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Martin, Starks back at practice Thursday

The Dolphins are working this morning and tight end David Martin and defensive lineman Randy Starks are participating in the drills.

Martin (concussion, neck) and Starks (ankle) did not practice Wednesday, the first day the Dolphins began prep for Sunday's playoff game against Baltimore.

I won't know until later if the duo practiced full or were limited during drills. But regardless, it is a clear, positive signal that both are on the field.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year. Yippie!


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Happy New Year Mando. Just got over my nausea, from last night and your blogs always get my day started on a good note. When is the Cam Cameron hatred going to resurface?

Happy new year guys. Thanks for the info armando. BTW wtf Yippie lol. Come on ARmando Lmao

cam cameron is a blotted whale carcass decompossing on a stretch of beach with flies and maggots festering on the intestins while seagule pick at his eyes.....yo benny is this what you were looking for ?

Happy New Year Mando and everyone else.

Go Dolphins!!!!!! you make us proud!!!!

happy new year Mando.

Go Dolphins

can the fish continue this great season???? will cam (cant win)camerons team beat the fish again? and what about ted(hands of stone)ginn jr.?how nany times will he drop the ball or run stright to the side lines? and what about his clip board holding daddy,ted (clipboard holder) ginn sr.will he retain his job as special teams coach? and can ricky keep off the weed? these and other stories on "60 minutes"

Gee, if only "Hayden Fox" would post one of his usual supportive comments like he does during a game, we could kick this blog off just right.

Here I am boys!

By the way....I LOVE men! Lots and lots of MEN!

Happy New Year!

Good to see them practicing, especially Martin.

From the Jest's locker room, Mangina was not the reason the Jests are at home... I mean lossers. The ownership group got Farve to sell seat licenses to the Giant's new stadium. They got rid of the wrong guy. Mangina will be coaching next season and will have his own rematch against the Jests. These fools actually want Farve to come back. Well, they will always have fond memories of 1968.

Happy New Years to all!

How did Vernon Gholston not win defensive rookie of the year? He was the best player on the Jets practice squad.

I just checked a ravens blog and their injury list is long and includes the likes of samari rolle(ankle),and eddie reed(hamstring). Rolle didn't practice today so his ankle might be a problem. Good luck having to run with teddy ginn jr all day.

Thanks for the hack using my sign in name above...Clown.

Hey Matt in NC...why can't we have an exchange of ideas? Usually your contribution is being the official critic others on the blog. You never have any take on the game or state of the team.

BTW, how will this team score this Sunday? against Baltimore?

Happy New Year Mando...

Armando, I don't know how much influence you have with the team but if you can suggest the team wear they're orange jerseys I think that would be great. They haven't worn them all year and this would be the best game for them to break them out.

Happy New Year to you and everyone on the blog...including the Cuban Menace, that guy cracks me up.

hey cuban menace your jests are at home so shut up and go away clown!

dreaming dreaming dreaming dolphin fans really suck big time,,,,,,,,,,///////posted by ravens fan from karakas

the cuban menace always has good points .keep up the good work with your intlegence that can not be matched .posted by MR DUK


My reference to you is your pattern of "supportive" remarks during the game blogs. Whenever a play goes bad, or momentum wanes, you immediately call for someone's head or cry that the sky is falling and all is lost. Whenever something goes right, you seem to either be quiet, or shocked.

As for me being a "critic" in that regard, you don't need me pointing out the seemingly fair-weather'dness of your fandom of our AFC East Champions. Bottom line from my perspective is that its ok to be a critic, but you should be balanced in your attaboys as well, and that has been sorely lacking.

To your question about how we are going to score against Baltimore, I can't say for sure. I've seen enough of Dan Henning over the years to run the gamut from being completely bored by a "Sweep on first, Off-tackle on second, Draw play on third" to completely being blown away by Wildcats and Flea-flickers.

With what little I know about Baltimore's injuries, I would expect us to use Ginn's speed to wear out their nicked up corners and db's as the game wears on, use multiple receiver sets to spread their defense, and try and run up the gut since they have such good lateral speed from their linebackers. That should also soften up the middle for the Tight Ends.

I wouldn't be shocked to see a gimmick or two on special teams either, particularly since the field position battle will likely be critical in a low to moderate scoring game. I do hope Carpenter can knock a few touchbacks in on KO's, and Field's knack for pinning punts inside the 10 will be most valuable as well.


I respect your take. Well-thought out.

I am a big supporter of the Fins. And this year has been awesome. However, make no mistake about it, this team has won with GREAT QB play and outstanding coaching.

Just because I think things like Ronnie Brown is soft and has no business in the Pro Bowl. Or the defense is not very good. Or that the team does not know prosperity. Or that they got beefed up on garbage schedule- does not make me a bad fan.

Happy New Year!

Here's hoping David Martin is able to go. Joey Haynos and Earnest Wilford combined are even close to David Martin. He has been tremendous for the Phins this year! CP has really brought out the best in him!

you know alot of you say we had a soft schedule yet the teams in this divison, we seem to be the only ones who won them soft games, and if we had not won them everyone would have said we cant win the ones we should, so make up your minds.if and i say if we make it past the crows i will be happy and looking forword to the next game no matter how we got there,we are there and it is better then not being there looking to the draft.

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