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Third in series: A look at free agency

[Blog note: This is the third in a series of posts evaluating Miami's player acquisition moves of 2008. Today: Free agency. Next, which does not necessarily mean tomorrow: The draft.]

We've already agreed in the first two parts of this series that Big Tuna Bill Parcells and Tuna Helper Jeff Ireland did magnificent work in remaking, refurbishing and retooling the Dolphins this season. We've already established they did great work overall and did great work with their trades.

Unrestricted free agency?

Did I mention they did great work with their trades?

Unrestricted free agency was not the duo's shining moment, with the exception of one Chad Pennington. I grant you, signing Pennington as a free agent when the Jets released him was Miami's signature move of the season.

Pennington changed everything. But does that completely erase the problems with signing Ernest Wilford? And Josh McCown? And Boomer Grigsby, and Chris Crocker, and Sean Ryan?

Were it not for Pennington becoming unexpectedly available, Miami's 2008 venture into free agency would have graded a C-minus, at best. Of course, Pennington's acquisition turned an ugly picture into a winning portrait.

But as the team prepares for the start of a new free agency period in about a month, one hopes some lessons have been learned. The Dolphins seemed to overpay on some players -- Wilford. The Dolphins figured some players would develop into starters and they did not -- Randy Starks.

And the Dolphins refused to dabble in any players past the age of 26-27 when clearly expanding the horizon a bit might have improved the team's ability to add talent. On the bright side, Miami apparently learned that last lesson by the time the 32-year-old Pennington became available.

What follows is a player by player breakdown of the free agents Miami signed from other teams. Miami's own free agent signees will be evaluated later in the series.

The player: QB Chad Pennington. The deal: Signed a two-year, $7.9 million contract on Aug. 8. The deal included a $500,000 guaranteed roster bonus for 2008. The skinny: The Dolphins convinced Pennington to come to Miami over Kansas City. That was great for both parties, but greater for Miami. Pennington brought leadership, confidence and work ethic to the QB, something the offense had lacked for years. Pennington was the team MVP and that far overshadowed the fact he is still challenged in getting the football down the field because of his arm strength. Pennington has already been named the starter for the 2009 season by coach Tony Sparano. The bottom line: Stellar acquisition.

The player: OLB Charlie Anderson. The deal: Signed a three-year, 7.35 million contract on Feb. 29. The deal included a $2.5 million guarantee. The skinny: He was the starting weak side linebacker for about five minutes during training camp before the Dolphins realized he wasn't good enough for the duty. So Anderson instead was asked to become a special teams and pass-rushing specialist. As the special teams specialist, Anderson was Miami's third-leading tackler but led the special teams in penalties, including one that cost a touchdown. As a rusher, Anderson had 2.5 sacks and forced two fumbles. The bottom line: Anderson was OK but to say he played up to his contract is exaggeration.

The player: QB Josh McCown. The deal: Signed a two-year, $2.25 million  contract on Feb. 29. The deal included a $2.5 million signing bonus. The skinny: McCown would have been a good hire as a backup, but the Dolphins actually considered him starter material when they signed him. Bad call. McCown struggled in training camp and was actually playing no better, perhaps worse, than rookie Chad Henne when Pennington dropped from heaven. The bottom line: The luck in getting Pennington overshadowed the lack of insight in believing McCown could start. But the Dolphins should try to avoid living on the edge like that in the future.

The player: G Justin Smiley. The deal: Signed a five-year, $25 million contract on Feb. 29. The deal included $9 million in guarantees. The skinny: Smiley was confident he would be better than Alan Faneca, who signed with the Jets for a lot more gaudy numbers. That didn't happen even as Faneca declined somewhat. Smiley came to the Dolphins with something of an injury history and, through no fault of his, was injured when the team was making its final-month push for the playoffs. But Smiley was invaluable in helping rookie Jake Long. He was tough. He usually played well when he was healthy. He was an excellent locker room influence. The bottom line: This one won't be decided for another year or two. If Smiley can find a way to get, and stay healthy, this signing will prove wise. If he isn't on the field all the time the next couple of years, the Dolphins didn't get their money's worth.

The player: DL Randy Starks. The deal: Signed a five-year, $20.05 million contract on March 1. The deal included $7 million in guarantees, of which $5.75 million was a signing bonus. The skinny: Starks played and produced better in 2008 with Miami than he did in 2007 with Tennessee. So in that regard, he was what the Dolphins hoped -- a player on the rise. But Starks was also something of enigma in that he didn't produce as much as he had in 2005 and 2006, and he spent the entire season behind a couple of rookies in Phillip Merling and Kendall Langford. The bottom line: If this is the price of depth on the defensive line, it didn't come cheap.

