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Live blog chat starts Friday at 8 p.m.

[UPDATE: Folks, I had planned to be with you at 3 p.m. today but something has come up so the live blog is moved to 8 p.m. instead. Yeah, you and me  together on a Friday nighte. I'm sure you cannot wait. The fact of the matter is I will be on 790 The Ticket from 3-7 p.m. today so, actually, you can chat with me live anyway. Just call toll free 1-888-790-3776. You can listen live at 790theticket.com if you are not in South Florida. Otherwise, talk to you at 8 p.m.]

Today is a special day. It is Friday!

And it marks the first love blog chat (non-game) we've had here in a long time. We had one or two earlier this season but it frayed some nerves over at Mother Herald because we had too much traffic and it took away traffic from another chat.

But there is no chat going on at 3 p.m. elsewhere at the paper. So that means the cyberspace is open for us.

There are issues to discuss, you know.

Bill Parcells.

Chad Pennington.

The offensive line.

The defensive line.

The coming free agency period.

The re-signing of Miami's own free agents.

Chad Henne.

Chad Johnson. Oh, never mind on that one. But wide receiver upgrades is a fair topic. And so is Ted Ginn Jr.

Tons of stuff is available for discussion. You leave a question or comment and I will be happy to respond live. Depending on how many folks are on here at the time, we might chat for an hour, or all the way to 5 p.m., when you weasels can stop stealing your company's work time and actually go home.

If you can't be here at 3 p.m. or soon thereafter, leave your question or comment now, and it'll be first in line for my response. Then come back at your convenience to see what was said about your post.

OK, have fun. See you at 3 p.m.


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sorry...i thought that Kevin Smith landed on IR.

pinsfaninne....I also would like to re-sign carey but I just don't know that we'll offer him enough. Maybe he takes a hometown discount since he's NEVER played in another city but I think they'll go cheap with a ddraft pick or one of the guys we have on the roster (again going cheap) for the RT postion...just a feeling I have...but I truly believe that Crowder is a goner. I love his fire, but his knees and stupid on-field misstakes and missed assignments this year late may have sealed his fate with us. IMO

phil loadholdt ot okla in the 2nd round?

i hope we have a resigning of carey or goodman or bell soon.....i need some good dolphin news

the guy is a monster rt 6-8 340 pounds

anybody have espn insider? i was wondering who mcshay has us taking?

branden spikes ilb

would brandon spikes be an upgrade over crowder? i guess he'd be younger and healthier

that's who mcshay has us taking ,spikes

BTW, there are some GREAT MLB prospects in this coming draft. Everyone knows about Ray Maualuga (who won't make it to us but I'm not a fan anyway) and James Laurinaitis (who's makeup I do love and COULD fall to us, MAYBE) but here are some other guys to watch for: Gerald McRath for So. Miss who's a tackling machine but might be a little light in the pants but the height to put on more weight, Scott McKillop from Pitt who hits everything is is the same size as Crowder, Jason Phillips from TCU who's only 6-1 but has the weight the team likes just not the height, Worrell Williams from Cal with all the projectables, and then Parcell's good buddy at Virginia has both Antonio Appleby and Clint Sintim who're both 6-3 and 250 (sintim plays both ILB and OLB) and both know the 3-4 we use VERY well...just wanted to list a # of players that will easily replace Crowder as a 3-4 ILB...it's the nature of the defense I feel

aaron curry is another olb people are high on......possible replacement for roth

sounds like you're doing your research zephon........good stuff

that's why i wouldn't take a ilb in the 1st 2 rounds

aaron curry olb is top 10-15 would not be there for us.

who's your realistic pick for us first round go phins?

thanks...I love the friggin draft. It's honestly embarrassing other than the NCAA tourney I like the NFL draft equal to the regular season...I know that doesn't make a ton of sense but I look forward to both the NFL draft and Season with the same excitement. I was so happy for this year and winning he division. Then the second thought I had was that being this good with the honestly very limited talent we had on both sides of the ball that this success hurt our ablity to get pick in the teens instead of the 20's. I find that the for value in the 1st round (becuase of the rediculous contracts) that picks 11-20 maybe 24 offer the best money for player options.

anyway, take care everyone...if you every have any draft or FA questions and are a die-hard dolfan, you can email me at jeffkg@gmail.com.

take care.

