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Live blog chat starts Friday at 8 p.m.

[UPDATE: Folks, I had planned to be with you at 3 p.m. today but something has come up so the live blog is moved to 8 p.m. instead. Yeah, you and me  together on a Friday nighte. I'm sure you cannot wait. The fact of the matter is I will be on 790 The Ticket from 3-7 p.m. today so, actually, you can chat with me live anyway. Just call toll free 1-888-790-3776. You can listen live at 790theticket.com if you are not in South Florida. Otherwise, talk to you at 8 p.m.]

Today is a special day. It is Friday!

And it marks the first love blog chat (non-game) we've had here in a long time. We had one or two earlier this season but it frayed some nerves over at Mother Herald because we had too much traffic and it took away traffic from another chat.

But there is no chat going on at 3 p.m. elsewhere at the paper. So that means the cyberspace is open for us.

There are issues to discuss, you know.

Bill Parcells.

Chad Pennington.

The offensive line.

The defensive line.

The coming free agency period.

The re-signing of Miami's own free agents.

Chad Henne.

Chad Johnson. Oh, never mind on that one. But wide receiver upgrades is a fair topic. And so is Ted Ginn Jr.

Tons of stuff is available for discussion. You leave a question or comment and I will be happy to respond live. Depending on how many folks are on here at the time, we might chat for an hour, or all the way to 5 p.m., when you weasels can stop stealing your company's work time and actually go home.

If you can't be here at 3 p.m. or soon thereafter, leave your question or comment now, and it'll be first in line for my response. Then come back at your convenience to see what was said about your post.

OK, have fun. See you at 3 p.m.


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guys again don't listen to that retard monaliza jet moron he wants to rile everybody up by saying to trade henne,ginn,crowder even though he's a free agent .thats how stupid he is.he is still crying that the phins beat his pathetic jets for the afc east crown his team has no coach ,qb and a idiot owner.he should trade that choker team for a pop-warner team






Whom exactly are you talking about???

"guys again don't listen to that retard monaliza jet moron he wants to rile everybody up by saying to trade henne,ginn,crowder even though he's a free agent .thats how stupid he is.he is still crying that the phins beat his pathetic jets for the afc east crown his team has no coach ,qb and a idiot owner.he should trade that choker team for a pop-warner team"

the idiot who posts as monaliza and just posted as smart pants.

this guy said that fins won afc crown.only a fins fan woud say such a thing.a clown won a crown.

Who else agrees that you should have to pass a grammar and IQ test to post on this blog?

hey moron we know you can't spell now we know you can't read. it says afc east crown moron now go drink your milk bottle

can you post a photo of the crown on here to see and enjoy,please.
so many clowns and so few crowns directed by goffy.

finsfan rob i agree .I told everbody this guy is retarded



Monaliza is a name of a woman...

hahahahahaha at least you aadmit it

Monaliza is a woman's name

please tell PB that he just won a crown because he is not acting like it.
by crown 4 clown

that your a woman and moron. peace i'm out

you guys are very very SMART AS CLOWNS for crown
by guss who

This is a DOLPHINS blog!

Why don't you people take your "crowns" and "clowns" talk somewhere else?!

finsfan in ct i told you its the same moron using different idiotic posts talking to himself

I misunderstood...there is a person that posts as "finsfanrob" so I thought you were talking to him.


go phins- do you think Henne should get a shot next year? As much as I appreciate what Pennington did, I feel he is going to get the job regardless of whether Henne has the better physical skills.

