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Parcells: Opt-out reports not entirely correct

Bill Parcells has been chatting with his media buddies the last week or so, as he's slowly but surely been lured out the cocoon of silence he typically keeps about himself. And, since many of those Parcells buddies are also Salguero buddies who pass along what Parcells tells them, there is one nugget Parcells keeps giving them that they've passed to me.

Parcells has told not one, but several media buddies that the reports of him having a 30-day window to opt out of his contract with the Dolphins were not entirely accurate. Parcells is not denying a clause exists. But he's saying its length has not been correctly reported.

You will remember it's been vastly reported that in the case of a Dolphins sale to a new owner, Parcells would have 30 days to opt out of the remaining three years of his four-year deal. And, if he decided to do that, the Dolphins would owe him the sum of his remaining salary and he could then go immediately to another team without any repercussions to himself or that new team he might go to.

It seemed like a gigantic hammer Parcells could wield if he decided to do so. He has decided not to do so.

But part of the reason Parcells isn't pounding that hammer could be the fact it doesn't require its immediate use as previously thought. Parcells has declined to give specifics of where exactly the reports of the clause were accurate and where they were not. But it stands to reason that Parcells, who has said he will remain with Miami, is doing so in part because he wants to be in Miami and also because his options either aren't as wide open as we thought or are perhaps much more wide open than we thought.

It will be interesting to see if Parcells addresses this issue during his media availability with former employer ESPN today. Parcells has not returned a phone call to his cellular phone.