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Meeting with Parcells most import to ... Ross

New Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has a meeting with Big Tuna Bill Parcells, Tuna Helper Jeff Ireland, and coach Tony Sparano scheduled for Friday. At this gathering Ross expects to ease any fears he plans significant changes from the way former owner Wayne Huizenga did business with his football people.

Ross said: "The three of us are sitting down and letting them know, 'Hey business as usual,' and any questions they might have, especially Jeff and Tony, to make them feel totally comfortable that business will continue the way it has and they're wanted and I have a lot of respect for what they've done."

The hope is Ross continues to make Parcells feel comfortable about staying with Miami beyond the 30-day opt-out period that began Tuesday. During that period, Parcells is able to opt-out while collecting the total remaining salary from his contract, which still has three years remaining and is worth between $9-$12 million.

If Parcells walks, Ross has to write him a check for the entire remaining sum and Parcells can decide to go to the race track, go to work for another team, or simply hang out with his son-in-law Scott Pioli in Kansas City if he wants to -- nothing the Dolphins can do about it.

Parcells has not made a public statement about what he intends to do one way or the other but sources have indicated he wants to stay ... assuming he feels good about Ross.

So today is important.

But thinking about this, I'm of the opinion todayis much more important for Ross than Parcells. Think about what I just wrote. It is more important for Ross, the billionaire owner, to impress and defer to Parcells than vice versa. It is more important for the boss to please his employee than vice versa.


Let's walk this through: Suppose the meeting doesn't go well. Suppose Ross, for whatever reason, gives Parcells the willies and Parcells decides he simply wants his collect his check and check out. Which one becomes the villian? Is it Bill Parcells for leaving or Ross for not moving heaven and earth to make Parcells want to stay?

Ross would be the bad guy.

The fact of the matter is no matter what Parcells does the next 30 days, he wins. If he stays but his team doesn't win big, as we all hope, he's a hero for at least trying to finish what he started. If he stays and wins big, he's a hero for doing something Don Shula, Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban and others could not do since the 1984 season.

If Parcells leaves and the Dolphins win big, he's a hero for laying the foundation and bringing the people to Miami that ultimately delivered the big prize. If Parcells leaves and the Dolphins fail to win big, he's a hero for turning things around the one year he was here while his reputation for being the genius behind that improbable great season is heightened because the Dolphins will prove they couldn't do it without him.

In other words, the man who has spent practically his entire adult life trying to win in the NFL finds himself in a no-lose situation now.



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Dumb article hitting on the same points youve been hitting on for weeks. Report on something already, or go work for Air America.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Excellent breakdown Armando. I never looked at it like that. But you are absolutely correct. Parcells is totally in charge of his boss Friday. It is amazing.

Sorry I missed your live chat today Armando. You should do this every week because Darlington's live chats on Friday suck.

Anyway, what do you think Ross will have to tell Parcells that he hasn't told him already? I imagine they have talked. Why isn't Parcells already convinced he's staying. things that make you go hmmmmmmm.

Crazy or not??? Parcells might hold out for a piece of the Miami Dolphin franchise.

Could you breakdown the unknowns like what FA's we could theoretically sign at our most pressing needs positions like OL,DL,LB and CB and what those potential signings we do for our team and how plausible it is considering our cap room.

After ALL your years in this business,it amazes me that you not only don't know that BP is a chain jerker but that in fact he has jerked your chain to the point that you have beat this dead horse for what...THREE DAYS!

He made it quite clear that unless Ross is a JJ or an Al Davis,ie meddling dumbazz type, that he will stay with Miami.

The fact that you assume your readers are such imbeciles that they don't know that BP holds all the cards in this situation really says a lot about you Armando.

Put yourself in Mr.Parcells shoes. What would you do. on one hand he's at a retirement age. He deserves the respect and license to live and bask in the warmth of our unwarranted approval of anything or any way he wishes to live. God Bless him and keep him free of the minuscule criticism's
of the day. On the other hand is a shake for a job well done. GO TUNA and STAY TUNA!!

Ross needs to keep his damn nose out of the football stuff as he knows zero about the game.

Hey Ross critics are the drops of water off a good ducks back and the best ones are those that have tried and failed. I am very interested in what you write about and believe you have our interests at heart.What the "BIG TUNA" is going to do is just what we all want to hear about and read about NOW and you are doing a great job of trying to open up the answers for us. I hope you get the BIG SCOOP when the truth be known. your friend, tobasco

After what Saban did to this franchise, I do not see how you can say Parcells is in a no lose situation. If he decides to walk that is on him. Period. Ross has made it known he wants to keep him. How far must he go to prove it? Is Parcell's ego so large it needs to be continually stroked? Seriously?

If the guy walks out on this team then IMO he is an ass. The challenge is there. The staff is in place. The fan support is finally returning. It is time for Parcells to finish a job he is being well paid to do. Anything less makes him out to be a self centered jerk.


