in the 3rd round.

Personally I think with the way things played out for us this year, Ginn was a good pick. I think Henne has a stronger arm than Quinn and he has also shown a great upside. We are still in need of a legit number one receiver, but Ginn has the speed to take it to the house.

Ted Ginn by far. Ginn is actually progressing very well in his career. In terms of all purpose yards he compares decently to a great receiver.

Comparison to a great receiver named Marvin Harrison.

2nd Year Receiving:
Ginn : 56 for 790 yards 2 TDs
Harrison : 73 for 866 yards 6 TDs


2nd Year Rushing Yards:
Ginn: 5 for 73 years 2 TDs
Harrison: 2 for -7 0 TDs

Ginn all day.

Quinn is a pretty boy.

Good Point John, but i still think the fins end up at 1 and 15, cam is the bazzaro shula.

please tell us menace who would you pick?

Ginn still needs to prove what he has. Obviously, he has had NO veteran WR on the team to tutor him or show him the ropes in any way. At least he's shown some promise so far, but we'll see how he develops in year three.

Quinn has proved only one thing so far... that he is brittle boned. If he gets healthy and returns then we'll see hwta he has. If I HAD to pick between the two so far, I'd take Ginn.

Thank God we did get Henne. That's our future if he works out.

Ginn without a doubt. Quinn's production for his team is non-existant. For all we know he is injury prone. 2 td's & 2 int's.

Ginn's production is better than the MAJORIY of top 10 WR picks taken this millenium.

In fact, Ginn's 2nd year #'s, 56 catches 790 yards, are not bad when compared with 2nd year #'s of Steve Smith 54 872, Marvin Harrison 73 866, Braylon Edwards 61 884, Houshmandzadeh 41 492, Derrick Mason 25 333, Santana Moss 30 433.

Give Ginn time. Same can be said for Quinn but knowing ALL that i know now, if it had to be those 2. The Ginn family gets the nod.

Patrick Willis... anyone?

All joking asside Iwould still choose Ginn. The money alone that Quinn would have made as a top 10 pick QB would have him in more bust related conversation then Ginn has ever experienced. In addition, although efficient in his couple of starts last year, I hardly saw effective. He was dinking and dunking just as Cleo lemon had done for us a year ago. I don't think the curtains are down on Beck, he has been through a challenging adjustment period, and I am confident he'll emerge as an effective back-up in this league. I also beleive that this staff believes in competition, Beck will compete once again with Henne for that back-up role. And this next year I think its going to be such a heated battle even Pennington will feeel the pressure.

I did not like quinn then and still don't.
Hated the Ginn pick then but would still have to pick him today given the choice of the two.

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