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Live chat blog Thursday starting at 1 p.m. until ...

It's been a while since we talked, discussed, debated and insulted each other.

So let's do some of that this afternoon.

I am calling a live chat for 1 p.m. and promise to stick around for at least an hour, and more if someone else is actually interested enough in chatting to be on here with me.

No Dolphins subject is taboo (like the banner promises).

We can talk free agency.

We can talk trades.

We can talk Bill Parcells.

We can talk draft.

Or we can talk politics, religion and other less controversial subjects.

If you cannot be here with me starting at 1 p.m., you can leave your questions or comments in advance and I'll answer them anyway. Then you can return to this blog at your convenience and see what response you got from me and others.

Oh, one more thing: I plan to turn the tables on some of you guys a little during the chat. I'll explain when it starts. Until then ...


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Gus: The Dolphins won't be able to climb very high even packaging both their second round picks with their current first at No. 25.

Here is a link for last year's draft value chart: http://www.profootballtalk.com/2008/04/04/new-draft-trade-chart-in-draft/

Hey Mando whats your take on Wilfords future with us,do you think we will re-sign Carey and who do you think we should take at 25? Thanks


Have you seen Parcells eating a Dove bar while walking on a treadmill?

Hey DJ: I'm doing great thanks.

My answers in no particular order:

I don't think the Dolphins will be willing or able to trade for Boldin.

I am skeptical that Peppers will be leaving Carolina so I'll believe it when I see it.

Suggs would be a great upgrade, but you are correct to think the signing of Wake changes things in Miami in that it was the richest contract a CFL player got to go to the NFL. But make no mistake, Suggs is special and we don't know for sure that Wake is.


Aqua1: If Cushing has an injury history that would make him slide to Miami -- a steep slide, by the way -- why would the Dolphins take him. They are more focused on the importance of avoiding injuries than any team I have ever covered.

Also, why would anyone trade for Ted Ginn Jr? I know Miami fans would like to use him as bait, but what kind of fish is dumb enough to bite?

And I LOVE Herman Johnson.

Armando, I want you to ignore all the questions that preceded mine, and address mine first. Okay, here goes.

Have you ever wanted to ask the following of Bill Parcells:

1) Sure, you have worked miracles in turning around franchises. You have a football knowledge and instinct perhaps second to none. But does all that excuse you for being such a jerk? You're rude, obnoxious, short-tempered and arrogant. What gives?

2) Bill, you stress discipline, yet your corpulence manifests a complete lack of self-discipline when it comes to food and/or exercise. What gives?

Bangee: Calvin Johnson? Come on man! Do you really think the first thing the new administration in Detroit is going to do is trade away their best player who is only in his third season?

tedhill: Rex Ryan is going to be a good head coach. Bill Parcells loves the guy. But I'd be more concerned if Ryan had Ed Reed and Ray Lewis and Haloti Ngata and Terrell Suggs on the Jets. And he doesn't.

It is now 1:00 EST. let the live blog begin..

what are the dolphins going to do with john beck? trade him for a 4th round pick?

Mando, who do you think the fins will re-sign ? Guys mention crowder is being offered back up money. If its the same back up money that torbor and anderson are getting then thats enough !! 2-3m per year is all he is worth.

Do you have any info ony FA that we might look at ?

Joseph: The only player I think might be cut is Ernest Wilford.

Hey Mando do you think that Calofornia's Alex Mac has a chance to slip into the second round,and do you think that the dolphins will take a wr within their first 3 picks alot of people want Hakeem Knicks cant blame them but I think Bill and co. will look for a small school wr instead so we can use our first day picks on a nt,ol help and a cb.

Armando, do you think Channing Crowder will be back? I dont. I see dolphins using their first rounder on an ILB


Wilford is a good one, although what is he going to bring? A slice of cheese?

Beck might be one also, but that means the team has to draft another QB.

Mmm, cheese.

Ben, in announcing the assistant change at OL, Tony Sparano said he does not anticipate any other coaching staff changes. So I assume Henning will give it one more shot barring a last-minute change of mind.

Latest on Parcells???

