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Is Ginn over Quinn the pick you make today?

Got on an American Airlines flight out of Miami to Tampa Monday afternoon, as I am spending the next seven days of my life covering my 18th Super Bowl.

So who was on the same flight?

Brady Quinn ...

The Cleveland Browns quarterback ...

... The guy who should have been the Dolphins quarterback after the 2007 draft.

Aside from the fact Quinn was flying coach and that seemed odd to me -- he's a millionaire -- I got to thinking how things would be different today if Randy Mueller and Cam Cameron had picked Quinn and not Ted Ginn Jr. in April of 2007.

Had that happened, it is possible 1-15 might never have happened. It is also likely 11-6 might never have happened because I believe Quinn might have played better than John Beck did in 2007 and then-owner Wayne Huizenga might have been less likely to pull the plug on Cameron and Co. after one season -- thus ensuring 2008 would not have been the success it was.

But forget what the pick meant to fate for a second. Consider the pick as it was, straight up, and tell me if you would make the same choice today given the same set of circumstances. If you are sitting with 15 minutes on the draft day clock and have both Brady Quinn and Ted Ginn Jr. on the board, knowing what you know today about both players, which do you pick?

Do you pick Quinn, a quarterback who might become a good player down the road but has not gotten that far down the road yet? Or do you pick Ginn, a receiver who might become a good player down the road but hasn't gotten that far down the road yet?

So far, Ginn has been the more productive player. His stats show a player who nearly doubled his output from 2007 to 2008. But we all know he has a long, long, long way to go before he becomes a legitimate No. 1 NFL receiver. 

Quinn's stats show he has proven absolutely nothing in two seasons with Cleveland. He's started only three games and then got hurt after throwing two touchdown passes and two interceptions last season. He has a long, long, long way to go before showing his a starting-caliber NFL quarterback.

But to be fair Ginn has gotten far more opportunities than Quinn. And to be fair, Quinn didn't look like the moment was bigger than him when he got in games last year. He looked comfortable and able to lead.

So would you make the same decision as the Dolphins did knowing what you know today about these guys? It is a question I have been pondering ... and now I leave it to you to ponder.


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Wow Your getting angry, calm down, find your che center.,thats it ,think happy thoughts, good now your calming down. that will be 75 dollas.

yeah, so lets pick quinn so we can end your suffering on draft day.What is this idiots r us?

brady quinn sux.end of story

Yeah, but scottie we not only got ted(hands of stone)ginn but we also got his clipboard holding daddy along with the rest of the ginn clan, we got thelma,michael(teds gay younger brother) and his mother wheezie.

Who cares...we're stuck with Ginn, sometimes when you're surrounded by better talent the best comes out of you. Hopefully we can get a complementary receiving core that can make tough catches. Bess was a find and is great slot receiver. We need a big speedy receiver who can go up and outplay defenders for the ball. None of which will matter until we have an offensive line that can pass protect effectively. Even Ginn can get open if the line does their job.

Now thats a bargain, draft 1 guy and get 10.thats better then verozen

I still take Patrick Willis...

Ok for those have a brain or a half a brain. lets put this in the eyes of a Gm you have a many choses in the draft Ginn, Quinn, somelse or try to trade down. First if you are going to tarde down you must find a parter in that plan, so unlikely. second if go other than Ginn or Quinn, who Patrick Willis or some else than was not worth the #9 pick. Third Do you go with someone who can make plays in kick/ punt return, end arounds, and catching. or someone with questions with if make it in the pros, who will make most of his plays in the passing game, maybe some QB sneeks. with the again aging marty booker and Chambers who was never the consistent player he can be. with Quinn with those guys and that line what do you think would have been the result with him a rookie. OR with Trent Green at QB a Vet with Ginn in the mix it should have been a nice group of guys to throw to. even if they inconsistent thought out the years or againg WR they still can play for te time being. Lasty who would cost more. at the #9 pick a QB or a WR.

Right now I would still pick Ginn and the Fins know that they were going to get a QB the in the second round or later, whether that was going to me Beck or anyone one else. Other Trent none of the QB from the 07 draft has done anything.

Also if you where thinking what about Patrick Willis, We still had Zack coming off a great year and Channing Crowder also coming off his best year, to that point in his career. so I think still Ginn was right pick, but Patrick Willis would have been fine. to replace the aging Zack.

and that still wasn't the question.

When will the ginn experment end? feb 24, the w.w.f will be freeing hands of stone, his clip board holding daddy, and r.crowder.

no.during m@@c's picnic next week.

Sure why not we'll tie them together , what do you say m@@c?

I am the biggest Ginn basher but I would still pick him over Quinn.

Without a doubt- Ted Ginn. Now let's move on. Forget Quinn who will never be in the top 10 QBs.

Never liked the Ted Ginn's pick, but Quinn wasn't any better... I think that back then I would have gone defense.. And by the way, Ginn is not a No. 1 receiver, so trade for Boldin...

tuna isn't trading high picks and giving away big money for boldin.oc haley,who's one of tuna's well respected buddies has already given a report on boldin and it isn't good.so put that idea to rest.

