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Is Ginn over Quinn the pick you make today?

Got on an American Airlines flight out of Miami to Tampa Monday afternoon, as I am spending the next seven days of my life covering my 18th Super Bowl.

So who was on the same flight?

Brady Quinn ...

The Cleveland Browns quarterback ...

... The guy who should have been the Dolphins quarterback after the 2007 draft.

Aside from the fact Quinn was flying coach and that seemed odd to me -- he's a millionaire -- I got to thinking how things would be different today if Randy Mueller and Cam Cameron had picked Quinn and not Ted Ginn Jr. in April of 2007.

Had that happened, it is possible 1-15 might never have happened. It is also likely 11-6 might never have happened because I believe Quinn might have played better than John Beck did in 2007 and then-owner Wayne Huizenga might have been less likely to pull the plug on Cameron and Co. after one season -- thus ensuring 2008 would not have been the success it was.

But forget what the pick meant to fate for a second. Consider the pick as it was, straight up, and tell me if you would make the same choice today given the same set of circumstances. If you are sitting with 15 minutes on the draft day clock and have both Brady Quinn and Ted Ginn Jr. on the board, knowing what you know today about both players, which do you pick?

Do you pick Quinn, a quarterback who might become a good player down the road but has not gotten that far down the road yet? Or do you pick Ginn, a receiver who might become a good player down the road but hasn't gotten that far down the road yet?

So far, Ginn has been the more productive player. His stats show a player who nearly doubled his output from 2007 to 2008. But we all know he has a long, long, long way to go before he becomes a legitimate No. 1 NFL receiver. 

Quinn's stats show he has proven absolutely nothing in two seasons with Cleveland. He's started only three games and then got hurt after throwing two touchdown passes and two interceptions last season. He has a long, long, long way to go before showing his a starting-caliber NFL quarterback.

But to be fair Ginn has gotten far more opportunities than Quinn. And to be fair, Quinn didn't look like the moment was bigger than him when he got in games last year. He looked comfortable and able to lead.

So would you make the same decision as the Dolphins did knowing what you know today about these guys? It is a question I have been pondering ... and now I leave it to you to ponder.


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No question I take GINN. Quin didnt show anything as a starter for the Browns.
Ginn's #'s nearly doubled that of his RC season. If Pennington hand a better deep ball Gin would of caught aleast 7 touchdowns. How many times do you think Ginn had too come back for the ball on those deep routes to make a catch?
Even if Ginn becomes a great #2 receiver, that is better then Quin being a career back-up QB!

I didn't like Ginn or Quinn then and I still don't like them now. If I'm going back in time to make that pick, I'm still taking Patrick Willis or Michael Griffin. Preferably Willis.

Cant remember the players that were in the draft that year so i really cant answer the question.

but menace what say you about cameron the coach.

My Only Problem With ginn is his testecular fortitude, hes scared sh@tless when he goes over the middle and looks for the side line instead of the 1st down marker.

I'am Still surprised camroon won a game, he was that bad.

do you have a story for us how dolphins came to the point to only one game won under cameron menace?

5 Players I would rather have picked, that went after Ginn in first round of 2007 Draft.

1. Lawrence Timmons...LB#15pk 5 sks/1ff/1 int in 2008.

2. Michael Griffin Safety #19 pk...7 int 1 td in 2008

3. Dwayne Bowe. HELOOOOOO...1,022 yards and 7 td's in 2008. The only Legit #1 reciever in the 1st round of the draft draft.

4. John Beason LB PK # 25. No sacks but this guy is a tackeling machine! Heart and soul of that defense, and he is from The U!! How do you miss out on an LB from The U! He will be Zack Thomas to that defense for 10+ years.

On draft day I may have gone Quinn. But I would have probably lost my job. He is nothing. Just a pretty boy primma donna. He will be as good as Tim Couch was for the browns. However in no way do I pick Ginn. A utility player with the 9 pick! On top of that we barely even put him in on kick returns!! Nothing against Ginn. Seems to be a stand up guy, but no business being considered a #1 reciever in this league. I think he will be good, but not the 9th pick. Here are 5 guys I would rather have now, and that I think we had a need for. I am no scout, but I sure would like to see these guys in a dolphins uniform.