The player: ILB Reggie Torbor. The deal: Signed a four-year, $14 million contract on March 1. The deal included $5 million in guarantees, of which $4 million was a signing bonus. The skinny: This signing will pay dividends (or not) this offseason. At that point, the Dolphins may feel good enough about Torbor to allow Channing Crowder to walk via free agency. But if the Dolphins make moves that ensure Torbor will continue being a fallback option at ILB, then his contract seems way too rich for a backup and special teams player. The bottom line: If this is the price of depth and special teams help, it was way too expensive.

The player: Boomer Grigsby. The deal: Signed a one year, $525,000 contract on March 5. The contract included a $5,000 signing bonus. The skinny: Grigsby was a victim of not having familiarity with the Dolphins coaching staff while also declining at the wrong time. He was replaced by Casey Cramer, who played for several Miami coaches in Carolina. Grigsby didn't help his cause by missing a key block in the season opener, but his fate seemed sealed even before that game was played. He did not sign with another team during the season. The bottom line: You win some, you lose some. The loss is mitigated by the nominal investment.

The player: S Keith Davis. The deal: Signed a two-year, $3.5 million contract on March 11. The skinny: Part of the Cowboyfication of the Dolphins, Davis seemed like a lock to make the team. But before the final preseason game he was cut even though Miami didn't need to make space on the roster. Davis was better on special teams than several players that remained on the roster. And later in the season coach Tony Sparano said Davis cut because he was behind other players at safety -- except the Dolphins then had to bring in less accomplished safetys such as Brannon Condren and Courtney Bryan to play on special teams. Davis re-signed with the Cowboys. The bottom line: The signing was a good one but waiving the guy was a mistake.

The player: Nathan Jones. The deal: Signed a two year contract with undisclosed terms on March 14. The skinny: Another former Cowboy signed primarily to play on special teams, Jones was valuable on special teams throughout the season and increased his value starting in Miami's nickel and dime package the final month of the season. The bottom line: Assuming he got about $1 million per year, Jones was a good addition.

The player: Chris Crocker. The deal: Signed a one-year, $1.15 million contract on March 31. The deal included $300,000 in guarantees. The skinny: It looked like a wise move for a while as Crocker took the free safety spot Jason Allen could not keep during training camp. And then the season actually started and Crocker was responsible for several busted coverages in the deep secondary. He was demoted, then released on Oct. 21. Interestingly, Crocker joined the Bengals and became a valued member of their secondary. The bottom line: You win some, you lose some. This was a loss.

The player: WR Ernest Wilford. The deal: Signed a four-year, $13 million contract on March 1. The deal included a $6 million signing bonus. The skinny: Wilford was inactive 10 of 17 games, including a playoff game in which the Dolphins felt more comfortable going with only three receivers than having him suited up. Wilford caught three passes for 23 yards and was labeled a, "disappointment," by an understating Ireland midway through the season. The bottom line: Miami's worst personnel move the entire season, including free agency, trades, and draft.

The player: TE Sean Ryan. The deal: Signed a one-year, terms undisclosed. The skinny: He was waived Sept. 12 when the team needed to make room on the roster for T Kirk Barton, who was claimed off waivers from Chicago. The moved proved fruitless all the way around as Barton was waived a month later. The bottom line: The Anthony Fasano trade erased the mistake of this signing.


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Thanks for putting in the work to compile the list. I agree that they clearly drafted and traded better than they did with free agency signings. Hopefully they do better this year. If we can re-sign 2 or 3 of our 5 key free agents and find 2 other starters or quality players in free agency, I would be happy.

The Pennington pick-up alone probably makes up for all of the other so-so moves here.

Armando, I am dressing you up as a 1960s Baptist preacher, in honor of the holiday weekend.

Didn't Ernest Wilford have 2 false starts? And receivers have no reason to false start. What a waste.

Remember we were 1-15 and not to many free agents wanted to come to miami.also we had a new management team still trying to know the roster.now that the culture has changed to our winning ways alot more free agents will want to come to miami.

When they dump Wilford, how much money will they have to pay him? And does the 6 mil signing bonus come out of the 13 mil. contract or is it in addition to the 13 mil.