Parcells isn't going anywhere. It's a long off-season and we pretty much have suck all the juice we can out of every story if we want to talk about the Dolphins on a regular basis.

I for one wish you would stop being an instigator in this, for you to write:

"It is more important for Ross, the billionaire owner, to impress and defer to Parcells than vice versa. It is more important for the boss to please his employee than vice versa."

It seems to me to challenge Mr. Ross, I just hope he is not some egotistical person who after reading that will try and let Parcells know who’s really in charge. Mr. Ross is a billionaire and he now owns the team that Parcells “WORK” for. Is Parcells a key employee? Yes! But to imply that Ross is at his mercy is just no necessary.

Would you please for once in your life just let them work it out without your throwing a monkey wrench into it. I would much rather see an article after they met to tell us how it worked out (good or bad) without you instigating something before it. You could have just left it alone at they have a very important meeting today.

I for one feel it’s been the media in Miami who have run away some good people JJ and Nick with articles that fumed the flames of fans and caused a lot of unnecessary grief and drama that would not be there other wise. We all know “the pin/tongue is mightier than the sword” and with the power you have to stoke the feelings of the reader I just wish you would try and not abuse it.

Do you know if Wayne will be at the meeting? That would be nice to know.

It is obvious that Parcells and or his agent has leaked this out and he might need some assurance that Ross will commit to him something Wayne was able to give Parcells a comfort level that he will let Parcells shop for the groceries.

I for one hope Ross can assure Parcells that very thing.

How can any say that Mando is not correct?


Sometimes I wonder how strong do you identify with your opinions... is it possible that you see your role as an instigator? Perhaps the success of this blog (from your perspective) is to lure people to participate regardless of whether they see you as a genius or dumb ass.

Thank you for the entertainment.

Whaaat...?? If he wins, if he doesn't win, if he does, if he doesn't, if they can, if they can't. Whoa! My heads spinning!! Could somebody please pass the smelling salt??

Hayden Fox. I'll give it a try...Maaaando iiis nooot coreeect. There... that wasn't so hard.

Go easy Fly on The Wall. You don't want to annoy Hayden Fox. To do so is to incur his wrath and when he cries to Armando...well, do so at your own risk.

Mando- what's the next "dead horse" you'll look to beat to death once this (non-issue) story is FINALLY gone? Get over it already, do your job and find us some "real" Fins news.

Nice. Draw a line in the sand between two people who appear to get along. I guess that is the kind of thing that sells papers though. Way to go Mr. Newspaperman.

'Louis, I Think This Is (Was) The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship'

I agree mando this is kind of a dead story. Ross should already know he has to kiss Tuna's ass. Add an extra million dollars or two each year to his deal and Tuna should be fine.

everyone seems to forget that Bill Parcells is not an employee of Stephen Ross. that is why there is that clause in his contract. his loyalties lie with WH and the thirty days notice is for him to decide whether or not he even wants to work for Ross. I hope the tuna stays but if he doesn't i believe it is all Ross's fault because he could not convince BP to work for him like WH did

I totally disagree with your analysis. Ownership has already publicly declared he wants Parcells to stay and that Parcells will remain in total control of the football side. If Parcells leaves it will be obvious to all fans that Parcells was only interested in holding the franchise hostage in a negotiation.

Omar is better...

go phins is better

mando I usually like your blog but this one really really sucked.

Tuna has already said he would not leave, but before you take that to account lets pretend he did not say that. He brought in his vice president, his coach, his players! Why in the world would he walk out? He has a dream set-up here. You think he is going to go work for his son in law? The tuna has gotten to that status that he works for NO one anymore. Oh they pay him his checks, but the TUNA bows to no man...

>he man who has spent practically his entire adult life trying to win in the NFL finds himself in a no-lose situation now.


Not really. Taking over a 1-15 is a no lose situation. You get a clean slate, new attitudes, great picks, and an easy schedule, and a record you will definitely improve on.

He extended his no lose situation by utilizing these advanages wisely and turning a 1-15 team into an 11-5 team. He naturally gets and deserves a 'honeymoon extension'.

if he's not the highest paid VP in the NFL Ross should rectify that at the end of this day.

What about some new on the Senior Bowl and the players? REAL NEWS not just petty gossip for a change. BTW- jets suck big time.

tuna is not leaving but what makes him sure that after 30 days expired new owner will not change things next 2 years.the answer will one of two things .
1-bp minority ownerships as all these people were standing on side line cause all their investments will be enhanced if tuna stays.
2-or new contract assure tuna of whole salary .

great news marc,if you go on the miami dolphins pro shop,they do have hats,t-shirts and jersey's in pink,just click woman's dolphin gear,

thank's, i think i be better too.

don't worry they can restock.

hey willi i thought you didn't have time to read other blogs.,being your so busy with your 3 fortune 500 companies and all. lol

Is it me or am I in the twilight zone.