The best answer is option #3, Quinn was way overrated coming out because of the 2 years with Offensive Guru Charlie Weis. He too has imploded. No doubt that Quinn will be a starter and maybe a productive QB, but is no star. Ginn, on the other hand, was not worthy of a #9 pick. Nothing against him, I like having him on the Dolphins roster and think he will be a solid #2 WR fora few years. We should have gone to one of the LINES, just like Parcells/Ireland did in 2008 and then we would have 2 cornerstones (maybe more) going into 2009. Willis would be the obvious choice, but there were a couple of OL out there Marcus McNeil comes to mind that would look awful good right now. The Dolphins never learn with wideouts, bottom line is there is probably 1 WR every 2 years that warrants a Top 10 selection, but teams tend to chase the flash and dash for short term gain.

If I had to use the #9 pick on one or the other -- I'd go with Quinn, but only because he hasn't shown enough for us to know that he won't become a legitimate starting QB in this league.

We've seen enough of Ginn. He will never be that #1 receiver. He might still make a fine #2 or #3 for a good number of years, but that is not value on a ninth overall pick. That's what you hope to get when you pick a WR in the 3rd or 4th round.

Quinn at least still has the potential to live up to the 9th pick.

All u have to do is look at qb's picked this year, Ryan n Flacco, they started n improved their teams. Like stated b4 Quinn couldn't even crack the starting lineup, I also think 20 other teams thought he wasn't worth a pick, Ginn has had very good games in year 2, even Pennington came out and said receiver is a very tough position to learn in the NFL, I must say I was dissapointed when we passed on Quinn, however I am now glad we didn't take him, having said that I don't know yet if Ginn was worth a #9 pick either, but I think time will prove his worth.....

Quinn is still the choice. Ginn still not a #1 pick and still has trouble running routes, breaking free at the line and is a poor run blocker. He is nothing more than a 3 or 4th round pick. With Quinn we would have a quarterback with a future and no Beck! Could have used that pick for the o-line.

Armando, I subscribe to the Jeff Ireland "three year" philosophy on draft picks.

So, ask this question again this time next year.

If those two are the only ones available, the pick is Ginn, no questions asked. I can't believe I am agreeing with a Pats fan, but his rushing numbers alone this year tell you Ginn is a playmaker on the upswing. 5 for 73 w/ 2 td's. Add that to his rec numbers and you have better numbers in the second year than Wayne, Smith, TJ, etc. Look back at this blog (the old version anyway) from March 2007. Everyone (at least 8 out of 10 anyway) was preaching that Quinn was the next Marino and praying he would fall to #9. I said don't drink the kool-aid. Quinn never won the big game at ND, and was too pampered to make it big in the NFL.

Let me start by saying, AGAIN, the only reason people are hating on Ginn is because of Cam Cameron. Picking Ginn at #9 and bringing up the family thing insured that if Ginn didn't perform at a superstar level some fans would hate him. It's not his fault he was taken so high and at the time anyone in their right mind would've taken Quinn. But here we are two years later and the kid (Ginn) has shown steady improvement. He improved over last year and he improved every week until the end of the season. Quinn couldn't even beat out one hit wonder Derek Anderson for a starting job and when he did make it in he got hurt. Allthough I wanted them to pick Bowe the question is Quinn or Ginn? I would've taken Quinn, and I would be regretting it today.

The real question Armando - were YOU flying coach?

Honestly, its not a fair assessment at this point for both of their careers. Until Quinn gets a chance to start a full season and when Ginn gets a quarterback that can THROW the ball down the field, they are both still neutral. Ginn's best ability is his speed and the ability to stretch the field. Pennington's arm can't reach Ginn 50-60 yards if he's open. And there have been alot of times when Ginn flat out burned the DB.

It's sad when a Pats fan has more intelligence than the majority of the Dolphin fans posting on the subject.

First - the question was Ginn or Quinn, not trade down or take Patrick Willis, so for those of you who took those answers, read the question.. Neither are options. Also the question is not whether Ginn was worthy of the #9 pick. The question is knowing what you know now do you pick Ginn or Quinn. Pretty straight forward question if you ask me.

Second - As the Pats fan stated. Ginn is a playmaker. Name another WR who took two reverses to the house last year. Also how does Ginn not get credit for doubling his output from last year.

Finally - I totally agree that if we run Ginn out of town he will be a solid star for another team. I truly believe he will be a much bigger threat when Henne takes over. Pennington had a great year, but the fact was that he couldn't stretch the field the way a strong armed QB could have. Ginn was wide open deep on many occasions and did not get the throw. On the long balls he did catch they were usually underthrown and he came back to grab the ball.

I pick Ginn hands down. Quinn will be a bust. He dinks and dunks everything and has not shown anything so far in the opportunities he's gotten.

