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Miami defense might ask "What about us?"

The Dolphins have lived by the credo, "Why not us?" during a season in which they discarded doubts about their ability to turn around a 1-15 nightmare in 2007 to an 11-5 dream in 2008.

But as 2009 dawns, it might be interesting to note the Miami defense may be adopting a new motto as the playoff game against Baltimore looms: "What about us?"

The Dolphins defense, you see, has apparently heard a lot about, of all things, the Ravens defense. Yes, the Miamian's defense has to worry primarily about the Baltimore offense. But with all the national attention on Ray Lewis and Ed Reed and Terrell Suggs and the greatness of the Baltimore defense, the Dolphins defenders are wondering why no one has noticed them.

"It's not talked about," defensive end Vonnie Holliday said. "Nobody's talking about the Miami Dolphins defense. No doubt about it. I was sitting there the other day and I'm watching television and thinking our defense is OK. But you don't hear that from anyone.

"So there is that competitive side of you where you want to match their defense. You want to play better than their defense, no doubt about it."

I could find no Miami defender who thought, or would say publicly, he believes Miami's defense is better than Baltimore's. Fact is, several Miami defenders kept saying they are more worried about Baltimore's offense than defense.

But these guys are competitors. And they don't doubt themselves even when the pundits do.

So ask Matt Roth who he thinks about when asked to name the better NFL defenses and this is his response:

"I think Pittsburgh and Baltimore and ourselves," Roth said, before adding, "At times."

So what has to happen for the Miami defense to be in that conversation all the time?

"Win this week," Roth said. "Yeah. Win this week. We've been playing good. We just have to be on all cylinders. That's where we're at right now."

The Miami defense was ranked 15th in total defense this season. Baltimore was ranked No. 2.

But the Dolphins had a run of three consecutive games in which they did not allow a defensive touchdown and they yielded only 317 points all season. Miami's D ranked No. 9 in points allowed, which is probably the most telling defensive statistic.

The Ravens allowed 244 points and ranked No. 3 in points allowed. 

"We're not trying to compare ourselves to them," said strong safety Yeremiah Bell. "We know where they're at and they got the numbers to prove it. They're like second in the league and we're like 15th. We can't compare ourselves to them."

And then in the next breath, Bell makes the comparison.

"We're a young defense," he said. "We're getting better and we will get to that point. Those guys have been together for a while and we're kind of a brand new team trying to get this thing rolling. So we're getting better each week."

Bottom line, Holliday said, the Miamians want to play well enough Sunday so that, when the game is over, people will come out of it, "Talking about our defense. And who won the defensive battle.

"We can win it. We're capable. Why not? We're capable of being in the playoffs aren't we? As a defense we've done some good things around here. But what a test. What a time to step up."


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is it true that dolphins already planing a vacation in pittsburgh .well if it is true i would advise them to go to boston to learn tom.B and company.by the way any found tasty meatball recipe yet or are you waiting for sunday .dolphins fans should drink a lot of milk on sunday.IT GOOD FOR YOU.....LALALALALALALA POSTED BY CARMA......

I can't believe you voted for manning.
no matter how you look at it our own sports writer jumped on the give miami no respect ban wagon,when it came to the pennington for mvp.
just so he didn't look like he was showing favoritizm.manning is on a team that has had a winning record for seasons.pennington is on a team that was 1-15 last year, to 11-5 this year,and it was done on penningtons shoulders.
it might come down to penny vs. manning and if penny wins that battle will manning still be mvp?no respect, no respect,not even from our own repoters.and the next time you want some breaking news or a interview from pennington,I hope he knows that you voted for manning for mvp,and he disc you like you did him!!!!!!!!!!
go phinnnnnnns!!!!every david has it's goliath,and baltimore is our goliath this week.


Timm13: I didn't jump on any bandwagon to make it look like anything. I voted for the guy I thought deserved it most, pure and simple.

I voted for Pennington for Comeback Player and Sparano for coach of the year and wasn't worried about favoritism there because they deserve those votes.



The rag Herald has never learned to hire people who are not biased by thier roots. Damn yankees suck . I wish I wasnt so stupidd.

Manning won the award by a wide margin. So wide, in fact, that if it was a foot race, even Usain Bolt wouldn't be able to keep up.
And besides, I'm not sure Pennington is worrying about this, so why should we? He didn't win an award--so what? The Beatles said it best when they wrote one of their many famous songs that I think most of us should listen to (or youtube, if you don't have the song): Let it Be.

Anyway, I don't believe the Dolphins chances against the Ravens are as bad as some people have made it out. And as a side note, who said Pennington would throw 4 picks when he only threw 7 all season? I guess that question speaks for itself.

Back to topic: The Dolphins will be prepared, they will play tough, and they'll play with more heart than any team in the league. No, they don't have the Ed Reed's or Ray Lewis', but remember the no-name defense? Ironic that brand was stamped on the Dolphins D years ago, which happened to win the Super Bowl....

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It's amazing all these Crow fans on our Dolphin blog must be from other countries because they don't have the slightest comprehension of the english language. They can't spell or even formulate a sentence that makes sense. Get off our blog you retards...Miko, Carma, Sherk.p and any other Crow fans. Your team is going down!!!


If you're gonna write a piece crap then don't post it. The "Miamians" thing is silly and immature. If you consider yourself a sportswriter then write the "right" way and stop trying to instigate people with your screed. Idiot!

Miamian in Bold just to rub it in.... "who cares if I piss you off i got 2.8 million others".

Miamian in Bold just to rub it in.... "who cares if I piss you off i got 2.8 million others".

hi;tampa bay fin fan......sound like you finished middle school in the high eaducation of florida .do not forget you the second worst record in NFL history.in sunday remmber to drink lot of milk. posted by miko


I don't agree with you at all Mando on Manning being MVP the fact that it is close should give you a hint that Manning is an awful choice... Pennington did have he better year period. Manning had the better arm for the second half of the year if your voting on one half the season Mannnig would be MVP but your not. But i would not go as far to say Pennington is MVP either. I'd say no QB MVP this year. surprisingly i give the nod to A Ravens player named Ed Reed. The dude is a monster out there and he changes the game every game and makes offenses pee their pants. either him or Harrison for Pittsburg but Manning? really? thats the most valuable player? Other QBs played a lot better than he did this year and are way more deserving

sorry that was my last post anyways I do agree with miamian thing though. who cares and if you do seriously get a life

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