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Live blog chat starts Friday at 8 p.m.

[UPDATE: Folks, I had planned to be with you at 3 p.m. today but something has come up so the live blog is moved to 8 p.m. instead. Yeah, you and me  together on a Friday nighte. I'm sure you cannot wait. The fact of the matter is I will be on 790 The Ticket from 3-7 p.m. today so, actually, you can chat with me live anyway. Just call toll free 1-888-790-3776. You can listen live at 790theticket.com if you are not in South Florida. Otherwise, talk to you at 8 p.m.]

Today is a special day. It is Friday!

And it marks the first love blog chat (non-game) we've had here in a long time. We had one or two earlier this season but it frayed some nerves over at Mother Herald because we had too much traffic and it took away traffic from another chat.

But there is no chat going on at 3 p.m. elsewhere at the paper. So that means the cyberspace is open for us.

There are issues to discuss, you know.

Bill Parcells.

Chad Pennington.

The offensive line.

The defensive line.

The coming free agency period.

The re-signing of Miami's own free agents.

Chad Henne.

Chad Johnson. Oh, never mind on that one. But wide receiver upgrades is a fair topic. And so is Ted Ginn Jr.

Tons of stuff is available for discussion. You leave a question or comment and I will be happy to respond live. Depending on how many folks are on here at the time, we might chat for an hour, or all the way to 5 p.m., when you weasels can stop stealing your company's work time and actually go home.

If you can't be here at 3 p.m. or soon thereafter, leave your question or comment now, and it'll be first in line for my response. Then come back at your convenience to see what was said about your post.

OK, have fun. See you at 3 p.m.


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tebow would be great running the wilcat yes.

Armando- I think you are on to something there, but I am not sure that warrants anything higher than a 4th round pick, but he would open up the pass in the Wildcat. I was more intrigued by Harvin running the Wildcat last night, but due to already having several undersized WR there is no way we use #26 on Harvin and he will be gone before our first second rounder

Have your concerns about Parcells leaving been fully addressed? I know Peterson says he isn't coming. Any rumblings that Parcells is definitely aboard for at least another year?

Mando, I was saying the same thing about Tebow while watching the Alabama game. And I think that may be his niche in the NFL. As a "slash" player who runs certain packages.

Actually Florida's last TD yesterday was the same play the Dolphins ran in New York where Brown overthrew the wide open Haynos.

Points well taken.I just think the guy can play when healthy,he has not shot himself in the leg at a nightclub,he is not really a bad guy.Ted Ginn may have upside but I will take a wideout with speed that can play over an honor student any time.How can you draft his talent in the first two rounds?BTW Ted ginn has gator arms and will never be a top reciever in the NFL.

they would be stupid to commit to Merling and Langford over Haynesworth.

will we ever see Ronnie Brown carrying the ball 18-20 times again? he's capable of hurting defenses!

Mando, I don't think Tebow will last three plays lowering his shoulder in the NFL. I think he should go back if he is not projected as a 1st rounder

AK: on the bench. He's a second or third rounder for the Dolphins. But I admit he is a luxury.

And I think the Dolphins can use another QB. I think John Beck, at 28 years old, is losing value.

Check your stats...

Chambers 37/519 (rec/yards)
Ginn 56/790

With Rivers at QB and playing in the lame AFC West can you really call Chambers better than Ginn, even though Chambers did have 3 more TD's

I'd rather have Ginn than either of the Primadonna twins Owens and Moss. You saw what Owens did to the Cowboys. Everyone knows that Moss only works when he has a great QB.

Mando, Funny you should ask. I think the kid gets a bad rap period. Tebow made all the throws last night. I think too many people focus on his jump passes and forget he can make the throws. If Pennington can be a QB, I dont see why Tebow gets the label he gets. He had a nice stage to demonstrate he can run like Steve Young, and make just about every throw you need to make to be successful in the NFL last night. Is he going to remind people of Elway and Marino, nope but I think he throws the same kind of ball that most guys are throwing these days. I dont think he is limited to a Wildcat and cant figure out why that keeps coming up. Maybe you see something I dont and can explain.

Hey Armando,
I was just fixin to make some Campbell's® Chunky™ (Firehouse)Chili w/ Beans (packed with fiber and ground round).

Lets get down to bid'ness. Tony say Chad Pennington be his boy. Parcell obviously felt da same bringin him. But trying to win the Ravens game he made some big mistakes. Very un-Chad like compared to da regula' season. What dissapointin' is dat dey was mental mistakes - the kind that Parcells hates. He didn't have the protection or talent around him and that was a great Ravens D, but that is exactly when you wants him to play game manager instead of forcing it. Game over on that pick before the half - plain and simple. I was very dissapointed. He as leader had a responsiblity to keep his team in the game so guys like Ricky, Ronnie, Davon, Anthony and Ted could help him win it in the end. They didn't get the chance and in that regard you can't say that he didn't make the same mistakes that Brett made the week before.

