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Is Ginn over Quinn the pick you make today?

Got on an American Airlines flight out of Miami to Tampa Monday afternoon, as I am spending the next seven days of my life covering my 18th Super Bowl.

So who was on the same flight?

Brady Quinn ...

The Cleveland Browns quarterback ...

... The guy who should have been the Dolphins quarterback after the 2007 draft.

Aside from the fact Quinn was flying coach and that seemed odd to me -- he's a millionaire -- I got to thinking how things would be different today if Randy Mueller and Cam Cameron had picked Quinn and not Ted Ginn Jr. in April of 2007.

Had that happened, it is possible 1-15 might never have happened. It is also likely 11-6 might never have happened because I believe Quinn might have played better than John Beck did in 2007 and then-owner Wayne Huizenga might have been less likely to pull the plug on Cameron and Co. after one season -- thus ensuring 2008 would not have been the success it was.

But forget what the pick meant to fate for a second. Consider the pick as it was, straight up, and tell me if you would make the same choice today given the same set of circumstances. If you are sitting with 15 minutes on the draft day clock and have both Brady Quinn and Ted Ginn Jr. on the board, knowing what you know today about both players, which do you pick?

Do you pick Quinn, a quarterback who might become a good player down the road but has not gotten that far down the road yet? Or do you pick Ginn, a receiver who might become a good player down the road but hasn't gotten that far down the road yet?

So far, Ginn has been the more productive player. His stats show a player who nearly doubled his output from 2007 to 2008. But we all know he has a long, long, long way to go before he becomes a legitimate No. 1 NFL receiver. 

Quinn's stats show he has proven absolutely nothing in two seasons with Cleveland. He's started only three games and then got hurt after throwing two touchdown passes and two interceptions last season. He has a long, long, long way to go before showing his a starting-caliber NFL quarterback.

But to be fair Ginn has gotten far more opportunities than Quinn. And to be fair, Quinn didn't look like the moment was bigger than him when he got in games last year. He looked comfortable and able to lead.

So would you make the same decision as the Dolphins did knowing what you know today about these guys? It is a question I have been pondering ... and now I leave it to you to ponder.


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the teams after miami didn't need a qaurterback. I believe they all drafted defensive players.

Sand in Shoes, Quinn has only played 3 games.

Cuban menace:
Fitz is 6-3, 220; Boldin is 6-1, 217.

They both have several inches and about 40 pounds on Ginn. Do you think it would be wise for a dude that weighs 180 pounds (maybe) to take on a safety instead of getting out of bounds and being alive to line up on the next play?

It's a lot easier to take on a safety if you are at least as big as one.

Quinn couldn't beat out Derek Anderson...
Go back to last season, when the Fins had to win...
The 4th down catch against Oakland
The touchdown run against KC
The TD catch against the Jets
The TD catch in double coverage against the Seahawks...
...and Quinn is not a Parcells guy!

So? The only game he played well in was against Denver - and they had a miserable defense. Take that game out and he was 22 of 54, 279 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT. Horrifying.

We have to wait until he plays more games to fully judge him, granted, but there is no guarantee he'll beat Derek Anderson out next year. The fact is Ted Ginn has been far, far more productive and I have a much better feeling that he'll be at the very least a good WR for many years to come than I do that Golden Boy becomes an effective starter in this league.

ronnie browns cousin;your comments really suck man


KY as in Kentucky (where he went to college)

not KC as in Kansas City

well my opinion is henne or pennington wouldn't be here if we had quinn, therefore I would take ginn...pennington is proven and i like henne's upside more, i stil think quinn is a leinart type hollywood guy and just don't think he will ever put in the serious work to be a great NFL QB. with that said is ginn a #1 no not yet. but he has improved game by game and the 3rd year is always the biggest for WR's, so if he hits 1000 yards next year considering our run first offense and multiple uses of extra te's and rb's in passing game that would be impressive and definately worth the pick. was #9 too high maybe, but go into past drafts and see all the 1st round flops at wr, just as bad as all the qb flops at least he isn't a flop. and to say he is too small to be a #1 try watching football on sunday please bc you are a moron. how abuot steve smith, wes welker, santana moss, ward, desean jackson, should i keep going..yeah everyone would love to have a Fitz or andre johnson, but how many of those guys are in the league. i think camarillo, ginn, london, bess can be a top 10 wr group next year...nothing flashy but everyone brings something to the table. we still got 2 very good rb's, and 2 solid TE's and a smart QB...our offense wouldn't work the same if we started trying to feature any one player..

now could i have willis over ginn, yes...but hindsight is always much easier...just like all you idiots writing off the season 4 weeks in...wouldn't you have loved to have the hindsight to put mony on miami winning the division at that time...

oh yeah and we wouldn't have sparano or parcells either, bc cam cam wouldn't have lost his job

Man, how could anyone say Ginn wasn't a good pick at #9? He's definitely first round talent. I also heard someone mentioning drafting Amobi Okoye instead. Uhm, how exactly would the Dolphins be better today if they ahd him? We have Langford and Merling to play DE and Okoye isn't big enough to be a 3-4 NT. Drafting Ginn makes them a more complete team than they would be otherwise.