I am finsfanop...are you talking to me.
by.are you talking to me

I meant you finsfan in ct.soon as armando comes on this blog this moron will go away because he knows who this idiot is and said he will delete him

there is no way we should even think about letting crowder go after losing JT and zach last offseason...he is outstanding and we need other linebackers to play along side him and porter...trading ginn will not get a 2nd rd pick and allen had a great season under some great coaching...dolfans... don't just give away the players you have groomed...that's silly...u keep the team together and improve through the draft...ask pitt and new england how they did it.and i hate those teams..great personnel depts though..i want henne to learn some more cause i love his arm...remember he was just a "wild cat" away from starting that first new england game...if we can keep the organization, coaching staff, key players intact...we will have great years to come in miami....i am over being bitter from the loss now...GREAT SEASON DOLPHINS...I AM PROUD OF YOU...AND YOU HAVE TICKED OFF MANY OF MY FRIENDS HERE IN CALIFORNIA..THANKS!!!


Do you think Henne will get a "fair" shot at winning the job next year or do you think that BP and Sparano will stay with the "safe pick" Pennington?

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Now somebody in this room is talking like professional... I'm glad

I'm agree with you mdg121

Really Mando tell me your thoughts on if you think we will re-sign Brown next year.

here's a mock draft i looked at on fantasy football jungle.....and the link


25. Miami Dolphins - Brown, Everrette, DE Florida State

Arguably the best true Pass Rush prospect in this draft, Everette Brown has a lot of upside. In the 3-4 as a tweener Pass Rusher is what will fit Brown’s natural game, as he is fast, powerful and is a natural at getting off of the edge. He has the hips and speed to drop into the flat, and will show his athleticism at the Combine. Brown is a 4th year Junior from Florida St so I doubt he will stick around for his Senior year. He has nice value here and will be a fast riser come draft day. Brown is a value grab here for Miami who would like to pair him opposite Joey Porter and groom him to be their future pass rushing weapon.

44. Miami Dolphins - Moore, William, S Missouri

Some will argue that William Moore is a sure fire first round pick. At 6'1, 225lbs Moore is great in zone coverage (played CB early in his career) but he can also can mash it up inside against the run. His ability to shed blocks and make tackles is something that helps his stock as he could conceivably play either Free Safety or Strong Safety in the NFL. He has nice speed and will probably post a sub 4.5 40 in Indy. His talent combined with his production (highlighted by his 8 picks as a Junior) shows that he has the skills to be an instant starter in the NFL. Now I have Moore sliding on my board but there is a strong chance he goes much higher than this. Assuming he does fall a bit Miami would love to bring him in. Their former 1st rounder Jason Allen has been a huge bust and Moore would be a solid replacement.

56. Miami Dolphins - LaFell, Brandon, WR LSU

I have Miami taking Defense with their first 2 picks (OLB and Safety) so I could see them going to the other side of the ball with their next selection. Miami is surprisingly solid on offense this year (thanks in large part to their improved Offensive Line and the solid play of their RB’s and Chad Pennington), so a WR might mike sense for them. Tedd Ginn Jr. has come out of his shell and Greg Camarillo is nice, but certainly not spectacular. LaFell should probably stay in school, but if he doesn’t he could add depth to the Fins.

91. Miami Dolphins - Brace, Ron, DT Boston College

Brace is a big DT, meaning he can ultimately challenge veteran Jason Ferguson or provide depth as Ferguson has some years on him at Nose Tackle.


is terrence cody really 6'5 395?

that's what bamaonline has him listed at.

that's insance.....if we're targeting NT with our first pick we should trade up if we have to for this guy


I second the question.....what's our salary cap situation like this year?

Hopefully we can afford at least one blockbuster free agent after we sign ours.


I third question...

Is the world crisis end soon?

Another one

Is the war going to stop?

Am I the only one who thinks Pennington did a lot of his damage this year with smoke and mirrors? Im not knocking the guy but he does limit out offense a great deal. Who says Henne is going to be horrible? How will we know unless he gets his shot? Henne will at least be able to stretch the field and add that to opposing defenses as they game plan for us. Right now I think the Ravens showed the world that the way to beat us is to play your safeties up on the line and dare Pennington to throw deep.

OK, I'm here. I don't know if anyone else is here, but I'm going to answer.

