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Live chat blog Thursday starting at 1 p.m. until ...

It's been a while since we talked, discussed, debated and insulted each other.

So let's do some of that this afternoon.

I am calling a live chat for 1 p.m. and promise to stick around for at least an hour, and more if someone else is actually interested enough in chatting to be on here with me.

No Dolphins subject is taboo (like the banner promises).

We can talk free agency.

We can talk trades.

We can talk Bill Parcells.

We can talk draft.

Or we can talk politics, religion and other less controversial subjects.

If you cannot be here with me starting at 1 p.m., you can leave your questions or comments in advance and I'll answer them anyway. Then you can return to this blog at your convenience and see what response you got from me and others.

Oh, one more thing: I plan to turn the tables on some of you guys a little during the chat. I'll explain when it starts. Until then ...


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Can you list the top 5 priorities you would like the Fins to address on this year's draft?


If you were BP, who would trade for in the draft and why?

Realistically speaking, who do you foresee the Fins selecting in this year's draft?

You can't turn the tables on me!

is there any reason why Parcells would not exercise the right to the full value of his contract instead of staying with the Dolphins ? Would any reader seriously refuse this offer ? 3 years of full salary for no work ? The only way Parcells stays is a new contract and slice of ownership of the Phins - what say you ?

Hi Armando:

Based on the formula that NFL teams use in calculating the value of draft positions, how high in the first round could the Dolphins draft if they packaged their 1st round pick and one of their second round picks in a trade?

I am neither advocating such a move nor do I think it is likely, however, I would be interested to know.


Good morning Mondo...

Hope you are doing well this morning...

What are your thoughts on the following:

Draft - trade the first round selection 25th to Carolina for Julis Peppers...

Would teach our young 2nd years how to play - Langford and Merling and the new signed Wake would absolutely benefit from his experience...

FA - sign the starting free safety from the ST.Louis Rams - i cant remember his name O.J. Atogwe i think....

He fits the mold of the trifecta...and is a ball hawking safety to complement Y.Bell LBs pressence..

Dont spend big money on Suggs - he is a hybrid..we got the cheaper verison when we signed Wake...Sign Bryan Scott...same mold but will be less expensive and is coming off his rookie contract - the trifecta likes that...

WR - we do not need to trade for Boldin...or over pay for T.J WHosyourdaddy - Parcells found Patrick Crayton in the 7th round...he can find us a break away player in the 2nd day of the draft...

Speaking of Draft - i say we use both our 2nd round picks on OLmen....we noticed this year that we had issue with depth RG and LG - we need to adapt a solid running game as new teams will cater to last year offence on how to stop us...

just my opinion...

let me know what you think


GUS.if you are not advocating such a move why are you asking.just to give us head pain.
posted by shander 55

Hi Mando! These are my core player FA/Draft choices and wish list including scenarios to make it happen. What's your opion of each and the probability of it materializing?? Lets begin with the premise we resign Vernon Carey...as we should. FA core pickup: Ravens center Jason Brown. I love Satele but we need more power to handle those behemoth nosegaurds. Draft core players: Rd 1. Due to injury history I think LB Brian Cushing may slide and fall into our lap but not a concern due to Parcels injury regimen. Rd 2A. I believe we'd have to move up to a very early 2A to get WR Kenny Britt. How, you ask? Not w/ a high pick trade but a player(s) trade. For example a Ted Ginn package. Even if we have to include a mid to late round pick because Britt is the real deal. A big and dominating WR like him is a steal as an early 2 which is where he may fall based on other WR's drafted ahead of him and other teams needs. Lastly... Rd 2B. Based on who I believe will be available, LSU OL Herman Johnson comes to mind. A man mountian! Yes, he was an OT but plug him in at left gaurd for now and you now have a devestating offensive line. Long, Johnson, Brown, Thomas and Carey. Love Smiley also but as we witnessed our "pure" runnning game, it was evident we needed more dominating road graders who can still pass protect. Especially when facing a defense like the Ravens. I look forward to your response. Thanks.

some bone head wrote would any reader refuse 3years w/no work and full salary of 9 million .did you ever hear of the word integrity again INTEGRITY that how tuna known for his hard honest work to improve your team unless new owner will push him aside that is different.another reason it is his leagcy in football what he cares about.now go back to your basement write some more MR.wombatdolphin.
by mona

I say we make a play for calvin johnson of the lions give the lions our first round pick and the late second for him, lions need the top 32picks this year. i dont see the need to go after boldin either, and i dont see the ravens letting suggs walk, peppers is a diva we dont need him on the team, think we need a corner adn we should go after if we can the corner from the raiders, we need safety to help bell out because he's not a go after the ball strong safety, i think we can get nate washington from the steelers. just soe thought and see if we can get something for wilford .

need to also draft a running back a brusier like jacobs, because ricky is coming to the end of his career

why would you trade away ted ginn when we see the upside he has this year should really be his breakout season as the third year is when wr comingin to ther own , i dont think the trifecta will do that it doesnt make sense

PS: I forgot to include a safety and possibly cornerback to be attained via FA and or a 3rd rounder.