There are only two guys that were drafted after Ginn that you could argue would be more valuable to Miami - Ben Grubbs at G who Baltimore drafted much later or Patrick Willis who went two spots later. I think in time Dwayne Bowe vs Tenn Ginn will be a wash and everyone else that has showed something plays a position for Miami that they are already competent at and definitely no current superstars were drafted after Ginn in round one.

Knowing what we know now would you still take Ronnie Brown #2?

We need 1 more year to tell for sure how good Ted Ginn is. WR and QB both take a long time to develop. I consider Steve Smith to be the best WR in the game. If you look at his numbers through 2 years Ginn's are clearly better. I’m not sure who you can compare Quinn to but he really has done nothing to date. That and the fact the Ginn has far more ability for his position than Quinn for his I give a huge edge to Ginn. Again we need more time to evaluate this.

Sand in Shoes, I wasn't challenging your points on Ginn. I think Ginn is doing fine.

For those who are comparing Ginn to Fitzgerald and Boldin, that's just stupid, and Ginn dropped nowhere near 18 passes, maybe 4.

There is no way I pick Ginn over Quinn. And those of you calling Quinn a bust don't know anything. He sat the bench so no one knows anything. The first game he started he played ok. The second game, he looked less impressive. Ginn has been more productive but that is because he has played. Lets keep it real here. Had Quinn been drafted John Beck nor Chad Henne would have been selected. So the way I see it the Ginn pick has set this franchise back 2 years because that is two second round draft picks lost.

I agree with the 10:29am no-named blogger. I wouldn't call Quinn a DB, but I don't think he's going to be a great NFL QB. I watched him at ND every week and he's not accurate enough. I would take Ginn over Quinn anyday!! I would also agree that Ginn was taken with too high of a pick, but I think he'll be a very good #2 receiver. If you miss on a QB, you're screwed. At least TG can still be a very good asset for the Fish.

18 Bungle is a factual number, s.i.sands, the man is terriffied to go in to the middle, that will never change, he will continue to drop balls in the middle next year and every year he plays, thats just the way he is, he will never be a a.bolden, or randy moss .

Now If you want to talk about 2 studs devon bess and greg camarrello, now those are going to be the stars of miami rec. corps.

Well, the old Ginn vs. Quinn debate!!

I'll cut straight to the chase, knowing what I know today, I would have gone for neither of the above.

My choice would have been Patrick Willis. Given the void at ILB that we're going to have with the departure of Channing Crowder this offseason, along with last year's loss of Zach Thomas, this move would have filled a need in the middle of our defense. You can never have enough quality linemen. Cameron would have taken some heat for it initially, because the fans were calling for offensive playmakers at the time, but Willis was the best player on the board at the time.

In the first two rounds, you draft the best talent available. You fill in needs later in the draft and in free agency. That is how the good teams in the league draft. If you use the first rounds to fill need positions, the chances of reaching for a player that should be drafted lower increases. And those are moves that can set back a franchise, as you pass on quality talent that can help you win now.

Cam Cameron would still be with us had that defense played better against the run. Bad QB play and poor run defense were the 2 main causes of that 1-15 season. Undisciplined play, poor clock management, and major injuries also played big roles. And I'm certain that Brady Quinn wouldn't have made much of a difference, given that our offense was a skeleton on it's former self by the end of the season.

But enough with the past. I'm sure Ginn-Quinn has been argued enough!

Whats the next topic gonna be Long vs Ryan and to think that there are still a bunch of idiots out there that bash us for passing up on Ryan lmfao.

Given the two choices you resricted me to for the 9th pick, I would have traded it for a later 1st rounder and a 2d round pick. I wouldn't want either one.

Depends exactly what you mean. If the question is would I swap Ginn for Quinn on the current roster then the answer is no, Ginn is clearly useful as a WR (given the Dolphins limitations at WR) whereas Quinn has no real place with Henne already the "heir apparent".
On the other hand if you also include the other obvious changes that drafting Quin would have caused then its a question of whether you would rather have Quinn and two second round draft picks versus Ginn, Henne and Beck. In that case then its pretty clear you would take Quinn and the two draft picks.

