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Live chat blog Thursday starting at 1 p.m. until ...

It's been a while since we talked, discussed, debated and insulted each other.

So let's do some of that this afternoon.

I am calling a live chat for 1 p.m. and promise to stick around for at least an hour, and more if someone else is actually interested enough in chatting to be on here with me.

No Dolphins subject is taboo (like the banner promises).

We can talk free agency.

We can talk trades.

We can talk Bill Parcells.

We can talk draft.

Or we can talk politics, religion and other less controversial subjects.

If you cannot be here with me starting at 1 p.m., you can leave your questions or comments in advance and I'll answer them anyway. Then you can return to this blog at your convenience and see what response you got from me and others.

Oh, one more thing: I plan to turn the tables on some of you guys a little during the chat. I'll explain when it starts. Until then ...


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go after a one year deal for warner. then trade weak armed chad and ricky. 2010 hire marino as QB coach for henne. i would like to see marino rip ginn's ass. that would make or break twinkle toes. just kidding about chad, i was proud of what he meant to this team.

Aqua Ono, i dont wear pantys i like to go commando, brother

Ted(hands Of stone)ginn and his clip board holding daddy need to be traded asap maybe they can get a 4th round pick for him.

hey cuban maybe aqua1 want's his panties in the new dolphin color's like marc

Also Percy Harvin if he drops that low in the first would be a great WR in the late first. Percy Harvin could fit amazing with the wildcat. He reminds me of Ginn Jr. ... Harvin has playmaker written all over him.... Could you imagine this... PHarvin and Ginn jr. on the Outsides as legit Deep threats (Henne would improve that aspect) then Camarillo and Bess playing the slots. Having those two options for screens and reverse options, while running the wildcat could change our offense completly. I was sad when we went with Merling to tell you the truth. I wanted Desean Jackson at that pick although P Merling shows promise. that tandem would have been too good. PHarvin is the DJackson of this draft probably even better!

beerphin for the last time ,the tuna is not drafting wr in the 1st round,never mind a smaller wr to top it off,you win in the trenches !!!!!!!!

Beerphin, put down the bottle of bud brother,teddy suxs bigtime, the man is scared to go over the middle, he looks for the side line instead of gaining xtra yards. he's useless, him and his clipboard holding daddy.

I was thinking about what you said about picking the best player available even if its LT and a couple names came to mind Eugene Monroe. And M Oher. both could play any OL position and are leaders. while I don't like the idea of trading picks I would make an exception for a serious upgrade to the O-line...Look what Jake Long has done for this team. If either were available at 25 I would pick them up for sure

Beerphin, Just what the dolphins need 2 guys that wont fight for yards and wont go over the middle. does harvin also have a daddy that holds a clip board too?

Beerphin, Just what the dolphins need 2 guys that wont fight for yards and wont go over the middle. does harvin also have a daddy that holds a clip board too?

beerphin,now your on the right track,but the both of them won't be there at 25.also lets see if we sign v.carey first.

I don't think he normally would either. This year I see exceptions... being that another playmaking WR is exactly what the Dolphins need now... two because there is more depth at other positions in the draft. the urgency for us is more for star quality receivers. What I don't see is Pcells and co. bringing in a big name WR either and paying them loads of money.

beerphin,once again wheeeeeere noooooot draaaaftig aaaa wr in the 1st round.the depth in this according to all the experts are in rounds 2-5 geeeeez

in this draft

in this draft for wr's

I will not denounce Ginn jr. That is just ridiculous to me. anyone that does I will not respect your opinion and that is my word. its gonna be his 3rd year coming up and I have seen enough in just this season to know he will be a NFL player for years and hopefully probowling soon enough. secondly P Harvin is a great football player. he will have no problem making an impact his rookie season. No doubt in my mind.

maybe, but not on the dolphins.

I get that you don't think so... I just think it is always possible. I still think getting a playmaker for the offense more important. Numero uno
I like Ohio States WR Robieson 2nd or 3rd rder another coaches son

ohio st wr robieson? you mean brian robiskie he is more like the big possesion wr we need.maybe in the 3rd round.

First off, I just want to thank Armando for taking questions and add a "darn" that I missed this.

Anyway, I'm still not sold on Ginn. I think I might be if he was a speedy solt guy against a third corner. I think Camarillo is the man, and Bess will prove himself soon enough. The WR spot is one breakout guy away from potentially being the most well-rounded in terms of depth and talent in the league.

I also saw that the Phins might lose Bell. Please keep Bell! He's arguably the best defensive player the Dolphins have outside of Porter. I hope they can get that deal done.

That's my 2 cents.

Posts end at 12:15?

Robiski is the guy I was thinking about for sure. I was a lil drunk las night. Anyways I kinda agree with Kiper for once he picked Darrius Heyward-Bey in his moc... and if he is there at 25 I hope Sparano considers him. he reminds me of Chambers with his size and hands, but he is faster sub 4.40

I know Ginn Jr. is going to have a breakout season either this one or the next he just needs time to mature and build muscle. Look at some highlights from The Ohio State University days.... One thing I'm trying to figure out is why Ginn Jr. isn't in the wildcat more as an option pass/run??

Can we all get along?
Let's concentrate on the DOLPHINS.
Personally, I'm thirsty for a sixth Superbowl Appearance and a third Superbowl Victory.

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