See yesterdays post at about 9:15pm...

Join as at c.b smith park in feb when we will release ted(hands of stone)ginn and his clip board holding daddy, and randy crowder into the wild, we'll have a petting zoo for the kids and arts and crafts, there'll also be chilli cook off . everyones invited, so come on out and be part of the group that releases this group back to the wild, also bill megil from the metro zoo will be on hand to teach the little ones on how to catch a koala bear in the wild..

cuban who should be the Q starter next season?

QB that is.

chad pennington till he gets injured.

chad henne's neck has to much fat.

neck dosnt move left to right quickly enough with all tha fat.

Ginn sucks. Quinn will be a good player.

another summer in south fla. should melt most of the neck fat..

can you tell us the history of ownership changes last ten years.

Ginn. The reason being if they would of taken Quinn than we most likely wouldn't of picked up Pennington or Henne which I think Henne will be a better QB than Quinn in the future.

see yesterdays post from last nite at 9:30..

Christ if Cam and Randy had brains at the time we could have went Willis,Bowe and Trent Edwards hey he is better than Quinn and Beck.

cuban that post from last nite was very funny.you should paste it here again.

bottom line being you can blame every thing on wayne(be kind and rewind) huzinger for dave(no testicles) wanstadt,nick(satin)sabin,cam (cant win)camroone,and randy muiller, i dont know how this guy became a gozillionire,the way he ran the fish into the ground iam sure he didnt operate his garbage and video empire like he did the fish, oh well good bye wayne and remember" be kind and rewind" other wise i'll charge you $ 5.00...

Actully it started with jimmy johnson when he name wanstadt his successor, why wayne approved that is anyones guess.

I would easily take Ginn. The year they were drafted I was a bit in shock about it but Ginn is the bigger playmaker and has vastly improved his game in just one year. B. Quinn looks poised in the pocket but he had little to no touch on the ball. Watch the missile he threw at Winslow on the last play of the game last year from 5 yards away from him. Ginn also returned a couple of kicks his rookie season that were called back and last year he looked really solid and improved his hands. At best Quinn would have given a face to the organization but they were still heading in the wrong direction, and to believe he (as a rookie) would have helped us finish better than 1-15 is a joke. Beck didn't play horribly and Cam never opened the playbook for him to even come close to succeeding. Ginn is going to make Henne's transition in two years to the starting role much easier. Next year he'll have a full on breakout year and if they fix the running game to open up the PA than lookout Miami will put up some points!

It's not Ginn vs. Quinn.
It should be Ginn vs. Okoye. That is who we should have taken

Okoye actually regressed form year one to year two. A lot of folks in KC think he is a bust.

Iam a nice man to but i couldnt coach if my life depended on it...wow, me and cam and dave all have one thing in common

Bullet Bob Hayes was a WR who was smallish, had 'decent' hands, and GREAT speed. Ditto for guys like Cliff Branch, Roy Green, Willie Gault, Duper, Roger Carr, etc.

Jerry Rice was complete in all areas and you never hear people say he was blazing fast, but you never saw people catch him from behind either.

Ginn has pretty damn good hands AND can flat out run like the wind. He will never be a tall guy like Fitz or Moss, but he is a different kind of weapon. You can make up for a lot of weaknesses in sports but speed is not one of them. You can build muscle, you can learn technique, but slow is forever. You cant teach speed. If he learns to run as fast BEFORE the catch (i.e. routes, anticipation and separation) as after the catch, you have got something very, very special on your hands.

He seems to have good football sense and body control. I don't expect him nor do I want him taking on a safety when he has gotten all the yards he can out of a catch. He is what he is and if you think he is Larry Czonka, then you are a delusional idiot. An ACL would be the end for a speedster like Ginn at this stage of his career so yea - step out, get low and be smart kid.

A good receivers coach and a really good qb could make this kid better. Warner has always been a great qb in St. L & AZ by throwing a great spiral in front of fast guys who can motor. Very accurate and a beautifully thrown pass. Ginn needs that more than a Pennington kind of guy (ad hoc short game manager) and , but truth be told, the team needs Penny more than Ginn at THIS moment. That may change though sometime next year due to injury, play or anything so all ayes should be on Henne's development. The future is always one step sooner than you expect it in the NFL.

I'll be curious to see how dedicated Ginn was in the offseason by what he shows in camp -preseason and the first 4 games next year. We should know by then, because Cam is a distant memory, Miami has a stable qb hierarchy, offense, and a man upstairs whose mere presence will light a fire under a behind if self motivation isn't already there.