Barry Jackson wrote that the Dolphins are going to try to trade John Beck this offseason which will make him one of the biggest busts in this franchises history.

Mandi, Ginn & family were the best players available at #9...

i,d say ginn for the fact that he hasnt been in a fulltime #1 reciever role but a couple times and by nfl standerd of off. an def. he has done his job 110% reguardless he he catches 10 passes a game or 5 and draws double coverage so someone else can get a break to be a lilttle help there is more to being a reciever then just catching passes and scoreing touchdowns..not to take away from quinns abilities but he did whine alot to last year and if he was all that he,d been named starter also ginn is a starter..

Lets see, in this order

Patrick Willis
Darrelle Revis
Brandon Meriweather
Jon Beason

Hindsight is 20/20 though

2002 Draft, with Hindsight
1. Ed Reed
2. J. Peppers
3. Haynesworth
4. Javon Walker
5. Bryant McKinnie
6. Levi Jones
7. Lito Sheppard

are you people retarted?The question was ginn or quinn.what part of that you can't understand.

mr bungle needs t.p.for his bung-hole

Pre-draft I liked the idea of Ginn playing at Miami but was hoping to trade down 10 or so spots to get him. Assumed Quinn would be off the board by no.9. When Quinn slipped it became a no-brainer to all...except Mueller and Cameron. Even in hindsight I still say Quinn.

2007 was a poor class for WRs though. Nobody taken behind Ginn has set the world on fire.

HONESTLY. GINN bc THE MIAMI DOLPHINS have the queerest uniforms in the NFL.Sorry. If we had more manly uniforms then YES!!! Quinn!!! 1000 to -1 for Ginn. Sorry Ginn.


See what your moronic blog has turned into Mando?

GREAT JOB dude..you rok!

The real question is, why did we pass on Matt Ryan?

But if we're looking back on that draft, you pick neither player. We could have even traded down. Just as bad as the Ginn over-reach was the Beck follow-up. That was almost worse. Think of the players we could have right now. As far as Ginn becoming a "better" player, of course he will. But he'll never be the player we need. Besides being pretty dumb, he doesn't have a football mentality. I guess he was too short to play basketball or something else he liked better, so his parents (the Ginn family) made him do this. Ginn regularly gets punked out on the field, and I'm just waiting for the day he's on injured reserve. It's obvious he knows it too because he runs out of bounds and runs in reverse, avoiding contact at all costs.

It's too bad that the games were so close last year, because we would have been able to put in Henne, throw some deep passes to Ginn, and showcase his speed a little before we traded him this year.

Quinn...aaaall daaay long. Bigger need, greater commodity.

Hey Menace...using the alias, anti-christ is not nice, blasphemous and offensive. Not funny.
You should "check yourself."

Ignoring the other 300+ guys on the board and only choosing between those 2, it's too early to tell which will be better. I have little doubt Henne will be better than Quinn - stronger arm, more accurate deep ball, superior mental and physical toughness - and I never wanted Brady in the first place so I'm not disappointed that we let Cleveland screw themselves up for years to get him.

#9 should be a franchise guy, and the franchise player on the board at that point was Willis. Any idiot could have seen that. Well, almost any idiot. Mueller and Cameron were the exceptions that prove the rule.

Ginn could still turn out to be good. He's shown flashes. He made 2 great plays in the second Jets game. The catch at the back of the end zone against Seattle was a nice catch of an insanely great pass, but he stayed focused and made the play. Breakout game against Buffalo was going against a guy who shouldn't have even dressed, but he did a lot of good things aside from putting up stats. Feed him the ball early and he's a good player. Otherwise, he's usually not good without the ball. Rarely blocks, rarely works to help his QB, doesn't do well when teams play up on him. Tends to try to make big plays for himself when what we need is to get down and stop the clock, or step out when we need to move the chains or eat up time. Overall, not a very smart player. He's got physical gifts, but every starter in the league has physical gifts. He needs to play smarter and tougher to get to the next level.

And as a KR/PR guy, he's freaking awful. Terrible, horrible, any other extremely negative adjective you can come up with. Bad decisions. No awareness of where he is on the field, or where anyone else is. Constantly running east-west, constantly running away from his blockers. Too easy to trap, even for guys who are much slower than he is. Never, not once, has tried to block anyone after he let the ball go by him. No one was afraid of him on ST in college (the stats back me up on that, even the weakest teams kicked to him all the time) and no one is afraid of him in the NFL. Cobbs is infinitely better on KR, even though he's no threat to go all the way.

I guess people forget how many drops the Cleveland WR had during Quinn's brief start.

Listen...pound for pound...Quinn should have been the pick. We gave up 1 or MORE TD throws a game by Quinn for 1 or 2 TD catches a year by Ginn.

It was a no brainer pick. Quinn should be wearing aqua and orange right now.

aqua uno ,you little man you sound like you love pink

m@@'s picnic will be held next week .must wear colorful clothing.go phins will be grilling hot dogs, his favorite food.


is ronnie brown cousin coming to the picnic ? it's hot dog related .