b.j raji nt,terrence cody nt,brian cushing olb ,greg hardy de/olb,d.j. moore cb

also jerry hughes de/olb from tcu

man i hope cody comes out go phins......i'd also like to see taylor mays come out and see where he lands

later zephon

the more underclassmen that declare the better off we are

that's right

as for realistic..I don't know until ALL the juniors come out. a guy like Taylor Mayes might fall to us (I have a thing for TEs and Safeties, as I played TE in college and got hit by a TON of safeties :) )...but I see us going right now for a guy to take over for Ferguson like Raji...but all that depends on his workout in BC. Like I said they also have Ron Brace who might actually be better in a couple years and could be had in rounds 2-5. I also think if Vontae Davis or Jenkins happened to fall a bit, I think we should actually go UP to get them...and I am a fan of trading down as much as possible...Another large option for our 1st rounder is trading back and possibly out of the 1st, picking up either a 2nd and 3rd or 4th or future 1 and a 2nd this year...if there are biters for that...I'd hope Ireland (who I don't think gets enough credit at ALL) can pull something like that off. With this year to likely be a HUGE year of juniors coming out the second and 3rd rounds should be phenonminal(sp?) and likely better talent then even last years 2nd and 3rd (which btw was very very good).

take care.

i can't wait til free agency and draft. i'd trade up for taylor mays or cody if he comes out also

last comment....I also like Mt. Cody...but he has already said "I'm coming back and want to get MY DEGREE". Now, he can always change his mind but when I guy says he's wants his degree, that holds a lot of creedence in my mind. Kudos to him for going after his degree, more players should but I would never tell a player to pass up 1st round "guaranteed" money, he can always take classes in the summer to finish. It's selfish for these commnetators or current or former coaches to tell a kid that's most important. If a kid can honestly be picked in the 1st round and isn't stupid with his money, he is set for life at a young age. but...that's me soap-boxing :)


walter football's mock draft updated 8 jan


every one should go to sleep.
by c menace

draft mock update;loins offer fins third pick for ted.ginn.
draft mock update-2 ; fins offer their afc crown for 50 bucks.
posted by stone.rock

Its right inder your nose you floridians, draft PERCY,,,,GEEZ


Hate I missed the Q&A session Armando but I would like to make a confession...I really like you alot and thats why it P's me off to NO END when you get away from what makes you the best writer covering the Dolphins...I'm sorry I'm rough on you at times but you are SO FAR above the typical Journalist that when you stoop to their style It makes me see red but thats no excuse for my comments and for that I appologize.

That being said,I would like for you and all here to ponder Ted Ginn playing for NE,AZ,NYG,INDY,ATL,BALT.,PIT,PHILLY,DALLAS,DENVER,NO,CAROLINA..basically ANY OTHER team with a QB who can throw the deep pass and has at least one other threat at WR and a decent to great OL.

He was basically drafted for speed alone and so I think he's doing pretty damn good considering he's NOT able to use his best asset..don't you?

Can you imagine what he would actually do at AZ with LF and AB or in Denver with Marshall and Royal or in Dallas or NE or INDY with what they already have?

You simply DO NOT get rid of a player with his ability and the dimension he adds,you just add the missing pieces that will really make him shine and that is a true threat on the other side, IF you keep a weaker armed QB so he can run after the catch on short routes, OR a passer that can simply throw it deep and hit him when he blows by the coverage..both would be awesome but either one of these will make him twice as good as he is and to me that equals A LOT of TD's.

As far as Brown goes..theres NO WAY he leaves because him and Ricky gives us the 1-2 punch other teams would die for but ALL I have stated starts and ends in the trenches..no time equals the Ravens game...no holes equals the Ravens game so I hope we get road graders on the OL to add to Long and Smiley and hope DT comes back healthy and develops...we still have many needs but as last year proved this org.knows what it takes and I trust them to get it by any means neccessary.

Why the hell would anyone thing of trading Ginn? He is by far the best WR on the team and when he has Henne throwing him the ball you'll see how dynamic and dominante he can be. Constantly you hear guys like Terrel Davis, Deion Sanders, and various coaches talking about what a game changer he can be. Almost no WR becomes dominante before the 3rd year. Also, you don't trade a player who is getting better and was the 9th overall pick only 2 years ago for a 2nd round pick. If Miami did that then we'd have to listen to everyone bitch about how they had Ted Ginn and lost him for only a 2nd round pick.

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