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Live blog chat starts Friday at 8 p.m.

[UPDATE: Folks, I had planned to be with you at 3 p.m. today but something has come up so the live blog is moved to 8 p.m. instead. Yeah, you and me  together on a Friday nighte. I'm sure you cannot wait. The fact of the matter is I will be on 790 The Ticket from 3-7 p.m. today so, actually, you can chat with me live anyway. Just call toll free 1-888-790-3776. You can listen live at 790theticket.com if you are not in South Florida. Otherwise, talk to you at 8 p.m.]

Today is a special day. It is Friday!

And it marks the first love blog chat (non-game) we've had here in a long time. We had one or two earlier this season but it frayed some nerves over at Mother Herald because we had too much traffic and it took away traffic from another chat.

But there is no chat going on at 3 p.m. elsewhere at the paper. So that means the cyberspace is open for us.

There are issues to discuss, you know.

Bill Parcells.

Chad Pennington.

The offensive line.

The defensive line.

The coming free agency period.

The re-signing of Miami's own free agents.

Chad Henne.

Chad Johnson. Oh, never mind on that one. But wide receiver upgrades is a fair topic. And so is Ted Ginn Jr.

Tons of stuff is available for discussion. You leave a question or comment and I will be happy to respond live. Depending on how many folks are on here at the time, we might chat for an hour, or all the way to 5 p.m., when you weasels can stop stealing your company's work time and actually go home.

If you can't be here at 3 p.m. or soon thereafter, leave your question or comment now, and it'll be first in line for my response. Then come back at your convenience to see what was said about your post.

OK, have fun. See you at 3 p.m.


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JD: Don't know what the Oakland plans are. I don't know that they know. They don't even have a coach. I do know Nnamdi was talking at the end of the year like he was done in Oakland.

no way the Raiders let CB 21 walk in free agency. He'll get tagged or transitioned. Although, that would be an amazing pickup for the team since it probably frees up a pick in the first three rounds to address another need. Otherwise I think they go CB at some point in the first three rounds. After their first two CBs, they have nothing.

Ted Ginn.....keep him or trade him?

He just doesn't seem like a Parcells/Sparano kind of a guy. I think they'd trade him for a 3rd round pick.

Foy: I think the Dolphins will handle the Brown re-sign situation with the same strategy they handle Ricky and the UFAs this year. They will wait and see what happens while offering a low-ball contract that benefits them.

If Brown jumps at the deal, great. If he does not, they will bide their time.

Armando, who's the most exciting dolphin to watch? in my opinion is Davone Bess, he can make things happen, he fights for every yard after the catch, always trying to get open and did you see his last catch vs the ravens, i think it was 40+ yards, what do you think?

OLB is one of the biggest NEEDS on this team since they struggled all year rushing the passer and that is where the sacks come from in this defense.

Their top two corners were the unsung heroes on this team. They had to stay with the other teams starting receivers way more than anyone would have liked.

I love Davone Bess. He's electric. And what hands and toughness!!!

Mrmikejohnson: I don't think anyone would give up a third-round pick for Ginn.

Terrell Owens was traded for a second. Randy Moss for a fourth. Welker for a second. Chambers for a second.

Ginn is nowhere close to better than any of those guys. Plus, you must remember, if you get him in trade, you get his contract. Not something any wise team would do.

Matt Birk is a free agent, do you think the Phins will give him a sniff?


I heard Mr Ross was having trouble with financing.

Any truth to that? I forget where i read that?

I think it was on PFT.

Thanks for the updates. Where do you think the Parcells situation stands at the moment? I know you wrote several days ago that you were concerned about his relationship with Ross, but it seems to me as if the longer this sale drags out, there will become very few teams that actually have positions available to hire him, making it a Dolphins or no one type of situation?

Mark: There is NO DOUBT the Dolphins have to upgrade their pass rush. It was terrible this year if not for Joey Porter. But don't think of it as just OLB. Yes, OLB would help, but think ILB and DE, too. Don't close the door on any potential pass rusher. The Dolphins will find room for him.

