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Peterson: Miami job "not going to happen"

Peterson_2 Former Chiefs boss Carl Peterson bid his farewell to Kansas City on Tuesday, but failed to shut the door on the possibility he might soon be joining the Dolphins in some capacity under new owner Stephen Ross. Wednesday he was much more convincing on that matter.

"It's not going to happen," Peterson told the Associated Press. "I have good friends there, but I need to get away for a while. It's been 20 years of making decisions every day and I need a rest."

There is but no doubt Peterson -- seen in the picture wearing the famous Dolphins pin I reported about Tuesday -- was angling for a job when he was visiting with incoming Miami owner Stephen Ross during Sunday's playoff game against Baltimore at Dolphin Stadium. And there is no doubt he had the opportunity but not the desire to close the door on that possibility Tuesday.

So I'm speculating (and that is all it is at this moment) that something happened between Tuesday and Wednesday when Peterson apparently is leaving nothing to interpretation.

That obviously is a good sign for Dolphins fans that want there be no chance Bill Parcells leaves the Dolphins once Ross becomes the owner. The Peterson obstacle apparently being cleared makes the road to a good relationship between Ross and Parcells a lot smoother.

But again, nothing is done until something is done. And Ross has yet to take over the team and Parcells has yet to say he is definitely staying. So stay tuned.

But at least for now, this shred of news is good. 


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Good job digging this up first Armando. I've been surfing all the blogs and local sites today hoping for an update. And you came through. Thanks.

Thanks for the update Mando

What a season. Dolphins win the division and the Jets franchise implodes. Couldnt have written a better script myself.

Hopefully they hire Art Shell. He would fit that loser franchise perfectly.

dude you are faster than a goat on a junebug

Phins needs 2008
WR #1 big , 6-2 plus w/ break away speed
LB#2 big 245-255 lbs
SAFETY #3 ball hawk
OL #4 a guard that can road grade
I think they can actaully join the elite with a good draft and decent a Free Agency

thanks mando for being a drama queen and trying to start something that isn't there. Yet you still are hinting at it till the end. When can Miami get real sports writers ? I know you aren't man enough to leave this posted and that's fine. Many Dolfans think you are a joke.



Ah, Armando there is one born every minute..... But not me mister! Admit defeat, there's no story here. Quit trying to make a nonstory into a story. You're barking up the wrong tree. That's a red herring that you've come across. Sounds to me like Carl knows the fanbase only wants Tuna, and that being the guy who replaces him before his time is simply foolish and professional hari-kari. No story, let it go.......you'll sleep better.

Thanks for keeping us updated, 'Mando!
#1 need for us now is to replace Ted "Stone Hands" Ginn!!

Cheers to Dolfans, Jeers to New Jersey Jet fans!!

That pin on Peterson's lapel says it all to me. He was wanting, expecting to get hired by Miami. Something definitely happened here to change things.

Watch him try to stir up garbage about Parcells has not signed a guarantee -----

NEVERMIND the fact that his CONTRACT is the guarntee - Parcells has an option to opt out upon change of ownership within a 30 day period - him saying he won't opt out doesn't preclude him from doing so, but there DEFINITELY is no requirement that there be some additional agreement between he and Ross - all he has to do is fail to exercise the "opt out" provision. It might behoove you to learn a little bit about contract law before you start making up crap you don't understand.

Some of the posters on here should have lived in Nazi germany. They don't want to believe something is strange until they see the SS show up at their door. That pins tells me a lot too.

Oh yeah, Armando, I remember some people saying you were making up drama that Jason Taylor was going to be traded. Don't these people learn.

Maybe he was just wearing the pin "in the spirit of the moment" watching the game with his long time buddy? Nahhh.... not enough cloak and dagger, eh?

Yeah, I remember Mando publishing "Marino to be traded" too when JJ came in. You don't remember that, huh? If Mando hit on JT, it was by sheer luck.

Hey Agua, you want to post to criticize me, fine. You want to post four times as different people ripping me, as you are doing here, fine. But at least make up a name to the four or five different posts you add on here saying the same thing, OK?

That way, I won't expose you. It'll be a secret between you and me.

