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Meeting with Parcells most import to ... Ross

New Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has a meeting with Big Tuna Bill Parcells, Tuna Helper Jeff Ireland, and coach Tony Sparano scheduled for Friday. At this gathering Ross expects to ease any fears he plans significant changes from the way former owner Wayne Huizenga did business with his football people.

Ross said: "The three of us are sitting down and letting them know, 'Hey business as usual,' and any questions they might have, especially Jeff and Tony, to make them feel totally comfortable that business will continue the way it has and they're wanted and I have a lot of respect for what they've done."

The hope is Ross continues to make Parcells feel comfortable about staying with Miami beyond the 30-day opt-out period that began Tuesday. During that period, Parcells is able to opt-out while collecting the total remaining salary from his contract, which still has three years remaining and is worth between $9-$12 million.

If Parcells walks, Ross has to write him a check for the entire remaining sum and Parcells can decide to go to the race track, go to work for another team, or simply hang out with his son-in-law Scott Pioli in Kansas City if he wants to -- nothing the Dolphins can do about it.

Parcells has not made a public statement about what he intends to do one way or the other but sources have indicated he wants to stay ... assuming he feels good about Ross.

So today is important.

But thinking about this, I'm of the opinion todayis much more important for Ross than Parcells. Think about what I just wrote. It is more important for Ross, the billionaire owner, to impress and defer to Parcells than vice versa. It is more important for the boss to please his employee than vice versa.


Let's walk this through: Suppose the meeting doesn't go well. Suppose Ross, for whatever reason, gives Parcells the willies and Parcells decides he simply wants his collect his check and check out. Which one becomes the villian? Is it Bill Parcells for leaving or Ross for not moving heaven and earth to make Parcells want to stay?

Ross would be the bad guy.

The fact of the matter is no matter what Parcells does the next 30 days, he wins. If he stays but his team doesn't win big, as we all hope, he's a hero for at least trying to finish what he started. If he stays and wins big, he's a hero for doing something Don Shula, Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban and others could not do since the 1984 season.

If Parcells leaves and the Dolphins win big, he's a hero for laying the foundation and bringing the people to Miami that ultimately delivered the big prize. If Parcells leaves and the Dolphins fail to win big, he's a hero for turning things around the one year he was here while his reputation for being the genius behind that improbable great season is heightened because the Dolphins will prove they couldn't do it without him.

In other words, the man who has spent practically his entire adult life trying to win in the NFL finds himself in a no-lose situation now.



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Isaac I dont see us using our first pick on a center we could pick up Brown from free agency alot of mocks (which in my opinion dont mean squat)have Laurinitis falling to us.But then again alot of people have Mack slipping into the second round so you never know.I just think we go defense first pick.

If Parcells goes it will be a loss. But, he left us with Ireland and Sparano. Not too shabby, I think. If you read this Parcells is not even a Dolphin right now. He is a free agent. That is scary. Someone could steal him in a heart beat and he could walk with his salary plus whatever some other club would pay him.

kendry thats what i said 3 hours ago, this tuna has left the net boys , what great plan do you have now??

He'll be back in either new eng. or new york by valentines day..

how did the filling of m@@c's mother's bowl go

Well, 26 days and counting...and Parcells is still here. And in Mobile with the Solphins GM and Head Coach. I hope he stays; he's wanted here very dearly!

pat,parcells ,ireland and sparano left mobile yesterday.

she bit me on the hand..


I'am afried after m@@c's mom bit me in the hand it occurs to me that she has to go the way of old yellow, tommy get the gun.

Ok guys vegas odds for next year are out on who will win next years super bowl in the afc east new eng. at 8 to 1 the jets,jets,jets at 20 to 1 and buff. at 40 to 1 ,followed by the fins also at 40 to 1....so much for respect huh..

Dont kill the mesenger.

40 To 1 Ouch.

BP ain't leaving... Mando quit making up this B/S and do some real reporting already you clown...

Hey Mando, lets talk about the upcoming draft and the Phins needs instead of this useless talk.

Hey Hayden Fox - good stuff man.

To Mr. Parcells..............
Sir, please don't go.
To all bloggers...............
It's all about Miami and the SUPERBOWL.
Anything else is not worth talking about.

bp will do one of two things
1-leaving dolphins
2-staying with dolphins
now you vote for 1 or 2

I'm thinking Parcells would most likely want to establish this as his final, greatest, accomplishment(while earning his 12 mill) and become a South Florida Icon.