I was not a pennington believer at the beginning of the year but i am now. I hope we get a receiver via the draft or free agency. I don't see ginn's routes getting better if they haven't already. I'd love to see Housmanzadeh, Camarillo and Bess next year :)

McCloving: I don't see the Dolphins chasing TJ Houshmanwhatever. He is going to be 32 years old next year and that doesn't make sense to pay so much -- $4 million per year -- for a guy that age.

mando i think houshmanzadeh will command more than 4 mil per year

How can Ginn be labled a bust? Lets get him a QB that ca nthrow the ball downfield before we attach that label. He is the only guy to return a PR or KR for a TD for us so dont give me the Bess is returning punts now argument either. Thats just stupidity. Ginn needs to be given a role that fits him and dink and dunk isnt his game. To use him as a decoy isnt going to work anymore. Make Pennington beat out Henne and lets see what this offense looks like.

has anyone heard if terrence cody is coming out this year? was this his junior year?

jason even if henne was the qb and you let ginn run go routes and deep posts all game how many times do you think they'd hook up really?

mando what do you think about the possiblity of zach coming back and maybe moving crowder back to the other side...

Armando- I have done some research and think that two players the Dolphins should/hopefully will target are Jason Brown the center for the Ravens (young,strong, athletic), as well as OJ Atogwe, who could be the type of playmaking safety we need. Is there any other players you could see the Dolphins going after and what are your opinions of these two guys?


By the way, didn't Houshmandzadeh average only about 9 yards per catch? Isn't that less than Greg Camarillo's 11.1 yard per recept?

bkfinfan: I wouldn't say never, but I seriously doubt a year after the Dolphins let Zach go, they would bring him back, a year older.

if we could get that center from the ravens, sign carey, i'd feel a whole lot better about our oline......let satele battle it out with thomas and smiley for a guard spot and see what happens

wow @ camarillo's 11.1 per catch...wasn't aware of that

JD: I KNOW Tony Sparano totally loves Nnamdi Asomugha, the Raiders CB. If he makes it to free agency, I can see the Dolphins talking to him

houshmandzadeh 9.8 per catch

Armando, of course the gang is here!

Phinsfaninne: I can see the OL scenario you wrote about playing out, even if it does not include the Ravens C you discussed. The Dolphins absolutely will find someone to compete with Satele.

I hope we go for Nnamdi Osumagha

What are the odds Asomugha does not get tagged again? Does anyone know if he has a similar stipulation to Haynesworth such as make the Pro Bowl or All Pro that he could not get tagged again? I do not see Al Davis letting him go as he is really the only salvageable asset they have in my opinion, but I think we all would be ecstatic if he was in Miami.

Jason: I asked Tony Sparano about the QB situation and he said Pennington is his guy. He even sounded puzzled that I would even ask.

It's hard to think Pennington won't the be the starter at the start of next season. If things start to go poorly, THEN it will get interesting. But not before.

Armando, do you see Matt Roth starting for us next year? I think he's too slow!


I dont know, we wont know until they give them a shot. Id at least like to see us try to get some value out of Ginn's speed in the passing game and that wont happen with Henne on the bench. Ginn needs to stop being used as a decoy running deep routes every snap and start getting a chance to catch the ball behind the secondary.

AK47: Roth did the best he could. I would say to you his speed was affected at the end of the year by a leg injury. But to say he's the sure-bet answer is wrong, so in that regard, you are correct.

i think any upgrade to roth's position would be an absolute luxury for us this year although the mock draft i posted has us drafting that exact position with our first pick


Thanks, I know thats the case too its just puzzling. Doesnt Tony see the same limitations that we all seem to see? Pennington is a great guy, love the courage he showed out there, but if we are honest with ourselves, he isnt a guy who is going to beat anybody in the playoffs. I dont know if Henne is the guy or not, and I guess thats the problem because I think I know Pennington isnt.

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