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Tuna now sounding definitive about Miami future

Bill Parcells spoke to New York Daily News columnist Gary Myers Friday and, in his most definitive statement about his situation with the Dolphins following the team's sale to Stephen Ross, finally made it clear he intends to remain with the Miami Dolphins in 2009.

"My intention is to do what I've been doing," he said. "I think we will have ample time to figure each other out. I'm very optimistic. I've had two or three meetings with Steve Ross and he seems to be a guy who wants to do things the right way. There will be a period of adjustment. He's got to find out about the business. We are going to try and make things work. I'm not doing this forever."

Parcells, who has a clause in his contract that stipulates he can walk away from the Dolphins in the next 25 days and still collect the entirety of his contract's $9-$12 million still to be paid, also dismissed the notion he wants to rework the deal in exchange for not exercising the stipulation.

"I will never take another dollar from the Dolphins other than what I am earning," he said. "I'm not trying to leverage anything. I got more money than I can spend now."

This is great news for Miami and its fans.


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Cant Answer the neck fat question, this guy rienhold just made me lose my mind , can you believe what that guy wrote? makes me want to puke.

Cant Answer the neck fat question, this guy rienhold just made me lose my mind , can you believe what that guy wrote? makes me want to puke.

Rianhold Needs to change his diet to strickly fish, fish is brain food buddy and you need to eat a whale.

You have to be kidding me...This is NOT NEWS! It was all pure speculation to begin with and he made it clear when you guys started stirring this pot. You need him to say "I'm not leaving" when it was fabricated by the media to begin with! I can't believe this is the 4th blog on this topic. It was NEVER a story, it has been BS from day one!

Also, WOW. Menace, I can't believe how collossal of a loser you are. I haven't responded to you in days and yet, you STILL bring my name up multiple times in EVERY blog. Are you really suprised that PEOPLE want you banned? You have conversations with yourself, none of which are relevant, nor do they make any sense. You get your comments deleted because you're an idiot, they aren't relevant, they are antagonistic, they are conversations with YOURSELF! The amazing thing is that Mandy tolerates it at all. Apparently, he doesn't notice that out of 30 comments 25 are yours, and half of the regular posters don't even come to this blog anymore because of your antics. I gave you my email when you asked for it, and I welcome you to contact me if you ever feel the need to settle this. Obviously your cowardace is superceded only by your stupidity.

marc .what you think is tuna leaving or not and if he is staying what make you so sure and is it true that you want the new phins uniform to be pink or light blue ?thanks

wow !cuban menace you take that? this is a man who also called you a social parasite.

Apperently Marc Its Not just me that thinks your a crass boar but there are lots of bloggers that dont like you, but i degress , how were your holidays?

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You guys see what i mean with this angry little man. its sad. some one give him a number to get his anger under control. please help marc. i 'll say a prayer for you.

You guys see what i mean with this angry little man. its sad. some one give him a number to get his anger under control. please help marc. i 'll say a prayer for you.

praise the lord

hey marc, you should take a look in f'n mirror.you're no saint.you come on here bashing other poster's when they're not even talking to you.you alway's have something to say and 99% of the time it.s not good.

i say the dolphins draft alex mack in the 1st round kenny britt with the first 2nd round pick and sum defensive guy with the other and david vinekune sum where in the 3rd or 4th round wat do you ppl think?

who is alex .M?

center for cal yea they need a bigger center cuz samson satelle is to small they should trade him and get another pick for him but i do hope the fins draft britt from rutgers and daid vinekune from hawaii

good choices .i like trying to get suggs and release crowder

yea and maybe bart scott but like what the fins could Do is go mack first round, kenny britt 2ndA and if he falls clay matthews from usc with the 2ndB and sum where in the 3rd or 4th draft david veikune cuz hes prjoected to play end in a 4-3 or a linebacker in a 3-4

If we all read in between the lines, "I will never take another dollar from the Dolphins...." ~Bill Parecella. This means in three more years, the Head Tuna will move on (beyond Miami) and on to his next reclamation project. Let's hope the pieces to the Dolphins Super Bowl puzzle are in place by then!

mandi, BP is staying that means you need to find some real stories to report instead of this B/S about him leaving you keep pushing out everyweek.

marc is a condescending little prick.remember that little line.that was you budding into other people's conversation's you little f'n jackazz.gm is right,you never have anything good to say tough guy ,lol.so take a look in the mirror before you talk about other people.oh yeah i don't know how mando puts up with you and your constant bashing of him.

why does pro football weekly have us taking b.pettigrew te with the our 1st round pick? in thier new mock draft.te is not 1 of our top meeds.are they nuts?

their, excuse me before i get the spelling police after me.