You suppose maybe, just maybe, Peterson wore the lapel pin in the "spirit of the moment" while attending a game with his long time friend? NAAAHHHH, let's make up some garbage and use it as a premise to connect non-existent dots.

First time poster here: Mando, read your columns and blogs a long time but never commented. Thank you for the coverage.

I just had to post this time because you busting this Agua/no name poster was too precious. I'm still laughing.

Agua, you got issues boy. I think you need to go rehab at some other more lame blog.

Mando Mando Mando, The pulitzer people are waiting for your novel my friend... you are a good reporter ,to bad its being wasted in a chump city like this...

Your Stock is rising my friend!!

Thanks Mando. Bill aint going anywhere. Can you imagine a mass exodous from Miami, Sparano, Ireland and Parcells with all of their coaches and the Cowboys with Pennington and Long etc. Then Ross says hey guys come to support your Dolphins.... He is not a Billionaire for nothing.

Stir that pot you Football genius you.

Mando, never mind some of these people. You job is to report what you know. You knew that Peterson and Ross were long time associates, you know that Parcells has an "opt out " clause in his contract. When you add in the fact that Peterson was over heard saying "we" and "us" when refering to the Fins then yes I would speculate as well that he might be trying to get a job. If I wanted a fresh start from a job that I had for 20yrs and had a friend that is buying a business then I would say heeeeeeey buuuuuddddy, keep my in mind. You are doing your job, some of these people that get on here are ridiculous, you reported what you knew. How many of these other people that get on here actually get close to the mentioned above and the Fins organization?

Maybe the guy really DOES want to take a break from the grind of the NFL for a little while (I'm sure he can afford to) and came to Miami to hang with his buddy and maybe talk a little about when he is ready to come back.

No fair, Mando. How can I torment you when you know my email, know my ip address, know my writing style and know that I'm a retard? No fair.

I apologize. You are the man.

Well I hope Bill stays at least for this season to beef up our defense cuss I just did some research on next years games and we play only 2 teams with a losing record Bills&Jags we got some work cut out for us thats for sure.

wow ,mando you are awesome and should be a detective or maybe its because you work for the paper and can find out who the posters are because of the e-mail addresses.

I think what is interesting is whether Ross has the money in this brutal economy to buy the team. Also, won't the NFL have to sign off on this purchase in the spring at the owners' meetings?

I wonder what the percentages are that Ross is never the majority owner.

BTW, everyone that is dumping on Mando for "speculating" earlier in the week about Peterson, was feeling the same thing watching Ross and Peterson snuggle up with each other.

It is so transparent for bloggers to dump on Mando saying they knew all the way that there was nothing to the Peterson rumor.

More I think about it. Perhaps articles in the major So. Fla newspapers and negative reaction to the team and Ross' business, closed the door on the Peterson venture.

Well there goes our chance to get Larry Johnson and Tony Gonzalez for John Beck and Lex Hilliard.

profootballtalk.com is reporting that the sale of the Dolphins has been put on hold because Ross doesn't have enough cash right now.

I think we could be in for another Jerry Jones in Mr. Ross. He better up Parcells and keep him for all four years. It would be such a shame not to see this great project completed.

Awesome news! Great reporting, Armando. I wonder if the severe negative reaction from the fans had anything to do with it. Perhaps your journalism saved the franchise from several years of having another bonehead in the organization.

Eric, your kidding right.. the guys worth 2.2 billion according to forbes mag.

yeah but he's asking for a federal bailout so his businesses are in the crapper right now.

an interesting thought came up for this offseason. We all know Chad Pennington did great for us this year. Some people are speculating that Henne should be the starter for next year. the main argument is that Penny is not the Super Bowl capable type of QB and Henne is the future, 'why not go ahead and get things rolling with him.'

I can see why some people could think this way, but the fact is Pennington gives us the better chance to win games, we all know that we play to win. Who knows if Penny can get to the Super Bowl, but realistically do you think Eli Manning is that much better than Pennington, come on he had a killer running team and awesome defense. Pennington had a great season with mediocre talent around him, bring him some talent, we need a lot on Defense. I say we stick with Penny until Henne clearly is ready to go. This gives us a better foundation for years to come, who knows what will happen, but we have to stick with the person that gives us the best chance to win.

