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OT Jake Long headed to the Pro Bowl after all

Dolphins left tackle Jake Long, originally a first-alternate to the Pro Bowl, is going to Hawaii after all.

Long was named to the team Tuesday after Buffalo's Jason Peters ceded his spot on the squad for physical reasons. Long joins running back Ronnie Brown and linebacker Joey Porter as Miamians on the Pro Bowl roster.

"It's a huge honor to be named to the Pro Bowl team," Long said in a statement released by the Dolphins. "I'm excited about the opportunity to join so many other great players in the game, and looking forward to representing my teammates and the Dolphins organization in Hawaii."

Long, the first pick in the 2008 draft, becomes the first player selected No. 1 overall to make the Pro Bowl as a rookie since George Rogers did it for the New Orleans Saints in 1981. Only four No. 1 overall picks have made the Pro Bowl as rookies since the NFL merger in 1970 -- the other three were Rogers, Billy Sims and Earl Campbell.

Congrats, large man.

By the way, if you're thinking the Dolphins won't be going back to the offensive line in the draft, think again. I am told a player who is impressing the Miami contingent in Mobile, Ala., in advance of Saturday's Senior Bowl, is Oregon State's Andy Levitre.

Levitre, 6-3 and 317 pounds, played primarily right tackle for the Beavers. But he projects as a guard in the NFL and can always work at right tackle in a pinch -- something the flexibility loving Dolphins are always looking for.

Keep an eye on Levitre, who is not a first-rounder, but likely no worse than a third rounder.


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it is not easy to be a fin fan.
5-you cut your own hair.
6-you have no car insurance.
7-you eat red beans before you go to bed.
by mona

tinshaker pat kirwan of nfl.com who i'm sure knows alot more about football than you do ,said the same thing about moore and also mentioned raji is to small hieght wise for the tuna at nt and is better suited at dt in the 4-3 ala sapp,ellis.dorsey.they like fili moala who is 6-4 305 room to grow better,he i the cousin of ngata,mr gm and scout.


go phins, I am not a Missouri fan. I went to school in the lovely state of Florida, and now live in California. I drove through Kansas City once if that counts.

305 Ib wow fins need a smart moala who is 6.9 at 410 Ib.
by menace

ok that counts lol,but i could've swore you said you were a tigers fan on the other blog.did you read the comments on moore on the sites i gave you. your thoughts?

go phins .you are making a lot of friends on this BLOG.
by monalizaaaa

you'll be going there because some of the idiot posters unlike on here, think your god and a actual scout,that why.

mcshay,no but kirwan was a actual scout.


it is not easy to be a fin fan
8-to be a fin fan you must have finished middle school w/at least -D GRADE GARD .

Armando, I'm not sure who you were replying to when you said we wouldn't sign Carey for depth. I never read that in this blog, maybe I missed it. But I did ask what would Carey's price be and what is the going rate for a top RT, not a backup?

I would think we'd offer Carey - Smiley type money, 5 years $25 million with $9-11 million guaranteed. Is that about right? Some offensive lineman have gotten crazy contracts in the last few years. I think most of them were grossly overpaid.

i think we should offer Carey 3years total of 8 million with 200,000 signing bonus .that is it he is not tom brady.
by shander


Go JAKE!!! You got shafted on the first go 'round but justice prevailed!! Well deserved young man.

These biased fans defending Long over Clady are absolutely adorable. Mistaken, but adorable.

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