Bill Parcells will leave early if Miami wins the superbowl, no question. To be honest if he does then he would deserve the rest, the guy would be 70 and I as a Dolphin fan would dine on that victory the rest of my life. I feel we are four great players away from being in the championship class. WR, CB, ILB and C.

if cameron wake is the real deal and throw in young nt and a fs.

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Nah Bro, Work called and i was stupid enough to answer.

Nah Bro, Work called and i was stupid enough to answer.

The Tuna no like you Mando.....he gives u a smartass answer when u ask the question and the reporters in NY get an interview.

Maybe he read that story you made up about Peterson taking his place.....

Good job "Scoop"

go fins is that you?

okay now Mando, shut up about this story before Parcells sees it and changes his mind. Stop digging up bones that aren't there!

don't you think we should know what are the results from their meeting and find out is he leaving or not? thanks

enough of this tuna thing .let us talk about irlend now for a change.

For all you posters who say, "no we can finally put this to rest", remember: WITH PARCELLS, NOTHING IS CERTAIN. For him to change his mind on the last day would be consistent with his past behavior.

This sill remain an open issue till the time window closes.

So what you think then ?is he leaving or staying and what about irlend?

how do you block people?

Alex Mack with the first pick god no I would rather have Duke Robinson if we go o-line also I have heard that Samson has played the whole season with a muscle tear (no excuse for not picking up linebacker blitzes) and he still may be our starter but they want him to weigh no less than 310 if we go for a center it will be Brown from Baltimore I just cant see us taking a center with the first pick when Mack may fall to the second round anyway.


Time for a new post Mando! Let's talk WR Demetrius Byrd (another miami guy) in a dolphins uni! He's a big reciver (6-2 200) outta LSU and would be there as a 2nd or 3rd rounder.

Good to see the NY media can finalize a story, while the south florida media merely speculate.

Hey Cuban, that 40-1 odds was the odds of Miami to win the Super Bowl not make the play offs.

Just like the entire country covets florida football players in college the dolphins should do the same. Like the CB and FS duo from Western Michigan E.J Biggers and Louis Delmas(they were also high school teamates from North Miami Beach High).LSU WR Demetrius Byrd(Miami Norland). Notice how all those are positions of need people! And all can be had in the later rounds although louis could go late 1st cause his stock is rising since the senior bowl.

My bad...

I believe what you read was that the Fins are 40-1 to win the Super Bowl next year. Big difference.

This team has a solid foundation with Ireland and Sporano. We'll be okay regardless of what Parcells decides. What you lose is his hands on advice and councel. I am sure he'd be only a phone call away if he were to decide to bolt.

Parcells is leaving. The only question that remains is exactly when.

i know when BP will leave but i am not going to tell you.

yeah ,lets draft players just because they're from miami and went to high school in miami.who cares if the trifecta likes them or not.louis delmas is a keeper,though.

Mike, i concur, mia has a great starting point but man what a schdule next year, could be a killer for this young team, i hope not though. dolphin fans deserve a championship.

All three guys would make an impact on any nfl team. And are real options in the draft for the trifecta. Byrd has the size and speed to help our reciving corps. Biggers can develop into a good CB and Delmas would be our starting FS from day 1!

Yes the ravins will be letting some of there beasts out in feb, suggs is nasty he would be good in the phins def. line.

menace you are back.ihave a Q .are you going to marc's picnic?

go fins sucks

menace .what is your problem man.F you

I would love to go to m@@cs picnic, but i think I'd have to have a same type of protection, such as a chasity belt or some medication for s.t.ds , you never know kids , my advice is " if you think its funkey cover your monkey"...

Maybe we can have the picnic when tony s. lets loose ted(hands of stone)ginn, his clip board holding daddy and r. crowder into the wild?? what do you kids think?

Ravens have it tuff 3 of their linebackers and their center are all up cant see them signing all 4 they may franchise someone who that is I dont know but they sure cant keep them all let the bidding begin come Feb 27th

I wouldn't have blamed Parcellsone iota had he taken the money and run. But, wow, I've gotta hand it to the guy. What a class act!

yeah i see them keeping 2 of there marquee players on def. i see ray( the killer) lewis being the odd man out, he's getting up there in years, reminds me of zach thomas with the fins last year at this time..

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