Why all the hating on Ginn? Be patient, he'll be ok. You can't teach his speed, athleticism, or hands. If someone comes along that beats him out, then fine. In the meantime, why dump him?

Guaranteed, if Miami gets rid of him, he will write a blog on how Miami doesn't have receivers capable of stretching the defense.

I think these are our biggest weaknesses in order and how we might best change that:

QB/Deep Game which affects run game (Henne?)
OL Interior (Draft)
DT (Haynesworth?)
ILB (Vilma?)
CB (draft)
WR (draft)

What do you think Mando?

This is what I know about the sale: Ross asked Huizenga to hold it off about a week or so -- until next week -- so he could get some financing in line.

Ross, you see, is planning to bring in several minority partners in with him and he needs to get them on board with all the details.

I know of the reports about Ross not having enough money. They make sense given he's asked the government for a bailout (can you imagine?) But the guy is loaded. If he has any trouble, it would be that his lesser investors are strapped and he has to make up the difference.

Yet all he has told and all Wayne Huizenga knows about this deal is that it will go through in the next couple of weeks. That can change, but as of today it has not.

Mando do the Dolphins have any intrest in Chad Johnson.Weird guy but not a thug or bad guy.

So, we're stuck with Ginn? Moss and Owens both had serious character issues. I think that's what lowered the trade value on them. There was more involved than just their talent.

Welker and Chambers both went for 2nd's. Welker wasn't really a voluntary trade though. He was a restricted free agent at the 2nd level. I don't think Mueller thought in a million years anyone would give up a 2nd for Welker (he really had put up big numbers at that point). Saban had an influence on that one.

If it were just a draft pick, I think someone would be willing to chance a 3rd round pick on Ginn's speed and potential. You make a good point about the contract though.

jason i don't know how haynesworth would hold up as a nose tackle......he's a 4-3 DT now and he's always hurt and he'll command one of the bigger paydays of any free agent this year

Ginn's speed is respected in the NFL, he was doubled team a lot of times, plus he doesnt have the QB that fits his style.
Im not a fan of his, but i see he's sometimes blamed unfairly.
I know he's scared of getting hit though

Tony T Bone: I have a counter question for you. Who is running the Dolphins. If your answer is Bill Parcells you already know the how the Dolphins feel about adding Chad Johnson.

PuhLeeze - Chad Ocho Cinco playing for a Parcells team.....never gonna happen. It would be a nightmare if he did come here. Why not go ahead and bring in TO and PacMan and sign Vick up, wouldnt that sell some tickets? LOL I like the blue collar culture we have going here too much, pass

mr mike get jerry jones on the phone.....he'll give us a 3rd for ginn......that is if he didn't already give it away to detroit for roy williams.

mrmikejohnson: Let me put it another way for you. YOu are obviously a Dolphins fan. You know your team. And you seem to be hoping Ginn gets traded.

So do you think some NFL GM, who knows more about players than us, would be willing to give up something significant for Ginn, knowing his contract comes with him?

I dont know Mando, Haynesworth is a man among boys, I think he would be great in a 3 -4. He might not have the same numbers but he certainly woould command attention from multiple interior linemen and open some things up for the LBs and DEs. He does get nicked but Parcells sure changed that here real quick. Id love to see him in there rushing the QB.

Was I the only one who saw Ginn come up aces in the biggest game of the year to that point in New Jersey? He was a major weapon. Why dump him? No other receiver the Dolphins have can do what he does.

Mando maybe I missed this but does Parcells hate C.J.Did he draft him somewhere else?I am serious I did not know there was bad blood.Fill me in.

Any idea on the cap situation heading into next year? I would think Asamougha would command the top CB salary in the league ($10mm?) and curious to see if we could add him along with the other upgrades we need?

Parcells doesn't like prima donna receivers. Actually, he left two jobs because of receivers.

Eric: I am not certain about Matt Birk, other than the fact he is going to be 33 years old. I don't think he fits the mold of what the Dolphins are planning.

does anyone else find it sickly humorous that we could now use an upgrade at punt/kick returns? or is this just in cold weather that cobbs will be on kick returns?