Marcus: You are a knob. But I appreciate you coming to this blog daily and proving it.

Mark, I don't really care what color the president is. I care what his ideology and policies are. And so far, I am not impressed.

To be honest I completely forgot about Soliai. Didm't he get suspended at some point last season for undisclosed reasons? Or am I thinking of someone else?

Sorry id like to add a part to my question..
Armando, do you think Channing Crowder will be back? I dont. I see dolphins using their first rounder on an ILB. Which ILB do you think may be available and theyd want as a first round pick.

Bungle: A special hello to you. I appreciate your contribution to this blog.

My feeling is Vernon Carey, believe it or not, is the priority. As I wrote yesterday somewhere, to lose Carey is to creat a hole on a segment of the team that is a priority for Bill Parcells and it adds to the problem of having to address the interior of the line.

I love Yeremiah Bell and the Dolphins do also, but his agent Drew Rosenhaus has been in no hurry to sign the offer the Dolphins made. I have no idea what that offer is.

I believe channing Crowder will be elsewhere next year. Andre' Goodman is important and I would put him right there with Bell.

Renaldo Hill's value is such that I don't see him getting more money on the open market than he would from Miami. But I think the Dolphins are going to use him as a fallback guy. They will try to upgrade at that spot with someone else.

I think trading Beck would be a great move, he is not our system quarterback, he is Cam-Cams. If anything we should trade him to the Ravens, since Cam is there now they will probably give us the most value for him probably a 4th rounder but hopefully we can talk them up to a 3rd. And we dont need to draft a 3rd string QB, FA is littered with them.

Mando whats your take on Ray Lewis and Suggs who stays who go's and to what team do you think.

Cuban: I don't know what you and Marc have going against each other so you guys figure it out. And I've already said I'm not impressed by the new prez.

Armando, Why is this blog showing me everything that ws poosted like an hour ago and thats it... It wont refresh and im missing all of the conversation

I think re-signing Carey and Bell are definitely our top priorities in that area. Like Mando said, letting both of them go would only create more gaps to fill and why create a problem when you already have a good solution.

Goodman came on late but has been wildly inconsistent, but I say we should sign him because even if we find someone better he would be an excellent nickle back.

I loved Crowder on the team because he is a tackling machine and a former Gator, but he is asking for money than he deserves. We can find a playmaking ILB either in the draft or in FA that is better than Crowder, so he is gone.

And the only reason i liked Hill is because when he came into the lineup the whole backfield drastically improved. But we can definitely find an upgrade there, i only see signing him as a backup if at all.

Steve-O: The list official list of free agents will be coming out next week. Honestly, clubs are trying to re-sign their targetted guys before they hit the market.

But ...

To me, this free agent class is about Albert Haynesworth and Nnamdi Asomugha. Those guys would turn Miami's defense into the best D in the AFC East.

mando i agree about obama, he sound's like a good used cars saleman says anything to please whatever crowd is in front of him,anyway i see miami signing either jason brown -c or bart scott-ilb.which ever one he doesn't get slides up to top need,than continue to work on ilb'ol depth and db's thought's

Mando if you had to pick what golden girl to bang who would it be?

more money than he deserves*

Isnt there like a 95% chance that both Haynesworth or Asomugha will both be either resigned or franchised?

Whoa mando!

I think your flux copaciter is broke or something...the posting times are all over the place!

I don't know when people said stuff...waaaaaahhh!!!!

Where we're going...we NEED roads!

MartinK: The Dolphins believe that FA and the draft are tied together. They are not like other teams or past Dolphins leaders that looked at it as separate chances to improve.

What the Dolphins do is study free agency, study the draft and plan to add in free agency at the positions they don't think they can upgrade with in the draft. The draft is ALWAYS the way they would prefer to upgrade.

As the Senior Bowl practices and interviews are just complete, the process is still not complete.

I can tell you the team feels a need to upgrade at C, G, LBs and WR. And that assumes they don't lose players at RT, CB and in the deep secondary.

Mando I love Asomugha but do you think Albert would be a good NT.

Rod Wright had 37 tackles and 1.5 sack in 07, why can't he get on the field until the playoffs?