Neither. Give me Patrick Willis instead.

I'll start by pointing the fact that #9 overall means an instant starter and even perhaps Brady Quinn has lacked of opportunities, he has shown he wasn't NFL ready and even now he still needs a lot of expensive turf time to develop. Other heavy fact on him is he got injured of his throwing hand and that may reduce his QB quality.
On the other side, Ted Ginn Jr. even when putting his full heart and running like a cheetah, his once unstoppable kick & punt returns of College days are proving insufficient at Pro-level.
He needs time to develop as a go-to receiver but his quality is very usable as second option, and might require another kind of passer to become an elite WR.
So after just two seasons, both look overrated for such pick, but focusing about the Quinn/Ginn debate, Ted has better results until now and represents a better investment.

Boy! You really have nothing to write about, hun? Try digging into the Dolphins since you keep calling yourself a Dolphin BEAT Writer, Amigo.

I Would have taken a 6 pack of bud instead of quinn or ginn and his clipboard holding daddy.but then again all the browns got was 1 guy, phins got the whole ginn family, teddy jr @ sr, j.j, thelma , and weezey.

I Would have taken a 6 pack of bud instead of quinn or ginn and his clipboard holding daddy.but then again all the browns got was 1 guy, phins got the whole ginn family, teddy jr @ sr, j.j, thelma , and weezey.

I Would have taken a 6 pack of bud instead of quinn or ginn and his clipboard holding daddy.but then again all the browns got was 1 guy, phins got the whole ginn family, teddy jr @ sr, j.j, thelma , and weezey.

Ginn looks like a solid #2, but not something you spend a top 10 pick on. Quinn hasn't shown much but hasn't had many chances either. Patrick Willis looked like and has become....a complete MONSTER! I'd have taken that guy after watching a few of his senior bowl clips. And in the pros, he's really blossomed into a special player. He's got Singletary stamped all over him and not just because it's his coach. Bowe or Gonzales would have made good picks too. Unless Ginn reaches the 1200-1500 yard mark regularly, I'm afraid we overpaid for his seemingly modest talents.

The ginn family's moving on up, to the east cost ,to a deluxe manison in weston, yeah there moving on up, moving on up , to get a piece of the piiiieeee....dyyynooo- miiite!

Oh Snap, i almost forgot the youngest ginn, michael, the smart effimative ginn.

I Bet you there maintance mans name is booker and that his nick name is booger.

I would have taken D. BOWE over ginn. you cant draft a receiver #9 and only be 5'11

Ginn is 23 years old by the way.

Hey Mando,

Knowing what I know today, I'd go with Ginn. I say this because the Dolphins went on to draft Chad Henne the following season. I believe his potential is equal if not greater than Quinn's. Ginn has shown vast improvement after two seasons and should continue to develop consistency.

Who Cares, hes being let out to the wild next month anyway.

Are you kidding me? NEITHER is the obvious answer.

Yes, Hands of stone,his clip board holding daddy and randy crowder to be let loose feb 16.

Beltway, What was the question? ive got a.d.d.

You guys are so bad with football. pats fan is right. ginn although many of you dont see runs deep routes and takes coverage off of camarillo and bess. he may not get the ball thrown his way that much but we definently takes the pressure off. he doubled his stats in his second year which is great and he will still continue to climb. this offense is finally starting to come together and when that happens ginn will become a big time player. is he a #1 i dont think so. i think he is more of a #2. we need a big reciever. i like brandon london and hope he starts picking it up. he is a great size at that position and plays with alot of intensity.

Eddie, Did your wife give you that nick name?just wondering? my wife gave me the nick name Tiny, and i dont know why?

How freakin' sad is it that a Pats fan,of ALL people,comes to a board where the writer is a supposed Dolphin fan and b**** slaps the blogger and about 75% of our idiotic "fans"?

As i've stated many times..exactly what kind of numbers would Ginn have if he played for Indy,N.O.,N.E.,AZ,NYG,Philly,Denver and bascially ANY OTHER TEAM who has a good OL,a QB who can throw the ball with velocity over 30 yards and at least one good receiver?

He would be a STEAL at #9 if he played on any of 15-20 other teams and as soon as Henne takes over you morons will be buying #19 jerseys as if a Nationwide Ban on jersey manufacturing were getting ready to take effect!

Ahhh Look m@@c's got a new alias, man this guys got more personalitys then a confined social path with multi-personallitys.

