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Live chat blog Thursday starting at 1 p.m. until ...

It's been a while since we talked, discussed, debated and insulted each other.

So let's do some of that this afternoon.

I am calling a live chat for 1 p.m. and promise to stick around for at least an hour, and more if someone else is actually interested enough in chatting to be on here with me.

No Dolphins subject is taboo (like the banner promises).

We can talk free agency.

We can talk trades.

We can talk Bill Parcells.

We can talk draft.

Or we can talk politics, religion and other less controversial subjects.

If you cannot be here with me starting at 1 p.m., you can leave your questions or comments in advance and I'll answer them anyway. Then you can return to this blog at your convenience and see what response you got from me and others.

Oh, one more thing: I plan to turn the tables on some of you guys a little during the chat. I'll explain when it starts. Until then ...


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They all but announced that they wanted to keep Carey. Crowder is mostly hype, although his 110? tackles in the middle showed how much he was missed in the two games he missed. I would love to re-sign Y. Bell but the biggest question is can he stay healthy? If you look at past Parcells patterns he build from the inside out. Penny's pattern is even years healthy, odd years injured; cross your fingers for him.

Nutsack: Hmmm, not sure I should have started that way. Anyway, I have no idea who Alex Mac is.

As to the scenario you laid out, I think the Big Tuna and Tuna Helper will draft the highest-graded player on their board, regardless of him being from a small school or not.

Please feel free to help me with Mac.

mando thank's for sharing your thought's to my question and comment from a loyal poster to your blog

Sorry I'm late boyz, catching up though my blackberry. Yo mando you think tuna would make a run at Haynesworth?

Nutsack: On the golden girls, I don't have to pick.

Chase, Haynesworth cannot be franchised as he reached levels in his contract that stipulate he cannot be franchised.

Asomugha is another story.

And I agree teams typically move heaven and earth to get players like that re-signed.

Mando i agree with the off season needs you posted but lets be realistic there is no clear 4 sure #1 prospect wr in the draft or in free agency. there are some good options for #2 type receivers but we have many needs to upgrade talent so i wouldn't worry about that yet. Plus if the o-line is just highly upgraded and we run better Pennington will be more effective in play action no matter what receivers we have out there, you still have to build the trenches first. This is how i would draft:

1st.Duke Robinson OG
2nd. Sean Smith cb/S
2nd. Robert Ayers OLB
3rd. Ron brace NT or Jarron Gilbert D/e 3-4

I do agree with some of the posts we do need to trade some of our players for picks if we can. Matt Roth, John Beck...come to my mind--also if we sign Goodman, any chance of maybe trading Will Allen for picks. Because when i look at free agency we could definitely upgrade at CB with a Ron Bartel, that kid is about to enter his prime mark my words...big physical corner that can run-4.3 speed...

One late receiver gem that i like and he wont be on anyone's radar unless he runs a 4.4 40 is Jaison Williams from Oregon. 6'5 240 has #1 type potential that we could use a 4th or 5th round pick on...he put up good stats with Dennis Dixon but struggled in his senior year because the QB play was horrible...good risk in my estimation.

Booger: Like I said, some new upgrades is an oxymoron.

Nutsack: Haynesworth would not be a 3-4 NT. He'd be an outstanding 3-4 end.

Thanx for answering my question.
Heres another..
Do you believe Ohio St. ILB James Larunitis could very easily be or would be our number one draft pick if he is there? I like Maulauga more, but he wont be there.

RJ: I do not disagree with you on the QB issue, but I think that will resolve itself. Eventually the Dolphins will either see that a lack of a stronger-armed QB is hurting them or not.

If they see it hurts, based on it causing them to lose games, they will replace Pennington. If it doesn't hurt them, he stays. It's quite simple, really.

Meanwhile, you talking about Percy Harvin? Or who?

If you can look into your crystal ball, how do you think the Dolphins will fare in 2009? I know there are various factors (injuries, rookies, etc.)

I don't expect them to do as well as they did this year; actually I see them either 9-7 or

Hey Armando,

How about the uniform question? I think Ross should give this team a makeover.. We look like sissies out there.

mando, what do you think about next years schudule???

Even more then the vikings???