How worried should Miami be that the architect of the great defense that destroyed us twice this year (Rex Ryan) is now the head coach of a division rival? I know their players aren't as good right now, but is it possible that we will be facing a Ravens-like defense twice a year and competing in the division standings?

Hi Bangee. I like Ginn to... and it doesn't have to be him but we need somebody of value to move up to that slot or no one will bite. Besides that...I believe Parcels and Sparano have lost significant confidence in the kid. I mean he wasn't even allowed to do returns anymore which is supposedly his strength. Aside from that, with Britt in the mix, a number 2 receiver is more replacable via FA or the Draft. I would also have no problem w/ Britt as our #1 Camarillo as our #2 and Bess as our slot. What do you think now?


Thanks for taking the time to chat and do this blog.

Has anyone taken a realistic look at the Dolphins actual cap situation for this off-season. I know they are 20+ million under the cap, but are there high priced players who will be cut or contracts that will be redone to create additional cap room?

With Ronnie Brown's contract being up after this upcoming year (I think that is correct at least) is there any talk of the Dolphins targeting a later roud back to step in after next year al la what Parcells did with Marion Barber and the Giants did with Brandon Jacobs?

Aqua1 - why are you so sure that Britt will be such greatness? I do not think you trade a developing WR like Ginn for a rookie WR unless you are getting one of the premier guys in the draft (Crabtree, not someone who has fallen into the 2nd round).

Also, for everyone who is proposing trades, do you actually realize this is not Madden and you cannot do trades like that. For example, the Calvin Johnson trade that was mentioned, the Lions took him with the #2 overall pick, why would they possibly trade him for a low 1 and a 2nd when he has lived up to his potential? Additionally, when considering trades you absolutely MUST consider salary cap ramifications.


ticket prices will be lower this coming season.
by me

ted hill i dont think the dolphins should be worried at all you know what other coachs where dc for the raven marvin lewis and singletery so i dont think its him i believe its the players.


Who do you believe on our team is on the block to be traded to another team? I know Parcells says that anyone is up as long as the price is right.

Some names that come to mind for trades:
1) John Beck
2) Ernest Wilford
3) maybe Ricky Williams (if we can get a 2nd rounder or something)


Whenever possible, I'd love an update on Dan Henning's status. It was hinted earlier in the season, that he might retire after a year. If this is the case, who besides QB coach Lee is a suitable replacement? Thank you and keep up the amazing work.

I don't like the Rex Ryan to the Jetsssssuck deal just for the simple fact that if the Ravens are not able to sign their top 4 FAs (Brown/ Lewis/ Scott/ Suggs), he will..

I'm not soooo worried about his coaching skill, because to be good you need super star players in your lineup, and he had a bunch in the defensive side. How many super stars do we have? Other than Joey Porter, I honestly don't see any Fins player at the level of Lewis, Scott or Suggs...

I just hope we are able to address the ILB, CB and Safety position thru the FA or the draft; if not, Brady will kill us next year.

Go Fins, regardless!

Armando, you are better than Omar. Can you tells us the 5 million reasons why?

Hey Mando. I'll try to be on during your live blog. I always enjoy your point of view and insight.
I have an uneasy feeling that Ronnie Brown has seen his last game in Miami. Out of the players on the team, he probably has the most trade value. What do you think the likelyhood of him being traded for picks is? What would/could they get for him? (Personally, I hope he is a Dolphin for a long time.)
Also, there has been talk for years that Miami will redesign their uniforms. Any word on that? Is it more likely to happen now that Ross is owner?


hey dj why in the world would we trade a first for j.peppers when he is a free agent,he not getting franchiced because it would car 17 mil and they're fran. ot jordan gross.you have langford.merling,starks,holliday at de and porter.roth.wake anderson ? and a draft choice at olb.and you want to trade a 1st and through big money,tuna is not a idiot.

aqua1 brian cushing as been a beast at the senior bowl.he has been one of the stars and now looks like he won't be there at 25.he is not getting past ne.

go fins knows every Q about dolphin player .it is real amazing.he is the real dolphin fan.
by mona

bangee i know the lion's are the lion's.but why in the world would they trade a superstar like calvin johnson.so you can be happy.the lions have 2 1st rd picks a 2nd rd and 2 3rd rd picks from the r.wiilliams trade.they have plenty of picks.who the hell is going to catch the ball for them.lol


Mandy, can I get backstage passes? I don't really care to play mock draft or FA cause chances are pretty good that combined we all might predict 2 things right. Of course, we do have a black pres so I gess anything can happen. (you asked for it)

Armando, do you have any insight to which of our free agents you feel we'll re-sign?

they all can stay if they accept the new owner offer which will be low due to he fact that minority owners can replace them on side line
by monaliza

Does anyone else think we need to address the NT position at some point in this draft? I like Ferguson, but he is only going to be around for another year, two at most.

