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Peterson: Miami job "not going to happen"

Peterson_2 Former Chiefs boss Carl Peterson bid his farewell to Kansas City on Tuesday, but failed to shut the door on the possibility he might soon be joining the Dolphins in some capacity under new owner Stephen Ross. Wednesday he was much more convincing on that matter.

"It's not going to happen," Peterson told the Associated Press. "I have good friends there, but I need to get away for a while. It's been 20 years of making decisions every day and I need a rest."

There is but no doubt Peterson -- seen in the picture wearing the famous Dolphins pin I reported about Tuesday -- was angling for a job when he was visiting with incoming Miami owner Stephen Ross during Sunday's playoff game against Baltimore at Dolphin Stadium. And there is no doubt he had the opportunity but not the desire to close the door on that possibility Tuesday.

So I'm speculating (and that is all it is at this moment) that something happened between Tuesday and Wednesday when Peterson apparently is leaving nothing to interpretation.

That obviously is a good sign for Dolphins fans that want there be no chance Bill Parcells leaves the Dolphins once Ross becomes the owner. The Peterson obstacle apparently being cleared makes the road to a good relationship between Ross and Parcells a lot smoother.

But again, nothing is done until something is done. And Ross has yet to take over the team and Parcells has yet to say he is definitely staying. So stay tuned.

But at least for now, this shred of news is good.