My bad Mando California's center Alex Mack you think he may slip into round 2,as for Albert I think in time he would be a good 3-4 DE but I just dont see it right off the bat but who knows.Whats your take on us picking up the Ravens center in free agency.

Macca: I remember that conversation about starting-calibre players. This year, given the improvement, I think the question is how many game-changing players do the Dolphins have?

You guys tell me. I would say Porter on defense and maybe Ronnie Brown on offense.

By the way, no team has 6-7 game-changing players on their team.

Arizona has maybe four -- Fitzgerald, Boldin, Kurt Warner, Wilson. Pittsburgh has maybe four as well, including Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu and Harrison.

Luis, I'm here bro. If you got something, fire.

Armando: Does the Tribunal see something negative in Vernon Carey, to prevent him from resigning. Vernon's comment about wecoming Free agency, and not scared of it rub the powers that be the wrong way. Channing Crowders injury issues and pro bowl price tag are reasons to pro-long his signing or not. Apples and Oranes, do we want to see Vernon in NE or at the NY jets.

mando, have you recieved your pulitzer yet??


Our home uniforms look like something that an ice cream man would were to the beach

mando, still waiting on your thought's.

RollTide: Last week the Ravens had four University of Miami players on their roster. The Cardinals had four three or four University of Miami players on their roster. Miami has sent more players to the NFL than any school the past decade, and that includes USC and Texas. Yes, the program is down now, but every program struggles at times.

pulitzer this cuban

tzpan: Define make or break ...

What do you think about Mel kiper's mock draft projecting us drafting Maryland's WR Darrius Heyward-Bey?

Cuban: Also ... Guantanamo getting shut down, tax dodgers getting the job overseeing the IRS, oaths of office getting screwed up, and the Dow went down 300 points on inauguration day -- a record low in American history.

true mando,true...

Finsfan in CT: Excellent, excellent question. Dolphins fans should wait to see how Ross will handle the economic portion of running the team. Huizenga was AWESOME in speding to the cap every year if his football wanted. Parcells himself isn't certain Ross will do that.

So far, Ross has said he will spend to the cap, but in the same conference call he said he doesn't think the way to solve problems is by throwing money at it. We'll just have to let time answer that MAJOR question.

Thanks for joining us Shanader: I would love for Parcells to go after Haynesworth, but if you put a gun to my head and ask if he'll do it, I would say NO.

Lots of money to get him. And the team already has a sizeable investment in Merling and Langford.

Mando, i agree brown and porter are the only two difference makers. The bad thing about that, is it both might be gone after the next season. I still think we need more lineman on both sides of the ball and linebackers. Dont know where we get these difference makers from. You need a bit of luck in the draft and fa.

Thanks for your time Mando !

Can you list the top 5 priorities you would like the Fins to address on this year's draft?

or free agency...

1.Bart Scott lb and/or Jason Brown c
3. safety
4. cornerback
5. MLB

Allen: Solid breakdown. I like Bartells also but was not aware he's UFA.

Chase: Mauluaga definitely WILL NOT be there. I do not know enough about Laurinitis or however his name is spelled to give you a breakdown. I mean, I know he's all-american this and that, and he plays on big conference level, but I've not seen him play enough to know for sure what he's about.

Will know in about a month, though.

mando i agree on obama,sounds like a good used car salesman appeasing tom what ever crowd is in front of him,anyway i see miami going after bart scott or jason brown and whoever hee doesn 't get that position slides to top need then they look more ilb's,ol depth and db's thought's

tzpan: The Dolphins last year had the sixth easiest schedule in the NFL with a .461 opponents winning percentage.

It will be much higher in 2009. I have no idea who they will do as we still haven't seen one addition in either FA or the draft. Also haven't seen what other teams have done.

But having said all that, why do you care what my crystal ball would say. I picked them to go 10-6 in 2007. My crystal ball is crap.

obama rocks

Pez boy: They don't play like sissies. I would not be surprised if Ross has them in different unis by 2010.

Mando lets say we draft a wr like Hakeem Knicks who do you think our number 1 and 2 wr's will be also if we do draft a wide out who is good do you think will will use more 3-4 receiver sets this will spread the field and could be good for our running game as well.