Eric, Iam not surprised that this guy is asking for a bail out. it seems that its the new american way to do buissness....its really quite sad.

Mando--check out Fred Grimm in your paper--you oughta get on this Ross asking for federal bailout money for real estate co. story---it has ramifications.

Why would we even want Peterson anyway? Last time I checked he wasn't wearing any Super Bowl Rings! TRIFECTA RULES!

Wow Eddie I just said that Jerry Jones comparison a few blogs ago thats funny.I said that Ross cant be a control freak like Jones and tell Bill who to draft and bring in.Let Bill take control and make those choices.Jones srewed his team because he had a hardon for Felix (wastin a first rounder when you re-signed Barber)when he could have drafted a gauard or some defensive help.Also he gave up a first rounder for Williams who did nothing he has Crayton dont know TO's future but Williams was not worth a first round pick.

nice non-story Armando. don't start rumors, stick with facts if u know how to.

ARMANDO!! MI AMIGO!! Don't let some of the few blog im-"posters" that are trashing this story as a conspiracy theory get you down. "They are blowhards" and I would not be surprised if a couple are in the Peterson or Ross camp with a cover up assignment (ie: that Meitel character the other day). Yours is gutsy, insightful, truthful, and commendable writing on this matter. As opposed to other media types who report or write scared!! It also shows your loyalty and conviction to this organization. We fans should be proud of you for that! I noticed that you also wisely preempted by stating speculation on the one day turn around rebut by Peterson. That shows responsible writing, so again I applaud you. You play an important role for us to bridge the gap in speaking truth to power and making the fans desires be known!! You keep on "doin wat you do" brother. Nooow...on a more humorous note...a simple thank you will do. Peace. I'm out!

Best news I heard all day.

Some of you guys make me laugh with your "Dolphin Needs" post. You pretty much write down every ingredient in a winning team.

For example:

"Phins needs 2008
WR #1 big , 6-2 plus w/ break away speed
LB#2 big 245-255 lbs
SAFETY #3 ball hawk
OL #4 a guard that can road grade
I think they can actaully join the elite with a good draft and decent a Free Agency"

DUH!?!?! Doesn't every team need at least most of these ingredients? It takes time - be patient.

I said this was all speculation from day 1, so, like Mandy, I'm sayin' "Told you so!"

People, this is a blog - Mando digs around and finds things interesting to talk about. All of this drama with Ross may have all been pure speculation, but if I was at the stadium and saw Peterson chumming up with the potential new owner, I would want to chat it up with every Dolphins fan I knew.

As for Mando's assertion that it is not done until something is done - he is not stirring things up - he is stating a fact. They can all say a whole hell of a lot, but until they actually do something, it is all speculation. It may not be newsworthy, but it is certainly interesting enough to chat about.

Oh, and as for the contract discussion - if Wayne sells the team, Parcells would be an absolute idiot for not exercising that clause... or signing some other agreement that will pay him even more for staying. He can walk away with 12MM. The question is - does he take the 12MM and run or does he take the 12MM and stay on with the Dolphins, with more compensation?

peterson is the decider like Bush. Bush needs a rest too after making 8 years worth of decisions.

Mando how do you know there is no doubt. I mean when you write something like that you have to give us something that says you know what your talking about. Where did you get this info. Come on man. i know this is a blog but you're still a journalist

Parcells will walk. It's only a matter of time before Dolphins Stadium becomes Carl's castle.

I think your instincts were right, Armando, despite what some believe.

We need Parcells to stay, and this was a clear threat to our stability. No one will know for sure, but I believe the visibility you brought to this issue helped ensure no deals made in shadows hurt our team. Thank you.

Dolphin pin meant the guy was a guest of the Dolphins and was rooting for them on that day. How that means he's taking BP's job is beyond a stretch. Way to report Dooosh!!!

Even as a guest, it would be considered weird to refer to the Dolphins as 'We' and 'Our Team'. It would be like being a dinner guest at my house and you said, "Hey, great meal - would you like to join me in our livingroom?"

I don't know about you, but that would make me wonder what the hell he was up too.. and if my wife was involved!

Armando he probably got a pin because he was a guest for Ross

SHOW BIZ ..................................PIN CRAB.

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