I liked what Charlie Anderson did late in the season (though I must include the fact that I have not seen all of Miami's game living in a NFC market). Nate Jones was also very good I thought. I even liked Reggie Torbor, who I think is a nice guy to have on the roster. I think he's more of a guy they can place in certain situations (I did see a lot of him with the G-Men).

What the Dolphins need to do this upcoming offseason is focus on keeping guys, priamrily Bell, before looking for guys. I would argue that Bell's the best defensive player they have next to a reincarnated Porter.

In terms of looking for FA's, I'm high on Wake, but they need to look for some help on O, or on the O-line. Oh, and I here LT might be available in FA. Brown, Williams, and Tomlinson? Wildcrazy.
Oh, and I doubt that as much as I wish that.

Funny, looking back they did a fairly shitty job. This confirmed what we all knew, that Miami had a good group with no offensive leadership & and little to no real confidence upstairs. Go Roth!

Mando, i like the Tuna Helper reference, haha, anyways, i believe the group did the best they could with the talent that was available. For the most part we could be in a more terrible position, we didnt over spend like the Jets did, and we exceeded expectations, so that was a plus.
Hopefully, we learned a couple of things going into free agency this year. I feel there is a lot of talent in this year's free agency.

Overall, we are in good shape, thats the important thing to remember here. Pennington, Smiley, and the trades made up for all the poo poo free agents we got last year.

I cant wait to see if Miami will acquire any draft picks or players this year by trading some of our players.

Mando, who do you think on our team, maybe be used as trade bait. According to the Big Tuna, anyone is available for a trade as long as the price is right


Think about this ... besides Ferguson, Ayodele, and Langford, Fins couldnt replace the previous starters on defense. Porter, Roth , Crowder, Goodman, Hill, W Allen, Bell, J Allen, Holliday,...J.T. and Zach excluded of course.. WOW.

We need some big time draft picks or free agents.

Tuna Helper....lol! Is that original or did you snag it from somewhere?

The same thing strikes me after this season that struck me last year when they were signing these free agents.......Holy crap, that's lots of millions of dollars for some mediocre talent! I guess that's just the financial landscape of the NFL these days. The money from those insanely frequent commercial breaks has to be going somewhere.

Starks surprised me in a good way. He made some real nice plays. I wonder if inconsistency is the reason he doesn't get more playing time.

I still can't figure out why Nate Jones looks like a good blitzer. Does he time his blitzes that well or do offenses just give him no respect?

keep channing! he can tackle; porter cannot!

Nice compilation Armando... With guys like Parcells and Ireland who clearly have a great eye for NFL caliber talent, what jumps out at me is teams are not allowing talented players to hit the FA market. Maybe as we have seen with Wilford, too many teams have been burned letting the guys they know walk for an unknown that doesn't pan out.

It really puts a premium on building a team through the draft. When a guy gets that big payday as a FA I think several things had to come into play for it to happen. 1. He's not happy where he is playing. 2. They are not willing to pay what he believes he's worth. 3. He's ready to cash in his ticket to never having to work again in his life. Is this player going to perform once the guaranteed money is sitting in his bank account? In Wilford's case clearly no.

If you look at team dynamics, would it have been as easy for Wilford to play opossum if he had still been on the Jags? I don't think so. He could have gotten the big money but after growing up with those players he would not have been able to face them if he rolled over as he did in Miami.

For these reasons I think delving into FA is risky business unless the player has something to prove. The Pennington deal was special and I think the over riding factor is that Pennington was not looking to cash it in. He was looking to vindicate himself and to prove the Jets wrong. He wanted to play football, the money was not a big issue.

So I think Parcells and Ireland did it right by staying with younger players who might have some up-side and not going for players who were looking to cash in. Wilford burned them and you can bet your bottom dollar (no pun intended) he won't be around next season.

I think teams should build from the draft and sign their own FA's within reason. It will not be so easy for those players to cash out on the guys who have been in the trenches with them from the beginning. Look at it this way, drop $6,000,000 into the pocket of anyone reading this blog including Armando and see how hard they work if by not working they will be set free to go spend it.

And marc is a tool.

Good reporting Mando. They paid a premium price for back-ups/special teams players. And I don't think Tuna will make the same mistake twice. They'll put more stock into the draft then in free agents this year. But Albert Haynesworrh sure wouldn't hurt! I'm gonna continue to lobby for him untill he signs with us!