Cuban: Next year's schedule is more difficult for the Dolphins based on the fact they won the division but moreso because the AFC South and NFC South has better teams top to bottom than the AFC West and NFC West. The thing you have to remember is the rest of the AFC East will also play the same schedule except for the games against San Diego and Pitt.

If you were talking about Bartell the Rams cb. Then yes he is a FA. Along with Otogwe, you have to hope one of then its fa !!

Nutsack: Mack has the size and is said to be a good pass blocker. I don't know about his run blocking. What do you know about that?

Chase: Any mock draft at this stage, a month before the combine, is crap.

"Question for you: Why don't you log in like everyone else? Please answer this question."

Armando, that's because monaliza or mozzarella is a dork.

When you said I LOVE Herman Johnson, does that mean you LOVE LOVE him or you LOVE him as a player? : )

Grey: No doubt the Dolphins still have work to do with the foundation. The OL is still not solid. The NT position is one injury away from disaster. And up the middle the defense could lose Crowder (he's gone) and both safeties.

There is much work to be done, folks.

And given their history, I do not think Parcells and Ireland will invest a first-round pick on a WR.

Go phins: I do not disagree.

I agree that we wont draft wr with our 1st. Unless we were in a postion to draft crabtree ! Which aint gunna happen. Its going to be ol, dl and lb with our first 3 picks, maybe a cb if he is rate high.

tradition smedition...we bear no semblence to the Dolphins of old. If you don't recall we've already changed colors and logos! I think part of the new beginning should be a new image to go with the new persona. Besides nothing you, I, or anyone says about the FA or draft is more than guesswork.

Foy: Assuming Camarillo is back and Bess and Ginn continue to improve, I would say the chances of using multiple receivers is good. But that will not be the primary weapon. Just don't see that happening with this staff's philosophy of not turning the ball over.

Marc: Concerning your guesswork comments, I believe I said as much, and probably more strongly, in an earlier response.

OK folks, I believe I am caught up with the questions. It has been a great two hours with you today.


You guys are the best.

God bless you.

mando,thank's for responding to my question,i thought i was being ignored,because i asked twice.one more thing on obama don't forget that his attorney general nominee is the same man who was hired by a company-chiquita banana.who. hired terrorist's,to defend them.

I personally think we need to go after an established big name receiver weather it means Boldin, T.J......I had even heard the possibility of Steve Smith getting cut, not so sure thats gonna happen. And then hopefully get lucky in the later rounds and find a steal at that position.

I also read that Julius Peppers has listed the Dolphins as team on his radar. That has to be a possibility for us if the Panthers dont use the tag on him. Im not so sure they will because im thinking they might use it on their center.

So from my stand point, given how we are in good position when it comes to the salary cap, if we can snag at least 2 of the big time players at maybe the receiver slot, DE with Peppers, maybe 1 of the linebackers from the Ravens, or the Center from the Panthers. If we can get 2 of those and then shore of the rest of the needs in the draft i think we can potentially match this past seasons success.


It looks as if you think Miami does not need to go after another WR.

TJ WHos your mama would be a great teacher and would help to spread defense and bring Ginn into play more.
Or Maybe Hakeem Nicks Or a hard hitting Kenny Britt in the draft. They maybe available in the 2nd or 3rd rnds.


Cheers Mando ! One last queston though ! What do you think will happen with Ronnie Brown next season. Will the use him as the feature back ? Will they let him walk in fa, baring in mind he is not worn out like many rb's his age. Cant help thinking back too 07 and if we could used him like that again.

marc,maybe you want to add some pink and put a dress on the dolphin in the logo.

look at micheal irvin secon year in the league he had 378 yrd s 2 touchdowns and 26 receptions i would say he is a hall of famer now but he is doing pretty good for a second year wideout
56 receptions 790 and 2 touchdown i would say he is doing good

cut your loses, ginn suc ks

jeff, center from the panther's? jordan gross from the panther's. is a left tackle. the center from the raven,s jason brown yes.tj is 33 years old so forget him,j peppers wants big money 25-30 mil bonus forget him de is not a big time need and boldan is going to cost high picks and big money plus he is a selfish player.

You should be posting on the Project Runway blog.
My wife loves that show.


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