I was curious what NT or DT will be around when we pick in the first and second rounds and the likliehood that the Tuna will use a high pick on this position?

Do you guys think we can get better value at this position later in the draft or via free agency at some point?

If William Moore and Brian Cushing are still on the board when the Dolphins pick in the first round, do they snatch one of them up, do you think they go with Hakeem Nicks or Clint Sintim?

no nt will be around in the 1st or early 2nd,but perhaps late 2nd or our 3rd,they'll be nt's like fili moala-usc or ron brace-bc.

I do have a question. What do you think the chances are Ross would be to change our uniform? I think a new logo (some mentioned the one of the stadium-I agree) and the orange on white uniforms would be great. I love my fins, but don't care for the aqua on clothes that much. Anyway, what do you think?

armando ; we should talk movies in the live chat cause not much football wise left to talk about . also we can favorite food you like to ear on game day..CASA BLANCA any one.
by OO7

josh,i was just watching the senior bowl prac.and they just mentioned how william moore has been one of the biggest dissapointments and how his coverage skills are terrible.they're saying he might be moved to lb.cushing has been a beast and looks life he won't be around at 25.he won't get past ne.


AK, NT is a position we probably will address but it's not like we have a total void there. Besides Raji I don't see a NT prospect that will be a high pick. Maybe we'll draft one in the 3rd, 4th or 5th.

Besides Ferguson we also have Paul Soliai who has improved and Joe Cohen who Sparano is impressed with.

Mando my amego, question # 1 , do you think marc is a tool # 2 does marc need counseling for his anger? and the 3rd and last question is what do you think about our new prez?

marc,you got to be kidding me,you're worrying about matching your cloths with the dolphin colors.that logo is tradition.there's more important things like fa and the draft.

Si Si , Its Me!

Will Moore is sliding in the draft and he may take the same route as Thomas Davis did with Carolina and convert to a 4-3 OLB.

Ted Ginn future hall of famer...hahahahahaha, i must be on crack !!

monaliza retard boy, your act is boring. Please kill yourself so we don't have to decipher your idiotic ramblings.

hey mr bungle do you read any of my posts,i just mentioned both things about the nt and moore? slide up a few spots.

vernon gholston future hall of famer hahahaha i must be on crack.now that's a bust

go phins, I saw your posts after I posted. NT and William Moore are hot topics as you know. : )

Oh wow, I just figured out how to ignore posts from idiots. After clicking ignore you only see posts from people you want to read. Awesome!

Armando - Greetings from England - which FA would you be going after first if you were BP/JI/TS? and why?

the deleting blog.delete delete

I'm here a couple of minutes early, folks. And as threatened, I might stay a few minutes late if there is enough of a conversation going on.

Before we start, I have said this in the past and will repeat it here: If you do not sign your post, I will delete it 90 percent of the time. If it does not make sense, like the dude that continually posts, "test," I will delete it. And if you're just attacking somebody else based on personality and not the subject you're discussing, I will delete it.

I hate being so Nixonian here, deleting stuff, but the purpose is to make the blog comments easier and more enjoyable to read.

On another subject, I previously reported Chad Pennington was a second alternate to the Pro Bowl. He is actually a third alternate to the Pro Bowl. I made a mistake and regret the error.

Let's get started.

bungle boy his words should be deleted too mr armando.

looks like you let people attack me and you never delete them armandO

Mario, as of today here are the top offseason needs in my opinion:

1. A starting caliber center or guard.
2. A starting CB.
3. A solid NT who can start when Ferguson is gone and at least compete with him now.
4. WR -- a playmaker, someone actually good, not a receiver that is best described as "working hard" or "is improving." The Dolphins need a star WR.

Wombat: I cannot fathom a contract restructure not being done for Parcells. Ross said that wasn't happening at this time, but that leaves open the possibility down the road.

Parcells is a good business man. His agent Jimmy Sexton is a good agent. Something will be done otherwise they missed a window of opportunity.

Armando - do you have a feel for which positions we'll target in Free Agency? Center, RT, Safety, ILB?

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