Thanks for giving us Dolphin fans something new to read every morning. We appreciate your efforts and look forward to your frequent updates. With Jeff all but abandoning the Q&A, this blog is all the Herald has for us info-starved fans. Thanks again.


Thanks for the breakdown! You're right in saying that we kind of bombed in Free Agency last year (I paraphrased). I'm not one for making excuses but I'll temper it a little by saying that this year will be much better IMHO.

I'll explain. Last year the TriTuna were new to this team and although they had film to look at there weren't too many bright spots. They had minimal knowledge about what they did have on the team and tried to get some insurance in case the guys they had weren't good enough. I know that they still could have made better decisions on the guys they did pick up in Free agency, however, who wanted to go to the worst team in the league for cheap? They tried to get low to mid grade players as stop gaps or insurance and yes, unfortunately, they had to pay more for them than some of the other teams would have.

I think that this year will be different. We will know better about what we need and also what we already have. Ireland will be in his second year and will have gained some valuable experience as a second year GM. I don't think they will have to overpay for players in order to convince them to come to Miami. Players by now know that the Dolphins are for real and can be a contender.

There. That's my explanation. I know it is going to sound like an excuse, so if you disagree then we'll talk again after FA 2009 has had time to settle in and we'll see if that one is not drastically improved.

Bowles interrviews were a joke... Hope he at least gets to keep the frequent flyer miles he racked up by being the Rooney Rule candidate!

12 FA signings! Last year was about quantity, this year, give me quality. I just want 3 FAs this year. NT Albert Haynesworth, CB from OAK (whatever his name is.) and a top center.

The combination of free agency and the salary cap has greatly soured my appreciation for the National Football League. In days of yore, teams like the Dolphins and the Steelers could build dynasties because not only did they coach better than other teams, but they drafted and traded more wisely than other teams, thus assembling far superior talent. Those teams now would not be able to retain their players because paying them market value would put them over the salary cap. The only exception to the rule is a team like the Patriots where the players are so enamored of the organization (or at least used to be) that they're willing to receive less salary than what the market will bear. This is the exception, not the rule.

To summarize, free agency and the salary cap SUCK! Why not institute a rule letting teams go over the salary cap - not to attract other teams' players, but to retain their own players. Is that feasible? I don't know.

I think Pennington, Starks, Smiley, and Torbor made for a successful free agent class. Remember they were a one win team and were getting passed over by big name guys. Thanks to the work done by these guys in the season, this year Miami will be one of the teams that guys will WANT to come to. It will get easier in free agency from here.

go phins,

you have to be one of the smartest guys that blog here. maybe it's because we see things the same almost all the time!

Great job Armando. Thanks!!

BY monaliza

^wierd. Peppers is loose and Haynesworth mite b lose. (HMMMM) Or Peppers and Oakland's CB and take that mammoth sized mammal from Alabame. (HMMMM) Lemme give daddy Parcells a call.

Aramando, you are right the trifecta didn't do their best work in free agency but they were coming off a one-win season and most of the moves they made were to add depth to their team. I think they accomplished that. Let's remember that quality teams are built through the draft and free agency fills in the missing pieces. You only have to look at the Patriots to figure that out. The only move that I never really understood was the Wilford signing. Why spend all that money on him, after supposedly doing a lot of work evaluating him and then never using him. Don't get it!! I still think he could have helped the team last season, unless he has a lousy attitude. I can only think that this was a communication breakdown within the trifecta and that Sparano was never sold on the guy.

Although many of these acquisitions were thought to be starter-caliber,some can be considered as quality second string players.At one time,Miami was deep at defense until CaMoron sacked the roster--and we know how that turned out!The bottom line is this: Tuna,et.al.,did an outstanding first year job of rebuilding the Fins and laying a solid foundation for this year.Now,the trick is to bring in even more quality players--hopefully no more first round kick returners! Go Fins!!!

I also think this year will be different for the Dolphins. I think it's a different team this year, although I still don't belive that the talent level is of a championship calibre yet. I think the Dolphins will be tempted by Peppers, Haynesworth and Oakland CB. I think they will be more aggressive this offseason but I also think they need to resist the urge to overspend. Costly mistakes are what buried this team for years under previous regimes.

don't forget the state of the team last year. there are less holes in swiss cheese. Paul is right, it was about quantity. notice how many signings in just the first weekend of free agency. they had so many needs, they had to jump early and often.
the odds are never good in FA and the Dolphins missed on a bunch of guys, but they also kept digging and hit on a few. their best signing wasn't even in the traditional free agency period.
imo, this year they can focus on quality, and with plenty of cap room, they should be able to land one big fish like Haynesworth or Asomugha.
one lesson learned this past season is that a decent team without talent in key areas can only go so far. I don't know the front office would agree, but I say it's time to start looking at top-tier free agents.

