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Parcells: Opt-out reports not entirely correct

Bill Parcells has been chatting with his media buddies the last week or so, as he's slowly but surely been lured out the cocoon of silence he typically keeps about himself. And, since many of those Parcells buddies are also Salguero buddies who pass along what Parcells tells them, there is one nugget Parcells keeps giving them that they've passed to me.

Parcells has told not one, but several media buddies that the reports of him having a 30-day window to opt out of his contract with the Dolphins were not entirely accurate. Parcells is not denying a clause exists. But he's saying its length has not been correctly reported.

You will remember it's been vastly reported that in the case of a Dolphins sale to a new owner, Parcells would have 30 days to opt out of the remaining three years of his four-year deal. And, if he decided to do that, the Dolphins would owe him the sum of his remaining salary and he could then go immediately to another team without any repercussions to himself or that new team he might go to.

It seemed like a gigantic hammer Parcells could wield if he decided to do so. He has decided not to do so.

But part of the reason Parcells isn't pounding that hammer could be the fact it doesn't require its immediate use as previously thought. Parcells has declined to give specifics of where exactly the reports of the clause were accurate and where they were not. But it stands to reason that Parcells, who has said he will remain with Miami, is doing so in part because he wants to be in Miami and also because his options either aren't as wide open as we thought or are perhaps much more wide open than we thought.

It will be interesting to see if Parcells addresses this issue during his media availability with former employer ESPN today. Parcells has not returned a phone call to his cellular phone. 


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Live's good, relax, he'll stay here.

what show will he be on today any idea.

Best move of the offseason....keeping Tuna !
Can I say Tuna Helper too Armando?

Surprise, you mean the media reports when it doesn't actually know the facts? Uh, wouldn't that be manufacturing a story where none exists?

Bottom line--we still don't know anything for sure. But it's looking better all the time.

he'll be on Sportscenter Special at 3:30 pm on ESPN.

Good stuff, Mando. I hope the sycophants at ESPN ask him about that clause. Doubt it, as that would entail them doing some legitimate journalism.

still talking about this!

All of you stating that there wasn't news in this post are incorrect. Salquero just reported what we previously thought was an impossibility - He has friends.

I love Parcells, but it is really B.S. that he goes on ESPN because they paid him but won't talk to the local guys who are the fans pipeline to information. Strikes me as a little too big-time.

mando, thanks to mr. bungle i am having trouble sitting

The idea that Parcells would take the money and run, without doing the work, is ludicrous. It might be something I would pull, but people with any dignity don't pull stunts such as that. For anyone with a conscience, you have to live with yourself afterwards.

Conversely, if anyone thinks, with as much $ as Parcells has, that should he find working with Ross intolerable, he would hesitate to quit just because of a contract, you're deluding yourself as well.

I could be wrong, but I really don't think Armando is this stupid. Disingenuous, definitely, but not stupid.

If Ross is a smart man, he will be a yes man to Parcells and not do anything to disrupt the 3 headed monster.

Once again willi chirino talks through his azzzzzz,bill parcell's say he is commited to the dolphins through at least 2009 after espn, yes, espn asked him the question.

No wonder he won't speak with you directly!

i think Parcell should stay, and i also think that the Dolphins will be in the super bowl next year. The only upgrade the dolphins need is in the back field. They have a good core of young receiver who has potential and hungry for prime time. therefore , i think Parcell should stay in miami and enjoy his success.
Posted by: patrick

also parcells told espn, "who did some legitimate journalism" lol ,willi ,that he wanted ireland and sparano to have a little experience together.

Let's just hope that Ross stays the hell away from Parcell and not get his ego upset.

no matter what Parcell's says to the media, whether about staying here, staying thru 2009, staying thru his contract, not asking for more money because "I have more than I can spend", flat out asking for more money or asking Ross to extend the "walk-away" deadline another year, Parcells basically has the entire Miami franchise over a barrell. Specifically new owner Ross.

