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Live chat blog Thursday starting at 1 p.m. until ...

It's been a while since we talked, discussed, debated and insulted each other.

So let's do some of that this afternoon.

I am calling a live chat for 1 p.m. and promise to stick around for at least an hour, and more if someone else is actually interested enough in chatting to be on here with me.

No Dolphins subject is taboo (like the banner promises).

We can talk free agency.

We can talk trades.

We can talk Bill Parcells.

We can talk draft.

Or we can talk politics, religion and other less controversial subjects.

If you cannot be here with me starting at 1 p.m., you can leave your questions or comments in advance and I'll answer them anyway. Then you can return to this blog at your convenience and see what response you got from me and others.

Oh, one more thing: I plan to turn the tables on some of you guys a little during the chat. I'll explain when it starts. Until then ...


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First of all, thanks for all your hard work this past year. Your blog was awsome.

Two questions:

1. It was recently reported that the Dolphins have a revenue stream of $232 million. I assume that means gross sales. Do you have any idea how much profit (net income) they make per year (approximately)?

2. Were you just trying to stir up the pot, or were you actually serious when you said last year that you thought the Dolphins should have taken Mcfadden instead of Jake Long. Would you really have used the first pick in the draft on a RB rather than a left tackle? Really? I am still not over that one. Please clarify.


You should be posting blogs at Project Runway site.
My wife loves that show.


It really depends on how FA falls into place but i am all for trading away some players, like Beck, Roth, even Cobbs, for some picks. Parcells has proven many times in the past that he is at his best when it comes to drafting players. Therefore, the more picks the better. Even if they are late rounders, Parcells is like a metal detector on the treasure laden beaches of the NFL Draft. I'm gonna say what i have said all along...Whatever Parcells does, even if its trading away someone as important as Ronnie, I am all for because he knows what it takes to build a franchise into a Superbowl contender. I am a Dolphins fan more than any individual player on the roster.

breaking news;miami dolphin's have agreed to add pink with a touch of lavender,while adding a tou-tou to the dolphin on the helmet.

dont anger marc, he'll threaten to do unspeakable acts to your mother, and whine to mando to ban you...he's clown shoes....

hey fake gm you know sometimes mando talks out of his rear, im guessing that was one of the times

is it a pink tu tu like marc likes??

Wow, seems like I got imposters now... Will start to post with a more orginal Name.


Omar is better....

with a touch of lavender

yeah marc, they also have a gay section i'am sure you would like too...


What are the chances that the Dolphins go after Bart Scott from Baltimore? It seems that he would make a big, surly replacement for Crowder if he goes.

also furniture store near you will be selling matching sets.

i hear marc is going to be on queer guy for the stright guy... i think i know who will be the queer guy..

lol that's to much.

what are the chances of the dolphins drafting alex mack,rey maualuga, clay matthews or brian cushing?

rey maualuga-zero he's top 12.cushing-not so good,he's been great at the senior bowl and won't get past n.e. the other two-good.

Any update on the reason behind Henne not getting in the game on the final drive???

i hope they draft alex mack and trade satele for another pick i think he stinks and mack has like 15lbs and a couple more inches on him wat do you guys think?

Whats up with the site I can only see like 22 comments

I saw Donald Thomas at the Walter Camp fan fest in New Haven CT, asked him about his injury and he said he is about 85-90% right now, and is feeling good. He is one big man.

First Mandy, I was late catching up as work is sightly busier than normal, so I didn't catch your comments until after my post. To the rest of you including my least favorite person. @f it makes you all happy to discuss and speculate wildly when we have NORMAL IDEA on the multitude if variables that will decide the upcoming draft and FA. I say we should find 2 or 3 Sumo wrestlers ala 'The Replacements' to play G, C, NT. I think we should go back to a 4-3 and get Zach back, re-sign Crowder and shift him back outside, let Joey have the other side. We should find someone spectacular in the WWF, or whatever it is now. one of those acrobatic, juiced up freaks to play WR. We should then put the menace on the opposing team's sidelines in hopes that they would off themselves in order to spare themselves from the constant annoying droning...Oh yeah, and Barrack should give us all free season tix...

MJF translates to Major Juicy Fruitcake

Apologies for typos. On my Treo

Finfan in Orlando: Where you been, man?

The explanation on the comments is that they show in groups of 50 now. But if you click on the more comments>> at the bottom of the last comment, you go on to the next set of comments.

You can also click on <

It wasn't my terrible idea.

Fellow Orlandian. The comments are seperated now. There should be arrows @ the bottom of the pages with 'More comments'


so marc, what do you think of the new uniforms that the other bloggers posted??? does it make you angry??

lol, cuaban you are to much ,by the the dolphin's also added sequence to the uniform"s

hey mando is there any chance that the dolphins will make a play for the rams cb or Asom from the raiders.