Interesting comments and perspective but one year too early. Year 3 is the "accepted" breakout year for most WR's.... see Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald. That being said, I would much rather have a blown draft by Cam and staff leading to "Tuna and sides" then not. Either way, every team has blundered picks and development will be a function of Ginn's desire, discipline and determination.... not ours. Quinn never showed the leadership at ND to win the big game. I also believed Willis plays in a 3-4 which was a different scheme. Zach was here also....

The correct football term for Ginn is not "Coward" the word is "Soft". Which basically means the same thing. Ginn is not physical, he wants to play pretty. Last time I played, coached, or watched football which is every day it's clear to me that soft players are a waste of my time and should be cut. Football is a game for Gladiators not P--sy's

i wouldve taken neither i probably wouldve taken dwyane bowe or anthony gonzalez

Ginn did pretty good for us this year dont forget all the stuff he did just because of one game he was pretty good but i think he would be a better slot receiver and bess would make a good #2 receiver!!!

aqua uno

You have to look at our first 2 rounds of the draft. This isn't just Quinn vs Ginn. It is Quinn and another pic vs Ginn and Beck. One facter in picking Ginn was that Quinn would have wanted money typical for a top pic QB. You are looking at $15M/yr. Thats alot for a team which had many holes to fill. Plus he would have sat out for the whole camp demanding it. Hell, he sat out for weeks even after being passed by on 20 odd pics and was gratiously sent to the holding room because he was being embarrassed. In other words, with Trent Green in hand, Quinn would have been sideline material. A high price to pay with all our needs. So the choice became Ginn and 2nd round QB who can develop for half the price. We won't know for at least a few years how this works out. And the third year for a WR is usually the break out year. So ask me again after next year.

Willis or Darrelle Revis...it sucks watching him go head-to-head with Ginn against the Jets.

I can't believe I am saying this but, Ginn??? I think he will work out in a few years. Because we were such a bad team (Dolphins) we needed a guy to produce right out of the gate, and I don't think Quinn would have done much better if he was the guy. What has Quinn showed us so far? I understand Quinn has not had the opportunity that Ginn has, but he was ableto watch and learn for a season and he still looks a little suspect. Ginn keeps getting better. If he continues to improve over the years like he did from 07 to 08 we will have a pro bowler in a few years. Can't believe I just typed that. Ginn???

I'd take Ginn in a second over Quinn. As a Buckeye and Dolphins fan I have watched more Ted Ginn than probably the guys that drafted him. Quinn has played QB pretty much his entire life whereas Ginn was the #1 CB coming into college. The Buckeyes took him and made him a WR. In reality Ginn has played WR 5 years of his life. I love Ginn he is one of my favorite players; however, I would have to agree with the Patrick Willis pick instead of either. Just like the artcile said Ginn DOUBLED his output after one season. Also, think of how many deep balls were missed b/c Pennington doesn't have the cannon. How many balls did Ginn come back for that should have been TD's? Is he flawed yes; however, he's not Yatil Green either. GO DOLPHINS!!!

When are you gonna put up a new post Mando???? Its a dead issue now, I'm glad we don't have Quinn cause it looks like he's more worried about endorsement deals then playing ball. We can't really judge Ginn untill he has a strong-ared QB to get him the ball down-field(Henne). I personally can't wait too see Henne get in as our starting QB.

What was that?

Pat Willis was the right pick for the Dolphins. Quinn is better than Ginn, but Willis is the next Ray Lewis.

listen Quinn has a bs arm that is why he fell that much, if he had wowed people he would of been pick earlier,i think what the dolphins did was right, Ginn i think will be a more productive player

Easy pick- GINN!

Brady Quinn was CRYING ON NATIONAL TELEVISION when he didnnt get picked in top 10!

Ginn is already playmaker. Tell me im wrong! If you dont agree then go watch his high light reel this year. He may not be dominating yet, but he is making plays. More then the average 2nd year starting WR!

What has Quinn done? Other then cry on draft day and have a Myoflex(sp) commercial?

It's myoplex ,retard.

I'd definitely take Ginn. He's showed signs of greatness, were Quinn has not. Quinn was a product of a decent team taking on a bunch of no names (They got killed any time they played USC and lost their two BCS bowl games)...

sign of greatness? what sign that was?


mando rocks

menace rocks

I don't think either guy would be a good pick with the ninth pick. I was shocked and upset at the time that Quinn wasn't our guy. Can still remember that feeling like it was yesterday. But to be honest, I think the previous regime had it right with Quinn....I don't think he is EVER going to be THE guy. As for Ginn, he is still young and still developing. He has some limitations and isn't going to be good at certain things. But it does take a few years for ayoung receiver to develop and he does have some great physical tools. I wouldn't write him off yet....

Quinn sucked in college and sucks now. Ginn has showed so much improvement in this last season i would pick him. However lets not forget that if we had picked Quinn he would have been throwing to Chambers and booker so we had a #1 WR we just traded him.

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