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Parcells: 'We have a lot to do ...'

Bill Parcells is on ESPN pitching Gatorade. And he's talking about YOUR Miami Dolphins.

It is obvious that Parcells realizes the Dolphins made a dramatic step to improve in 2008. But he thankfully realizes there is much ground yet to cover.

"We got knocked out in the first round of the playoffs so we got to keep things in perspective," Parcells said. "... We have a lot to do in Miami. We need a lot more guys."

Parcells admitted during his interview with Trey Wingo that it was an adjustment for him to not coach a team he is so emotionally invested in.

"On Sundays, at the games, sometimes it's hard," Parcells said. "You have a trained eye and you know where the game is going, you know kind of what's going to happen, but there is nothing you can do. So you sit there and understand you are in a support role for the head coach. And a support role for the general manager. And my job is to assist the general manager in the procurement of players that can help win on the field for the coach, Tony Sparano."

Oh, yeah, Parcells repeated he will stay with the Dolphins through 2009.

"I'm going to be with Miami until I feel that the team is in position and Jeff [Ireland] and Tony have enough experience that they can handle it," Parcells said.


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Wow, that is wonderful news. Won-der-fullll!

first yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



hey ,willi ,i guess espn learned from your vast knowledge about legitimate journalism, lol,since maybe the new york times is one of your 3 fortune 500 companies you own,lol

Hey Mando, I'm all for the First Amendment, but how about a rule banning these stupid "I'm first!" posts? It's annoying, but even more so when they're really THE SECOND OR THIRD POSTS!!!

The Dolphins do need a lot of players. And it all starts with signing Vernon Carey. That should be the first order of business.


exactly ,fake gm and then sign c-jason brown from balt.then attack the defense early and often in the draft.

"first" posted by finfanrob yeah first azzzzzhole

In high school my nick name was "the Hammer", because I was the simplest tool.

By posting I am just keeping my legacy alive!

free agency starts 4 weeks from today,I can't f'n wait

Finfanrob,in that case ,ok

Not sure about you guys...but big Bill fires me the F up!!!


That issue is dead. Sorry Miami media, can't beat this horse any longer !

Gotta feel good about Tuna being in charge another year. He's not the complacent type.

cuban yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah booooooooooooooy what's up.It's a dead issue ,yep you said it.

Having a beer. Thinking that this is good news. At least 2 more years with Parcells. He will be the guiding light. I believe it

well he is right. we need more player that can play. offense was alright but pennington need help on ol,wr. defense played well but need more play maker, shut down cb,lb and future ng

the imposter that blogged at 5:10 was not me..

Parcells is doing a chat right now on NFL.com. He said the main need for the team was to add more firepower on offense.

And also m@@c if your ever in n.y city (pct 1024) please break the law,i"ll be glad to help you out..

Yeah,what are you going to do.scrub the the jail cell after I leave,while doing your janitorial duties lol.I have to run,I can't take this b.s. anymore


Great report Armando, (that includes last post as well). Thanks!

m@@c please call 1 800 lil mann, these are the same people that helped danny devito with his anger proplems , and also helped nepolian bonaparte(though that didnt work out will for him) I think these guys can help you, I'll be praying for you lil man..


Twenty-somethingish? Ha ha

in my personal opinion, and after read the report,the Tuna will be here for three more years ,and that's a very good news for all of us,the Dolphins fans.

draft alex mack or max unger in 1st found trade up for kenny britt 2ndb draft clay matthews 3rd round david veikune then 4-7 work fixing the o line d line and secondary =) wat do you think?

I had a feeling that Tuna wasn't going anywhere, unless Ross was a complete overly involved tool like Jerry Jones.
The fact is that Tuna knows that with his past health issues and his disdain for the media, that he is getting too old for the rigors of being a head coach. I think he grows to like being the overall orchestrator and looks forward to a few executive of the year awards, along with a few CHAMPIONSHIPS in Miami. Tuna likes south florida, had a home in the area and local golf buddies even before he took the current job with the Dolphins. He also has stated he has enough money, which is partly why he didn't feel the need to bolt with the loot clause in his contract. So my guess is Tuna is here to stay for good until he retires for good, especially if he becomes good friends with Ross like he did with Wayne H.

Stay Tuna Go Phins!

I haven't read all of your posts on here, but whoever believes Levietre is high on the Fin board is a tool.

That guy was the worst O-Lineman at the Senior Bowl. He was completely burned in one/one drills against DE's & he missed assignments repeatedly in the game and full practice sessions. I was astounded at how bad the guy was so I noted his name.

Then to read that he is a favorite of the Tuna made me laugh my arse off. Either Armando is pulling our chain or somebody is pulling his?

Issac this is about the 10th time you posted the same post.nobody cares,but just to make you happy you have mack or unger in the first,then trade up for britt in the 2nd and then 2b matthews ,3rd veikune,4-7 ol,dl ,db.what are you going to use to trade up with,genius .the tuna would never trade a high pick to move up for wr.now go back to the drawing board.

alrightttt!!!!! now lets talk about the draft.

good work armando. you are the only one i listen to regarding dolphins anything. keep up the good work.

Glad to hear Parcells is staying on for another year. This was probably the plan from the beginning. To help get the organization on the right track and give Ireland and Sparano a couple of years under their belts at their new jobs so moving forward they've got the experience to keep the train rolling.

Parcells brought in people he knew were good football people. They (Ireland and Sparano) got their feet wet in 2008 and in 2009 they'll start swimming into the deep end. Once they do that, Parcells can ride off into the sunset.

Well done Tuna!

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Mando, let the draft talk begin.

I think the FIRST thing GM Jeff Ireland should do is sign Chad Pennington to a long contract extension so he does not become a free agent at the end of the 09 season. I do not think Vernon Carey is great enough to pay him the 4 or 5 million dollars a year he will command on the open market. Let him sign elsewhere, and we get a REAL offensive lineman who can RUN BLOCK, run block,keep Chad Pennington in one piece, and Oh I almost forgot, we need a o lineman who can RUN BLOCK!!!! the "WILDCAT" is a nice change of pace to use from time to time, but teams will be all over itr next year. Whats wrong with simply handing the ball to Ronnie Brown or Patrick Cobbs and lettin them get 5 or 6 yards a pop? Oh, they only get about 1 or two yards, so we resort to triking the defense and directly snapping the ball to Ronnie Brown. Maybe we need another RB in the draft and a o line that can RUB BLOCK!

Bevis and bungle your both dorks!

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