Isn't it Thusrday already, way past 1PM?

Oh, I see. It's in a different page...

it was alway's thursday,today.live chat thursday at 1pm.lol

even if it was before 1pm it still was thursday!


Secondly, I've asked and then told everyone that if you don't sign in, I will probably delete your comment. All you have to do is instead of signing at the end of your comment. Go below and sign in in the appropriate box.

What you say to another poster isn't really the maddening thing about you. Do you understand now?

I beg to differ Mandy. How is that deleting and ignoring thing working? He's a social parasite. Your IT guys lied. The nuisance could be blocked easily

Looks like Crowder is gonna test the waters good luck finding top dollar buddy.Anyway I hope we can at least sign Carey and Bell,I say Will Allen toast,Sign Robinson from Houston he will be alot more cheaper than Asomugha and try Jason Allen at corner or have him move back home if Hill goes, draft a decent corner.Still need a big NT as well.

Also what are your thoughts on Ronnies future with the team he is comming up on a contract year as well, the way it looks with our current free agents Ronnies chances are slim unless he tears it up.

hey marc ,who's the pot calling the kettle black?

william moore at lb?

by the way tinshaker i hope you revised that lousy mock draft you posted.you had the great william moore in the 1st and with the 1st 2nd round pick you tyrone mckenzie olb who is 6-2 227 soak and wet.we don't need 2 undersized lb's thank you.if you were our gm you would've been fired already.

post at your own risk,these are shark infested water's.

Thanks for the chat Mando - quick question - what happened with Soliai last year - missing 2 games must have been due to big issues - did he miss meetings, miss weight or workouts or punch someone out or what ?? Does he have a future in Miami ? Thanks WD

Good stuff... I had no idea about the blog today till now. Kiper picked Darrius Heyward-Bey WR from Maryland in his mock. What do you think about him? I actually see alot of young talent. I know you answered about BP and co. not liking WR in the first round and I would also agree but then again raw talent on the board that late could be a draft day steal.

armando and all you other haters its sad that you feel the way you do about BARACK.So i guess you was happy with what Bush did huh!Lets just stick to the dolphins and forget about politics.

Bring in chad(ocho cinco) johnson, you can never have enough hanging chads, just ask "W"..

Bring in chad(ocho cinco) johnson, you can never have enough hanging chads, just ask "W"..

Bring in chad(ocho cinco) johnson, you can never have enough hanging chads, just ask "W"..

I don't think tuna goes after a WR in the 1st rd. I know Duke Robinson is high on his list. And hopefully ma boi louis

I Think a discussion of politics is fine, you know if you were in cuba right now you would face arrest for talking bad about the goverment, you people should be happy that you have away to express your religon, politics, and yes your favorite sports team.

armando sound like fox news smart fan full of red neck thoughts when he talks politics.BTW obama rock

And thank god marcs not runing this blog cause if you dont see things his way youre called a parasite, idiot, moron and a couple other adjatives that escape me at the moment, but i degress , you all have a nice night.

And thank god marcs not runing this blog cause if you dont see things his way youre called a parasite, idiot, moron and a couple other adjatives that escape me at the moment, but i degress , you all have a nice night.

Why thank you mona, and my i say you have a great smile:-D

MONALIZA. You kill me about a lengthy question I asked and no one having the time to answer it but apparently you have all the time in the world. I just got in and noticed you've been on this site answering questions with retarded answers all "FREAKIN DAY!!" Get a life, yo!! Although my predictions and scenarios were the filler, my questions were simply what Mando thought of my picks and if he could see it happening. So Mona, stop Moaning! PS: Your brother Cuban Menace is still looking for his raft and he's got his panties in a bunch about that. Just fess up and give it to him to shut him up too!

Ted GInn is a superstar. His greatness is being hindered by pennington's in ability to throw deep. Ginn is so fast, that he is out of pennington's reach in two seconds; it is an incredible injustice and very disheartening to any talented receiver to have to deal with ALL SEASON! The dolphins will find that out if they ever trade him to another team or they allow henne to compete for the starting job.

Hey Mando...when are you gonna answer my previous question?? I saw you jumped on before but I'm still waiting and waiting and wai...

Hey Mr. Bond. Newsflash....Although I like Ginns potential too, do you have any idea how many college receivers have come and gone that can burn out stop watches with their speed but never made it to the NFL??? They can improve his route running but you can only teach so much when it comes to ball skills if a player doesn't have natural qualities in that department. Why do you think some receivers, ala Hines Ward, catches everthing thrown his way but some are inconsistent? How long do you wanna wait on this miraculous turnaround??

Armando?? whats up with the live chat?

When I read that you don't know who Alex Mack was my jaw dropped. I think I'm...how do you say...losing the faith. I'm speechless.

yeah shanader ,all bush did was keeping yours and our azzes safe that's all

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