What I don't want to find out is that this is very normal for Chad in the playoffs. Jets fans can stop snickerin or you gettin NO soup tonight. We done well to make the playoffs but I remember Jay Fiedler taking us 80 yards on the opening drive in the Black Hole in the playoffs and then throwing a pick 6 - game over.

So far its going according to plan. Old QB, young QB. Old qb leads team then at some point young qb is ready. Very old school and Mama likes that, believe me. I know Parcells history goin back to the Giants days (how he used to ride Phil Simms) and how he likes to groom the youngins, but I wonder when Henne becomes Romo and Pennington becomes Bledsoe.
I'm just sayin....

Donovan!!! Git yo %$#% outta my kitchen boy .... I gonna whip the livin %^*^ outta you

i think the Phins will cut these players:

Andy Alleman
Ikechuku Ndukwe
Ernest Wilford
John Beck
Matt Roth
Vonnie Holliday

what do you think Armando?

I would personally much rather have Asamougha over Haynesworth for the Dolphins anyday. Nothing against Haynesworth as he is a great player but Asamougha would change the opposing teams offensive game plan every week, he was thrown on less than any other corner in the league this year, which means everyone is scared to death of him

Tebow would be awesome running any part of the Dolphins offense, wildcat or anything. He has a huge arm, accurate, all the intangables, incredible at reading defenses. I feel it is best for him to stay one more year to polish up but the guy is a big time QB and A WINNER!

Tebow is 6-3 and 238. I think he can take care of himself.

AK- Great question and unfortunately your answer is NO. As long as Pennington is the QB, it would be suicide to run Ronnie anymore than 10 to 15 times a game. Miami will continue to see 9 guys in the box and its going to take a 3 man rotation to stay in one piece in the running game.

Tebow doesn't have a huge arm. Too bad because his leadership and intangibles are off the charts. Best college player ever!

Eric: Other than Wilford, I don't see the Dolphins cutting any of those guys. Why would they? Even if they don't have plans for them, you keep them until you don't need them. And you keep them until you know you cannot get anything for them.

Srummer, I wouldnt go so far as to say Tebow has a cannon but he does have an NFL arm in my opinion. Not elite, but not Pennington either. More like Delhomme but thats still good enough for Steve Smith to make a living and the Panthers to make the playoffs.

Hy Armondo, What is our salary cap position? last year we were 20+ million under the cap going int free agency. What is the cap situation this year?

What do you think about WR Kenny Britt from Rutgers with the 26th pick or first pick in the 2nd round? Tall, physical receiver that the Dolphins really need.

Mrs. McNabb: You always make me smile. Sometimes you even make me laugh. Thanks for your contribution to this blog.

Grey: Approx. 24-25 million under. It is upper third in the NFL.

Armando, Do you think we'll finally get some love from the NFL and reward us with a prime time game next season? I'd love to see that but i doubt it!

Paul: I wish I was more up-to-date on college players but I don't really watch Rutgers. Don't know enough about the guy you mentioned to have an opinion. give me a month, tho.

Overall, I'd be suprised if the Dolphins picked a receiver really high.


Do you ever do a mock draft?

Any collegiate favorites you'd like to see us pick up this year that might be around when we're on the clock?

Sorry, Armando... Spelling has been an issue today. I'd love to see Jason Brown signed from the Ravens and Bart Scott too. If you can't beat them... sign them.

Holliday is old and Roth isn't very good. i guess you can keep Ndukwe and Alleman as depth but those guys aren't very good either.

AK: There I have little doubt you will see Miami on Monday night in December next year. I worked at ESPN and know how much they want the Dolphins game in December ... in Miami no less.


Ill bet the house the 1st round pick is either a defensive player or part of a trade before its an offensive player unless by some unforseen rift in the cosmos allows one of the Smith boys to fall to us. Then and only then would we see an offensive player taken.

Armando, Who grades out better... Crowder or Adoyle as middle linebackers? I think we need to upgrade both, but Crowder could move outside and Bart Scott and Adoyle could man the middle. I think that's an upgrade.

Mando...do you know if sparano has any interest in CBs Cris Gamble or Dunta Robinson..I believe both to be FA but Gamble may have been re-signed already, not sure...I've always been a fan of Robinson's toughness...I mention them simply because I think that the Raiders will franchise Ashomugha(sp?) and we won't get a shot at him.

thanks for the time

I love Bart Scott. He is physical. He is fast. And there is no way the Ravens can keep Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs and Scott. Something's gotta give there.