If Parcells leaves of his own accord to get the 12 mil. and goes away quietly to simply sit and fish, Ross is the bad guy for letting the Tuna get away. If Parcells leaves, collects he money, AND goes to work as a coach or personnel director or GM, Ross takes the publicity hit again for not keeping Parcells. Both of these scenarios would have Parcells telling Ross that he wants a raise or more power, if that's even possible,(Pioli in KC is actually making more than Parcells with far less "proven" experience) and if Ross doesn't grant Tuna's raise demands, again it's Ross who's the bad guy. Same goes for Parcells demanding an extension on the "walk-away" clause where Tuna could say that he needs MORE time to EVALUATE Ross's ownership style. Again, if Ross say no, Ross is the bad guy. I have a SERIOUS problem with the highest titled employee on the Football Side of the Business dictating what the OWNER can and can't do. As a business owner myself (not one that makes the coin NFL owners make) I'll be damned if I let the VP of just ONE of my divisions read me the riot act and actually to ME how the business WILL be run. Ain't happening, EVER. Yet if Ross doesn't cater to every whim of Parcells just to keep the guy with the franchise, Ross, not Parcells IS the bad guy. That is totally wrong on so many levels to me. Yes, Ross literally said "Bill Parcells is the greatest football mind in America" thats a great start by Ross and strokes the Tuna's ego just right. Ross also accomplishes the same by also saying "I'm lucky to have Parcells running the football side of the business and so should the fans, coaches and players". Ross is smart enough to know that these are great, open comments to put the ball back in Parcells court and hopefully lessen the blow to Ross's reputation should Tuna still decide to leave with a ton of cash in his pocket. Because, trust me, the media and fan base will be writing what a mistake Ross has made. Mark my words, if this comes to pass, the aftermath will go down just like I said.

I've already mentioned what I as an owner would do with a VP of just one of my divisions pulled or will pull what Parcells is still contemplating but I'd just like to let the sports writers, blog writers and readers, that IF Parcells were to leave, the sky would NOT be falling. To the Tuna's credit (and deservedly so) he has put together a young and talented front office, coach, and coaching staff that is as good as any and has a style that is totally about teaching from the front office down to the players and even towl boys...as one of the asst. coaches put it "yeah, we have older co-ordinators but they are great teachers and each one of the older guys is teaching the younger coaches everything they know with the idea being that that position coach could become either a co-ordinator or head coach either here or elsewhere. It's like one big teaching school". So even the coaches know that we have the right mix of young and old like I said from the Front Office down to the asst. coaches. Jeff Ireland doesn't get the credit he deserves for finding guys like Donald Thomas and Davone Bess, who Ireland and his tireless film breakdowns are becoming legendary, shows that thanks to Parcells, whether Tuna stays or goes, we have a great future ahead of us. We may not even truly need a VP or President of Football operations as Ireland can handle that also but of course would be easier with a person to take on some of those responsiblities....just as long as ROSS makes it clear to any FUTURE hirings on the Football side not change the makeup of the structure we now have in place and is already proving successful. If Ross didn't do that, then and only then would I blame Ross.

Anyway, I just realized how long (and long-winded) my post is. I'm getting off my soap box now.

take care.

Armondo, how do you still have a job? Media buddies? To the educated, that means I heard from this individual standing next to me on the train that Parcells either likes or dislikes Ross; BTW, sell said stock... For every good story Armondo writes, there are realistically 10-15 bad ones... I understand the media loves the tyrant type of reporter and employes them, but the Miami Dolphins are not the Howard Sterns of the world.. We actually enjoy reading well thought, consise articles... Bot "blabberous"crap that seems to come continuoulsy from the mouths of these types of beat writers!!! Miami Herald, how is it that I am a vastly intelligent unemployed FA, and you continue to employ individuals with no commen sense at all.. Ther is no way youre FA, BA are recommending you keep this joker on while he continues to lose money for this company... As well informed people like myself no longer subscribe to this magazine due to this type of garbage

You now why your unemployed? because your a condesceding,lazy azzzz,who probably thinks he's to smart to maybe take a little less paying job.there's to many shyt heads in this country like you.By the way do you go by the name of tinshaker?One more thing if you don't like mando'd blogs then don't read it,it's that simple wise azzz.

Hey "give me a break"... I am too smart to take a less paying job... Punctuation is key my friend, learn it, use it, live by it... two thumbs up

dolphns13 sounds like Omar Kelly on another one of his meltdowns. Get over yourself dude. And don't go out in traffic until you chill out.

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