Asomugha is not good for us .

In order for the dolphins to improve they are going to need a quaterback that con throw deep.
this will open up the running game and not necessarily take 20 plays to score. While I was happy with Pennington this year and he did a wonderful job, I just don't believe that we can improve until we take the net step with the next quaterback. Concerning the upcoming draft, what about the return specialist from university of Florida. What you think.
RJ from Orlando

Foy: Wilford's future with the Dolphins, in my opinion, is packing his locker and saying good-bye. The Dolphins want to re-sign Carey. And in the draft I'd take the best available dude, regardless of position. SEriously. Even if the guy plays LT. Take him. I don't believe in drafting for need because needs change overnight in the NFL.

Cam Cameron: I have never seen Parcells eating a dove bar. Have seen him carrying barrel-sized 7-eleven cups into the facility when he arrives every morning.

Monaliz: I would start Pennington and that is what Tony Sparano said he was going to do.

Question for you: Why don't you log in like everyone else? Please answer this question.

Mando, I think last year i remember a segment about you stating how many starting calibre players the fins had. I cannot remember the exact amount, but it was a handful at best. This year how many do you think we have. I say we have 12-13 now. Regardless of contract status and age. Obviously some can be upgraded, but we have some reasonable starters now. Depth is the issue and a few playmakers either side of the ball ?

Hey where is Mando?

Armando, I have several questions:
1. Since reading your blog,& listening to your show on 790 the Ticket, I have discovered that you are a UM fan.

UM has not won National Title since '01. That is QUITE a long time. Since they are so bad, don't you think the Fins would be much smarter to spend their time recruiting at schools such as The University of Alabama, and Peytons Manning's alma mater, The University of Tennessee?

Seriously, why all of the crying over, no draft pick from UM? No great talents want to go there when they have so many other great SEC schools to pick from.

Last Question: I heard you say once that you thought Pat Summitt was a great coach. Do you beleive that someone of that talent could translate over to coaching football?

Hey Mando,

Any word on the injury progress for Greg Camarillo, Justin Smiley and Donald Thomas? Any news would be great.

Nathaniel: Excellent questions both. I have never wanted to ask Parcells the first question because he has never really been rude to me. We spar on the phone when we talk, but that is only because I don't think it wise to knuckle under to him. He holds his authority and professionalism and I hold mine.

As to his body image: Not important to me.

good afternoon mando, do you think chad henne will be ready to take over the off. if chad p. should go down with a injury??

So much for a live blog, guess we aren't live after all, must be on "tape delay" like wrestling is late at night. Btw, is that Mona or Moaner?

Chase: The blog is now paginating on the fly, which is some fancy term for they're screwing things up by upgrading them. If you look at the bottom of all the comments, there is a <

Folks, sometimes new technology is worse technology.

Hi Armando,
Back to subjects Dolphin related.....is year 3 a make or break year for Ted Ginn?

Yeah, let's bring back 8 tracks and Commodore 64s.

Chris: I suspect the Dolphins would be thrilled to listen to trade offers for John Beck. But I also suspect no one would give them more than he is worth to them. In other words, Beck is more valuable to Miami than he might be on the trade market right now. But if someone gets a wild hair, he is trade bait.

teddy ginn needs to get a set of bullets..

ok miami has 3 slot guys (bess, ginn, camarillo) we need a big reciever presence how will the managment take care of this.

Macca: I don't think Crowder will be back. And if you are asking me if the Dolphins have whispered to me what player in FA they might look at, they have not.

And anyone that says they know is a liar.

Man obama's been on the job for less then 2 days and look what happens... blogs screwing up, cats dogs living together total anarchy.

Where do you think Crowder will go if he's not resigned by the Dolphins?
#2 Who would take Crowder's spot? Will this person be considered an upgrade?


Given the economy and the trouble Ross had in getting this deal done (who ever heard of a payment plan for a franchise?), should fans be worried that the Dolphins will lose out in a bidding war? And what if 2010 IS uncapped?

Huizenga proved he would spend whatever it takes but I have my doubts about Ross.

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