Jason, I agree with defense in the first round, but we need to get a P. Burress (w/o gun) type receiver in the 2nd.

I know we have discussed him in several posts but have yet to get your opinion of Jason Brown the center for the Ravens? He is going to be available as there is no way the Ravens will franchise him with the list of Pro Bowlers they have entering free agency.

Gamble is big, and strong and 26 years old. And he signed a $53 million extension in November.

as for other CBs I like...I think that Bryant McFadden might be an option also. And maybe eric green from Ariz.


Do you think NFL Sunday Ticket will ever be available on cable instead of satellite? can you talk to your people at the nfl for me?

OK guys, wife is giving me that, "get off the freakin' computer," look.

I appreciate you guys coming on here. I will try to keep you informed and entertained throughout the offseason.

I'll be on 790 The Ticket tomorrow 4-7. You can listen at 790theticket.com and you can call toll free 1-888-790-3776.

God bless you.

Thanks Armando.

if I was going after safeties, I've always like Sean Jones up in Cleveland...I believe him to be a FA (unless you know differently)

Tim Tebow is Rex Grossman-Cade McNown-Ryan Leaf rolled into one.Good college QB-bad NFL QB.


R1 Safety
R2a WR
R2b CB
R4 Pat White
R5 Myron Rolle

Thanks Armando! Go Phins!


A guy coming out early who I am praying falls to the 2nd round is Nicks out of UNC. I could see the Parcells team taking him should he fall there but that first rounder is either going to be a bulldozer on the OL or an impact D Player or part of a trade to bring more picks this year and next year.

speaking of safeties...........has taylor mays decided on if he's staying at usc yet?

Mando If parcells re-signs Goodman, Vernon Carey, Channing Crowder and Yeremiah Bell how much cap would we have left for any possible upgrades? like WR, G, NG, and another OLB.

You all must have been listenin to them anouncers too much last night. "Spend 15 minutes with Tim Tebow him and he will change your life. He is an amazing human being." Not takin away from him... he is a great *college* player, but other kids are good too. The reason he went on missions is because thats what his parents did for a livin ya dufus announcers - of course he is going to grow up like that. Other kids didn't just turn down going on a mission - their parents probably just were police officers, plumbers or God forbid, sportswriters.
If I hear "Tim Tebow makes everybody a better person" again, I think I'm gonna puke. Next thing you know they are gonna say his S#^%$ doesn't stink too. Wonderful. Sounded like Dickie V talking about Tyler Hansborough - a little too much love for me. Probably the worst announcers in the world. They were calling it fourth down when it was really third down on one play when they could have seen 3rd down on the scoreboard, the chains, or the on screen graphic. Poorly played game no continuity and way to go for using ACC refs. Get refs from a football conference not a basketball conference next time.

Hey Armando, stop sharing the bong with Ricky

mando ,there are 2 more cb's the phins should take a look at dunta robinson -hou and bryant mcfadden-pitt.

Jason, Nicks is a stud. I think I read that he's coming out. you really think they would trade the first? At this point I think we need quality, not quantity. That was last year.

Sign just 2 FAs. Hansworth and OAK CB

mayes is not decided yet...if he came out, I'd love to get him. sometimes safeties slip in the 1st round but he's be hard to get. I'm honestly hoping for a shot a him, Jenkins or vontae davis...unfortunately I believe they will all be gone by our pick in the 1st with Taylor being the closest to get to us. I do think that Brian Cushing has a shot at falling to us also. Then there's Raji. I think our staff will be in BC checking both Raji and Ron Brace very carfully.

Since both Brown and Williams seem to do better with more carries why don't they platoon them week to week instead of during one game?

Give one back primary duties 18-25 carries or so on alternating weeks and have the off back spelling him for short blows during the game, instead of splitting their carries every game. That way they would probably be able to get a better feel for the game and you would still be keeping them fresh.

anybody see this everette brown play from FSU...I've seen a couple mocks where his name has popped up with our pick now.

the two FA's I see leaving us will be Carey and Crowder. Carey because he'll be offered too much money elsewhere because he can play both left and right sides...crowder because 3-4 MLB don't get paid huge money like he will likely want..unless they are literally GREAT, which I don't think he is. The best thing Channing has going for him is that he is sooo young to have been in the league this long. I think he fits a 4-3 MLB much better. Karlos Dansby is a guys I love but will likely also be too expensive. I think we'll draft one or use Walden or Smith (not Derek) but he could be back anyway for cheap, that's on our roster right now (Smith landed on IR early). I'd take Barton as our other MLB if he'd come cheap.

smith who? not kevin he was released on a injury buyouy


zephon the draft is deep at tackle this year i hear.....but i'd rather resign carey and save our draft picks

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