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Is Ginn over Quinn the pick you make today?

Got on an American Airlines flight out of Miami to Tampa Monday afternoon, as I am spending the next seven days of my life covering my 18th Super Bowl.

So who was on the same flight?

Brady Quinn ...

The Cleveland Browns quarterback ...

... The guy who should have been the Dolphins quarterback after the 2007 draft.

Aside from the fact Quinn was flying coach and that seemed odd to me -- he's a millionaire -- I got to thinking how things would be different today if Randy Mueller and Cam Cameron had picked Quinn and not Ted Ginn Jr. in April of 2007.

Had that happened, it is possible 1-15 might never have happened. It is also likely 11-6 might never have happened because I believe Quinn might have played better than John Beck did in 2007 and then-owner Wayne Huizenga might have been less likely to pull the plug on Cameron and Co. after one season -- thus ensuring 2008 would not have been the success it was.

But forget what the pick meant to fate for a second. Consider the pick as it was, straight up, and tell me if you would make the same choice today given the same set of circumstances. If you are sitting with 15 minutes on the draft day clock and have both Brady Quinn and Ted Ginn Jr. on the board, knowing what you know today about both players, which do you pick?

Do you pick Quinn, a quarterback who might become a good player down the road but has not gotten that far down the road yet? Or do you pick Ginn, a receiver who might become a good player down the road but hasn't gotten that far down the road yet?

So far, Ginn has been the more productive player. His stats show a player who nearly doubled his output from 2007 to 2008. But we all know he has a long, long, long way to go before he becomes a legitimate No. 1 NFL receiver. 

Quinn's stats show he has proven absolutely nothing in two seasons with Cleveland. He's started only three games and then got hurt after throwing two touchdown passes and two interceptions last season. He has a long, long, long way to go before showing his a starting-caliber NFL quarterback.

But to be fair Ginn has gotten far more opportunities than Quinn. And to be fair, Quinn didn't look like the moment was bigger than him when he got in games last year. He looked comfortable and able to lead.

So would you make the same decision as the Dolphins did knowing what you know today about these guys? It is a question I have been pondering ... and now I leave it to you to ponder.


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For those who want QUINN YOU ARE RETARDED!!! Did you not watch the games he has played in over the last 2 years??? He looks just as bad as Beck does but Beck was a second round pick not a first. The starts this year if you take away the check downs to Winslow he did NOTHING. Ginn Will be a good number 2 if we get a good compliment to him and qb that can get the ball down field. Dolphin fans forget when was the last punt return before Ginn came??? O.J.Mcduffie! And what about a kick return??? Brock Marion

jason ,quinn is the best QB IN nfl today.are you RETARDED.



you tell them John.

Hey Jason, the last player to take a kick for a touchdown was Wes Welker against the Denver Broncos.

It was the first game of the year in the 2005 season.

What needed to happen was to SIGN WES WELKER TO A DAMN 5 YEAR DEAL!!!

We got Welker (Undrafted Free-agent), and Bess (Undrafted Free-agent). Who accomplished more for the dolphins than Ted (takes not hits) Ginn (9th overall pick).

Now maybe the Ginn lovers think that they are making sense, but they are not.

Draft a punt/kick returner in the 1st round. Are you nuts? We needed a lineman on either side of the ball, you dont start drafting QB's and Wideouts when you have no protection for them.

Bottom line, I hope and pray that Ginn can get his act togeather and live up to his 9TH OVERALL draft status, but most likely he will be no better than any reciever that we could have picked up after the draft ended.

you tell them menace.

I think you guys are forgetting one thing it takes some receivers at least 3 years to figure things out. Look at T.O's stats his first two years. Look at Reggie Wayne's stats his first two years. Hell look at Chris Carters first 2 years. Not every receiver comes into the league and tears it up right away like Randy Moss. So I think its to early to say that Ginn or Brady sucks.

Knowing what we know now, most should take Ginn because of the new coaching staff that failed 2007 season ushered in. Quinn may have led us to a mediocre record and we'd have Cameron and Mueller.