Wow Pats Fan is an idiot, i live 60 minutes from Notre Dame and i saw Brady Quinn live a dozen times..........he IS the real deal. oh and his college coach who is a former PATS coach thinks he's the real deal as well.

Receivers are a dime-a-dozen. Franchise quarterbacks are VERY difficult to find. Quinn was (and is) the obvious choice. Receiver problems are easy to fix. QB problems are difficult to fix.

Look at the Cheatriots. They had receiving problems one year, so in that offseason they get Moss, Welker, and Stallworth. They got 3 of them in one offseason! Receivers just aren't that hard to get. QBs are.

what was Brady Quinn doing in Miami?

Ummm...9(NINE)teams,NOT counting the ra-duhs, needed a "franchise QB" and DIDNT pick Quinn until Cleveland chose him at 22 AND K.C,Balt.,Chi. DIDNT move up to get him so you are saying that 12 GMs arent as smart as that loser Weiss who has brought ND so far down they will NEVER recover but the ONE GM who did like him lost his job because of his ignorance is the smart ones?

You must be Bradys mother because she is the only one who thinks hes the "real deal"!


brady quinn,franchise qb lol.you have to be kidding,right? if not put the crack pipe down.

Mondo the moran name fits

uh sept 11th 2004 Brady Quinn vs. Chad Henne..........
Henne has Steve Breaston and Jason Avant

Quinn has ........ Maurice (no longer in NFL)Stovall

Winner..........Brady Quinn

He is a STUD and has been so since he stepped in at half time vs michigan state as a freshman.

And Armondo he was riding coach because as a Notre Dame grad he actually has an education and he did the math, all seats get to the same place at the same time for different prices.

brady quinn is a stud lol.what is this comedy central.

So mondo your're saying that the fact the raiders passed on quinn is evidence of his lack of abilty? Hmmm, who did the raiders decide was a franchise qb........Marcus (help me spell my name)Russell. he'll be holding a clipboard in a year.

yeah i'd do what ever the raiders do.

exactly,shodolfan has sexual feelings for quinn.it has to be just that.

Wow, Russell Will be holding a clip board too? i guess teddys clipboard holding daddy has compition soon huh?

Nooooo..Im saying that 12 teams who needed a "franchise QB" passed on him but then again they could care less about his flowing hair and they arent ND homers!

Get it?

here is what i dont get, only 1 (ONE) other QB was taken in the first round in 2007 that was the aforementioned Russell so the reason those 12 other teams (not sure why the number 12 is significant) didnt take a QB is because they didnt need a QB as you say they did.

Sorry to cloud the issue with facts.

Passing on Quinn was the right thing to do. (Thanks, Cam). I'm not sure that using a 9 on Ginn was good either, but Quinn is overrated and his performance shows it. It's great that things worked out the way they did though! (Thanks again, Cam!!)

Although I would have picked Quinn at the time, Ginn turned out to be the better pick. I still think Ginn will be a star in this league. Those who said that receivers make their biggest leap in their third year are right. I look for him to do very well next year. The Pats fan is right. He would have been a stud with several other teams.

With that having been said, there is no way in heck that I would change the butterfly effect of the pick. We won the East and we are only going to get better. I doubt either would be happening if we had picked Quinn. Sometimes you have to take a step backwards to take 11 steps forward. Anyone who thinks differently is an absolute moron.

Shodolfan,i hate to burst your bubble,but brady quinn has a girlfriend.

Ginn was a terrible pick at #9. He will always be too small to be a top reciever. Had we taken Quinn, we still would have a high second round pick, instead of taking Beck (eeeck).

The REAL question is (Quinn and a top #2 pick) OR Ginn and Beck which don't amount to much.

Wow Johnathen,"anyone Who Thinks differently is a moron" you sound like a certain angry little man that wants to change the phins uniform.

Lets wind the clocks back 2 years. Its draft day and somehow Brady Quinn has fallen from what could have been #1 or 2 overall to #8, the Falcons pick. Atlanta didn't need a QB at the time so we all hold our breath and hope that no one trades up to their spot to take Quinn. They pick, and its a D-End, leaving Quinn ripe for the picking. I'm going to go ahead and speak for all Dol-fans and say that we were ecstatic! The previous season was a huge disappointment and Saban had just ditched out for Bama. We needed something to get excited about and all Cam Scamron had to do was pick the QB that, at the time, looked like the face of the Franchise for the next 10 years. But instead we hear "and with the 9th pick the Miami Dolphins select Ted Ginn Jr.". And everyone yells... NOOOOOOO! True story. This reason alone is enough to still go back and pick Quinn with the 9th pick. Our suffering on draft day.

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