Bottom line? You can't have any of this stuff until you have a good offensive line. Right now we have one keeper - Long. You can have the rest. Thats 1/5. Sorry its not time to play with the toys yet. Parcells and any half wit with a lick of football sense knows this.

You know who has a nice bust??? pam anderson... DAMN>>>>

the draft rumor that day was the PACKERS wanted to move up to #9 to select Marshawn Lynch and Miami could move down to #16 at the PACKERS slot. If the trade was done, MIAMI still could have gotten GINN at #16 and picked up an extra pick or two later in the draft. Instead, MIAMI has to deal with LYNCH 2 times a year and did not get any extra later round draft picks...too bad !!

I didn't want Ginn or Quinn with the 9th pick in 2007. So I'm fine with the way it is now with Ginn. I don't think Quinn would have done much more than Beck if at all and I don't think he's going to be a big time QB anyway.

We should have taken Patrick Willis.

menace ;what role you think the poor economy will play on fins spending this off season.

Ginn would not have lasted until pick 16. The Rams had him pegged at pick 13.

nothing , Jeffery Ross is also a gazillionare with a golden parachute..he also is up for a goverment bail out, "how much would you like mr ross?"

Yes, even now looking back picking Ginn was a huge mistake. we knew it then and we know it now. Brady Quinn will be the starter for the Browns day one this season and many seasons to come.

so you think we can sign ray lewis cuban

GINN..... easy choice

what does your gut tell you when the fins wins super bowl meance

Wow it takes a Pats fan to give Ted Ginn Jr. some love. I am so tired of all you dumb ass Dolphin fans and media who continue to bash the skills of Ted Ginn. Tell me another playmaker on this team that can do what Ginn does. He is the only guy that can score on any given play. Yes idots that includes Ricky and Ronnie. Lets have this conversation again once Henning is the starting quarterback. But again by that time you all be drinking the Ginn kool-aid. Take Ginn off this team and the Dolphins get a heavy dose of 8 in the box and 11-5 would look more like 5-11. Not saying that the Fins were 11-5 due to Ginn but the struggling running game would have been a lot worse and the filed position battles that the Dolphins consistenly won, would not be so. Simply the dude is a home run threat that every team accounts for.

Somethings never die. This is a multiple question, so it needs to be handled as such.

Ted Ginn, Jr. - horribly overdrafted, but nowhere near as bad as John Avery during a previous administration. He might draw attention due to his speed, but when he does catch a pass, has anyone noticed he falls down if someone moves towards him? My grandmother is more willing to take a hit than he seems.

Brady Quinn - so why is it the ONLY other choice available, if we don't take Ginn, is to swallow Quinn? He's certainly proven his worth in Cleveland, hasn't he? Just because we made one mistake does not mean that making another negates it.


I think tony is related to you know who.

I would take Ginn and here's why:

1) Sally Struthers peaked in terms of physical appeal in the 1973-74 season of "All In The Family." You wouldn't know it today, but at point one she was a strikingly beautiful and sexy woman. (She was also the voice of Pebbles Flintstone in a later incarnation of "The Flintstones."

2) President Eisenhower later admitted that the greatest mistake of his Presidency was forcing the Israelis out of Sinai (1956) following the Suez Campaign.

3) William Shatner is from Montreal, Canada.

4) Don Shula is of Hungarian descent. The family name initially was "Shul," and later elongated to Shula.

5) Gene Kelly was initially cast opposite Judy Garland in "Easter Parade." When Kelly broke his ankle playing either touch football or volleyball on his lawn (I've seen both accounts), he asked Fred Astaire to come out of retirement and play the now famous role. Kelly said that he would get twinges of regret every time he saw Astaire perform with Garland "A Couple of Swells."

Given these facts, it is undeniable that the justly criticized Cam Cameron got at least ONE thing right, and that's when he chose Ginn!

go fins


go fins.is that you

again mr dodsworth, your words and your history knowledge shines through again. are you the same mr. dodsworth of the huntington beach dodsworths?? there a well to do family in new york and you sound like you have a yale education, maybe you are a skull and cross bones guy??

if it has to be between Ginn and Quinn i would take Ginn, still needs to develop as a receiver but has shown the big play capabilities this past season. He is something teams have to prepare for now cause he hits home runs. Id take Revis though if i had to do it all over, a shut down corner. Stop the Ginn haters cause he is going to be fine.

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