As much as i want miami to go after Asomugha, i dont see it happening!

Why would we trade Ginn? Even if he never turns out to be a #1 WR, which Im not sold he cant. I think he can be another Steve Smith with some toughness, thats his big problem right now. Maybe Vonnie needs to take him behind the woodshed and beat some toughness into him, but he has the tools. But even if Im wrong there. #1: We would have to eat his signing bonus killing our cap. #2: He is our best return man, if he isnt in the picture at WR keep him and resign him for KR and PR when the contract is up, chances are if he cant crack the WRs rotation here, nobody else is going to throw starter money at him in free agency. #3 He is the only guy we have on the roster that has the ability to stretch a defense so even as a decoy, at least he can occupy at least one safety for a few yards along with a CB.

Tony T Bone: There is no bad blood with Chad Johnson. But the guy is bad news and Parcells HATES players that offer bad news and are about themselves and their celebrations.

Plus Johnson is coming off an injury-shortened year, which is another strike against him. I would be shocked, shocked, shocked if Parcells even sniffs the guy.

Thank you Jason. Nice to see someone else has their eyes open.

what about Antonio Bryant from Tampa Bay?

AK47: If Nnamdi is on the market, given that he is very talented, given that he isn't a troubled player, I would tell you the Dolphins will be interested.

Think of it this way: There are two ways of improving the defense -- pressuring the QB or finding a way to cover in the passing game. Nnamdi solves one of those problems.

who might not return next season?:
I think Jason Allen, Vernon Carey and Channing Crowder

I read Antonio Bryant may be franchised by TB.

I wouldn't go within 100 miles of Bryant. he's psycho

I think ginn fits perfectly with the other recievers we have...If it wasnt for him I doubt the others get open and plus he always has that chance of those big plays.

Asomugha doesnt get to pick whether he leaves Oakland or not. Oakland at worst case will franchise him but in the event they dont, he is a guy you pay for if Oakland is stupid enough to let him go. He makes the entire defense better just by showing up to the game.

I heard today that Tampa was thinking about tagging Bryant, he would be a nice player to look at otherwise

Eric: Antonio Bryant once had a run-in with Parcells and he traded the guy way. Having said that, I'm told Parcells likes Bryant to this day. I cannot explain why or how that got turned about. So it is an interesting situation to me.

But, from what has been reported, Bryant's contract talks with Tampa Bay are advancing toward a deal.

Antonio Bryant is the best receiver in Tampa, he stepped up when Galloway was out.
They wont let him go, plus Galloway is just too old comming off injuries


yeah, i forgot that guy

Bryant is from Miami, you know. He attended Northwestern High here.

What do you think about WR Kenny Britt from Rutgers with the 26th pick or first pick in the 2nd round? I think he's a perfect fit for the Dolphins.

Wilford was easy to forget this year.

I'd hate to see miami going for a WR in the first round, we should go DEFENSE!!, but that's just what i think, plus i dont follow college football to say who's who!

I think the only WR Parcells and Ireland would even remotely consider bringing in would be Sam Hurd, and given the fact they have Ginn, that probably isnt going to happen. I think if we look WR its going to be in the draft. OL I think its the Parcells way to build that group throug hthe draft and remember we get Thomas back. Smiley I think was a mistake and they probably know that by now. I think we will see at least 3 more OL drafted this year. Haynesworth and Asomugha are the only game changers I see Parcell being willing to pay big free agent dollars for.

I have a question for you guys: Don't you think Tim Tebow would be great running wildcat?


How far under the cap are we this year? How much money do we have to spend right now?

Tall (6' 4") physical reciever

Hahaha, I still can't believe people are asking whether a Parcells team will draft a WR in the 1st round.

That will never happen.

yes he would. tebow would make a good tight end too i think.

Haynesworth is amazing. He would be AWESOME as a 3-4 DE in Miami's system. But I think they are committed to the youngsters -- Merling and Langford.

hmmm, Tim Tebow?? hmmm, yeah why not, but when not running the wildcat, where would you leave him?

mando do we need another another qb?

by the way, Haynesworth is 27 years old.

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