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Ravens lead Dolphins 13-3 going to 3rd quarter

Well, do you want the good news or the bad news first?

The good news is the last time the Dolphins played Baltimore, way back in October, the Ravens held a 17-3 lead on Miami to open the third quarter.

So the Dolphins have made up some ground in the past two months or so.

The bad news? Well, they're still losing at halftime today. The Dolphins trail Baltimore 13-3 going into the third quarter.

It has been a nightmare half for Chad Pennington. Pennington has thrown TWO interceptions today while completing only 7 of 12 passes for 77 yards. One of those interceptions was returned 64 yards for a TD by Ed Reed. That is Baltimore's only touchdown of the day so far.


Oh, there is more bad news: Receiver Davone Bess has a thumb injury and missed most of the second quarter. So the Dolphins, which started the day with only three active receivers, are down to two.

Colleague David J. Neal tells me the Dolphins have gone 12 consecutive postseason quarters without a touchdown.

Anyway, the live blog continues in the comments section below.


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At least the defense still has fight left.

Thanks for a great season Chad P. Lets give Henne some playoff playing time.

Uh oh, our offense is coming back on the field.

WTF! Need a score here.

The best the Dolphins can hope here is not giving up more points ... ON OFFENSE>


God. 99 yards against this D with 2 and a half wideouts? No thanks.

pick 6 here from suddenly dumb/noodle arm chad?

Only 98 yards + a cloud of dust!

the ravens are not only playing great they are getting all the breaks too. fate is cruel. gave us those breaks all season then just rips us.

Nice defensive stop.

Better punt.

No momentum.

The defense is playing solid, but the offense is just outmatched right now. We need to change it up, run the 2-min drill or something.

special teams and field position killing us since 2nd quarter. Need TEs or Cobbs more involved

Besides Chad's arm their punting game is killing us. Got to make some plays on special teams!

They should have had an attitude of this game being a war of attrition. I wonder what would have happened.

can we get Westoff back-Tuna?

The Ravens might win the Super Bowl, boyz.

With respect to Pennington's bad throws and decisions, I may be that his brain is a bit scrambled with all the big hits he has taken. Understandable. If we could lay the wood on Flacco like that we'd have quite a few picks of our own. Flacco generally has all day to throw.

Its not Penningtons day take him off.

Starting on our own 1 and down by 2 scores. Doesn't get any better than this.

Until we toss another pick

LOL and the rest of you Fins haters eat crap and die already!

Armando...What's up w/ Schefter's reporting that Ross might bring in Carl Peterson? Are you kidding me?

POLITE the only bright spot

Just give it to Polite every down...

Come on guys. Game isn't over. D came up. ALthough horrible field position. Stranger things have happened. Go DOlphins!!!!

hurry up is what we should ahve used in the 1st have tire out the defense..

to late...

wait...a fb run...now the bomb

This offense has lost all their confidence.



just hand it to polite every time. hes the only one doing anything.

no huddle...lets do it

About time. Polite is becoming my new Jim Jenson.

trick palys will not work. Buth then again neither doew our regular offense

The qb throws 3 ints, so lets get Ricky to throw one. ridiculous.

Nice catch by London!

Londo calling

Carey whiffed.

I like the sound of the no huddle idea.

2 steps forward 10 yards back

veron rocks

Wow vernon carey idiot

bad throws, bad blocking

Vernon Carey wants money?

why no passes to fasano or martin

Difference...our quarterback is getting no time. Our D is getting no pressure: however, they are bending and not breaking.

they are just falling apart. wow this is discouraging

The Dolphins are only down by 10 but it feels like 100 the way the offense is playing.

Get ready to punt. Defense must score or set up 2 scores.

Carey got beat up there...

Guess if we had Camarillo and Smiley in there things would be very different. Look at the difference Ferguson is making after missing the first game.

4 turnovers


Who are these guys throwing interceptions and fumbling the ball?

4 Turnovers....


hit the showers folks. Thats all she wrote

No way we resign Carey

the offense is deer in the head lights we are DONE

Our smoke and mirrors offense only works against bad teams.

thats it we are just terrible today

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