I can't blame Parcells for releasing Keith Davis. Davis left Dallas originally only because he wanted a shot at being a starting safety. When that wasn't going to happen here, Parcells released him as a favor to the player. and possibly to Dallas who re-signed him.

"Tuna Helper Jeff Ireland" I love it Armando. Excellent imagination on your part. You should trademark that.

I hope the Dolphins get asomugha from oakland. That would be a great free agent class in my opinion.

Hello my phin brothers,Miami needs a (D tackle, center, BIG WIDE RECIEVER, and a Hard hitting strong saftey and ILB)and we could get that in free agency (dt haynsworth,center from ravens,and SS from Cardnals OH AND ILB B SCOTT)and then draft WIDE RECIEVER,GUARD AND DEPTH

There are a view different ways to look at these moves:(1)Grigsby, Ryan, Davis, and Jones were low cost players that were brought in sinply to provide competition during training camp. None were thought to be players of the future.(2) I don't recall there being any quality free agent quarterbacks on the market last year. The McCown signing was a low cost move that netted a 7th round draft choice in a trade with a playoff team. (3)Starks played alot of snaps this year and seemed to play well when given an opportunity in the rotation. (4) Torbor and Anderson have upside and will probably show improvement next season; and if not, their contracts aren't so excessive that they can't be cut. (5) The only mistake was Wilford and even that move made sense at the time of the signing.

Armando, we needed to bulk up our roster because of the lack of depth at so many positions and with all the injuries the team suffered in 2007. This year we can target more specific talent who can come in and make an impact.

Parcells, Ireland and Sparano have a better feel for this team and which players are the core of this team. Now they can look to upgrade positions that are lacking in both free agency and the draft. They also have the cap space to do more and because of our success this year free agents should be more willing to come to Miami.

As long as you have great drafts and one home run free agent acquisition every year, it won't make much difference what your other free agents end up doing.

Also, there seems to be at least one team every year that proves all over again that talent does not equal success if you can't play as a team. Exhibit A: Cowboys.

mark,thank you very much,i did notice we agree on many things dolphins.

also , a.c. i couldn't agree with you more and i'm glad i'm not the only one that feels that way.

Last! Yessssssssssssss

Chad Pennington and Randy Starks and probably the best aquisitions of the 2008 Free Agent Class. Everybody else sucks.

even justin smiley ,who was our best ol and playing at pro bowl level before he got hurt? save us y2j

Mando...you omitted the blocked punt (Jets game) in your Charlie Anderson stats...prior to that event, how many years had it been since the 'Phins successfully blocked/recovered a punt?

Thanks Armando

Go Phins,

Yes, even Justin Smiley. Everybody knew that Justin Smiley was an injury risk, which is why San Francisco let him walk. Miami was the team that decided to overpay for him, and look what happens. Smiley once again gets injured. That leg injury in St. Louis was pretty bad, and on top of all that the shoulder that put him on IR in 2007 with SF had to have ADDITIONAL surgery recently. I don't think this team can depend on Smiley long term as fragile as he is. Certainly not worth five years, $25 million.

Oh, and Jake Long was Miami's best offensive lineman in 2008, not Smiley.

thank god your not miami's vp and gm.smiley was the leader and his veteren presence next to jake long was invaluble.just ask jake and coach sparano.He is way ahead in his leg injury and just cleaned up his shoulder a bit.he will be ready and leading a revamped line soon.once again he is 26 and was our best ol.

also if you remember smiley was signed 5 mi. after free agency began at 12 mid,he was the 1st fa to sign so the tuna and sparano who know a thing about ol play loved the guy,but i.m sure you know more than them.