Ross mentioned making Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano "especially" happy and did not mention Parcells. YIKES.
Why do you name two "especially" and leave out the third name. It's just one guy you're leaving out - not six or seven.

He also said "the three of us" will sit down and talk; in context again leaving Parcells out.

It's just one sentence but it sounds like Parcells is already on the outside looking in. Either Ross is trying to P.O. Parcells or he is incredibly stupid.

Some of these comments are so stupid it is funny. Can someone please leave me a link to the story in which Parcells is quoted saying he is not leaving? Oh yeah, that doesn't exist.

Enough said.

Keep up the good work, Mando.

I don't trust Ross. I read where he said he doesn't think Parcells needs a raise at this time. That sounds like a problem to me because every body is thinking Parcells will be asking for a raise. Something smells.

art, are you on crack?,especially ireland and sparano because they're the one's who are at the dolphin's facility day in and day out.sparano coach's the player's and ireland is the gm,so technically is in charge of getting players.are you related to oliver stone?

The thing that worries me is what I've been saying since the season ended: Everyone else says Bill Parcells is staying, but Bill Parcells has never said he is absolutely staying.

The stories out of Mobile and Mando's column made it very clear Tuna would not say he was going because he doesn't want to be labeled a liar if he does.

If the guy is worried he's going to be labeled a liar, he obviously has to be considering leaving as an option.

By the way, to Mando's point, the only way Parcells comes out losing in this is if he gets labeledd a liar. Then he's no different than Saban. If he doesn't say anything and he leaves, no one can accuse him of lying.

The guy is pretty smart IMO.

Oh no, I just had a squishie travel though butt cheeks. Gotta go attend to that accident guys.

Well either way if Bill does go which I think he wont the media will make Parcels look like the bad guy period,but really can you fault Bill
for doing what the contract states this shouldnt have been in the contract if that was the case,not to mention alot of people will bash Bill and this and that but you know damn well if that was you you would take the money and run too,I just dont see Bill going out like that though.

how about deleting mjf stupid post

go phins, what is your problem with me? I work very hard and I'm successful. Is that a crime?

And no, I don't go on other blogs. I come here. That's enough for me.

My post wasn't stupid you anonymous dummy. My posts don't get deleted because I log in with a name. Maybe you should do the same.

Oops, I just peed down my leg. And I like boys.

Tony why dont you leave this melodrama on Parcell leaving,sometimes I believe you dont have anything to write,and love to put fear on dolfans minds.In the first place Parcell has never giving any indication about leaving Miami,2.He told a reporter n the senior bowl practices, what does it look Im doing here. when asked the question on leaving the Dolphins,I dont think he has any intentions in getting a check he hasn't earned even though it's in the clause,he is an honorable man, why dont you write about what we need to make this team better to reach the other level,and who we might try and pick up in free agency.GO DOLPHINS!

Who is Tony?

the only dummy i see here is the one who keeps crapping and peeing himself and that would be you dummy

I can't believe this is still news-worthy. Parcells, dressed head to toe in Dolphin's gear at the scouting event says 'what do your eyes tell you' 'what do you see?'...case closed. if the quotes from Ross leave Parcells out it's probably because, as usual, the quotes were taken out of context. Parcells already also said 'it's not about the $' 'I already have more than I can spend' Now, that SHOULD have silenced all of this that was speculated all season. We all knew of the clause when the tuna joined us. We all knew the team was for sale. I'm pretty sure that Parcells is finalizing his legacy

you just said you read darlington's blog but yet you don't read any other blog ,but this one.yeah you work really hard at b.s. now i won't bother you again b.s. er

marc says tuna said it is not about the money and you trust what he said? go buy some pink as go fins said.

Have you ever crapped or peed on yourself? Try it. It's fun. Especially when it is just an accidental moment. It's a special surprise message from your body.

Bill Parcells is soooo outta here BTW.

if tuna leaves dolphins he could go to jets easy

If Ross doesn't offer Parcells AT LEAST another 9 Million for the remainder of his contract; Parcells will leave. He would be foolish not to do so. It's just as challenging turning the Chiefs around as it will be for the Dolphins. He has friends and family there also. It's part of the contract. W.H. knew he intended to sell when he signed the contract only one year ago. As far as I can see, it's just part of the cost of acquiring the team.

Waste of time...........Salguero is smiling right now reading all of your complains. Just don't comment.

So why did you comment Gian?

Same dumb drama, spare yourself the agony. Armando, your still the worst reporter in the world.

Just Think , parcells could take the money and ride off in the sunset and if he wants coach or broadcast again?? he'd be stupid to stay. he's so outta here, back to the cella boys.

Mando will win the covertive buckeye newshawk award. and the silver sow award. you rock mando!

Mando will win the covertive buckeye newshawk award. and the silver sow award. you rock mando!

cuban can you kiss some more butt?

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