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Meeting with Parcells most import to ... Ross

New Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has a meeting with Big Tuna Bill Parcells, Tuna Helper Jeff Ireland, and coach Tony Sparano scheduled for Friday. At this gathering Ross expects to ease any fears he plans significant changes from the way former owner Wayne Huizenga did business with his football people.

Ross said: "The three of us are sitting down and letting them know, 'Hey business as usual,' and any questions they might have, especially Jeff and Tony, to make them feel totally comfortable that business will continue the way it has and they're wanted and I have a lot of respect for what they've done."

The hope is Ross continues to make Parcells feel comfortable about staying with Miami beyond the 30-day opt-out period that began Tuesday. During that period, Parcells is able to opt-out while collecting the total remaining salary from his contract, which still has three years remaining and is worth between $9-$12 million.

If Parcells walks, Ross has to write him a check for the entire remaining sum and Parcells can decide to go to the race track, go to work for another team, or simply hang out with his son-in-law Scott Pioli in Kansas City if he wants to -- nothing the Dolphins can do about it.

Parcells has not made a public statement about what he intends to do one way or the other but sources have indicated he wants to stay ... assuming he feels good about Ross.

So today is important.

But thinking about this, I'm of the opinion todayis much more important for Ross than Parcells. Think about what I just wrote. It is more important for Ross, the billionaire owner, to impress and defer to Parcells than vice versa. It is more important for the boss to please his employee than vice versa.


Let's walk this through: Suppose the meeting doesn't go well. Suppose Ross, for whatever reason, gives Parcells the willies and Parcells decides he simply wants his collect his check and check out. Which one becomes the villian? Is it Bill Parcells for leaving or Ross for not moving heaven and earth to make Parcells want to stay?

Ross would be the bad guy.

The fact of the matter is no matter what Parcells does the next 30 days, he wins. If he stays but his team doesn't win big, as we all hope, he's a hero for at least trying to finish what he started. If he stays and wins big, he's a hero for doing something Don Shula, Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban and others could not do since the 1984 season.

If Parcells leaves and the Dolphins win big, he's a hero for laying the foundation and bringing the people to Miami that ultimately delivered the big prize. If Parcells leaves and the Dolphins fail to win big, he's a hero for turning things around the one year he was here while his reputation for being the genius behind that improbable great season is heightened because the Dolphins will prove they couldn't do it without him.

In other words, the man who has spent practically his entire adult life trying to win in the NFL finds himself in a no-lose situation now.



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ross should give BP 76 million and 23 bucks and 2 parking spaces

Let him retire who cares

agree with joe.what you guys think about BP ? should he stay or should he leaves.let me know as soon as possible .

Basically same stuff we've been reading. It all comes down to Ross saying you run the budget and last minute deals a la Penny AND AND AND Parcells wants to see if Ross will pay the contract and offer a new one. It's like you Mando, if ESPN (Nat'l not local) came calling you would jump all over it while trying to stick up The Herald for more.

that's not true nyfinfan

Give Bill, Tony, and Jeff the Rasies or Bounus checks! Has anyone ever consideredt the extra revenue brought in this year, TV appearances will be up in 2009-10.

BREAKING NEWS........................

Ricky DIDN'T smoke when the thought crossed his mind,Parcells won't say "I'll be with the Dolphins until I die!" BECAUSE Ross might decide he wants to be an Al Davis and IF that happens then BP will leave and THAT would make him a liar.

You are a mere drama Queen Armando and I feel so sorry for your wife!

Continuation of my lists:


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2) Ozzie Smith saved the Cardinals one run per game. Are you telling me that if you substituted Tony Fernandez for Ozzie Smith in 1985, the Cardinals team ERA would have gone up 1 full run? Stick it, Whitey!


1) Strikeouts. Would someone please explain to me the emphasis on strikeouts? (The pitching "triple crown" involves Wins, ERA and Strikeouts.) It's just an out, for crying out loud. No different than a fly out or a ground out. Granted, runners generally don't advance on strike outs as opposed to other outs, but all that is reflected in a pitcher's ERA, a statistic WAY more important than strikeouts! Give me a pitcher with 100 strikeouts and a 2.50 ERA any day over a fireballer with 250 strikeouts and a 4.00 ERA.

2) Touchdown to interception ratio. A wildly overrated statistic. Certain teams are great running the ball in for TDs in the red zone. Others have to pass. Why penalize the QB on a good rushing team? A much better statistic would be total offensive TDs to interceptions.


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1) Keith Olbermann. Until I make this man's "Worst Person In The World" list, it means I'm doing something wrong. If I'm not hated by this man, then I'm not a moral human being. Keith makes it seem like he invented the half-truth. But in reality, it's worse. He's just a liar. And a crazed one at that.

2) Bill Maher. Unlike Olbermann, you're genuinely funny. But boy are you arrogant. And often just wrong.

3) Bill Parcells. Yeah, I'm grateful for the turnaround in the Dolphins. But you're not SO good to justify being such an arrogant jerk.

4) Barack Obama. I believe you are a man of goodwill, generally free of venom. But for 20 years you sat in the pews of a racist, vile, deceitful, immoral preacher, and said nary a word. If a Republican had done the equivalent, his campaign would have been laughed at by the media. For this (and other reasons), I do not trust you to stand up to evil on the world stage. Please prove me wrong.

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Can we change the subject to moving D.thomas to center and signing Peppers and Haynesworth????

yeah let's move d.thomas to qb he's bigger and has a stronger arm .also let's sign peppers.haynsworth.suggs,ashoumha,tj houzyoumamaand trade for manning to back up thomas at qb.

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