Also, I think if we would have taken Quinn we would still have Chambers so the choice is really Ginn and Henne (whome we got with the Chargers 2nd round pick) vs. Quinn and Chambers. When you look at it that way, it's still to early to decide because we don't know what Ginn, Henne, Quinn, and Chambers will do.

i thinke it takes a receiver 2 and 10 month to figure things out .so he should be traded to new england now.

so sherif,you just managed to say all that and say nothing at the same time.

i konw that's you go phins crap RETARD

picnic time boys,Marc and Bungle already here w/their pink and hot dogs


you tell them menace

cuban; who you think wo is going to win the super bowl?

I would take Ginn over Quinn anyday. I am from Ohio and got to see Ginn perform on a weekly basis. Coming out of High School he was a DB, so his transition to WR was excellent as he did great things as a Buckeye. Mel Kiper even during that draft stated that Ginn when it is all said and done will be the 2nd best receiver in that class obviously behind Calvin Johnson who is a freak of nature. I think it is crazy that so called Phins fans are arguing who would be the better pick. We have already seen the improvement Ginn has done from his rookie year to the 2nd. Yes, Ginn maybe a small type receiver, although I seen him going across the middle many times during games. He has taken the big hits and still held on to the ball. After his rookie season he broke the Dolphins record for purpose yards that were previously held by Wes Welker. After this season yes he did not have as many chances at Kick or Punt Returner he still led the team in Kick Return yards. Also to his defense he had no one to actually help him transition to the NFL level as they traded away Chambers. Ginn as of now is an excellent number 2 receiver and has shown some reasons on why he was selected 9th. And the individuals who are all about Quinn ok you act like he would have put us in the Super Bowl that year if we drafted him. Yes I do like how they did go 1-15 Ginn rookie season and we just dump all the blame on him. Cam Cameron sucks that is all their is to it he should have never been their coach in the first place. Also Camarillo and Bess are good receivers who will never have the capability to ever be a number 1 receiver they will always be a number 2 receiver at best. Most teams would double up on Ginn because teams are worried on what he could do to hurt them. Bess and Camarillo would get dump off passes, if Ginn is not on the field with them those two receivers are not going anywhere.

oy19, are you writing a novel?

I wouldn't change a damn thing. I'm that happy with how this season worked out.

Cuban menace,you are nothing more than a social parasite.Why is my name being mentioned on your post,when I clearly haven't been talking to you ?

That's because he is a collassol loser,mr bungle.He thrives on being a antagonist and a complete idiotic clown.

Hey Billy Bob, no I am not writing a novel. I just researched some things and wrote down what I found on the Ted Ginn situation. I just think it is funny that most Pats fans want him and the so called Phins fan are still upset because he was drafted over Quinn who fell to the 22nd pick to the Browns. So for how I see it Ginn filled voids that the Dolphins were missing once they lost Wes Welker and that their must have been some things wrong because their were other teams who could have used him and did not draft him.

Sorry about that the last sentence I forgot to put in Brady Quinn's name on why he fell to the Browns.

Pologirl, you need to check your facts

Quinn beat Henne 9.11.04 in s bend 28-20

check it.

what a horrible story. quinn is a definite backup qb, there's a reason the dolphins didn't get him and a reason no one picked him until 23. ginn can and will become a gamechanger.

I would have picked D.Revis! I'm not playing the result on this. We needed a shut down corner that year. He had size and skills. After that, i would have picked Ginn. I loved the Ginn pick, and very much still do. It's not his fault that the coaches are being absolutely silly for not playing him as a permanent KR/PR. I'd rather a chance at a T.D. instead of a few extra yards Bess might give us here and there. What IS Ginn's fault and i didn't notice obviously in college was/is his aversion to contact. Jeez...grow a set dude. It's football! That being said, if we had a qb who could exploit his downfield speed...you wouldn't even be writing this column.

Additionally...nobody knows how Beck will be at QB. I think the book isn't finished on him...mark my word.

oy19...what the hell are you writing a BIO give us all a break go eat some crap.too long to read and dumb thougts.