Antichrist why would the Dolphins be in the cellar in the AFC east if all the teams have the same basic schedule? Did you realize that the Fins were 4 - 2 in the division last year? So what you're saying is that all three afc east teams will get better while the Dolphins get worse? This while the Jets have no coach and no clue if they have a starting QB? This while the Pats are unsure whether or not they can keep Cassel and are unsure as to whether or not Brady will be ready to go? This while the Bills went 7-9 for the third straight year and there is not only talk about firing the coach, but also about the team relocating to Toronto? But with all of the stability in Miami you actually think THEY will be the team at the bottom? Remind me never to read your posts again.

mr bungle hit link where it says previous,your still there,and ny scott the anti-christ is clueless don't forget the pats lost pioli .who got all there players and oc josh mcdaniels.

It makes no sense to call signings like Grigsby, Ryan or Crocker "mistakes." There was nothing wrong with signing any of those players for the money they did and seeing if they'd pan out. Signing Ryan wasn't a mistake - he just wasn't needed as a blocking tight end because there were other options available.

I thought that they did well last year. You are going to lose some of the time. The only really bad pickup was Wilford and who knew? He just wanted to play football.
Face the trifecta's hands were tied pretty tight.
Players didn't want to play for a 1-15 team.
Players seen them trade the franchise player away.
Players seen them cut Zack Thomas.
A lot of these guys are Wilfords (in any case) and when they get the big money they forget to show up to play as hard as they did. Not all mind you but quite a few and would take a long look to dig them up.
What if the Dolphins go 4-12 and they have to sign a top 5 fa and they have spent all of the money on the Wilfords of the world?
It is a tough job that they do.
Judging from last years get the best player in the budget for the hole to fill and stick with the draft. Also when we look back, name an FA that made a really great impact in Miami in the last ten years. I honestly can't.

Oh, I forgot. Players seen them working hard in the spring. Which one of these guys wants to work hard in the spring when they can make just as much and have the winter/spring and half of the summer off.

Ndukwe letting himself get thrown (bodily) into Smiley's leg doesn't make Justin's deal good or bad. It might explain why Maser is no longer with us.

I will be shocked if we even look at Peppers. Great player, but simply a bad fit for us at the kind of money he's going to get. Signing him would mean either we're going back to the bad old days of building our D around one player or we're paying $7 million + per year for a situational guy.

Tennessee wants to keep Haynesworth, Haynesworth wants to stay in Tennessee, and he might not want to convert to NT even if he does leave (Jenkins looks like he may think it was a mistake). Albert is pretty much of a longshot.

There are over 250 unrestricted free agents this offseason. Look for us to bring in about 15 or 20 mid level guys, maybe 1 or 2 big names.

I just want 3 FAs this year. NT Albert Haynesworth, CB from OAK (whatever his name is.) and a top center.

Posted by: Paul

Oh, that's all you want? Get real, Pal. How much money do you think can be spent on three players?

If one is going to say signing Ryan, and Grigsby and Crocker were not mistakes, that is ignorant. Crocker HURT the team in the season opener and at Arizona. Grigsby was supposed to upgrade the special teams and didn't do that even when the special teams were terrible. And ryan was a non-factor at a position of need, so if that wasn't a waste, then what was he?

as i mentioned on a previous blog a couple a days ago.maser was fired because of his approach and the constant yelling on the players which sparano found counter-productive.this armando ,,who failed to mention this,is what i was telling the fans before i got attacked by a moron idiot.you know who you are you tool,


Darlington and Israel are great on ESPN - when is your turn(again....!)

What are the chances ?


It seem that wake headed for one of these two teams jets or loins for big money.i still think tuna can pull it off.
by monaliza

alert: jets sign wake for big money even though they are 10 mil over the cap and have invested huge at the olb spot in calvin pace 23 mil signing bonus and over 20 mil to the 6th overall pick in gholston the bust.

Can we please put an offer in for Julius Peppers?? he made it clear he will not resign with Carolina & he would fit perfectly into Miami's 3-4 Defense! btwn him and porter we would be a nightmare for quarterbacks around the leage!! Go get 'em TUNA!!

As long as we keep having incredible drafts and signing one home-run free agent each year, it won't matter much who else we sign.

Of course much will change if we actually lose the Cap in '10.

can we please not sign j.peppers .he will want to much money,between porter and peppers we would be spending around 45 mil in signing bonuses alone.we have to many holes to be spending on 1 guy.we have langford,holliday,starks and merling at de in the 3-4.you will be talking many snaps away from merling.the pass rush is got to come from the other olb spot.good thing scott is not the gm and vp.

according to Adam Schefter the Dolphins have signed Cameron Wake to a four year 4.9 million dollar deal, the richest ever for a CFL player.

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