Considering he'll likely retire there and spend his remaining years in the area what better way than to be placed in the top tier along side Shula/Marino/and the 72 team.

Ross needs to basically walk up to Parcells, hand him the keys to the facility, and then walk away. Because if he wants to make any money off this team, he better let Parcells continue what he's doing.

Mando any chance of you doing a blog on who you believe the Dolphins will select with their 1st round pick as soon as the senior bowl is over? maybe another discussion on people's opinions? i still think James Laurenitis is going to be the gift that keeps on giving when he falls to us at 25...

Any word on what time we should expect to know what the outcome of the meeting will be, if any?

any minute now we all will
know what happened.who is leaving and who is staying .is irelnd staying or leaving ?is saparano leaving or staying?is tuna leaving or staying ?menace is staying or sleeping?

The fact of the matter is no matter what Parcells does the next 30 days, he wins. If he stays but his team doesn't win big, as we all hope??????? What??? ....you must be a jet fan.

what if tuna stays then team wins super bowel .how much more money should ross give him for that?

any one knows if meeting between tuna and ross is over yet?

Your first mistake Mando is thinking Parcells cares one iota what anyone thinks.

He stays if he WANTS to and leaves if he WANTS to - period. I'll bet anything he is not going through any of these ruminations that you imply.

Other than that it was a decent attempt at stirring the pot.

Yo Trenton, you said something smells...I was wondering when you were gonna pick up on it. I just ripped a nasty one!! The silent but deadly kind. I'm gonna go check my underwear now...I think I just lost this bet!!

no thats obama he is the one that can do no wrong lol palin 2012!!!!!!!! tuna will win big in miami championships on the way!


crowder gone bell 50-50 cuuuuuuuuuuban menace,by the way did you check in on m@@c's mom today.

crowder will be gone 48-52.
ginn will be gone 45-55
henne 65-35
tuna 90-10

yeah what?

is the meeting between ross and tuna and irlend and sapar over yet?

I think the factors which BP would be mulling around are:

1) Are the Dolphins in a position to win 10 or more next year?
2) Will he be able to run the team the way he wants to, without owner interference?

If he answers either of these 2 questions in the negative, he will leave. He is at the age where legacy and respect are paramount.

tuna will leave cause some teams love to have him and he got lucky last year with this team .so tuna is leaving

cuba your such a social parasite ,lol

according to gm shanader we are getting haynesworth,peppers.boldan,suggs,namdi ash and peyton manning to back up d.thomas who's moving to qb

Mando must be busy if he hasn't put up a new post by now...let's talk louis delmas in a dolphins uniform!

hey gm shanader, is it true what your pal said.

yeeeeeesssssss the senior bowl.let's watch the ol and lb's for our dolphins.

Last I heard Bill moved to FL because he loves to bet on the ponies almost as much as football, heck his second home is Saratoga, NY.
Bill is not going anywhere.
Warm weather, the track, beautiful women, complete control over an NFL playoff contender.
Where else can he get this?
NO WHERE that's the answer.
Now hear this, The Big Tuna is in Miami for the long-haul. Relax, have another Mojito and be proud you're Dolphins are a playoff team.

If Ross doesnt pay Bill more money Bill is gone no doubt !!! Why would Ross not give Bill somemore money to let Bill know he is his main man ? Its alot easier than paying Bill to leave and finding a new guy who he has to pay anyway that wont be Bill. WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!! Bill wants to stay but Ross has to pay thats what most of this is about . How would you feel if the new owner didnt offer you more money to stay ? Bill works for free for the next two years or he can take his due now and have 9 Other teams give him a better contract than his current one.. Its buisness and Ross should be smart enough to realize that. PAY THE MAN AND THINGS WILL BE GOOD...+

Ok kids , here's the scoop, percell staying, crowder and ginn(and his clipboard holding daddy) being let loose to the wild in feb. mando wins silver sow award, kurt warner will "thank jesus christ my lord and savior" and m@@c will visit a gay bar tonite.

NHFINFAN;you forgot to add dumb fans on your list also the heat also all the wieard news that happen only in florida.menace

Also A certain person who will remain nameless will call me a(pick one) a, moron, idiot, fool, jackass , dumb stupid, cuban scum, and my favorite after birth mess.

hey cuban menace what the f is your problem a-hole

Give Don Shula his due. He was a great coach for the Dolphins. As for Johnson and Saban.. Never had much use for Jimmy, and the best thing Saban did for the Dolphins was leave.

and marc if that's you f you and your pink dolphin gear

later, i have people coming over my house to watch the mosley-margarito fight

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