Quinn has done nothing. Miami went through 3 QBs in Ginn's first season. A WR needs an everyday QB so they can build confidence and become comfortable with each other. You can not do that by switching QBs like they did. That being said this year we brought in Pennington who struggles with the deep ball and thrives on underneath short high percentage passes. Ginn is by no means a possession receiver. With a gunslinging QB Ginn will flourish by stretching defenses like Eddie Royal did this year in Denver. I take Ginn over Quinn anyday of the week. Look at the resumes of over hyped Notre Dame QBs besides Montana and Theismen. Rick Miror anyone?

ted ginn is the right choice screw Quinn. Ginn is going to be a deap threat next year. it usually takes 3 years for a reciever to become a legitamite 1st reciever

Back then, I would have probably chosen Brady Quinn. Now, I am glad we have Ginn. Ginn has been showing signs of a force to be reckoned with in the NFL. The guy is ultra fast and is smart. It seems to me that he has had issues of being double and triple covered last year. Perhaps with the addition of another quality WR the double and triple coverages will fall off a bit and Ginn will get a chance to emerge.

Quinn may emerge as a great QB, but you cannot judge him on his play either. The coaching staff in Cleveland has made some very questionable decisions over the last few years. Cleveland is a very odd situation for many reasons.

I would take PATRICK WILLIS any Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i got the Tuna way and draft size along the line over either of these 2

Did you ask Quinn what the hell he was doing in Miami? Maybe something is up?

WHO CARES? Why are you wasting your time writing about "What If's"? If you would look toward the future and stop living in the past, you may occasionally write about something with substance that is at least somewhat interesting.

Although it seems like the more obvious question to ask being that it was about the 2007 9th over all pick. The question that should be asked is who do you feel more comfortable as the quarterback of the future...Quinn or Henne. Simply put the Henne factor definately makes you feel happy about the Ginn pic. Not to sound like an arm chair quarterback (although it's so much fun to do), but Henne had more big game experience/sucess than Quinn, plus 4 years of experience with our franchise left tackle Jake Long. Plus, we all learned about Chad's humility. Henne came in, was the favorite to become the starter week 1 before Pennington fell into our laps. Then instead of pouting, took a step back and used Pennington as a mentor to truely learn what it means to be a true quarterback and leader of a football team. The exciting part is what's going to happen down the road. When Penny is done, we'll have the physically superior Chad Henne at the helm, with the mental grooming of one of the most football smart quarterbacks of this generation......Chad Pennington.

Definitely Quinn over Ginn. That first idiotic move set the tone for the fiasco that followed.
Also, I rather have Welker over Satele.

I'll take Henne throwing deep to Ginn, thank you very much.

Quinn is mediocre.

Everything is working out beautifully for the Phins at the QB spot. First time a LONG time you can say that.

I can't believe that I'm agreeing with a patriots fan but I believe Pats Fan is completely correct. Ginn's strength is deep patterns and he is still producing decent numbers with a noodle armed QB. If the phins let him go than he'll burn them while playing for a division rival for several years.

BQ is not nearly as good as ginn jr. Why right a lovefest on BQ?? I bet you made that stuff up about the plain ride with BQ just to start a post. either way weak... Patrick WIllis is the best player out of that draft

I hate to say it as a dolphins fan but I have to agree with pats fan. I will never understand why everyone bad mouths ted ginn. He is a budding talent. He has a QB while very accurate does not contribute to his strengths. Chris Chambers, Wes Welker sound familiar? He is extremely talented (and by the way this is coming from a University of Michigan fan) Once Henne gets behind center you will see what Ted is all about but right now it is fairly obvious Ted is by far the most talented reciever on this team I take him any day over Quinn.

I THINK ALOT OF PEOPLE AGREE WITH PATS FAN. IDO Ginn Jr. was not a bust and just needs time. I heard somewhere he would have gone to the Texans tenth if we hadn't drafted him ninth. If we didn't have Ginn we wouldn't be 11-5... PLus Henne is way better than Brady Quinn.

Steelers beat Cards! YES! I am THRILLED Pitt won! The Pittsburgh coach supported Obama. The Cardonals coach supported McSAME! LMFAO! Arizona: Once a LOSER, alwyas a LOSER! When you support GOOD people, and NOT EVIL, YOU are the winner!

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